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Information about audio DAT tape drives.
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Information about audio DAT tape drives.
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Subject: DAT-Heads Market Posting

From: Seth Breidbart
Subject: market posting
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1993 22:54:50 -0500

This is the irregular posting on deck and tape quality. Please send
me ([email protected]) any further information.

Modifications after 20 May 1992 are noted on the individual listings.
Last posted: 20 January 1993

* marks entries that have been changed since the last posting.
** marks new entries

Disclaimer: This memorandum is based on or derived from information from
sources I believe to be reliable. No representation is made that it is
accurate or complete; further information and corrections are welcomed.
Providers of subjective information are credited where possible. Prices
are believed to be actual selling prices, not list.

Abbreviations: People are [xx], commercial interests are
[anon] anonymous [ch] Chris Hecht [dc] Dave Chesavage
[dg] David Gans Dat's Incredible (ex-store) EQ Magazine
[el] Elspeth Cusack [hl] Hans C Larsson [J] Josephson Engineering
[j2] [email protected] [js] John Schulien [jw] John Whitehead
[km] Kurt R. Marko [ks] Keith Sklower [mw] Mike Weitzman
Oade brothers (store) [otr] off-the-record [pw] Paul S. Winalski
[reb] Richard Baum [sb] Seth Breidbart (me) [sk] Sean Kennedy
stereophile [tb] Tony Berke [tc] Tom Clark [td] Tim Dalton
[ww] Wade Williams

Codes: {H: home deck; L: laptop; W: walkman-size portable
F: full size heads; 2: half size heads
O: optical connector
U: US model exists (grey market might also); G: only grey market
Wa/b: warrantee a on heads, b on everything else. Parts and
Labor unless otherwise specified.
D: digital connectors as follows: 1->SPDIF out 2->SPDIF in,
adds 1 gen (scms) 3->SPDIF in, adds no gens 4->AES/EBU out 5->AES/EBU
in (allows scms reset) 6->optical SPDIF, add 1 gen on input; - means

no digital i/o
V: headroom (from oVer), in db

The warrantee on grey market decks is store only, if any.

For US decks that come with a manufacturer's warrantee, a 5-year
(total) warrantee is available for $99 ($80 if the manufacturer's
warrantee is 3 years).

[7/24/92] Note that there are two incompatible 32kHz standards: 16-bit
linear, which runs the tape at full speed (broadcast satellite
standard, used only in Japan?), and 12-bit non-linear, which runs the
tape at half speed (so you can get 4 hours on a tape). The second is
also called "long-play" mode. The Panasonic sv-3700 uses 16-bit
linear, Sony decks (and Denons?) use 12-bit non-linear.


General: Smaller heads wear faster [admitted by Panasonic]
All decks have digital input and output unless noted. Some portables
have full-sized heads, some have half-sized. All non-portables have
full-sized heads.

AIWA HD-S1 (also HD-X1 which is older and does not have scms):
{W,F,G,D12}, $600, wired remote. Could play tapes that Sony 75ES had
dropouts on, but wouldn't load a damaged tape that the Sony could.
Can handle still video (1 picture every 2 or 4 seconds), with 12-bit
non-linear audio. Replaced by HD-S100.

AIWA HD-S100 {W,F,U,D12} $619, wired remote. Runs 70 minutes on
internal battery, 2.5 hours (record) or 3 hours (play) with optional
semi-external battery. Replaces HD-S1. 1-bit A/D, 18-bit D/A.

AIWA HD-S1100 {H,???} $??? 1-bit AD,DA, optical io, remote

[12/7/92] AIWA HDX-3000: similar to HHB-1 and Marantz PMD-700.

AIWA HHB1 PRO {L,F,U,W?/?,D145,2or3} $1500 Larger than, and shaped
like, datman. Metal case, multi-voltage power supply, runs 40 minutes
on PB-20 rechargeable, 3 hours on 10 alkaline AA's, can be switched
between them in record mode without glitching. XLR mic in, RCA
line/mic in, RCA line out, wired remote.

[8/9/92] AIWA XD-001(?) Identical to Sony DTC-1000ES except for
transport panel layout.

[2/6/93] AIWA XD-S260 {H,F,G,D:2,6} $450 (Uncle's) Note: no rca out.
Smaller than other home decks.

AIWA XD-999 {H,F,G,???} $400 (demo unit).

[10/21/92] AIWA HD-X3000 {P,?} $2500 list. Claimes 3 hrs 40 mins
continuous use (where do they find tapes that long?) Seems very
similar to the HHB1-Pro [sb].

AIWA NS-XD1: mini stereo system. Includes DAT, cd player, 2 cassette
drives (read only and read-write), pre-amp and amp, and speakers.

[11/25/92] Alesis ADAT {} $3000, 8 tracks! $2,000 for remote w/smpte
and multi- deck sync. +4 dBu balanced i/o on 56-pin ELCO connector,
-10 dBV unbalanced i/o on 1/4" phone jacks. Records on super-VHS
videotape (40 minutes on a 120), proprietary fiber optic cable, ELCO

[8/9/92] Audio + Design Prodat 1A: $3995 list, Apogee filters, AES
sync. Modified Sony DTC-1000ES.

[8/9/92] Casio {D-} DA1: 15 bit recording with pre-emphasis, obsolete

Casio DA2: {D-} obsolete

Casio DA7: {L,F,U,W:?/?,D12} $789

[12/7/92] Casio DA-R100 {W,D126?} ~$1,000 list (300 pounds), $529
(J&R). Similar to Denon DTR-80P. Backlight is fluorescent with noisy
ballast, which can be heard on the tape if turned on during recording.

[1/27/93] Denon DTR-80P: {W,D126} $599; portable, choice of nicads or
alkaline batteries, coax digital io, optical digital in. Can record
TOC on tape.

Denon DTR-100P: {L,F,G,D12} $1,000 Actually a rebuilt Casio DA7, with
the mic pre-amp, A-D and D-A converters replaced.

Denon DTR2000: {H,F,U,W:?/?,D126} $1,000 list. "regular" edition.
Sounds worse than Sony 75ES [reb] Sounds better than Sony 75ES [mw]

Denon DTR2000G: {H,F,G,D126} $850, 100v. "limited, gold" edition of

Esoteric R-10: $2500 list.

Fostex D-20 {H,F,U,W:?/?,D:1345,V:2} $8,000. Best sounding Very
professional, counts frames (not just seconds), inputs for remote
synch, etc. Not very convenient for consumer use (e.g. no "skip to
next start id and keep playing").

[10/21/92] Fostex D-20B: Fostex D-20 with more time code features, VTR
emulation, control compatability with video edit consoles.

Fostex PD-2 portable {} ~$10,950 list. 4 heads, heating system,
shock-mounted, samples at 44.056, 44.1, 48 kHz, AES/EBU, 12&48V
phantom power, limiters, SMPTE time codes,...

Hitachi DAT 88: {W,F,U?,D126} $900 wireless remote.

[8/29/92] JVC XD-P1pro Dockable mic-unit with digital io,
rechargeable battery.

JVC DS-DT900N {H,F,U,D12} $4500 list. SMPTE time code.

JVC Victor XD-Z505BK: {H,F,U,W:?/?,D126} $740, no skip play, no code

JVC XDZ507TN $1000 list.

JVC Victor XD-Z707: {H,F,U,W:?/?,D126} digital fade, digital mixing.

JVC Victor XD-Z909: {H,F,U,W:?/?,D126} $1000 ($500 demo unit) digital
fade, digital mixing, variable analog output. Stereoplay (German)
doesn't like it.

JVC Victor XD-Z1010TN: {H,F,U,W:?/?,D126} $1200

JVC XD-Z1100:

Kenwood DX7 {W,F,?,D12} same as Sharp RXP1CS, but deck only, no car
adaptor or other neat stuff.

Kenwood KDT-99R (car dat): {} $ Player only, requires 12v and
power amp. Also has AM/FM radio, remote control.

[8/12/92] Luxman KD-117 {V0.1,D126} $988. Made late 87/early 88. Sounds
excellent [js]

[10/22/92] Marantz PMD-700 {w,D1345} $1500 (J&R) XLR line/mic in, RCA
line in/out, rechargeable battery and AA battery operation, backlit
LCD display, 4" x 2.375" x 8.375", under 3 lbs with batteries, wired

Nakamichi 1000 DARS {} $11,000. 2-box unit (outboard converter)

NEC KD-1000 {} $650 (floor model), $1200 list. Japanese model, set
up for US voltage. Won't record tapes digitally if the tape has scms
11, but all tapes played on this and copied to a Sony 75ES come out
with scms=00.

Onkyo DT-9000 {H,F,?,D126} $700 Samples at 32k, digital fader.

[10/27/92]Otari DTR-7 $1695 list. Pro on AES/EBU input, SCMS on
S/PDIF. Has 44 kHz "Wide track" mode (whatever that means).

[1/27/93] Otari DTR-90 $8495 list. 4-heads. Can write TOC on dat
tape. Companion editor ($3695 list) controls two DTR-90's for editing
similar to video editing systems.

Panasonic sv250: {W,2,U,D1} $1200 pro, seating problem on loading TDK
tapes, correctable by repair. Sometimes fails to record w/o notice
[dg][td][reb] improved for $350, (better capacitors on analog input,
fixed loading problem) Only minimal head wear after 1.5 years, (my)
estimate 500 hours use [reb] Very durable [td]

[10/27/92] Panasonic sv255: {W,2,U,D1} $1800 (Oades) pro, batteries
last over 2 hours. Said to have best sound quality of a portable.
Recommended by Healy [reb] Used by Healy at shows [jw] 93 db
signal-to-noise (worse than sv250), 16 bit d/a. Class B, good mic
pre-amp [stereophile]; discontinued [td]

Panasonic sv275: {W?,?,D?} available March 1991? not available
anytime in 1991

[23-Feb-93] Panasonic sv3200. $995 list, $772 (Full Compass) Consumer
home deck, slightly modified DA-10. Records 44.1 or 48kHz from analog,
48, 44.1, 32 from digital. 1-bit D/A, 4 DAC's, 64-bit oversampling,
shuttle wheel.

Panasonic sv3500: {H,F,U,D13,V:0.5} $1700, hand-made; flawless
performance [dg] Class A [stereophile] Records at 44.1 from analog.
Same click problem as sv3700; fix available. Won't transfer start
ID's (or scms!) in either direction.

Panasonic sv3700: {H,F,U,W:90days/1year,D1345} $1140. Records at
44.1. Digital fade, which isn't good [jw],[hl] Wireless remote.
Problem with d/a circuitry (Clicks at -12 db), not audible in music;
fix is available from Panasonic. (Current models don't have the
problem.) Shuttle wheel for fast cue/review. Used by Healy at shows
[jw] Can show error counts on tape, can add absolute time to a tape
recorded without it. Uses Crystal 5326 one-bit A/D, 4x oversampled
"4-DAC" w/ 2 PCM-56 DACs (lowest grade) per channel, gain-switching
below -12 dB (remember the click?); 5532's op-amps.

Panasonic sv3900: {H,F,?,D1345} $1655. Similar to Panasonic sv3700,
with more features for post-production: extensive remote capabilities,
synch, etc.

Panasonic DA10: {H,F,U?,W:?/?,D126} $600. home version of sv3700,
similar except for Pro features (ie scms); Matsushita MN6460 MASH A/D,
MN6470 MASH bitstream D/A, M5219's op-amps. Grey-market in US.

[1/27/93] Pioneer DA-07: samples at 96 kHz.

Pioneer DTR-500 Yen 85,000 list.

Sharp PX-R5 {} can handle still video. It's quite like the Sony D3
but with a large LCD-display with a keypad (pressure-sensitive
LCD-display?) [hl]

[7/20/92] Sharp RXP1CS {W,F,?,W:?/?,D12} $500. portable with car
adapter, wired remote

Sharp SX-D100: {H,F,U,W1yr,D?(pro)} $1000 SPDIF digital io, also
optical. Strange effect on SCMS (I don't have full details yet.)
Fixed and variable analog out. plays 32, 44.1, 48, records 48. Writes
abs time, etc. Works fine [td] Now obsolete

Sharp SX-D200 {H,F,D?(pro)}

Sony, general: The sound isn't as good as others [ch] [dg] The sound is
better than Denon [reb]

[3/2/93] Sony TCD-D3 Dat Walkman (someone else owns the trademark on
"Datman"): {W,2,U,W?/?,D126} $600. $440 in Hong Kong. US model
includes optical connectors, Japanese model doesn't. Other connectors
cost extra (~$75 for rca in only, $200 for rca in/out with remote
control). 5v phantom power supplied. Officially discontinued.

[3/2/93] Sony TCD-D7 $629 list. Coax and optical io, smaller than the
D3, operates on 4 AA batteries.

[12/10/92] Sony DTC-P7 {H,F,?} GBP400, midi-sized, remote, 1-bit
AD,DA, coax in, optical io, date-stamping, LP mode. DTC-750(?) in a
smaller box? Numeric keypad on the remote only. Controls are small &

[7/14/92] Sony DTX-10: in-dash player/tuner $399 (list $1200) low
output, nice features, interface w/Sony cd changer [mw]

[8/9/92] Sony TCD-D10: {L,F,U?,W?/?,D-} $1500? consumer version of
D10 pro, no XLR inputs, worse mike preamp, 85db signal to noise, 16
bit (d/a?)

[8/9/92] Sony D10 pro: {L,F,U,W?/?,D1345} pro, $2400. Digital Domain
has a modification to the a/d converter that is said to be a great
improvement, also a mod that eliminates the 1/2 Hz filter on the
digital input. Fragile [tc] 85 db signal to noise. Has a 1/2 hertz
filter on the digital inputs, with suboptimal calculations

Sony TCD-D10 PRO II {L,F,U,D?} $3300 list, $400 upgrade from TCD-D10 Pro
Adds absolute time recording, new graphic display (20-segment digital
peak-level meters, tape time/clock, battery, sampling freq. and
caution indicators)

Sony 55ES: {H,F,G,D126,V:8} $599. This is the non-US version of the
75ES, available for either 100v, or 220/240v. No US warrantee.
Replaced by 57ES.

[11/20/92] Sony 59ES: {H,F,U,W:3yr,D126} $650 (Oades). 120v.
Replacement for 75ES (new transport). 1-bit ADC & DAC. Digital fade.
Shows & records calendar time/date of recording. Writes SCMS=11
recording from sv-255 (category problem?)

[7/7/92] Sony 57ES: {H,F,O,G,D126} Yen 88,000 (DM 1300) list, $600
replacement for 55ES. 1-bit ADCs from Crystal, Sony proprietary DAC.
Improved drive (tension control), same features as 55ES + recording of
real time/date

Sony 67ES: {H,F,O,G,D126} $800 list. Replacement for 75ES. US
version of 57ES. ((Sony of America doesn't know about this machine.))

[10/15/92] Sony 75ES: {H,F,U,W:3yr,D126} $580. 120v. Prone to
recording dropouts on digital input [td]; prone to playing dropouts
[sb] Replaced by 67ES. Causes bad tape packs on multiple playings of
Panasonic 120's [el, tb] Tendency toward transport problems

Sony DTC-77ES: {H,F,G,D126} Yen 160,000 list, $1500. 4 heads (true
monitoring). Features galore: it shows the actual date/time a tape
was recorded (if those were written on the tape. I think the D10pro
does that). 100v. Samples at 32 and 48 kHz. (32k is 16-bit linear,
not "long play" mode.) Best "feeling" machine I've used [sb] Tendency
to "bark" in fast-forward (& listen) mode.

Sony 87ES: {H,F,G,D126} $1800 list. US version (120v) of 77ES.

Sony 300ES: {H,F,G,D136} $700, Japanese home unit [100V]

Sony 500ES:

[7/13/92] Sony 670 {H,F,O,D1?26} DM 1000 list. successor to 55ES, fewer
subcode-based features; improved drive (tension control), present
devices have audible drive noise (Sony promises cure with next
production series), 1-bit ADCs from Crystal, Sony proprietary DAC

[7/13/92] Sony 670 (US model) {H,F,O,D26} $450. Successor to 700; no
numeric keypad.

Sony DTC700: {H,F,U,W:?/?,D126} $450. Similar to Sony 75ES. (Lacks
wood panelling and gold-plated contacts, has same internal circuitry.)
Replaced by DTC-750?

Sony DTC750: replacement for DTC-700.

[8/9/92] Sony DTC-1000ES: {H, F, G, D13, V adjustable} This is the
original Sony DAT deck ca. 1987. Late Sony SAR A/D (last before they
started using Crystal parts), highly variable sound unit-to-unit; D/A
not bad. Comes in two vintages, neither of which knows anything about
SCMS. The earlier unit will record at 44.1 kHz from the digital in by
removing D721, the later vintage will also record analog at 44.1 kHz
by changing some jumpers on the front panel board. Strong, reliable.
Complete 316 page theory book available from Sony, actually in
English, highly recommended reading including theory of non-SCMS
digital i/o chips, etc (p/n 9-960-029-11). [J]

Sony DTC-1500ES: {H,F,G,D126?} $2500, Yen 300,000 list. 4 heads, even
more features (I think; the manuals are in Japanese) than the 77ES,

Sony PCM 2000: $6,000 list. pro, portable, huge [sk] records at
44.056, 44.1, 48 from analog, also 32 digitally. AES/EBU digital,
balanced analog mic inputs w/phantom power

[12/04/92] Sony PCM-2300: {H,F,D13(6?)} $950 (Full Compass Systems)
XLR analog in/out continuously adjustable between pro and consumer
levels. Better digital fade than sv-3700. [dc] Coax pro digital
interface (can't go from this deck to sv-3700's consumer port, can use
sv-3700's AES/EBU port with special cable). 1-bit D/A, A/D,
selectable sampling rates, records subcodes separately, remote
control. "A lot" have transport problems <>

[8/9/92] Sony PCM 2500: pro, old model. Two box set. Bulky,
troublesome [sk] Doorstop [dg] First Sony "pro" DAT which is the
DTC-1000ES painted grey on top, with all i/o and some input and output
buffers and error lights in a second box underneath. Records digital
or analog at 44.1 or 48. Pre-SCMS. Bulky and troublesome due to the
two box arrangement but IMO not a doorstop. Mods available to allow
top unit to function alone. Some Nashville studios think that this
deck, with Apogee input filters replacing the Soshin filters in the
A/D, sounds better than any of the current crop (see comments above
about sample-to-sample variability of the DTC-1000 which is the same
as the 2500). (I don't agree) Both of these decks are fixable by
mortals, especially with the Sony theory book. [J]

StellaDAT: {} $7,500 and up; portable; Reconfigurable by plug-in
cards: 4-mike mixer, phantom power, remotes, AES/EBU & SPDIF, ...

**[1/20/92] Tascam DA-60 $6,000 list. 2 second RAM buffer, frame
editing, 4 heads, configureable scms, XLR digital IO (supports
S/PDIF), RCA&XLR analog, SMPTE timecode support.

[11/25/92] Tascam DA-88 ADAT $2995, uses 8mm tape, get 100 minutes (8 track),
DB-25 w/separate word clock, S/DIF-2, expandible by plug cards.

[12/4/92] Tascam DA30/100v: {H,F,G,W:90 days,D1245?} $859 [Guitar
Center, Hollywood CA 213-874-1060]. Manual says scms is copied on
AES/EBU inputs. Scms is defeatable.

[11/19/92] Tascam DA30/120v: {H,F,U,W:1 yr,D1245?} $989 from AVR
(617-924-0660, "Rob"). Warrantee may be only 90 days on the heads.

Tascam DA30/multi voltage: {H,F,?,W:?,D1245?} $???? (100-240v). The
warrantee is 90 days p+l, 1 yr parts, may be only 90 days on the heads.

[10/21/92] Tascam DA-60: $5500 list. 4 heads, off-tape monitoring.
Time code capable mastering DAT.

[10/21/92] Tascam MDR8: $4500 list. 8 tracks, uses 8mm tape. 100 min.
recording time, SMPTE sync card available. Multiple deck slaving

Teac RD-200T: 16 tracks, BNC connectors, 4 heads, GP-IB control
interface. Used as flight data recorder ("black box)

[10/27/92] Teac TA-P20 {L,F,D:12} $750 (Allied Broadcast Supply).
rechargeable nicads (2-hour capacity), XLR mic in, RCA analog out, RCA
digital io, scms, same case and transport as Denon DTR-100P and Casio
DA-7. Has scms, no 44.1 from analog.

Technics DA10: {H,F,U,W:?/?,D126} $610 same as Panasonic DA10, for the
US market (120v). $800 No long play, margin indicator. Loading
mechanism is noisy. [hl] Discontinued.

Technics SV260: European version of Panasonic sv-250?

Technics SV1100: Japanese version of Panasonic sv-3500.

Technics sv-md1:

[11/23/92] Yamaha DTR-2 {H,F,O,D:126} ~$1250 claims pro, but has SCMS.
No AES/EBU; optical & coax digital, RCA and XLR analog, records at
44.1 and 48, no peak margin display.

{Prices as length:street price; price may be rounded by up to $0.10}
The best street prices are either from a bulk purchase or Uncle
Steve's successors, whose prices change too often to be listed here.

[8/3/92] Agfa: recommended by Sony (2nd) [otr] [tc] Eaten by sv3500
[anon] Come in beta-size case (hold 2 tapes). No longer making dat

Ampex: problems [reb] no problems [dg] recommended by Sony [otr] [tc]

[8/3/92] BASF: {120:$8.29;90:$7.29;60:$5.20} high problem (breakage)
rate [sb] sometimes stops while playing, for no apparent reason [tc]

[11/16/92] Denon: {120:$6.40;90:$6.00;60:$6.19} no problems [anon]
slightly higher error rates than Maxell, audible dropouts on one tape [jw]

DIC XR: {120:$7.60;90:$6.50} One tape has played ~500 times, still no
dropouts or other problems No problems [dg] recommended (2nd hand
per [sk]) Jammed in Panasonic decks Shell was redesigned.
High error rate [anon] Can't be recorded on a JVC machine store> Prices just dropped $1 when they introduced MQ ("Master
Quality") line

DIC MQ tapes:

[8/3/92] Fuji:

*[11/18/92] JVC: JVC 100's wholesale for the same price as (Sony, Denon,
TDK) 120's [sb] Lots of problems, in Panasonic sv-3700's [td] and
Sony D3's [ww] [j2] and Panasonic sv-255's [?]


[8/3/92] Maxell: {120:$6.70;90:$6.25} fine [td] [jw], some problems
[anon], tapes jam and dropouts [dg] [reb]. They may have changed, no
problems recently [sk] Leaves crud on capstans [tc]

[11/14/92] Maxell data {used once, 180:$8.99;120:$6.99; $1 less if
buying 50 or more} 1 bad tape in ~10,000 sold more than
that [dat-heads]


Panasonic: {120:$9;90:$7.60;60:$6.30} best [anon] [dg] Recommended by
Sony [otr] [tc] Lowest error rate dropout problem [ks] Eaten by
Panasonic sv3700 [km] Numerous problems related to tape seizing
against cartridge. Left gunk on heads [pw]

[12/7/92] Sony: {120:$6.39 (J&R)} dropouts [sk],[td], 2nd best [dg]

[8/3/92] Sony data tapes: {120:$19} lowest error rate [sb][mw]

TDK: load problems on sv255 [td] abrasive [tc] couldn't record
start/skip codes on a Sharp machine

3M Black Watch: No problems with little experience [dg]


Other Devices of Interest

[10/12/92] Digital Domains FCN-1 Format Converter: $450 electrical
only, $500 w/optical connections. The electrical version has S/PDIF
(rca jacks) and AES/EBU (XLR) in (switch-selectable), and 3 S/PDIF
plus one AES/EBU out (all run in parallel). There are 8 dip switches
that control one byte of output; this byte includes sampling rate and
emphasis (which means you have to carefully check the switches for
each tape you copy); it also includes SCMS, and some other stuff I
don't care about.

[10/22/92] Sony Scoopman: $755 tiny cassette, very small
deck; uses 32kHz 12-bit nonlinear sampling, 120-minute tape, 7 hours
battery life, stereo. No digital io. 112 x 23 x 55 mm, 147 g
including battery.

Market sources (from Jeff Maggard, [email protected], as of

Sources for Decks:
Damark 800-729-9000
The DAT Store 310-828-6487
Uncle's Stereo 212-721-7500 Meniton DAT-Heads
Harvey Electronics 201-652-2882 Ask for Neil Berkowitz, mention DAT-Heads
Skip's Music 916-484-7575
J&R Music World 800-221-8180
Big Daddy Electronics 800-438-4440 Mention DAT-Heads
Hi-Fi Sales & Service 912-228-0093 Mention DAT-Heads
Full Compass Systems 800-356-5844

Sources for Tapes:
Seth Breidbart '[email protected]'
Art Munson/Cassette House 800-321-5738 or
'[email protected]'
Bob Ramstad 'boccibob%[email protected]'
J&R Music World 800-221-8180
W.B. Hunt 617-662-8822 ask for Al Rizzo

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