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Good practical joke on friends.
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Good practical joke on friends.
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Contents of the FINGER.DOC file

Included are finger.bat use the finger as a prompt
finger.exe assembled under Turbo Pascal 4.0
finger. pas Sorce code
finger. doc This document

Finger.Bat Ansi code for the finger,ansi.sys must be
installed. TSR programs or spoolers may
limit installation. If" Out of Enviormental"
message given see Dos Technical Reference, or
DOS command reference on PROMPT

Fingr.Exe The Finger was assembled under TheDraw a shareware
copywritten program by The Soft Programming
C/O Ian Davis
1929 Whitecliff Ct.
Walnut Creek, Ca. 94596
and compiled with Turbo Pascal 4.0 Borlan Int.

Finger.Pas Sorce Code for finger. exe provided for budding
programmers. Who probably have better things to.

The Finger is placed in the public domain. Give
someone the finger for me. C.A.Bossler
24345 Lucille
Lomita, Ca. 90717

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