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Star Trek:TNG Episode Listing in Word 2.0 format.
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Star Trek:TNG Episode Listing in Word 2.0 format.
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^jkx *EE-Star Trek: TNG Episode ListingEpi. # Season IStardatePlot SummaryI-1Encounter At Farpoint I41,153.7The Enterprise heads to investigate the Farpoint Station mystery, but is intercepted by Q. (Series pilot)I-2Encounter At Farpoint II41,153.7The Farpoint Station is found to be a large captured space-creature capable of taking on any form. The Enterprise releases it as its mate arrives.I-3The Naked Now41,209.2The crew is affected by the same intoxicating contaminant as was on the old Enterprise.I-4Code Of Honor41,235.25Yar is kidnapped by an alien leader and is challenged to ght to the death by his mate.I-5Haven41,294.5Troi faces a prearranged marriage on planet Haven. (First appearance of Lwaxana Troi.)I-6Where No One Has Gone Before41,263.1An engineer and his alien assistant throw the Enterprise 2,700,000 light years away.I-7The Last Outpost41,386.4A Ferengi ship and the Enterprise are caught in an energy-draining force eld.I-8Lonely Among Us41,249.3An energy cloud-being affects the Enterprise and causes Picard to leave the Enterprise.I-9Justice41,255.6Wesley is sentenced to death for a minor infraction on a recreation planet.I-10The Battle41,723.9A Ferengi attempts revenge on Picardfor an old battlewith a mind-altering machine.I-11Hide And Q41,590.5Riker is given the power of Q. Can he resist using it?I-12Too Short A Season41,309.5A dying admiral takes a youth-inducing drug in order to ght terrorists who have taken hostages.I-13The Big Goodbye41,997.7The Captain, Data and Dr. Crusher are trapped in the holodeck in 1941 San Francisco.I-14Datalore41,242.4Datas evil twin is found. He attempts to deliver the Enterprises crew to a crystalline entity.I-15Angel One41,636.9The crew tries to rescue members of a wrecked earth-ship from the female-dominated planet they landed onbut they wish to remain even though they are fugitives.I-161100100141,365.9Binars hijack the evacuated Enterprise to save their computer-based planet.I-17Home Soil41,463.9On a lifeless planet being terraformed, an inorganic life form is found and is endangering the Enterprise.I-18When The Bough Breaks41,509.1The sterile inhabitants of a cloaked planet kidnap the Enterprises children.I-19Coming Of Age41,416.2Wesley competes for an Academy opening; Picard is investigated on the Enterprise.I-20Heart Of Glory41,503.7The crew rescues Klingon fugitivesthey plot to take the Enterprise and want Worf to help.I-21The Arsenal Of Freedom41,798.2The Enterprise and crew ght a sequence of machines on a planet that is a plantetary weapons store.I-22Skin Of Evil41,601.3When Trois shuttle crashes on a planet, a sadistic alien (Armus) with great power kills Yar and threatens to kill Riker or Troi.I-23Symbiosisnot givenTwo worlds, one with a plague (really drug-addiction), the other with the cure(the drug)I-24Well Always Have Paris41,697.9A scientists time experiment causes a time-rift. Picard meets his old ame.I-25Conspiracy41,775.5Parasitic beings are taking control of Stareet leaders to take over the Federation.I-26The Neutral Zone41,986.0Three 20th century humans are found frozen; Romulans appear in the Neutral Zone.
Season IIII-27The Child42,073.1Troi becomes pregnant by an alien energy-being; the baby develops from embryo into a human child in a few hours. Then it must die and leave as its presence is endangering everyone on the Enterprise.II-28Where Silence Has Lease42,193.6The Enterprise is caught in a void by a being, Nagilum, conducting an experiment using the Enterprises crew as guinea pigs.II-29Elementary, Dear Data42,286.3Data and Geordi play Sherlock Holmes and Watson in the holodeck; the computer makes a powerful foe (Moriarty) that learns to control the ship.II-30The Outrageous Okona42,402.7The charming captain of a spaceship is accused by his people of theft and philandering. Data tries to understand humor.II-31The Schizoid Man42,437.5A dying scientist transfers his mind and knowledge into Data.II-32Loud As A Whisper42,477.2A deaf mediator comes to a planet at war for centuries,but his interpreters are killed and he must learn a new way to communicate.II-33Unnatural Selection42,494.8Pulaski contracts an aging disease from genetically engineered human children.II-34A Matter Of Honor42,506.5Riker serves on a Klingon ship in an exchange program. While there, the Klingons decide to destroy the Enterprise. Must Riker be forced to help?II-35The Measure Of A Man42,523.7A starbase ofcer orders Data disassembled for study. Picard defends Datas right to refuse, while Riker is obliged to argue for the study in a hearing.II-36The Dauphin42,568.8Wesley is enamored of a young woman who is to be the ruler of a planet, but is distressed to nd that she is not humanoid as she appears.II-37Contagion42,609.1A probe of an abandoned planet infects the Enterprises computer and that of a Romulan shipand Datawith a virus that is disabling him and both ships.II-38The Royale42,625.4Riker, Worf and Data are trapped on a planet in the Hotel Royale where they must play out the plot of an old gambling novel in order to escape.II-39Time Squared42,679.2A double of Picard from the future is found in a shuttlecraft, the only survivor of an event about to happen and that they must learn how to avoid.II-40The Icarus Factor42,686.4Riker is briefed on a possible assignment to captain a starship by his estranged father.Worf goes thru the Klingon rite of ascension in the holodeck.II-41Pen Pals42,695.3Data strikes up an acquaintance with an alien girl (pen pal) who calls for help by radio; her planet is breaking up and Data wishes to help.II-42Q Who42,761.3Denied a position on the Enterprise, Q throws the ship 7,000 light years where they must battle the Borgcyborgs with a collective mind.II-43Samaritan Snare42,779.1Riker negotiates with aliens (Pakleds) who have taken LaForge hostage in order to get Federation technology. Picard is away for cardiac replacement.II-44Up The Long Ladder42,823.2The Enterprise rescues an Earth colony, then discovers a colony of clones from Earth who desperately need new genetic material.II-45Manhunt42,859.2Lwaxana Troi boards the Enterprise in search of a husbandand chooses rst Picard, then Riker.II-46The Emissary42,901.3The emissary sent to meet a Klingon ship, whose crew is in a cryogenic state, is Worfs past mate, KEhleyr. They must stop the Klingons from attacking.II-47Peak Performance42,923.4During a war game of Riker vs. Picard, a Ferengi ship ambushes the disabled EnterpriseII-48Shades Of Gray42,976.1Riker is invaded by a parasite which is taking over his nervous system.
Season IIIIII-49The Ensigns Of Commandnot givenData must convince reluctant colonists to evacuate the planet they settled on or be destroyed by the Sheliaks who own that planet by Federation treaty.III-50Evolution43,125.8Wesleys science project releases microscopic nanites into the ships computer.III-51The Survivors43,152.4A man and wife are sole survivors of a planetary massacre. The man turns out to be a super-being and causes Troi to hear unbearable, loud music that wont stop, to prevent her from discovering who he is.III-52Who Watches The Watchers43,173.5Due to an accident, a primitive proto-Vulcan people believe Picard is a god. He must convince them he is not to avoid their returning to primitive beliefs in overseers.III-53The Bonding43,198.7After a crew member dies, she reappears to take her son down to a planet.III-54Booby Trap43,205.6The Enterprise is trapped by energy-draining, radiation emitting devices in an asteroid eld. Geordi creates a holodeck image of Dr.Lea Brahms, the senior design engineer of the Enterprise, to help nd a solution.III-55The Enemy43,349.2Stranded on a planet, Geordi is captured by a Romulan. They must collaborate to escape.III-56The Price43,385.6During negotiations on the Enterprise, Troi falls in love with a delegate who is using his Betazoid abilities to his advantage. Troi disapproves.III-57The Vengeance Factor43,421.9Picard and Riker assist in the reconciliation of clans that have been warring for a century, but an assassin is killing delegates.III-58The Defector43,462.5A Romulan defector tries to lead the Enterprise into the neutral zone to prevent a war. But is he telling the truth?III-59The Hunted43,489.2The Enterprises crew tries to capture an elusive alien escapee who is a chemically-programmed warrior.III-60The High Ground43,510.7Terrorists on a planet kidnap Dr.Crusher and Picard to negotiate for advantages.III-61Deja Q43,539.1Q returns as a mortal without his powers pursued by an alien force wishing to kill him. They attack the Enterprise in order to reach him.III-62A Matter Of Perspective43,610.4Riker is accused of the murder of a scientist after a space station explodes. Conicting reports are recreated and examined in the holodeck.III-63Yesterdays Enterprise43,625.2A time rift brings the Enterprise-C 22 years into the future thereby changing events: Lt.Yar is back and the Federation is now at war with the Klingonsand losing badly. This episode sets up Denise Crosbys later return as Romulan Commander Sela in Redemption.III-64The Offspring43,657.0Based upon his own circuits, Data creates an android offspring who chooses female form. But Stareet wants to take her away for study.III-65Sins Of The Father43,685.2Worfs brother, Kurn, takes a command position on the Enterprise and then informs him he must challenge a treason charge against their late father.III-66Allegiance43,714.1Picard is kidnapped to a room with three other aliens. A look-alike impostor is leading the Enterprise into danger to test their concept of allegiance.III-67Captains Holiday 43,745.2Picards vacation is disrupted by a woman (Vash) who is searching for a device (Tax Utat) from the future pursued by a Ferengi and two Vorgonsfrom the 27th century who also want the device.III-68Tin Man43,779.3The Enterprise is assigned to contact a newly discovered lifeform (Tin Man), with the aid of a Betazoid specialist, before two Romulan ships can.III-69Hollow Pursuits43,807.4Geordi tries to help a shy crewman, Barclay (Broccoli), who escapes reality in the holodeck. Mysterious malfunctions plague the Enterprise.III-70The Most Toys43,872.2Data is kidnapped, to be held indenitely by an alien who collects one-of-a-kind objects.III-71Sarek43,917.4Sarek (Spocks father) joins the Enterprise for his last ambassadorial task at age 202 yearsbut he is losing emotional control.III-72Menage A Troi43,930.7A Ferengi Daimon kidnaps Lwaxana (Trois mother)along with Troi and Rikerto use her telepathic powers for the Ferengis prot.III-73Transgurations43,957.2The Enterprise rescues an injured alien who has remarkable healing powersand amnesia.III-74The Best Of Both Worlds I43,992.6The Borg are attacking within Federation space. They kidnap Picard, changing him to a Borg to be their spokesman.
Season IVIV-75The Best Of Both Worlds II44,001.4Picard is rescued from the Borg and Data is able to link into the Borg network through him and stop their attack and destroy their ship.IV-76Family44,012.3Picard returns home to visit his brother. Worfs parents visit the Enterprise. Wesley receives a holographic message from his late father, Jack.IV-77Brothers44,085.7Data (and inadvertently Lore) is called back by his creator, Dr. Soong, by a homing device in his circuits that causes him to commandeer the Enterprise.IV-78Suddenly Human44,143.7The Enterprise saves an alien ship and a teenage human boy who has been raised by the aliens as one of their own. He wishes to remain with the aliens.IV-79Remember Me44,161.2Dr. Crusher discovers more and more of the crew members are vanishing, but no one left on board misses themor even knows who they areafter an experiment of Wesleys goes awry.IV-80Legacy44,215.2A rescue attempt on Tashas home planet leads to her sister, Ishara Yar, who offers to help but is actually using the Enterprise to further her own cause.IV-81Reunion44,246.3Picard is enlisted to mediate the selection of the new head of the Klingon High Council. Worf learns that he has a son, Alexander, by KEhleyr.IV-82Future Imperfect44,286.5Riker awakens in sick bay to be told 16 years have elapsed and he now has a sonand his memory of those years has been erased by a virus.IV-83Final Mission44,307.3Wesley joins Picard on a mission after learning he will be going to Stareet Academy. But the shuttlecraft crashes on a desert world.IV-84The Loss44,356.9Troi loses her empathetic abilities while the Enterprise is trapped in a two-dimensional eld and being drawn with it toward a cosmic string that will destroy the Enterprise.IV-85Datas Day44,390.1Data narrates a days activities in which he tries to understand various human reactions; Keiko and Chief OBrien marry.IV-86The Wounded44,429.6A starship captain is attacking the Cardassians and the Enterprise must intercept and stop him before he starts a war.IV-87Devils Due44,474.5A woman with great powers claims a planet via a 1000 year-old contract. Picard wishes to prove that she is just a con artist.IV-88Clues44,502.7After experiencing a wormhole, Data appears to be lying to cover up the reason for the crews resulting unconsciousness.IV-89First Contactnot givenRiker is injured and hospitalized while disguised as one of the people on a planet on the verge of space travel. To nd Riker, Picard must convince their leaders that the Federation isnt a threat to them.IV-90Galaxys Child44,614.6Geordi meets the real Dr. Brahms he once met as a holodeck image (III-54: Booby Trap). A newborn lifeform has attached to the Enterprise and is draining its energy.IV-91Night Terrors44,631.2The Enterprise is caught in a space rift where energy is drained, thus preventing their escape. The crew is hallucinating due to dream deprivation.IV-92Identity Crisis44,664.5Geordi and another ofcer are undergoing change into an alien form due to a mission ve years ago to a planetto which they are now drawn.IV-93The Nth Degree44,704.2An alien probe turns a shy crewman (Barclay, III-69) into a super-being by giving him the ability to form a neural link to the ships computer. He is taking the Enterprise to an unknown part of the galaxy.IV-94Qpid44,741.9Vash (III-67) comes to the Enterprise and is annoyed that Picard has never mentioned her. Q decides to help by making Picard play Robin Hood to Vashs Maid Marian.IV-95The Drumhead44,769.2After a Klingon exchange scientist admits to spying, an admiral accuses an innocent crewmanand then Picardof treason.IV-96Half A Life44,805.3Trois mother, Lwaxana, falls in love with an alien scientist on the Enterprise for a research project. But his people expect him to return home to commit ritual suicide because he has reached age 60.IV-97The Host44,821.3Dr. Crusher falls in love with an alien ambassador. When he is fatally wounded, she nds the man is the host part of a joint species consisting of a humanoid host and a symbiotic being. The Ambassador she loved is the symbiont and needs a new host.IV-98The Minds Eye44,885.5Geordi is captured by Romulans who program him through his visor to help in an assassination plot against the Klingons.IV-99In Theory44,932.3Data attempts a romantic relationship with a human crewmate.IV-100Redemption I44,995.3Worf resigns his commission in Stareet to join his brother Kurn to ght in a Klingon Civil Warand to try and regain his family name and honor.
Season VV-101Redemption II45,020.4Picard forms a blockade to stop the Romulans from helping one side in the Klingon civil war. Yars daughter (Crosby) appears as the Romulan Commander Sela.V-102Darmok45,047.2An alien captain has himself and Picard transported to a planet where they must ght a dangerous beast and learn to communicate through metaphor.V-103Ensign Ro45,076.3A discredited, strong-willed Bajoran Stareet Ensign (Ro) is assigned to the Enterprise to help contact Bajoran terrorists who supposedly attacked a Federation colonybut it was actually the Cardassians.V-104Silicon Avatar45,122.3When the crystalline entity (I-14: Datalore) attacks a colony, a scientist accuses Data of bringing the entity as Lore once did.V-105Disaster45,156.1A quantum lament hits the Enterprise, completely disabling it. Various crew members are trapped in different areas. Keiko goes into labor, assisted by Worf. Picard and three children are trapped in the turbolift. Troi takes command.V-106The Game45,208.2Riker brings a mind-game from Risa which proves addictive to all except Datawhom Dr. Crusher disablesand is taking over the Enterprises crew. Visiting Wesley and new girlfriend Robin discover the danger and work to defeat it.V-107Unication I45,233.1Spock has gone on an unauthorized trip to Romulus to begin a peace mission to reunite the Vulcans and Romulans. Picard and Data follow him.V-108Unication II45,245.8Spock meets with the Romulans to start unication of the Vulcans and Romulans only to discover they actually intend to conquer the Vulcans.V-109A Matter Of Time45,349.1A time-traveler appears claiming to be a historian from the future. Picard wants him to reveal the outcome of their risky attempt to save a planet hit by an asteroid.V-110New Ground45,376.3Worfs son, Alexander, wishes to live on the Enterprise with his father but his behavior is a problem. A new wave is tested to move a ship at warp speed without engines.V-111Hero Worship45,397.3A boy rescued from a destroyed ship emulates Data to escape the trauma of losing his parents. The Enterprise is about to be destroyed the same way.V-112Violations45,429.3Troi, Riker, and Dr. Crusher fall into comas after telepathic aliens come aboard the Enterprise. The aliens are suspected of invading their minds.V-113The Masterpiece Society45,470.1After the crew saves a sheltered, genetically engineered society from a stellar core fragment, some of the members seek asylum on the Enterprisethus threatening the societys stability.V-114Conundrum45,494.2Everyone on the Enterprise suffers amnesia and struggles to discover their true identities. Meanwhile, they become engaged in a battle with the Lyssians.V-115Power Play45,571.2Possessed by spirits from an abandoned moon, Troi, Data, and OBrien attempt barratry.V-116Ethics45,587.3Paralyzed in an accident, Worf must choose between experimental surgery and the traditional Klingon wayritual suicide with Riker to assist.V-117The Outcast45,614.6Rikers romance with an androgynous alien (of the JNaii) conicts with their prohibition of male-female relationships.V-118Cause And Effect45,652.1The Enterprise is trapped in a time loop without realizing it. A growing sense of dj vu leads them to suspect what has happened and nd a way out of the loop.V-119First Duty45,703.9Wesleys squadron conceals the cause of a fatal accident. Picard discovers the cover-up and Wesley must decide whether to support the team or tell the truth before Picard doesV-120Cost Of Living45,733.6Lwaxana takes Worfs son, Alexander, under her wing, after announcing she is to marry a manwhom she hasnt yet met. V-121The Perfect Mate 45,761.3A female metamorpha genetically perfect mate for a manis sent by a warring race to be the mate of their enemy leader as a gesture of peace. But she gets involved with Picard.V-122Imaginary Friend45,852.1An alien being of energy in a nebula assumes the role of a little girls imaginary friend and is threatening the Enterprise.V-123I, Borg45,854.2The Enterprise nds an injured, lone, adolescent Borg. Guinan and Picard both must deal with their emotions from their previous Borg encounters.V-124Next Phasenot given The crew believe that Geordi and Ro have died when they vanish during transport but they are still aboard the Enterprise. A Romulan accident phased them into a cloaked state where no one can see them and they can now pass through matter. They must nd a way back [stardate 45,892.4 shows on Dr. Crushers screen].V-125Inner Light45,944.1Captain Picard is propelled by a beam from a probe into another mans life on a dying worldwhere he has a wife, then children and grandchildren. On the Enterprise, he is unconscious, linked to the probes beam.V-126Times Arrow I45,959.1After an archaeological discovery on Earth that gives evidence of aliens visiting earth in the 19th century, Data goes back accidentally to San Francisco in 1893 where he meets Mark Twainand a younger (by 500 years) Guinan.
Season VIVI-127Times Arrow II46,001.3Picard, Troi, Riker, LaForge and Dr.Crusher follow Data to 19th century Earth where they encounter Mark Twain, Jack London and a Cholera Epedemic. Will Riker let history unfold as it should?VI-128Realm of Fear46,041.1While investigating an abandoned starship, Lt. Barclay (Hollow Pursuits, The Nth Degree) has an adverse reaction to the transporter.VI-129Man of the People46,071.6While the Enterprise is hosting a negotiator (Alcar) between two warring factions, Counselor Troi is stricken by a malady that turns her into a wanton woman and causes her to age rapidlythen die.VI-130Relics46,125.3Captain Scott (TOS) returns to the Star Trek universe after being trapped in a transporter buffer for 75 yrs. He and Geordi must save the Enterprise which is trapped inside a Dysons Sphere.VI-131Schisms46,154.2After an explosion in the shuttle bay, the Enterprise crew begins to act strangely as they are being unknowingly used as guinea pigs by an alien race.VI-132True Q46,192.3A female crewman whose parents are from the Q continuum is offered the power of Q. If she refuses, she will be executed by the continuum as her parents were on Earth.VI-133Rascals46,235.7Picard, Guinan, Ro and Keiko are turned back into children while the Ferengi take over the Enterprise. Directed by Adam Nimoy, LeonardNimoys son.VI-134A Fistful of Datas46,271.5Alexander leads Worf and Troi into the holodeck running a Western program of Alexanders. Meanwhile, Data is malfunctioning after being hooked to the main computer and he ends up playing all the holodeck roles. Worf must ght them. VI-135The Quality of Life46,307.2Data befriends an intelligent machine while imperiling Geordi and Picard.VI-136Chain of Command I46,357.4Picard is sent on a spy mission into Cardassian space with Worf and Beverly along for the ridewhile a new captain (Jellico) takes over the Enterprise. Tie-in episode for the Deep Space Nine premiere.VI-137Chain of Command II46,360.8While Picard is being tortured after being captured by the Cardassians, Captain Jellico must prevent the Cardassians from invading Federation space.VI-138Ship in a Bottle46,424.1

Lt. Barclay (Realm of Fear) lets Moriarity (II-29) out of the computer; he then traps Picard and Data in the holodeck after hes taken control of the Enterprise.VI-139Aquiel46,461.3

Geordi falls in love with an alien lieutenant accused of murdering her superior ofcer. He must now help to prove her innocence.VI-140Face of the Enemy46,492.2Counselor Troi is kidnapped and surgically altered to look like a Romulan to aid in a Romulan defection plot.VI-141Tapestrynot givenAfter Picard dies on the operating table, Q takes him on a tour of his life to give him the chance to make up for past regrets in his life.VI-142Birthright I46,578.4While on Deep Space Nines Promenade, Worf is informed that his father is still alive and he then goes to a Romulan prison to attempt to rescue him; Data learns to sleep, perchance to dreamVI-143Birthright II46,579.1After being captured by expatriate Romulan-sympathizing Klingons, Worf attempts to teach them Klingon traditions and culture.VI-144Starship Mine46,682.4While the Enterprise is in spacedockand desertedfor baryon anti-radiation treatments, Picard must thwart terrorists bent upon stealing explosive material from the warp core; Data learns the art of small-talk.VI-145Lessons46,693.1A new Science Commander is assigned to the Enterprise and Picard falls in love with her. He must then decide between love and duty after she is imperiled during an away mission.VI-146The Chase46,Picard is tempted by his old archeology professor to leave Starfleet and go on the mother of all digs. He declines but the Enterprise ends up there anyway. (Directed by Jonathan Frakes.)VI-147Frame of Mind46,Riker performs as an insane man in an insane asylum in a theatrical production of Beverlys. As time goes on, he nds himself in a real asylumnot knowing how he got there or whom he can trust.VI-148Suspicions46,Dr. Crusher is accused of murder. While she is investigating this murder another occursand shes the only one who possibly could have done it.VI-148Rightful Heir46,Worf travels to a Klingon spiritual world to seek answers and inner peace after Birthright (VI-142).VI-149Second Chances46,Riker and Trois romance is depth. (Dir. by Levar Burton.)VI-150[unknown]46,[Currently being lmeddetails unknown.]VI-151[unknown] I46,Season nale: Only detail available is that its a Borg cliff-hanger.
Season VII[Notein between seasons Start Trek VII is being filmed and it is a TNG movieplot unknown.]VII-152[unknown] II47,Conclusion of Borg cliff-hanger.

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