Pascal Source Code

PASCAL Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
123MENU.ZIP1510Jun 26 1986Simple Procedure that creates Lotus style Menus. Easy and simple.
2MENUS.ZIP931Apr 15 1991Example of displaying 2 Menu Bars using Turbo Vision for Pascal.
386PATCH.ZIP1947Apr 23 1991Patches Turbo Pascal's SYSTEM routines to use 32-bit integers for faster more efficient computations.
3DF.ZIP24901Apr 21 1991This is a 3-D terrian display demo. Turbo Pascal source file.
3DLAB110.ZIP163384Sep 2 19943D animation library for Borland Pascals: BP7, TP6, TPW; plus utils.
3DLIFE.ZIP4849Dec 28 1988The game of life in 3D. From the Borland BBS. TP source code only.
3DUNIT.ZIP183094Jun 30 1990This is a Turbo Pascal unit for creating and displaying 3d line drawings in your programs.
4MRTPAY1.ZIP11408Jun 10 1989TP source and executable to calculate a mortgage schedule.
@BF2TPV3.ZIP10651Jun 29 1986Reads ANY .DBF file with Turbo Pascal.
ABORTU.ZIP5320Mar 27 1988Abort Routine for TP V4.0. Display address where error occurred.
ACTSK.ZIP869Mar 28 1986Turbo Pascal source that will activate Sidekick.
ADD10.ZIP14025Jul 15 1988DIR-like utility. Doublewide, multiple sorts, VERY fast. With TP4 sour.
ADLIBPAS.ZIP2523Apr 10 1990Turbo Pascal Unit For Addressing ADLIB Card.
ADVCRT91.ZIP19985Jun 6 1991ADVanced CRT routines v9.0 -- Turbo Pascal 5.5 CRT routines with a wide variety of functions, including cursor control and timers.
ALICE.ZIP113735Oct 25 1991Integrated Pascal interpreter/editor/tutor. When you start a statement, the prototype is given to you. Constant syntax checking. Extensive help. Good way to learn the language.
ALLCHAR.ZIP19425Oct 18 1985Shows all characters that can be displayed or entered from keyboard TP3.
ALLSWAG4.ZIP680804May 28 1994Category N..Z of the 5/28/94 release of the SWAG Pascal source code collection.
ALLSWAGS.ZIP1531092Feb 26 1994Software Archival Group is a collection of source code and program examples for the Pascal programming language.
AMG22SRC.ZIP66565Nov 20 1993Compression program written in Turbo Pascal and Turbo Vision. Source Only. Excellent Compression Ratios.
ANIVGA.ZIP159190Nov 17 1991ANIVGA is a powerful toolkit for the animation of sprites using Turbo Pascal 6.0. Includes full source code.
ANSCRT.ZIP12122May 28 1988Complete replacement for TP's CRT Unit. Uses ANSI driver instead. Great.
ANSICOLR.ZIP5823Dec 18 1991Easy to use TP source code that creates ANSI color codes.
ANSIDR.ZIP2213Jul 6 1991Ansi Driver for a TP 4.0+ program. Full source included.
ANSITP4.ZIP2515Jan 1 1980TP4.0 source that duplicates normal TP I/O routines so that they output ANSI control codes.
ANSIVI.ZIP10393Jan 30 1991ANSIView is a unit that will give you CRT's features while still retaining the features of the new TVISION enviroment.
ANSI_133.ZIP19787Aug 23 1990The PingAnsi unit provides partial Ansi emulation for Turbo Pascal versions 5.x and higher.
APRO.ZIP3599Mar 26 1991TurboPower Software's announcement of Async Professional, a communications library for Turbo-compatible Pascal, which is scheduled to ship in June 1991.
ARRAYS.ZIP1658Feb 7 1992A TPW unit with source code from Robert Warren to simplify the use of huge type arrays.
ASCIITSR.ZIP5649Jan 5 1995Turbo Pascal source for a TSR that pops up with the ASCII table. Shows usage of the Keep procedure.
ASG53.ZIP44845Jan 31 1990Utility which allows full screen editing of data entry screens. Turbo Pascal source code available to registered users.
ASM120.ZIP40944Sep 24 1989A complete assembly language assembler written in Turbo Pascal with full source code.
ASORTS.ZIP14263Apr 9 1991General purpose routines for searching, sorting, and moving arrays of various elements. Pascal source code included.
ASSYWIND.ZIP20818Jul 3 1986Very Fast Window routines in Turbo Pascal.
ASYNC.ZIP5115Aug 8 1985Very good set of Asynchronous Turbo Pascal routines.
ASYNC12.ZIP27740Jul 20 1989Asynch comm routines for Turbo Pascal V5.0-newest version (1.2).
ASYNC4.ZIP4866Nov 29 1987Turbo Pascal V4.0 Async communication routines.
ASYNC41.ZIP14473Nov 14 1987TP 4.0+ serial port routines. Includes full source code.
ASYNCH.ZIP3953Dec 27 1986Procedures for terminal driven communication port.
ATSAY5.ZIP18806Mar 5 1989Replicates dbase command @say in TP4+,also includes other good routines.
AUTOGR.ZIP68798Nov 6 1989Combines mouse movements with paint options to produce a graphics screen. Turbo Pascal code is then generated that will draw the screen.
AUTOI3.ZIP3465May 5 1988Sample TP 4.0+ code that shows how you can change values within your programs's final EXE. This way you can change typed constants in your program for configuration purposes.
AUXPORT.ZIP2264Jan 1 1980Simple Pascal source that polls com port for incoming data.
AWRITE.ZIP12403Mar 25 1986Turbo Pascal ANSI function routines. TP 3.0 source code.
BAKLPT.ZIP9303Aug 3 1988BakLPT is a Turbo Pascal 4 unit that allows you to buffer the output to the Lst device so it can be printed in the background while your application continues to to process other things. Includes full source code.
BBSKIT20.ZIP59160May 2 1992A collection of tools for Turbo Pascal 6.0 that help to develop a complete BBS program.
BCDREAL.ZIP743Apr 10 1987Handle bcd reals in turbo pascal.
BDICT.ZIP2734Jan 16 1991Text file describing B-Tree Dictionary 1.0. A Turbo Pascal 5.5+ OOP library of over 600 methods, procedures and functions that speed the development of Multi-File, Linked Database applications.
BEAUTIFY.ZIP33068Jan 1 1991Turbo Pascal Beautifier with Tp5.0+ source code.
BEEPER.ZIP1070May 24 1991Turbo Pascal for Windows example to set timer, create callback function.
BFTGPH.ZIP22038Sep 9 1991TP 5.0 source for weighted graphs. Includes Bredth first traversal routines.
BGICHR.ZIP8443Mar 29 1988TP 5.0+ programs that allow you to examine Borland's BGI graphic libraries (.BGI and .CHR). Includes full source code.
BGICLI.ZIP47218Nov 7 1990This program will review your collection of BGI clip art. Any image files created with CLIP, TP-ICON, or a similar program and suited for use with the PutImage procedure/function in Turbo Pascal and Turbo C will work.
BGIDEMO2.ZIP8518Feb 6 1992Borland Graphical Interface Demo From Patrick Roberts. Requires EGA and a mouse. Written in Turbo Pascal demonstrates sculputured buttons and much more. TP 6.0 source code only.
BGIDEMO3.ZIP60796Mar 6 1992Turbo Pascal BGI graphic demo EXE requires EGA and a MOUSE, uses sculptured buttons and many BGI features. Source available in BGIDEMO2.ZIP.
BIGED.ZIP35614Dec 24 1990This program is a simple IDE for the Turbo Pascal command line compiler. Uses TurboPower's OP, and includes full source code.
BIGSND.ZIP3532Mar 5 1987Nice sounds that you can use in your programs. Big ones! Pascal source.
BINHELP.ZIP8255Feb 13 1992This is a pascal program that will help in understanding binary trees. Comes with Turbo Pascal source code.
BININT.ZIP8131Oct 23 1988TP 4.0+ source for accessing BINED internal information in event handlers.
BIOSDATA.ZIP1969Aug 6 1989TP unit declaring entire BIOS data area. Excellent for DOS programmers.
BITMAP2.ZIP900Mar 19 1989Shows how to store bit values in TP 3.0+.
BITMAP4.ZIP2591Sep 12 1980Pack Boolean responses into a single bit. Save disk space.
BIXMODEM.ZIP2707Mar 22 1987Ymodem file transfer protocol written in Turbo Pascal V3.0.
BKPLAY.ZIP6381Sep 27 1988Turbo Pascal V4.0+5.0 source that plays music in background.
BLAISE.ZIP12070May 1 1992A screensaver program by Robert Warren with TPW source.
BLRPLT.ZIP111473Jun 22 1994BoilerPlate. Code Generator for Borland Pascal and Turbo Pascal OWL programs. Generates Skeleton code for main program and dialogs.
BMP256.ZIP4440May 3 1991Small TPW program from Borland BBS for decoding 256 color bmps, source only.
BMSEARCH.ZIP9015Apr 29 1994Very fast Boyer-Moore string search routines. Written in inline assembler. Pascal Source included.
BMULKY.ZIP118176Mar 2 1989Turbo Pascal 4.0 interface to Btrieve. Source supplied for some modules. Others are TP 4.0 TPU files. Looks excellent.
BOOST4.ZIP92259Oct 23 1988TP4 TPU with many QUALITY routines. Very Good.
BOREF.ZIP17432Nov 17 1985Documentation for BOOSTERS.
BOYMO4.ZIP7209Jan 23 1988TP4.0 Boyer-Moore (GREP) text search unit.
BP70LIB.ZIP96822Mar 16 1993Windows routines for Turbo Pascal 7.0. Real and Protected mode.
BP7RLS.ZIP3151Nov 4 1992Borland's press release announcing Borland Pascal and Turbo Pascal 7.0.
BP7SB101.ZIP29707May 22 1993Source code beautifier for BP 7.0. It recognizes over 1,600 keywords. Numerous configuration options are available for customizing output. Fixed several bugs found in v1.00.
BP7UPG.ZIP4435Nov 3 1992TurboPower Software's patches for its products to compile with Borland Pascal 7.0.
BP7_OS2.ZIP121132Feb 15 1994Patches for Borland Pascal v7.0 to compile OS/2 programs.
BPLUS.ZIP56936Sep 19 1988Compuserve B-Plus transfer protocol in TP 4.0.
BPLZH.ZIP13353May 1 1991Turbo Pascal LZH compression source code.
BROWSE.ZIP12004Oct 12 1989This is TurboPower's Browser unit modified to use Tpwindow and Tpmouse.
BTREE1.ZIP38808Mar 13 1988TP 4.0 BTREE Database Routines (SOURCE).
BTREE4V1.ZIP12999Mar 14 1988B-Tree routines for Turbo Pascal V4.0.
BTRTPW.ZIP1562May 3 1991Turbo Pascal for Windows/Btrieve Interface Unit (beta version).
BUFER.ZIP9725Dec 9 1989File Buffer object for Turbo Pascal. Source included.
BUFFON.ZIP9904Nov 3 1993Turbo Pascal source for a simulation of the classic Buffon Needle experiment that illustrates a statistical method for determining the value of Pi. Documentation included.
BUTELIB.ZIP6863Dec 13 1985Turbo Pascal libraries with many useful routines. From BYTE Magazine.
BUTONS.ZIP7368Nov 14 1991Example source code on BitMap Buttons for TPW.
BUTTEST.ZIP37500Jan 31 1992Graphical button and cursor program. Contains source to a Buttons unit and Mouse unit, as well as several different graphics cursors. From the book OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN TURBO PASCAL 5.5.
C2PAS.ZIP97887Apr 26 1989Conversion utility, converts C to Turbo Pascal.
C4PAS000.ZIP14869May 4 1990Collection of C-like routines for TP5.5+. TPU only.
CACHE.ZIP31082Mar 5 1988Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source code for an internal disk caching system.
CALCTP.ZIP24245Nov 4 1989Unit to add a simple calculator to a TP 5.0 program. TPU only.
CALNDR.ZIP32186Oct 31 1986Calendar Program in Turbo Pascal V3.0 that prints a calender for any given date in history. Excellent for learning Julian Date routines.
CALR2.ZIP3276Sep 17 1985This Turbo Pascal code will generate calenders for any year.
CAMERA.ZIP9578Mar 10 1990TP 5.5 Procedures to interface the DIO-48 interface card.
CC20.ZIP107714Jun 13 1993Run Turbo Vision 2.0 program in graphics mode. Custom character sets.
CH2TPU.ZIP8394Jun 29 1994Converts C Header files to Pascal TPU files.
CHAIN6.ZIP21597Oct 23 1990Chain between .EXE files in Turbo Pascal 4.0+. Now works with 6.0.
CHARGER.ZIP4664Jun 18 1986Turbo SuperCharger. Large collection of useful routines.
CLEMENT.ZIP17240Jan 24 1990Smart Regression Model Finder taken from the Turbo Pascal Toolbook. TP 3.0 source only.
CLOAK.ZIP1917Dec 23 1993Borland Pascal Cloaking Routine with Source.
CLOCKSTP.ZIP39936Jul 27 1989Great TP5.5 CMOS and DOS clock/timer objects.
CLP30.ZIP20422Nov 10 1990CLParser is a Command Line Parser. It provides the programmer with several pre-defined objects for dealing with command line options and switches. Turbo Pascal 5.5 TPU only.
CLRPCK.ZIP7208Jan 31 1990TP 4.0+ source code that allows specifing a color for an item by selecting the color from a window of alternatives. Requires TurboPower's Turbo Pro.
CMFUNIT.ZIP6502Aug 12 1993TP5.0 unit for playing CMF files in background.
CMP25D.ZIP165381Apr 28 1994Multitasking Source for Turbo Pascal, Very Good.
CMPLTPAS.ZIP116561Dec 15 1988Complete Listings from 3rd Edition of The Complete Turbo Pascal (V5.0).
CMSUNIT.ZIP6913Jul 29 1992TP source code that access the CMS chip on some Sound Blasters.
COLORDEF.ZIP1164Oct 9 1988Screen color definitions that can be used by TP V3.0+.
COLORSET.ZIP20548Apr 29 1990Unit which will add color selection capability to your Pascal programs. Will work with TP4 and TP5.
COMCHK.ZIP6480Jun 18 1991Check com port status, includes Turbo Pascal 3.0+ source code.
COMM_TP5.ZIP30947Nov 15 1989Turbo Pascal Comm routines with full source code.
COMPORT.ZIP2920Feb 7 1988Async routines with full source in Turbo Pascal 4.0+.
COMPRS.ZIP18276Dec 27 1989COMPMARK.PAS - Adaptive data compression using "Splay" tree with Markov model. Includes complete TP 5.5+ source code.
CONCR4.ZIP18333Jun 28 1988TP4/5 Concurrent programming with source and tpu files.
CONTOUR.ZIP62277Feb 25 1989Fast contour plot with full Turbo Pascal source. Very interesting.
CONVOLV.ZIP819Sep 26 1993Turbo 6.0 program that computes convolution of discrete time signal versus an impulse response. Very usefule in Digital Signal Processing, filtering, etc. Complete source included.
COOLER10.ZIP18898Jul 21 1987INTERCOOLER: TSR for instant access to Turbo Pascal 3.0 error codes from inside the compiler.
COPASCAL.ZIP65008Jun 18 1986Con-current Pascal Compiler -- very interesting, but not complete.
CPUTYPE.ZIP851Aug 6 1991ID your CPU type with TP 6.0 source.
CRC101.ZIP8669Oct 14 1992CRC_CALC v1.01 - Self checks a file's 32 bit CRC to prevent viruses and hacking in Turbo Pascal. Easy to use. Complete PD source.
CRC16.ZIP1767Jun 2 1989Calculate 16 bit CRC, includes TP 4.0+ source code.
CRC32.ZIP9644Dec 31 1989Calculate 32 bit CRC, includes TP 4.0+ source code.
CRCASM.ZIP13219Oct 30 1989Calculate different CRC's. Includes Pascal and ASM source code.
CRCPAS.ZIP7409Apr 17 1988Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source code to do CRC 16/32 calculations.
CRCTABLE.ZIP7409Apr 17 198816-bit and 32-bit CRC tables in Pascal ARRAY format.
CRC_PAS.ZIP13561Jul 4 1989Turbo Pascal source to compute CRC codes for files.
CRKXOR.ZIP1283Jul 17 1992Turbo Pascal routine to crack XOR encryption schemes.
CRTPATCH.ZIP9939Nov 28 1988Patch TPU files that use the CRT units so that they will work with programs written using Turbo Powers TPCRT unit.
CRTPLUS.ZIP15150Jan 5 1990Keyboard, cursor, and window enhancements to TP 5.5's CRT unit.
CRUNCH10.ZIP29941Dec 15 1988Pascal 5 Source Code to create ARC files.
CRYPTO.ZIP2659Aug 23 1985Help in solving cryptograms. Turbo Pascal source code only.
CTL3DPAS.ZIP49329Jan 10 1994Library & info on using MS's CTL3D with Turbo Pascal for Win programs.
CTYPEPAS.ZIP9941Nov 11 1988Provides C CTYPE.H functions to TP 4.0+ with full Pascal source code. Determines if a character fits a certain type of group. (whitespace, uppercase, lowercase, etc). Very useful, and handy to have.
CURSINT.ZIP5677Jun 21 1988TP4 - Change cursor size and attributes using INT $10 - With source code.
CURSOR.ZIP4276Sep 2 1988Memory Resident Cursor Size control. In T.Pascal 4.0.
CURSOR5.ZIP2232Oct 27 1987This UNIT for Turbo Pascal version 4.0 provides control of the size and placement of the cursor. Full source is included.
CUSTCON.ZIP10834Jul 24 1991Example Custom control in Turbo Pascal for Windows.
CVTSRC21.ZIP39371Apr 3 1989Pascal source for cvtfon21.
CWDKIT55.ZIP23571Sep 30 1989Turbo Pascal 5.5 unit that provides a simple screen editor that can be used in your program. Will not do word-wrap.
CWTPU11.ZIP13613Dec 13 1989A collection of various Turbo Pascal routines, with 4.0+ source.
CYCLIC.ZIP7409Apr 17 1988Calculate CRC's in Turbo Pascal v. 4 or 5 (5.5?).
D-XREF63.ZIP38988Aug 6 1985Turbo Cross-Reference Program.
DARCSQ31.ZIP39586Mar 10 1988Un-ARC facility with source in Turbo 4 format.
DAT.ZIP13845Sep 11 1989Very nice Date & Time unit for Turbo Pascal, alas TPU for 5.0 only.
DATELINK.ZIP5883Jul 8 1989TP 5.5+ unit that provides a heap-managed linked list object (OOP) which keeps track of any number of dates in sorted order.
DATEPAK4.ZIP3712Nov 12 1987Accurate manipulation of dates with Turbo Pascal 4.0.
DAZL.ZIP1204Dec 4 1986Great little display dazzle written in TP 3.0+.
DBASEIII.ZIP1906Mar 31 1989TP5 Unit to read and write to DBASE III files.
DBBROW20.ZIP10392Jul 3 1988Excellect Turbo Pascal 4 unit for browsing any dBASE file.
DBF.ZIP5197Jan 13 1987Read Dbase III files from Turbo Pascal.
DBF2MEMO.ZIP6439May 10 1986Pascal program to read in DBase ]I[ files.
DBF4PAS.ZIP16819Jan 17 1989TP4/TP5 unit to utilize dBaseIII files.
DBLCLICK.ZIP880Oct 10 1991How to act on a double mouse click. TPW source code.
DBLOOK.ZIP14305Oct 2 1987Read Dbase files with Turbo Pascal.
DBOXUTIL.ZIP78730Mar 3 1989Utils for TP4 Database Toolbox.
DBT.ZIP65927Feb 21 1988A simple database system written in TP 4.0+. Full source code.
DDS.ZIP6539Jul 4 1989PShows a disk drive summary of all active drives. With Pascal source code.
DEARC7.ZIP9116Feb 15 1988De-arc source in Turbo Pascal V4.0. Un-arcs old ARC files.
DEFAULTS.ZIP5711Dec 8 1988Store a Turbo Pascal's program configuration inside the EXE file. TP src.
DELAY6.ZIP973May 8 1991Patch for Turbo Pascal 6.0. Fixes DELAY procedure on machines faster than 30 mhz.
DELPHDLL.ZIP108175May 24 1995This is a simple test program that calls (from Delphi) a C++ DLL (which reverses a string). Full Source is included for both Delphi and the C++ DLL and this code may be used as you wish.
DER12.ZIP33703May 6 1988A nice set of TP4 data-entry routines.
DESIGN.ZIP68872Feb 23 1989Interesting database generator. You specify your design outline, and DESIGN will generate TP 5.0+ source that you can then compile into a final program using your TP compiler.
DESQ5X.ZIP6342Jan 1 1989Inteface for DesqView and Turbo 5.0. Many useful routines.
DEWDEM.ZIP205138Jul 28 1992Demo of TurboPower's impending Developer's add-on for Turbo Pascal for Windows. Looks like a nice package.
DEZIP20.ZIP32818Jul 31 1989PD unZip utility that includes TP V4.0+ source.
DG55.ZIP46060Mar 6 1990Creates input screens and database source code for Turbo Pascal. It will use the Turbo Pascal Database Toolbox or BTrive libraries for the file handling. Very well done.
DIALER2.ZIP5274Oct 19 1989This Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source will accept a users input and then dial a Hayes compatable modem.
DIRSRCH.ZIP1245Oct 18 1984TP 4.0+ source that will search a directory for a matching file name and then print it along with its size and attribute byte.
DISKLIST.ZIP4014Nov 2 1991TP source to list all valid DOS disk drives.
DISK_425.ZIP54406Jun 20 1986Source code from book "Pascal for Scientists and Engineers".
DOLRWORD.ZIP1545Jan 25 1990Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source that converts dollar amounts from numbers into words. Handy for financial programs.
DOORDR30.ZIP135305Jun 21 1990DoorDriver is a set of procedures for TP 5.5+ that allow the easy creation of door programs for various BBS types.
DOSRUN.ZIP25410Jan 22 1986Will let you spawn a child process from TP V3.0.
DOSSHELL.ZIP2590Jan 2 1989Sample DOS shell program written in TP 4.0+. Very interesting.
DRAWBITS.ZIP1317Dec 31 1991TPW example DLL for displaying BMPs in MS Windows.
DRAWTREE.ZIP1245Feb 18 1986List a directory and the subdirectories -- like DOS tree command. Includes Turbo Pascal source.
DRIVE.ZIP3615Oct 30 1988DRIVE is TP 5.0+ source code that contains a single routine, GetDiskClass, that attempts to classify the type of disk installed in a specified drive. It recognizes all of the most common disk types.
DRIVES.ZIP2302Jan 28 1990Turbo Pascal functions to determine whether or not a drive uses removeable media. Source included for TP4+.
DXFPAS.ZIP16602Jul 2 1992DXFTOOLS consists of two Turbo Pascal units designed to allow program to read and write DXF files.
DYNSTR.ZIP9636Mar 19 1988Great set of routines that perform dynamic string handling in TP4.0+.
EDITOR.ZIP18673Jan 1 1980Quick Viewer. View text files, TP 5.0+ source included.
EDITPAT.ZIP741Mar 11 1991Borland's patch for the EDITORS.PAS demo of TVision that comes with Turbo Pascal 6.0. Without the patch, the editor doesn't accept some characters.
EDTEXT.ZIP17064Jan 31 1988A complete listing of all the routines in TP Editor Toolbox version 4.0.
EDXREF.ZIP17064Jan 31 1988A listing of all the routines contained in the Turbo Pascal's editor toolbox version 4.0, including undocumented ones.
EG0519S.ZIP30260May 19 1990Turbo Pascal (version 5.0) source code for TETRIS-like game.
EGAMOU.ZIP3100Feb 2 1988EGAMouse is a TP 4.0 unit that adds Microsoft Mouse support to your EGA Turbo Pascal programs.
EGAORVGA.ZIP620Aug 30 1991TP 6.0 code to check for EGA or VGA.
EGASAVE.ZIP2587Jun 12 1989Turbo Pascal V4.0+ source to save and restore EGA screens to RAM.
EGATOOLS.ZIP5678Dec 4 1985Turbo Pascal routines for accessing EGA graphics.
EJCPLX01.ZIP20550Jul 21 1989Turbo Pascal V5.5+ code that manuplates Complex numbers using OOPS..
EMMPAS.ZIP15518Oct 30 1989Turbo Pascal 5.5 Source code to program LIM Expanded Memory 3.2. Includes some Instruction and a Demo using a 128K array in LIM EMS.
ENGIF.ZIP18436Apr 13 1988GIF file encoder for Turbo Pascal v5+.
ENGR.ZIP54403May 31 1985A bunch of really good Mathmatical + Engineering Routines.
ENHKBD.ZIP8160Feb 25 1988This TP 4.0+ unit activates the IBM enhanced keyboard for machines that have one, and simulates an enhanced keyboard for machines that don't.
ENTRDATA.ZIP14938Jun 3 1989A group of data entry routines in TP 4.0+ with full source.
ENV.ZIP4798Jan 12 1988Allows you to manipulate the enviroment with TP4.
ENVELOPE.ZIP4880Jul 20 1987Envelope printer in Turbo Pascal source.
EPB233.ZIP24690Jul 24 1992Ed's Pascal Beautifier. Formats Pascal files very nicely.
ERRHAN.ZIP2074Oct 23 1985TP V3.0 critical error handler by Kim K. from Turbo Power.
EVALTP5.ZIP8371Oct 9 1988Pascal Unit w/source to perform Math functions in a string line argument.
EXAMIN.ZIP3543Aug 29 1986Pascal Debug facility and routines for TP 3.0.
EXECHK.ZIP8169Dec 7 1990TP 4.0+ source code that illustrates a method of "stamping" your original application EXE file with the user's name, address, serial #, etc.
EXECSW13.ZIP24688Apr 7 1990Turbo Pascal Unit with allows EXEC calls with swapping to disk or EMS. Written by the people from Turbo Power Software.
EXECWIN.ZIP4624Dec 11 1988Traps BIOS calls to lock programs in TP windows when shelling out to DOS. Written by Kim Kokkenon.
EXECWS.ZIP16781Nov 5 1990EXECWSWP - Exec a windowed command with optional minimal-memory mode. Includes complete TP 5.0+ source code by K.Kokkenon.
EXEDAT.ZIP7200Jul 25 1990Allows data or comments to be inserted into the header area of an .EXE file. Turbo Pascal 5.0+ source included.
EXEUTIL.ZIP8249Nov 17 1987Source that packs your Turbo exe files.
EXIT.ZIP2104Jan 18 1988An improved EXIT command for TP 4.0+. Explains why exit occured.
EXTEND5.ZIP12236Nov 19 1990Open up to 255 files using Turbo Pascal 5.0+. Includes full source code.
EXTEND6.ZIP12349Feb 28 1991Unit source for Turbo Pascal 5.0, 5.5, or 6.0, to allow up to 99 file handles under DOS 2.x, or up to 255 in DOS 3.x and later, overcoming DOS's 20-file limit.
EZDPMI.ZIP6443Aug 10 1993A protected mode DPMI access unit for TP 7.0.
FACILIS.ZIP30206May 25 1986FACILIS is a p-code compiler for an extended subset of Pascal. It is written in Turbo Pascal.
FASTWR.ZIP10784May 23 1988TUG Fastwrite to screen w/TP & asm source.
FATINFO.ZIP805Jan 30 1986Program (TP source only) that displays information on the FAT.
FCOPY4.ZIP2571May 4 1988Simple TP 4.0+ source code that shows how to copy a file.
FFT12.ZIP34256Dec 13 1985Fast Fourier Transforms in Turbo Pascal.
FGFTP01.ZIP31853Aug 25 1994This is a simple program to convert FastGraph Fonts in Constant statements in Turbo Pascal.
FGTP7.ZIP5604Nov 24 1992FastGraph Turbo Pascal Unit to compile with the new version 7 TP/BP.
FIBLOG.ZIP2728Apr 28 1988Great Unit for TP programmers. Tracks open files, catches errors. TP4.0+.
FIBONAC.ZIP10269Sep 17 1987Turbo Pascal Demo of Fib Number Calculation.
FIDOUNIT.ZIP3650Jul 19 1989The TP 4.0+ source to Fido Net Mail routines. Very helpful.
FIELD.ZIP56325Jul 27 1988Turbo Pascal field entry routines.
FILASC.ZIP5192Aug 22 1990A compilation of the procedures and functions in BFiler 5.05.
FILECRC.ZIP39716Jul 18 1988Turbo Pascal source to calculate CRC value for files.
FILEINFO.ZIP1304Feb 25 1993FILEINFO is an object that returns the number of DOS files available (ie FILES= statement) the number of current files used, as well as the LASTDRIVE= statement of your CONFIG.SYS. TP Source only included.
FILGID.ZIP21035Jan 14 1990Help text for Turbo Power's B-Tree Filer 5.0. In Help file format.
FILLCHAR.ZIP2576Feb 14 1988Discussion of Turbo Pascal Ver. 4 FillChar Routine.
FILLEDIT.ZIP25495Aug 7 1988Turbo Pascal V4 graphics pattern fill code.
FILMOV.ZIP1593Feb 3 1986Fast block memory moves for TP 3.0+.
FILTER30.ZIP26560Nov 29 1989Filter v. 3.0 - A TPU that filters ANSI codes passed to it, includes ANSI music as well. Full source is included.
FINDMEM.ZIP4139Nov 6 1988TP V4.0+ source that will search an entire memory segment for a string.
FISH_NOT.ZIP55926Jun 23 1992Turbo Pascal 256 color animation with Fastgraph graphics library, exe and source code included. A lot better than the BGI.
FIXDEL.ZIP2601Oct 14 1988Fix the deleted record chain in a Database Toolbox data file.
FIXRAW.ZIP2021Nov 14 1987Make TP4 process raw kbd inpt like TP3.
FKEYS30.ZIP17166Jan 1 1990TP 5.0+ source code that will program your function keys at the DOS level.
FLAMES.ZIP2745Aug 27 1993Good pascal code and executable with asm for graphical "flames".
FLDIO1.ZIP26001Feb 16 1988Turbo Pascal 4.0 unit to aid processing of user input and display output.
FMAT.ZIP4998Dec 4 1985A PD floppy disk formatter (T-Pascal source).
FORM.ZIP2025Nov 15 1987TP4.0 BCD math FORM function from TP3.0.
FOSCOM12.ZIP14597Aug 26 1989TP 4.0+ module that provides Fossil communication routines.
FRAGS11.ZIP15269Jun 23 1988Detect disk fragmentation with TP 4.0 source.
FSPRITE.ZIP56724Feb 3 1992FastSprite for Turbo Pascal - VGA 320x200x256 sprite animation package, very fast but makes your program print messages saying it is unregistered.
FULLDB.ZIP13713Oct 15 1991Adds debugging information to TP TPU files that were linked with external obj files.
FUTILS.ZIP81825Feb 24 1989Misc. routines and TPUs for TP5.
FUZZ.ZIP3463Feb 12 1989ASM and TPU for string comparison with "Fuzzy" match -- (returns % match.
FWAIT1.ZIP5227Apr 8 1991Turbo Pascal Unit Overcome Bug of Delay Function on Fast 33mhz machines.
GAMEKIT.ZIP34340Oct 18 1992GAMES.TPU is a Turbo Pascal unit designed to rework the keyboard and timer interrupts to better function in game writing.
GAMETP.ZIP182218Oct 30 1992Turbo Pascal unit for fast moving games.
GAMETP20.ZIP324486Jan 21 1993Excellent VGA games library for Turbo Pascal 6.0. TPU's only.
GAMMA.ZIP14677Mar 17 1991Compute the gamma function with Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source code.
GBUTTONS.ZIP2211Jun 14 1991Create Graphics buttons to use with mouse in TP5.5 and higher. Full source for unit and test programs included.
GENERIC.ZIP46442Jul 29 1989Generic Objects for TP5.5.
GENERICS.ZIP38296Jul 29 1989Implementation of a fully Generic Doubly-Linked List object, Heap Manager object, and other tidbits. Includes TP 5.5+ OOP source code.
GENINPUT.ZIP9115Feb 27 1989Generalized keyboard input routine TPU w/source TP 5.0 by Bud Brown.
GETENV.ZIP11625Nov 22 1986Gets environment in Turbo Pascal 4.0.
GETFIELD.ZIP6462Mar 21 1988Pascal source that allows the placing of fields on the screen, and then allowing them to be used for data entry. TP4.0+.
GETKEY.ZIP1409Apr 25 1988Get key from in Turbo 4 without using CRT unit.
GIF-PAS.ZIP57006Jul 24 1988A GIF viewer that uses the VGA 256-color mode with TP5.0+ source code.
GMTPUTIL.ZIP203590Nov 7 1992Utilities for creating games in Turbo Pascal.
GPASCL41.ZIP1324068Jan 21 1994C source code for GNU Pascal compiler, ver. 01/20/94.
GRADES.ZIP31340Oct 27 1987Turbo Pascal Grading Program.
GRAPHIN.ZIP4494Jan 27 1993Examples in TP for getting input in graphics mode.
GRAPHSYS.ZIP75552Jun 13 1992Turbo Pascal toolkit for displaying IMG files on a VGA.
GRAPHTEX.ZIP33359Feb 2 1989TP unit to display text in EGA/VGA graphic modes w/ demo - very fast.
GRSEAR20.ZIP6342Jul 17 1988TP 4/5 searches for BGI files.
GSBBS.ZIP55087Oct 3 1988Host Ship BBS done in Pascal 3.0.
GSCOMM.ZIP8823Dec 31 1990TP Async source code for interupt driven communications.
GSDB21.ZIP88079Jan 5 1991These Turbo Pascal 5.5 routines handle processing for dBase III files, including memo (.DBT), index (.NDX), and data (.DBF) files. Full source is included.
GTDOSERR.ZIP5994Aug 12 1987Source that gets extended error codes from DOS.
GUY0210.ZIP8545Feb 11 1989MASM ver.of Async10.asm.
HARDCODE.ZIP3006Nov 26 1988Hard coded menu system with full TP 4.0 source.
HARDWARE.ZIP991Nov 29 1986Checks Vid Type and Computer Type with source.
HASH.ZIP1160Jun 10 1990Fast hashing algorithm that returns an evenly distributed hash code out of strings. Range 0-1023. ASM source code. For use with TP 4.0+.
HEAP55.ZIP15512Jan 16 1990Advanced Heap Management for Turbo Pascal 5.5.
HEAPST10.ZIP1455Jan 4 1980Store Dynamic strings on the heap with Turbo Pascal 4.0+.
HEAPSW.ZIP38789Jan 27 1989TP 5.0 Unit that allows swapping the Heap to file when EXECing.
HEAPTRK.ZIP5482Sep 3 1988Tracks how much heap space you are using in TP V4.0+.
HELPME.ZIP9502May 12 1989Pascal program which will enable your computer to 'talk' through the speaker. Source included.
HENON.ZIP33975Aug 9 1987Turbo Pascal source for the Henon Benchmark.
HEXDMP.ZIP6229Dec 1 1987Hex routines in Turbo Pascal 4.0 - BASIC "USING"-like syntax.
HIDIRSRC.ZIP3902Mar 10 1988Hide/UnHide/Remove SubDirectories (TP4.0).
HPICK.ZIP6979Oct 10 1990OPHPICK unit, which provides an HPickList object derived from the PickList. HPickList manages a single column of pick items. This object requires Turbo Power's Object Professional.
HPROUT.ZIP3344Nov 8 1989Turbo Pascal 4.0+ routines for a HP printer driver.
HPUNIT.ZIP3344Nov 8 1989Turbo Pascal unit for printing on a HP LJ II. Fonts, Plotting, etc.
HYPE.ZIP30381May 27 1987Hypercard for the IBM! (w/ .PAS Source!).
IBMCOM.ZIP6793Jan 2 1989INTERUPT driven com routines written compleatly in TP 4.0+.
IBMCOM2.ZIP1749Mar 28 1987TP3 - Interupt Driven Communiation Routines.
IBMCOM31.ZIP6793Jan 2 1989Simple serial port communication driver support for ports 1-4. TP 3.0+ source code.
ICONED.ZIP18947Jan 4 1991Turbo Pascal icon editor uses mouse to create graphic images and saves to file. Icons can be loaded into other Turbo programs. Full source.
IFP1S146.ZIP66549May 29 1991This is the PASCAL Source code for Information Plus V1.46.
IN2POST.ZIP2597Oct 29 1990A small program written in TP 3+ that will convert a line of infix to postfix then also show sample assembly code.
INDX18EU.ZIP18936Mar 20 1991Nice set of Turbo Pascal indexing routines (Keyed files).
INFIELD2.ZIP8725Feb 10 1989Great data entry routines for TP 5+. Very complete.
INFOBOX.ZIP1872Apr 24 1990Display text/menu boxes on BGI screens; saves/restores underlying image.
INFOS155.ZIP108956Apr 21 1992Source code (Turbo Pascal 6.0 and TASM 2.0) for INFOPLUS version 1.55.
INLIN219.ZIP34006Apr 26 1988Assembler/disassembler for TP4 inline code.
INPUT.ZIP3184Mar 11 1989Some nice data input routines in TP 5.0+. Full source included.
INSTDEMO.ZIP1938Oct 5 1991TP 6.0 Source code, installs programs from a floppy to a hard drive. Has a default directory or a directory can be named.
INT-HAND.ZIP3409May 4 1986Turbo Pascal Interrupt handling proceedures.
INT101.ZIP7604Apr 17 1988Display addresses of all of the interrupt vectors in a window (Not a TSR.
INT24.ZIP6753Feb 2 1988Routines showing replacement INT24 (critical error) in TP 4.0+.
INTCLK.ZIP4494Nov 19 1989Interrupt-driven clock/timer/ticker services for Turbo Pascal 4.0+.
INTRFC61.ZIP49551Mar 28 1991Displays all of the information about a Turbo Pascal version 6.0 TPU unit (interface parameters, etc).
IOLOG.ZIP5515Dec 20 1988IOLOG - a TSR that logs all DOS disk I/O operations to a file for later study. TP 4.0+ source code only. Requires Turbo Professional.
IOROUT.ZIP40315Sep 19 1986TP 3.0 Async communication I/O Routines.
JBCOMM50.ZIP21426Jan 29 1989Very nice set of communication routines written for TP 5.0. No source, only TPU. Written by Jim Berg.
JBCOMTP4.ZIP19053Mar 20 1988Good Async comm routines. (Unit - Turbo Pascal 4.0) No Source.
JDATE.ZIP2291Feb 3 1987Figures out Julian date in Turbo Pascal.
JDAY.ZIP46393Feb 12 1992Julian Calendar routines in Pascal language.
JOYGA.ZIP5422Feb 13 1988Joystick routines for Turbo Pascal 4.0.
JPDOOR32.ZIP162699Feb 26 1992Excellent Door routines for writing QuickBBS/RA/RBBS doors in TP 5.5/6.0.
JS70.ZIP3526Jan 19 1993Joystick routines. Turbo Pascal 6.0/7.0 source code. Upload by Author.
JSTICK.ZIP1259Oct 2 1985Turbo Pascal 4.0+ routines to control a Joystick.
JULDATES.ZIP1251Nov 9 1988Turbo Pascal 4 unit for working with Julian dates.
JUMBLEUP.ZIP10329Feb 6 1993Windows 3.1 ScreenSaver Written in TPW, includes only source code.
KBTEST.ZIP4827Aug 21 1988Test keyboard for scan codes when keys are pressed. Pascal source included.
KD2.ZIP4540Jun 4 1988TP V4.0+ source that will kill a directory and everything inside.
KEYBEEP.ZIP1219Nov 30 -0001Pascal program that beeps everytime a special key is pressed.
KEYSCAN.ZIP6386Mar 12 1988Extended keyboard control for TP v4.0.
KILLIT.ZIP2488Apr 29 1990TP5+ source that searches for matching files. Demo source will allow you to delete all matching files.
KISS.ZIP28997Nov 13 1989The beginnings of a language compiler, takes Pascal source and generates Assembler Source. Based on the article "The Nuts & Bolts of Compiler Construction". Includes TP 4.0+ source code.
KMOUSE10.ZIP9627Oct 5 1989TP 5.0+ Mouse Routines for Microsoft and Logitech mice.
KPAS.ZIP14032Dec 6 1989Various routines for use with Turbo Pascal 5.5. TPU only, no source.
KS-REF21.ZIP42106Aug 24 1990KS-REF is a Turbo Pascal formatter and cross-referencer. It is user configurable through a menu. It will handle up to Turbo 5.5.
KTOOLS50.ZIP36923Jan 15 1989TP5 screen writes,ÿmenuing, directory, data entry routines etc...
KYBRD.ZIP6153Mar 6 1988Turbo Pascal source for enhanced keyboard functions.
LEX_YACC.ZIP126805Jan 18 1990Turbo Pascal versions of the (in)famous Unix utilities.
LIBPAS.ZIP4625Jun 14 1991Extensive library of TP 5.5 and higher routines for string manipulation, lots of screen utilities and menuing and file selecting. Full Source for unit.
LIFE9.ZIP13596Apr 25 1987Conway's Life program with complete Turbo Pascal source code.
LIFEPLOT.ZIP6047Oct 13 1991Conway's LIFE simulation in TP 5.5 with graphics and population chart.
LINKS.ZIP3529May 31 1989This Links TP 5.5 OOP unit defines objects and methods useful for implementing list (set) membership in your own objects. Full source is included.
LISTS3.ZIP11797Aug 29 1988Very Good linked list management for tp4/5. Many good routines.
LITLBK24.ZIP46003May 29 1987Simple address book keeper written with TP dbase tool kit.
LOADBMPS.ZIP1445Dec 31 1991Used by DRAWBITS.ZIP for displaying BMPs (TPW code).
LOCK_4.ZIP2406Nov 16 1987Turbo Pascal v4.0 File Locking Unit with DEMO.
LOGPAS.ZIP13638Sep 11 1992Novell login access routines for Pascal.
LORENZ.ZIP1910Aug 20 1990TP 4.0+ source code to graph the choatic Lorenz attractor.
LOTUS1.ZIP5609May 27 1989TP5 unit for reading/writing to Lotus 1-2-3 files.
LPT.ZIP2233Oct 10 1988Extended printer TPU for TP V4.0+ Includes full source.
LRUPAS.ZIP7473Jun 25 1990Storer's data compression techniques. Full Turbo Pascal 5.0+ source.
LTC55.ZIP83064Sep 18 1989Lite Comm Communications Tool Box for Turbo Pascal 5.5.
LTC60.ZIP83193Apr 10 1991LiteComm Communications package for Turbo Pascal Version 6.0. TPU's only, no source code included.
LTCOMM50.ZIP83150May 15 1989The LiteComm communication library for Turbo Pascal. Includes TPU's for TP 5.0 only, no source included.
LZHPEEK.ZIP2643Sep 20 1990LZH file header reader (pascal).
MACROS.ZIP16318Jan 31 1992Turbo Vision Macros is a complete Event Macro Handler for Turbo Pascal.
MAGIMENU.ZIP120569Jan 17 1987Turbo Pascal menu routines with demo's. Shareware.
MAKEIO.ZIP22166Jun 4 1990MAKE-IO2 will automate the process of writing Turbo Pascal source code for the great I-O screens generated by the Turbo Toolkit.
MANDEL.ZIP5914Mar 14 1988Mandelbrot Set source code from Turbo Technix, May/June 1988.
MANDEL3.ZIP5774Sep 21 1992Turbo Pascal source to display the mandlebrot set. Very efficient. Written by Roger Stevens. Take a look at the commented source.
MANYFILZ.ZIP3013Feb 26 1990Allows you to expand # of files opened simultaneously in Turbo Pascal programs.
MAPFILES.ZIP4252May 10 1991Turbo Pascal source for program that lists file handles held by all programs in memory, using undocumented DOS calls. From TurboPower Software.
MAPMEM.ZIP22650Apr 15 1987Displays in use memory map with TP 4/5 source code. By Kim Kokkenon.
MAPSCR.ZIP9720Apr 28 1987Direct access to video RAM for Turbo Pascal.
MC00.ZIP58757May 2 1993Designs menubars for Turbo Vision .
MCEDIT10.ZIP82698Dec 1 1991A graphical mouse cursor editor. Includes an example program with TP 5.0 source and a TP 5.0 mouse unit with source. Not just for TP programers. Anyone programing with a mouse will find this useful.
MDCD10.ZIP84766Oct 26 1988PD file compress/decomp. program with Turbo Pascal 5 source.
MEGAPA.ZIP6196Oct 28 1990This program enhances the TurboPower Software Object Professional POPHELP screens. It adds the OPRO manual page numbers to the help screens, so it's easier to look up the full information.
MEMCMP.ZIP2065May 11 1988CompMem - A TP 4.0+ routine to compare to areas of memory for equality.
MEMPAS.ZIP22962Mar 24 1988Memory resident help for Turbo 4.
MEMSTR.ZIP18131May 9 1989Method of using virual arrays to randomly access strings quickly. (Turbo Pascal V4.0+ source code is included).
MENDOW2X.ZIP13500Nov 14 1986A collection of window routines for Turbo Pascal 3.0+.
MENUBOX.ZIP1103Aug 31 1992TP for Windows source that shows how to display a pop-up menu box on the desktop.
MENUDEMO.ZIP10397Nov 30 -0001Moving bar type menu for TurboPASCAL.
MENU_123.ZIP3908Nov 22 1987Make Lotus 1-2-3 like menus in Turbo Pascal. VG!!.
MEP.ZIP14098Jan 24 1990Mathematical expression parser by N.C. Shammas. Turbo Pascal 3.0 source. Taken from the Turbo Pascal Toolbook.
METRIC.ZIP10819Oct 10 1987A great metric conversion program with TP4/5 source.
METRICS2.ZIP30775Sep 11 1987Analyzes and performs metrics on TP and Modula programs.
MINIGEN.ZIP77675Jan 18 1988Generates TP4 screen code.
MISC.ZIP9983Dec 17 1990Various routines for TP6 and Turbo Vision: Date display, new buttons, and definable jumps from one field to the next using the arrow keys in data entry screens.
MKCASE.ZIP8615Sep 9 1989Program to generate a case statement of menu choices from a source code file created by Turbo Professional's MakeMenu utility.
MMGRSRC.ZIP42917Mar 13 1989Source code (TP5) for
MODEM7.ZIP5089Apr 11 1986Modem 7 file transfer source.
MOREFONT.ZIP17487Oct 23 1990More BGI fonts for Pascal or Turbo C. Includes Roman, Script, Simplex, Bold, etc. Includes TP units for employing them into your programs.
MOUSE.ZIP6146Oct 20 1988Turbo Pascal DOS Mouse routines.
MOUSE4.ZIP2519Nov 20 1987Use a Microsoft compatible mouse with Turbo Pascal 4 and 5.
MOUSEPAS.ZIP982Oct 19 1985Pascal 5.5+ routines for the mouse.
MOUSEPS2.ZIP1054Oct 24 1987Turbo Pascal INC file for Microsoft Mouse implementation.
MOUSER!6.ZIP71845Jun 26 1992Mouser! enables the Turbo Pascal Programmer to utilize the existence of a MS or Compatible Mouse. TP 5.5 and 6.0 TPU only.
MOUSUNIT.ZIP2340May 16 1989Turbo Pascal 4.0 unit to access Microsoft Mouse.
MOVES.ZIP2950Jul 12 1988Perform 16-bit moves with Turbo 4.
MRGSORT.ZIP24030Apr 18 1990Fast sorting function in Turbo Pascal - source included.
MTASK20.ZIP19160Mar 15 1990MTASK is a unit for Turbo Pascal 5.5, to allow a Turbo Pascal program to exhibit simple multi-tasking. MTASK gives your program a non-preemptive, request driven, multi-tasking capability.
MTKIT1.ZIP40499Nov 30 1993Turbo Pascal Math TPU tools.
MULT-EDT.ZIP4341Jun 14 1986Turbo Pascal 3.0 multi-field screen editor routines.
MULTI.ZIP54928Jan 4 1989A TP5 Multitasking TPU. Very Impressive, Shareware from W. Germany.
MY_ELIZA.ZIP14503Apr 23 1993A Pascal re-creation of Eliza, the AI chat program. Includes Turbo Pascal Source code, and the keywords/responses can be edited without recompiling.
NBACKUP.ZIP49110Apr 28 1988Complete TP4.0 source for backup & restore - works w/networks, DOS backu.
NECPOP.ZIP904Jan 12 1991Printer option file for using Turbo Analyst package with NEC P6 and P7 printers. Works with Turbo Analyst to implement bolding and structure-outlining of Pascal programs on those printers.
NETFIX.ZIP1021Nov 29 1990Patch for Turbo Pascal 6.0. Allows Turbo to run on network drives.
NEWASY.ZIP18633Jan 4 1980Pascal Comm Routines, uses assembler inline code.
NEWRTM.ZIP100871Mar 9 1993RTM.EXE, DPM116BI.OVL, BWCC.DLL- Part of the Borland Pascal 7.0 Maintenance Release. Downloaded from CompuServe.
NOMOD.ZIP2404Jul 24 1988This modification to the Borland Turbo Access routines avoids superfluous rewriting of the header record in a file if the file has not been modified.
NOTE20.ZIP28615Mar 10 1990TPas source code to a full screen text editor. No word wrap, but it is an excellent start for more developed projects.
NOVAPI.ZIP4359Jun 3 1988Novell network function in Turbo Pascal. Complete API, excellent!.
NOVFNC.ZIP5459Oct 2 1987Novell function library in Pascal. Excellent.
NSTEXT.ZIP51054Dec 5 1991A unit to complement TurboPower's B-Tree Filer with text file functions.
OASDOC.ZIP124421Sep 5 1988Documentation for Oadpro*.
OASPRO.ZIP100233Aug 7 1988TP4 Application Generator (impressive).
OBINED.ZIP11353Mar 5 1991Object-oriented shell for OBINED editor in Borland's Editor Toolbox.
OBJA.ZIP3386Aug 17 1989This TP 5.5+ unit builds on the OBJECTS.PAS file on disk three of the TP package. The OBJECTA unit offers a decendent which adds links before and after.
OBJLANG.ZIP1060974Apr 10 1995Object Pascal explanation for Borland's Delphi. From Borland in Acrobat format.
OFILER.ZIP5396Jun 18 1990The beginnings of an OOP shell around Turbo Power's B-Tree filer.
ONE2MANY.ZIP3994Aug 7 1991Turbo Pascal/Topaz program to demonstrate advanced Topaz stuff and 1:M browses.
OOF20.ZIP8491Sep 19 1987Utilities for Object Oriented programming in Turbo Pascal.
OOPAINT.ZIP16040May 22 1989Object oriented source(MS Quick Pascal) for a Paint Program.
OOPMOU_B.ZIP27637Nov 26 1989This unit defines an object type mouse_object that provides mouse support for Turbo Pascal 5.5 programs. Full source included.
OOPWIN.ZIP5953Jul 8 1989Turbo Pascal 5.5 Object Oriented Window Package.
OPBGD114.ZIP43165Jul 9 1992Turbo Pascal OpEditor object for file greater than 64k.
OPDIRX.ZIP4773Feb 24 1990An great extended sort module for OPDIR in Object Professional v1.0. Object Professional is an excellent toolkit by Turbo Power.
OPIND2.ZIP21857Apr 15 1990Alphabetical Identifier Index for Object Professional.
OPINDX.ZIP18094Apr 5 1990An Alphabetical Procedure and Function Index for Object Professional.
OPROSM.ZIP46641Jan 4 1990This file provides a complete list of all documented procedures, functions, and methods in the entire Object Professional library.
OPTIMR.ZIP6019Oct 2 1992OPTIMER - TP 5.0+ routines for high-resolution timing of events.
OPUNIQ.ZIP6171Oct 25 1990OPUNIQUE - A TP 5.5+ object, StringArray maintains a single copy of each string. Written by TurboPower, requires Object Pro.
OVERIN.ZIP2959Aug 14 1990Turbo Pascal 5.5 source code that will free heap memory by dynamically reducing overlay buffer during program execution.
OVERSIZE.ZIP9870Feb 12 1989Displays important info about a TP 5.0 overlay structure.
OVRACT.ZIP16008Jan 10 1990This is a small TP5 unit that performs overlay activity tracking.
OVREX.ZIP1174Dec 23 1990This is Turbo Pascal 5.5+ source code that demonstrates how to move the overlay buffer to high memory. This allows it to be released so that when you EXEC a program, you have the maximum space available for Dos.
OWNRDRAW.ZIP1293Oct 10 1991TPW source for Creating custom bitmap buttons.
PACKI.ZIP9472Aug 29 1988PackI is a program for packing Turbo Access index files to use less space.
PACKIDX.ZIP9472Aug 29 1988Greats set of routines for use with Borland's Turbo Access database toolkit. Packs indexs, and provides variable record length support.
PADLOCK.ZIP2971Sep 22 1987PADLOCK will allow you to copy protect your own Turbo Pascal programs. The technique requires you to physically damage a sector on the floppy diskette. Works great, very hard to work around.
PARKIT2.ZIP4928Nov 14 1989Simple HD parking utility, includes full TP 4.0+ source code.
PARSE.ZIP2655Jul 27 1988Command line parser for Turbo Pascal V3.0.
PAS-ED.ZIP106539Oct 25 1989Excellent full-featured enviroment for Turbo Pascal TPC compiler, includes editor, and will use EMS memory.
PAS-SCI.ZIP57372Sep 27 1985Assorted scientific routines in Turbo Pascal (ver 3/4/5).
PASBGI.ZIP5594Feb 26 1988TP 4.0 source for "Meet the BGI" article, Turbo Technix, May/June 1988.
PASC-BIB.ZIP60910May 9 1989Excellent bibliography on Pascal.
PASDEMO2.ZIP12514Jan 18 1988Assorted collection of Turbo Pascal 4.0 programs+routines.
PASDK.ZIP13388Aug 18 1991Special version of the C SDK for MSWIN3.0 which allows a TPW programmer to make additional modules for After Dark.
PASENG.ZIP3790Jul 12 1988TP5 Directory Engine, shows how to pass procedures as parameters.
PASFONE.ZIP3847Dec 9 1993A simple pascal unit which dials a number from within a pascal program. Edits number, accepts acronyms, allows port number selection.
PASFORMA.ZIP23157Jun 9 1989Turbo PASCAL formater with full TP 5.0 source code.
PASGAME.ZIP48444Jul 3 1985A large collection of games, all written in Turbo Pascal. No EXE, only source code included. Good for novice programmers.
PASHASH.ZIP4836Oct 7 1985Pascal Procedure to Create Hash Codes.
PASMOU.ZIP41064Jun 14 1991Turbo Pascal mouse routines that display a graphic mouse cursor on a text mode screen. Allows the mouse cursor to be moved pixel by pixel.
PASPR303.ZIP30648Mar 16 1988Pascal and Modula-2 source files formatter for viewing and printing.
PASS_ALL.ZIP185324May 19 1992Borland Pascal tech notes.
PASTIPS.ZIP74636Mar 15 1994Pascal tips and techniques. Includes *.pas and *.res files.
PASTOOLS.ZIP55543Jun 14 1987Various tools for Pascal.
PASTR.ZIP16022Jun 17 1986Interesting info on Turbo Pascal.
PASTUT.ZIP185899Dec 20 1989Excellent Pascal tutor for new-comers to Turbo Pascal.
PASWIZ20.ZIP107715Nov 5 1994Pascal Wizard's Library v2.0 for Turbo Pascal and compatibles. Includes BCD math, equation solver, music, string and math enhancements, joystick and mouse support, equipment info, and now archive directory access. By Tom H
PAS_0693.ZIP113201Jun 30 1993Pascal Libary of programs.
PATCHR.ZIP844Jan 8 1993Borland's fix for the STDDLG.PAS unit in Borland Pascal 7.0's version of Turbo Vision.
PATRIC.ZIP2309Sep 6 1989Link-List index routines to be used in compression code. TP 5.0 Source.
PCDISK.ZIP9069Jan 24 1986Turbo Pascal disk cataloger w source.
PCHART.ZIP32987May 13 1991A TPW charting demo from Zack Urlocker, Borland.
PCL10.ZIP19591May 30 1991Good basic communications routines for TP4.0 - 4.0. Shows how to handle two COM ports simultaneously (best part for intermediate programmers). Well documented.
PCPTK10.ZIP19257Apr 3 1989PROCOMM+ directory toolkit for TP 4.0 and 5.0. Excellent.
PCSPRO2.ZIP13364Dec 23 1994Create music and save as a Pascal program, unit or procedure. Written in Turbo Pascal 7, must be compiled before running.
PCX256.ZIP9467Jan 29 1988LD256 is a TP 4.0+ program which loads a .PCX file created with PC PaintBrush or MicroSoft PaintBrush to the new 320 x 200 x 256 color screen of the MCGA and VGA.
PCXKIT30.ZIP66040Jan 6 1992This is a collection of tools for displaying PCX files in a Turbo Pascal program, and for extracting images from PCX files for use with the PutImage procedure/function in Turbo Pascal and Turbo C.
PCXPAS.ZIP21257Oct 28 1990A reference guide, and sample pascal source that will display PCX files. Great for those would like to get a better understanding of PCX file formats.
PCXSEE.ZIP21180Aug 23 1991Pascal source code for viewing PCX files.
PCXTPI.ZIP64826Dec 29 1992PCX2TPI is a programmer's tool to convert 16-color PCX images to a format that can be linked into EXEs created using Turbo Pascal.
PDBLOCKS.ZIP9199Feb 1 1995Blocks game with TP oop source. Very simple little program designed for the purpose of getting the computer to solve a blocks game. Comes with the challenge to get the computer to solve it.
PDIR10.ZIP9847Aug 18 1989Various file routines written in TP 5.5 using OOP technology. Full source code is included. Very nice for beginers to OOP.
PDM_ED.ZIP25228Jun 24 1989Create and Edit Pop-Up/Pull-Down menus. Creates Turbo Pascal UNITS.
PDOOR30.ZIP132307Jun 2 1991A BBS Door Writing Kit for Turbo Pascal programmers.
PERMS.ZIP1042Dec 19 1987Turbo Pascal source to calculate all permutations of a string.
PEXTND.ZIP1486Dec 21 1992Extend available open files in Turbo Pascal 7.0. Includes protected mode.
PFKEYS.ZIP25601Dec 7 1989A simple unit to display function key labels and create corresponding mouse hot spots on the screen. TP 5.5+ source code included.
PFORMAT.ZIP8722Nov 29 1985Turbo Pascal routine to correctly format Pascal source.
PHANTOM.ZIP19802Sep 25 1990Shows how to create a Phantom drive using the DOS redirector functions. Includes complete TP 4.0+ source code.
PHSH.ZIP51457Feb 23 1988A C-Shell in Turbo Pascal - not completed, but with full TP 3.0+ source code. This is great for DOS experimenters.
PHSRCH.ZIP16005Jan 3 1991Modifications to Object Pro's PopHelp program. Fixes PopHelp so that you can search the help database for ANY string, not just a topic name.
PI64KPAS.ZIP11397Nov 23 1992Turbo Pascal source to generate PI to up to +64,000 didgets. See the file PI64K.ZIP for the results. This file is just the program.
PIBASY47.ZIP45783Jun 3 1988Excellent PIBTERM async communications routines with full Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source code.
PIBCAT17.ZIP74054Apr 1 1989Excellent disk catalog program. Reads archive files (ARC, ZIP, etc). Full TP5+ source code is included.
PIBCIPHR.ZIP12003Apr 28 1989Encrypt text files, includes full TP5+ source code.
PIBLIST.ZIP29452Mar 29 1985Pascal source to view ASCII files and "browse" through them.
PIBLORES.ZIP4812Apr 28 1987Lo-resolution graphic routines for TP.
PIBLZW.ZIP9820Apr 30 1988Demonstrates Lempel-Zev-Welch (LZW) compression technique. TP 4.0 source.
PIBMDOS.ZIP22198Sep 27 1986A collection of routines that interface TP with DDos.
PIBMENUS.ZIP10870Sep 16 1985P.Burns menu routines,good.
PIBMUSIC.ZIP17534Nov 26 1987Allows music in TP 4.0+ similar to the BASIC PLAY statement.
PIBSIGS.ZIP29779Jun 22 1986Turbo Pascal stat routines from P.Burns.
PIBT41S1.ZIP146086Mar 23 1988PibTerm 4.1.3 Source Code, part 1 of 4.
PIBT41S2.ZIP140438Mar 23 1988PibTerm 4.1.3: Source code 2 of 4.
PIBT41S3.ZIP127341Mar 7 1988Source for PIBTERM 4.1 (3 of 4).
PIBT41S4.ZIP148726Mar 7 1988Source for PIBTERM 4.1 (4 of 4).
PICKFILE.ZIP5478Jan 25 1988File name picker that includes complete TP 4.0+ source code.
PIE.ZIP5302Dec 11 1991Source for a Turbo Pascal for Windows custom pie control. By Tom Swan.
PIKFILE.ZIP5633Jan 18 1988Turbo Pascal 4.0 routine to pick a file in a directory.
PINOCHLE.ZIP27178Oct 9 1987A game of pinochle written in pascal with source included.
PLIFE.ZIP22918Nov 23 1988Conway's LIFE Pascal source, quite good.
PMD110.ZIP201010Nov 16 1994Borland Pascal Debug Kit 1.10b by NederWare provides the programmer with allocation and deallocation tracking, a report of memory not deallocated after your program's termination, a full stack dump if a run-time error occu
PNL001.ZIP7308Apr 21 1990Turbo Pascal Programmers Electronic Newsletter issue #1.
PNL002.ZIP19019May 17 1990The 2nd Edition of the Pascal Newletter.
PNL003.ZIP40488Jul 6 1990Pascal News Letter issue No. 3.
PNL004.ZIP30146Oct 3 1990Pascal News Letter #4 --> Binary-Trees and a TP Profiler.
PNL005.ZIP29722Dec 20 1990Pascal Newsletter Number 5.
PNL006.ZIP60122Mar 17 1991Pascal Newsletter Number 6.
PNL010.ZIP115118Jan 20 1993Pascal Newsletter #10.
PNL011.ZIP9991Sep 15 1992Pascal Newsletter #11.
PNLUPD1.ZIP875Jan 12 1991Update for Pascal NewsLetter 4.
POINTERS.ZIP559Feb 11 1985Sample of pointers in TP 3.0+,very good example of dynamic memory usage.
POOPDEMO.ZIP14998Jul 5 1989TP5.5 - Two great and usefull examples of OOP programming in TP5.5 (W/Sr.
POPS.ZIP10327May 9 1988TP4 unit for pop-up windows, and rt to get input like TP4 "load file nam.
POPTXT55.ZIP56328Aug 21 1989POPTEXT is an includable UNIT for Turbo Pascal programmers to prepare context sensitive help systems. TPU only, no source code.
POSFUN.ZIP6094Dec 23 1988TP5+ source code will find the position and length of a numeric substring embedded within a target string.
PPC50S.ZIP107495Jun 20 1987TP source code for PICS-PC 5.0.
PPCTRL.ZIP9584Apr 24 1991Parallel Printer Port Control includes Pascal source code. Enables testing for On-Line, Off-Line.
PRINTBMP.ZIP98386Oct 29 1991Turbo Pascal for Windows source and executable for working with BMP files.
PRINTOUT.ZIP1540Jan 24 1988TP V4.0+ source code to replace your printer unit. Much better.
PRINTPAS.ZIP3934Nov 3 1990Prints out pascal source files in a neat format, replaces tabs with spaces. Includes TP 5.0+ source code.
PRINTUSG.ZIP1693Sep 16 1985Similar to the Basic command but in TP 4.0.
PRNTSCRN.ZIP1746Jun 15 1991Printscreen function - TP unit & source.
PRNTWP.ZIP1442Apr 17 1991TPW example for printing in Windows.
PROCES.ZIP4483Oct 30 1987Communicate between parent and it's child process when using Turbo Pascal's EXEC function. By Neil Rubenking.
PROD30S1.ZIP191365Jun 2 1989Complete Turbo Pascal 5.5+ source code for ProDoor 3.0. Even if you do not use PcBoard, this code can be VERY useful. Tons of interesting routines. Part 1 of 3.
PROD30S2.ZIP91158Jun 2 1989Complete Turbo Pascal 5.5+ source code for ProDoor 3.0. Part 2 of 3.
PROD30S3.ZIP110993Jun 2 1989Complete Turbo Pascal 5.5+ source code for ProDoor 3.0. Part 3 of 3.
PROPAS.ZIP32782Jan 18 1988Example program showing how to call TP routines from Turbo Prolog. Good.
PROT018S.ZIP168707Feb 3 1993Protocol Engine for Turbo Pascal -- allows ZModem, YModem, etc. integration.
PRPAS.ZIP29622Jul 13 1992PrettyPascal 1.0 makes Pascal program files more legible by spacing operators, procedure calls, & control guards, and by reformatting the code to a specified style. Invariant Software.
PSCREEN.ZIP5433Dec 13 1988TP 5.0 utility for saving and restoring packed windows. Uses the excellemt Turbo Professional tools. Written by Brian Foley.
PSGALL.ZIP13873May 19 1988Prints out a PrintShop Gallery, includes pascal source.
PSRCH10.ZIP11261Aug 29 1989TP 5.5+ OOP string search routines. Can search backwards through an array of characters. Full source code.
PTC.ZIP56442Feb 8 1988Pascal to C converter.
PTOOLENT.ZIP8432Sep 16 1985Very good input routine that formats and allows editing of user input.
PULL20.ZIP61424Mar 3 1989TP4.0 multi-level pull-down menus.
PULL32TP.ZIP66052Oct 21 1988An excellent set of routines that will provide pull-down menus for TP 5.0+. Includes full source code.
PULL55.ZIP138024Sep 18 1989Pull down menu library for TP 5.5. Very nice set of routines.
PULL5X.ZIP176288Mar 3 1989Pull down menus for TP5 including TPU.
PULLDOWN.ZIP4166Feb 21 1986Turbo Pascal source for MAC-like pulldown menus.
PULLDW40.ZIP20893Dec 4 1987Pull down menus in Turbo Pascal 4.0.
PULLMENU.ZIP2687Feb 1 1993Pulldown Menus Routines w/ Source, Fast, Easy and SMALL! 1K of Code.
PVGA.ZIP20134Jan 16 1989Turbo Pascal V5 support for Paradise VGA. Excellent source here.
PWINDO.ZIP3162May 4 1988Assembler routine for Turbo Pascal to get and restore areas of the screen using the video BIOS. Full source included.
PWRWIN11.ZIP36014Jan 31 1987Window routines in TP.
PXG11.ZIP41917Oct 13 1985An expert system generator that creates TP code.
P_PASCAL.ZIP100768Jun 15 1990A simple Pascal to p-code translator and p-code interpreter.
QK3KER.ZIP128909May 17 1988Queens College Kermit Version 3.0, with Tek 4010 emulation, Turbo Pascal.
QNR.ZIP9797Aug 7 1991Turbo Pascal/Topaz query TPU. Sets the filter ala dBase III+ assist for any Topaz application. Boolean logic supported.
QT.ZIP3996Jul 11 1988TP4 TSR demo with source, displays a clock in the corner of your screen.
QTEXT.ZIP2605Jun 5 1988QTEXT - a program that allows you to convert Qmail messages to text format. Turbo Pascal source code only.
QUATFONT.ZIP13164Feb 26 1988This program will allow you to use Quattro font (.CHR) files with Turbo Pascal's BGI interface. Source code is included.
QWIK55.ZIP67960Aug 29 1989Qwik screen and windows TPU for TP 5.5.
QWIK5X.ZIP67201Mar 3 1989Qwik Screen writing TPU for TP5.
RAND2.ZIP624Feb 26 1992TPW source example for passing parameters from object vision to a TP for Windows DLL function. From Borland BBS.
RBOOTP55.ZIP680May 14 1990Turbo Pascal source code to safely reboot your machine.
RDBACK.ZIP2739Jun 7 1988Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source code to read text files backwards.
READWKS.ZIP1959Aug 14 1986Read a LOTUS 1-2-3 .WKS file with Turbo Pascal.
RELPAS.ZIP10158Nov 30 1988Compress screen images, and then display them with TP V4.0+. Very Good!.
RLE.ZIP10158Nov 30 1988RLE takes a text file and converts it to Turbo Pascal source code. It "packs" the text into the equivalent of an array using RLE. The resulting source code can then be compiled into your program.
RLINE-OP.ZIP20020Oct 10 1989Fast ASCII text routines and file reader with TP 5.5+ source. This version uses OOP programming.
RLINE.ZIP10328Nov 4 1988Fast ASCII text file routines with Turbo Pascal V4.0+ source.
RMASTR02.ZIP56235Sep 25 1991Raster Master is a graphic editor that helps Turbo Pascal Programmers add graphics to their programs.
RMTCTL.ZIP20517Feb 13 1993Remote Control Software complete with Pascal Source Code. Require Turbo Power's Async Professional.
ROTATE.ZIP704Aug 20 1989Rotate bits in a byte using Turbo Pascal, includes full source.
ROTATE02.ZIP2935Jul 2 1989Turbo Pascal V4.0+ source that rotates a screen of graphics.
RPL60.ZIP41669Jan 1 1993Regular Expression Parse for Turbo Pascal version 6.0.
RPNCALC.ZIP33271Dec 20 1988TSR RPN scientific/financial calculator with TP3 source.
SAFETY11.ZIP8216Nov 30 1992Unit for TP5.x or above which checks compiled EXE file for tampering (date/time stamp, size, execution point, etc.); stops execution and issues messages if any item has been altered. Basic anti-tamper capability.
SAVSCR.ZIP2535Jan 28 1988Turbo Pascal 4.0 Unit to save up to 4 screens to heap.
SBTS.ZIP1835Jan 1 1992Sound Blaster Text To Speech Interface for Turbo Pascal 6.0.
SBVOICE.ZIP21197Aug 12 1993TP5.0 unit for playing VOC files in background.
SCR19U.ZIP5810Oct 15 1990Turbo Pascal 5.5 code for dealing with 320x200/256 Screen Mode 19.
SCRMGR.ZIP3444Jun 17 1992Turbo Power Software. Pascal source for a skeleton script language. Direct from their BBS.
SCRMIXER.ZIP6673Apr 29 1986Bload/save screen to memory... like cut & paste sorta source only nodoc.
SDEF1.ZIP5947Dec 8 1988A small TP4 unit for embedding info in typed constants within an .EXE file.
SEARCH-4.ZIP5437Oct 27 1987Boyer-Moore search algorithm in TP4.
SECDUM.ZIP3684Jan 4 1993This is the pascal source for a program that shows data on a sector.
SEEMTP.ZIP12978Oct 17 1991TP source to a program that works just like MEM in MSDOS 5.0.
SEERESS.ZIP51278Feb 18 1989A "Cerebral" quote-of-the-day program. Requires EGA. Place in your AUTOEXEC file. Quotes are random -- not linked to system clock.
SELFILE.ZIP10746Feb 10 1988Pop up directory info in TP4.
SETENV.ZIP945Oct 4 1986Sets environment from turbo pascal 4.0.
SHAZAM2.ZIP287916Sep 1 1992Latest version of Shazam. A Turbo Vision interface source code generator.
SHDTPK.ZIP4336Mar 9 1990A TP 4.0+ unit that handles Julian numbers. Includes full source code.
SHELLOUT.ZIP2480Oct 11 1990TP 5.0+ source that provides a "shell to DOS" option in your programs. Adds a "Type EXIT to Return" prompt while in DOS.
SHLNGST1.ZIP31032Mar 9 1991A LongString Manipulation Unit for Turbo Pascal 5.0 and above.
SHRINK12.ZIP28608Mar 11 1989TP 4/5 source to create .ZIP files ("Shrink" compression method only).
SIDEUNIT.ZIP9726Jul 19 1989Turbo Pascal V4 source that allows printing sideways on your printer.
SING.ZIP2115Aug 14 1988A simple song player, includes complete TP 4.0+ source code.
SLMENU.ZIP13298Jun 29 1991Bar menus for Searchlight BBS in Turbo Pascal.
SLWINDOW.ZIP16064Sep 25 1988SLWindow and MenuUnit are TP4.0+ modules containing the windowing and menu routines used in Swiss Army Shell, a hard disk file management program being distributed as Shareware. Full source code is included.
SNIPTS.ZIP2770Mar 9 1993Pascal code that uses Turbo Vision.
SOFTOOLS.ZIP32038Jul 26 1986A collection of Pascal procedures and functions.
SORTIN.ZIP7891Dec 25 1988Various sort routines written in Turbo Pascal 4.0+.
SOUNDPAS.ZIP8916Oct 30 1988Fabulous sound routines for Turbo Pascal programmers. Put arcade sounds into your programs. Full TP 4.0+ source is included.
SPECFUNC.ZIP3223Oct 13 1988Special functions unit for TP4- manipulate keys, pause, etc...
SPELL1.ZIP181564Aug 4 1989Spelling Checker Engine for Turbo Pascal 4.0, 5.0, and 5.5. Only includes TPU. Works great, and has the capability to have a HUGE dictionary.
SPHERE.ZIP23092Jun 12 1987TP 3.0+ source code that plots various graphic shapes.
SPLASH.ZIP18335Mar 15 1992TPW source to load up a splash screen for your windows apps.
SPO110.ZIP111683Apr 17 1993Sally Tpu Peephole Optimizer v1.10. This program lets you produce faster programs with Borland Pascal version 7.0 by optimizing the intermidiate code produced by that compiler.
SPOOL100.ZIP20572Apr 30 1990TP 4.0+ unit that allows direct access to Dos's PRINT spooler. All documentation is in Spanish.
SPRITES.ZIP70228May 7 1986Good animation for Turbo Pascal 3.x.
SPYSRC13.ZIP48433Nov 17 1989Turbo Pascal Source Code to Spy on a workstation of a NetBIOS compatible network.
SQ_UNSQ.ZIP10334May 3 1986TP 4.0+ source code that will uncompress "squeezed" files.
SSENTR.ZIP16882Jan 12 1991The SSEntry TP 5.5+ object is a two-dimensional pick-list with row and column headers. The beginnings of a spreadsheet object.
STACK5.ZIP2385Oct 22 1988Turbo Pascal 5.0 Stack Usage Reporter. Full source code.
STAKDUMP.ZIP5723Nov 27 1987Great debug help that preforms a stach dump, by KKok.
STARS2.ZIP12002Feb 19 1994STARS - Displays a starfield from a moving viewpoint, includes TP source code.
STAT20.ZIP27379Aug 10 1990Useful TP 5.0+ statistical routines including random number generator and regression. Includes complete source code.
STATUS.ZIP1938Oct 10 1991TPW source for creating a status line in an MDI application.
STATUS3.ZIP2064Nov 22 1993Demo source code to implement a status line in Turbo Pascal for Windows.
STAY50.ZIP49740Nov 28 1988TSR's for Turbo Pascal 5.0.
STAYRES.ZIP24662Sep 5 1985TSR skeleton and include files.
STDFILES.ZIP3797Nov 11 1988Turbo Pascal 6.0 program to search and display on a pick-list files matched with wildcards.
STKDMP.ZIP5723Nov 27 1987Very slick "trace-back" program for TPascal 4.0.
STLIN1.ZIP8148Mar 5 1991Status line object for Turbo Pascal. Requires Object Professional.
STPWATCH.ZIP2216Apr 13 1989Borland Pascal Precision Stop Watch Unit.
STR121.ZIP22129Dec 18 1989TP4.0+ string library that has REXX-like functions.
STREAM13.ZIP55400May 18 1992Turbo Pascal 6.0/TPW stream objects. Included compression and encryption.
STRFST41.ZIP12833Feb 23 1988TP4.0 inline string manipulation.
STRG-LIB.ZIP5308Feb 23 1985Turbo Pascal string functions.
STRG56.ZIP41583Nov 2 1990Latest string processing routines from Eagle Performance Software. Includes TPU, but no source code. Some very nice routines.
STRING.ZIP18701Sep 13 1989Very good library of string routines. TPU's provided for TP4.0 - TP5.5. Source code is NOT included.
STRINGS.ZIP7468Jul 23 1988String functions in Turbo Pascal 4.0.
STRLINK.ZIP11908Aug 28 1989Turbo Pascal OOP programs to handle strings.
STRNFST4.ZIP12399Jan 23 1988Various string functions in TP 4.0.
STRSRC.ZIP2321Dec 1 1988StSearch - An APL like string search routine. TP 4.0+ source code.
SUBS.ZIP6159Sep 12 1980TP4 Display Subdir in Logged dr/dir.
SUNCOM.ZIP79856Feb 24 1990Turbo Pasacl communications program. With source code.
SUPERV22.ZIP45574Feb 10 1987A collection of comm routines in Turbo P.
SUPRWIN3.ZIP7282Jan 1 1980Superwin v. 3.0 - Faster, new exploding method, and optional sound effec.
SURPAS.ZIP115927Oct 20 1987Turbo Pascal Clone!!!! With docs. PD.
SWAG9405.ZIP439282May 29 1994May 1994 update to SWAG (SoftWare Archival Group) for Turbo Pascal.
SWAG9408.ZIP794463Nov 3 1994SWAG 8-94 update--Pascal snippets update.
SWAG9411.ZIP826568Nov 26 1994SWAG Pascal snippets 11-94 update.
SWAPUNIT.ZIP22576Jan 20 1992Swap transient area before EXECing a sub-program, Turbo Pascal v4+, only 3k remains after swap.
SYS60A.ZIP37960Mar 26 1991Replacement system unit for Turbo Pascal V6.0. Speeds up certain integer and string operations.
SYSCOLOR.ZIP16997May 20 1991TPW 1.5 source to change windows system colors.
SYST55C.ZIP34376Nov 13 1990Replacement for TP 5.5's System Unit. Provides greatly improved performance. By Eagle Software.
SYSTEM20.ZIP22300Jan 22 1988Finds out system info in TP4.
T-SORTS.ZIP27645Sep 1 1986A whole bunchful of sorts in Pascal source. Really good!.
TABTEXT.ZIP824May 11 1993Turbo Pascal OWL example to display tabbed text.
TACCESS.ZIP1855Mar 26 1988Patch for bugs in Turbo Pascal Database ToolBox. Fixes overflow problem.
TACSFIX.ZIP1853Nov 18 1990Fixes a subtle bug in Borland's Database Toolbox version 4.00.
TAIME.ZIP151428May 16 1989Turbo Pascal software engineering system. CASE tool.
TALKPAS.ZIP21645May 19 1989Speech program in Turbo Pascal.
TASKER4.ZIP3848Jan 8 1988True Full Multitasking Routines For Turbo 4.0 by Blue Star Systems.
TAVIDEO.ZIP14313Nov 9 1988Assembler video routines for use with Turbo Pacsal.
TAVRAM.ZIP14787Jun 1 1989Virtual Memory Management in Turbo Pascal 5.0, full source code.
TBBS.ZIP73616Feb 28 1986TurboBBS Turbo Pascal with the Source Code.
TBOPOP.ZIP11391Feb 19 1988Turbo Pascal 3.0 + source for popup menues and windows.
TBTREE16.ZIP204153Aug 6 1989Latest Version of an excellent set of BTree routines for TP V4.0+.
TBVIDEO.ZIP2677Feb 22 1985Fast Write routines for TP3.0+.
TBXFIX.ZIP11485Jan 24 1988Turbo Database Toolbox Fixes.
TC2TPE.ZIP20557Aug 12 1988TC2TP is a utility that allows you to use routines written in Turbo C within your Turbo Pascal programs via the $L option (link OBJ file).
TCCOM.ZIP13654Jan 1 1990This is a simple file compression program written in Turbo Pascal 5.5. Includes complete source code.
TCUNIT.ZIP23241Jul 2 1989TP5.5 code for self modifying TP programs by Tom Swan.
TDEBUG.ZIP27128Jan 3 1986A Turbo Pascal Debugger.
TDFIX.ZIP1946Apr 6 1988BIOS patch for brain-damaged clones that have trouble with TDEBUG 4.0.
TDMENU.ZIP17093Jan 11 1990Pull down menus for Turbo Pascal 5.0+. Includes full source code.
TEDIT.ZIP98876Dec 27 1992Replacement for Turbo Vision Editor. Pascal Source INcluded.
TEGAS.ZIP46204Sep 22 1989TEGAS is a sprite editor for Turbo Pascal graphics programmers. It lets you create files containing the data for EGA high resolution images (640x350 pixels by 16 color mode).
TEGL6A.ZIP269724Aug 19 1991Intoductory package for TEGL Toolkit II rel 2.0: a complete event driven Windows-like GUI for Turbo Pascal Ver 6.0. Part 1 of 2.
TEGL6B.ZIP145887Aug 19 1991Part 2 of 2 for TEGL introductory package.
TESS-P.ZIP27485Jul 3 1988Library of routines to demonstrate TSRs in TP4.
TESTER.ZIP1590Apr 11 1985Test Pascal Compilers for correctness.
TEXTIO.ZIP4816Jan 29 1989Perform seek operations on a Text file in Turbo Pascal V4.0+.
TEXTPR.ZIP12784Feb 26 1987Good program lister in tpascal. w/ header and footer, page numbering.
TFDD.ZIP7925Jul 13 1990Text File Device Driver object for Turbo Pascal. Includes an abstract TFDD and child classes for edited input, formatted strings, and multi-attribute writes. Full TP 5.5+ source code.
THELP.ZIP18995Jun 13 1986Turbo Pascal screen utility.
THELP30.ZIP28554Dec 6 1985A Memory Resident Help Facility for Turbo. Pop Up like Sidekick.
THERM.ZIP2500Feb 10 1993Turbo vision code and sample program that simulates a thermometer.
TIMER.ZIP5090Jun 20 1988Set up to 256 separate timers TP4.0.
TIMERASM.ZIP6895May 23 1994Good timer functions for Borland Pascal uses Mikeal Ambrash's Ztimer from the book ZEN of Assebly language.
TIMERS.ZIP2532Oct 22 1990Timers intercepts the IBM PC timer interrupt $1C and allows you to write Pascal routines which will be executed every 55 ms. Includes source code.
TJOCKOT1.ZIP128826Feb 11 1991Turbo Technojocks Object ToolKit (Part 1 of 4). OOP toolkit written for Turbo Pascal 6.0.
TJOCKOT2.ZIP189301Feb 11 1991Turbo Technojocks Object ToolKit (Part 2 of 4).
TJOCKOT3.ZIP101694Feb 11 1991Turbo Technojock's Object Toolkit (Part 3 of 4).
TJOCKOT4.ZIP16710Feb 11 1991Part 4 of the TechnoJock Object Toolkit for Turbo Pascal (5.5 or 6.0). Part 4 is a Norton Guide help file for the package.
TMODEM.ZIP50293Jul 5 1987Fairly featured terminal program with Turbo Pascal 3.0 source.
TMODM215.ZIP57827Oct 3 1990Tmodem terminal program. Includes TP 5.0 source code.
TMOUSE.ZIP1950Jan 11 1990This TP 5.0+ unit simply translates mouse movements or buttons into their equivalent keystrokes. It requires TpMouse from TurboPower Software.
TMULTASK.ZIP21013Sep 29 1987Multitasking w/Turbo Pascal 3.0 (fm Dr. Dobbs).
TMWIND.ZIP14054Sep 19 1990An expanded OOP text window driver that uses Object Professional. Includes full TP 5.5 source code.
TOOL-PAS.ZIP87878Jun 5 1991Source for a number (most) of Sam Smith's (ProDoor author) Turbo Pascal routines, including file handling, searches and comm port routines.
TOOL-USE.ZIP26530Mar 1 1989Various TP V4.0+ routines. By PRODOOR author Samual Smith.
TOOLKIT.ZIP1638Apr 6 1985Turbo pascal input routines, simple but excellent for beginners.
TOOLPA.ZIP12611Apr 22 1992PowerCode is a powerful application generator for Turbo Pascal for Windows. This file contains a demo program created using PowerCode.
TOOLS4.ZIP13357Aug 30 1988Unit Tools - A set of Turbo Pascal 4.0+ programming tools written in ASM.
TOPS.ZIP78262Apr 5 1988The Turbo Overdrive Package (TOP) is a collection of over 40 Turbo Pascal 4.0+ procedures and functions.
TOTDEMO.ZIP101709Feb 11 1991Demos for the new TechnoJock's Turbo Pascal Object toolbox.
TOTDOCS.ZIP190085Feb 11 1991Turbo Pascal Object Toolbox Document files.
TP-ASM.ZIP64988Oct 16 1989Provides Built-In Assembly Language support for TP 5.5. Shell for compiler and debugger. Great Program!.
TP-ASR.ZIP38965Jul 31 1989Referance Documents to TP-ASM.
TP-GRAPH.ZIP4929Aug 25 1988Make TP4 graphics more manageable.
TP-MENUS.ZIP6735Oct 23 1985Make Sidekick like Menus in Turbo pas.
TP-TRC.ZIP17365May 12 1989Provides a Trace like function for TP 5.0+ with debugger. Excellent!.
TP256DEM.ZIP17896Jul 3 1991256 color Super VGA bgi driver for Turbo Pascal. Supports most Super VGA chipsets at up to 1024x768 resolution.
TP4-3D.ZIP19326Feb 16 1988TP4.0 3D graphics unit with demo.
TP4ERROR.ZIP8033Mar 19 1988Critical Error Handler Written in TP4.0.
TP4FILTR.ZIP13388Jan 28 1988TP4.0 various DOS filters.
TP4KER.ZIP60675Apr 22 1988A version of Kermit from Germany Written in TP4.0! Pretty Good, eh?.
TP4TSR.ZIP6375May 27 1988TP 4.0+ source that shows you how to create your own TSR programs.
TP4TUTOR.ZIP196576Mar 3 1989Turbo Pascal version 4.0 tutorial.
TP5-EMS.ZIP6705Mar 15 1990EMS routines for Turbo Pascal 5.5.
TP55TUTR.ZIP46369Aug 5 1989Hypertext tutor for pascal OOP routines in TP 5.5.
TP5PATCH.ZIP3404Mar 16 1989Patch for TP 5.0+ so that Overlay and Text files can be shared on a network.
TP5TALK.ZIP21645May 19 1989Make your computer talk through it's speaker. Full TP 5.0+ source.
TP5TDMNU.ZIP4001Nov 2 1988TP5.0 Logitech mouse utility.
TP5TSR.ZIP16679May 27 1989TSR programmer's tool kit for TP V5. Excellent for creating TSR's in TP.
TP5WATCH.ZIP6220Mar 24 1989Adds and deletes experessions in Debug Watch window for TP V5.0+.
TP60SB.ZIP7974Mar 27 1991Turbo Pascal 6.00 Sound Blaster VOC Programming tools.
TP6BUGS.ZIP2425Sep 19 1991List of Turbo Pascal 6.0 bugs.
TP6DV.ZIP17924Feb 8 1992Turbo Pascal 6.0 DESQview routines (make your source DV sensitive).
TP6INFO.ZIP1414Nov 24 1990List of additional features in TP 6.0.
TP6UTL.ZIP15302Nov 20 1990Two utilities for Turbo Pascal 6.0. TPCONFIG converts your IDE settings into a config file for the command line compiler. TPUINFO list info about 6.0 TPU's.
TP6XMS.ZIP9414Mar 4 1991Turbo Pascal unit to access XMS memory, UMB Memory and the HMA.
TP6_CD.ZIP12735Mar 2 1991Provides CD ROM routines for Turbo Pascal as well as a CD Player written in Turbo Vision.
TP6_TP.ZIP7200Mar 2 1991Collection of messages from Turbo Power
TPA2-R.ZIP31279Apr 22 1989This archive contains detailed reference information for TP&Asm.
TPAINT.ZIP93384Jul 2 1986Turbo Paint is a paint program utility and procedures that allow the design of screens that may be used in Turbo Pascal programs.
TPALLOC2.ZIP6240Mar 24 1991Turbo Pascal unit to allocate >64K heap space. Version 2, compatible with TP6+ heap manager. PD source code from TurboPower Software.
TPASYNC.ZIP4941Jan 23 1990The source to some good async routines in TP4.0+.
TPATCHES.ZIP35171Sep 8 1985Patches to add color, DOS shell, and much more Great!.
TPBARCOD.ZIP2715Jan 22 1990TP5 unit to print 3 of 9 Barcode. Uploaded by author.
TPBMEM.ZIP22931Nov 25 1989TpBkMemo adds a simplified set of blocking commands to the TpMemo editor. TpMemo is a memo editor included as part of Turbo Professional 5.0.
TPBSAV.ZIP2746Aug 11 1988Allows BLOAD & BASVE type operation from Turbo Pascal. Includes full source code.
TPBTREE.ZIP5137Jul 13 1985Turbo Pascal 3.0 source for balanced tree search routines.
TPCALNDR.ZIP12055Jun 24 1988Display/Print Calendar with TP4.0 src.
TPCHAIN.ZIP17688Oct 31 1988Provides chain capablity to TP V4.0+ by Kim Kokkenon.
TPCLOCK.ZIP2576Jan 2 1989TP 5.5 unit to add a real time clock to TP program.
TPCLONE.ZIP4590Oct 3 1988Create self modifying TP5.0+ programs. Store config in program.
TPCM9406.ZIP56694Jun 21 1994TURBO PASCAL CONFERENCE MAGAZINE June 1994 - - The monthly electronic magazine containing Turbo Pascal source code given out over echoed conferences such as Rime and Fidonet. All code is listed by subject and author.
TPCOLORS.ZIP1164Oct 9 1988Color definition file for Turbo Pacal. Makes color referencing easy.
TPCV13.ZIP11904Feb 6 1988Debug Turbo Pascal 4.0 programs with Codeview.
TPDB311.ZIP80378Feb 14 1990Access dBase, FoxBASE, etc files from TP 5.5 (OOP).
TPDDIR.ZIP4645Jan 30 1990Extend Turbo Professional's TPDIR so that it allows selection of multiple files/directories. This file only shows where and how to implement the changes to TPDIR.PAS.
TPDIREC.ZIP1082Jan 10 1991Quik search/change to a directory across multi-drive PC. TP source.
TPDMON.ZIP2085Jan 16 1991This document describes the changes needed to TurboPower's TPDATE.PAS version 5.08 to allow month names to be returned as part of a date string.
TPDRVS.ZIP1323Feb 5 1991TP 4.0+ source code that will list all drives and their space.
TPE34.ZIP163842Apr 12 1992TPE version 3.4. Excellent freeware programmer's editor from TurboPower Software, for use with any language. Compiles from editor, jumps to offending line on compiler error, many other features.
TPED.ZIP8072Feb 25 1990TPED - A simple IDE programmer's editor for TPC. Must have Turbo Power's OPro library. Includes only source code.
TPEDIT.ZIP34884May 22 1988Data entry routines for Turbo Pascal.
TPENV.ZIP9026Nov 14 1988Manipulate the enviroment with TP V4.+ with full source code.
TPFLEX.ZIP24315Apr 24 1990The FlexList TP 5.5+ TPU object has over 30 methods for accessing your "list" as a stack, queue, list, or an array.
TPFL_092.ZIP47440Mar 26 1990A very nice set of fast screen write routines for TP5.0 and 5.5. No source is included, only TPU's.
TPFRACT4.ZIP7244Jan 11 1988TP4 Fractals - Requires 8087.
TPGIF200.ZIP5337Nov 23 1992TP6 and 7 Unit to read the specs from a GIF file.
TPGRAFIX.ZIP85006Feb 11 1986TP4 set of Graphic routines, very nice.
TPHELP.ZIP24181Feb 7 1988Turbo Pascal 4.0 help.
TPHELPOP.ZIP102920Oct 8 1990This is a collection of programs for creating, editing, modifying and testing the text files of an Object Professional (or Turbo Professional) help system.
TPHERC.ZIP11734Jul 3 1987Hercules graf. card routines and demonstrations.
TPHLLAPI.ZIP3282Sep 17 1989Direct access to X00 fossil driver for Turbo Pascal. Includes modifications that allow it to work with many multitaskers.
TPHRT2R.ZIP13569May 3 1989TPHRT (Turbo Pascal High Resolution Timer) is a set of routines to manipulate one hundred different timers each with one microsecond resolution. TPHRT makes it easy to very accura.
TPHYPER.ZIP188022Dec 5 1989Complete hyper-text enviroment (compiler, etc) with full Turbo Pascal 5.5 sourcse code. Looks very nice.
TPICONS.ZIP75786May 20 1993Icon Management Routines For DOS based GUI's.
TPINFO.ZIP15693Nov 29 1987Displays info about contents of Turbo PAscal 4.0 TPU files.
TPKEYS.ZIP13543Jan 25 1989Allows Turbo Professional owners to change key definitions in TP units.
TPLDIR.ZIP2699Jan 23 1990Modifies Turbo Power's Pick Dir routines to handle multiple file picks. Includes full TP 5.0+ source code.
TPLZH.ZIP17130Dec 24 1992LHZ file compression, TP5.0+ source code. Well commented.
TPMASH.ZIP3932Jul 28 1991Turbo Pascal general purpose text file encrypter.
TPMD.ZIP4938Feb 2 1990An example program showing a TpDir-style file pick list with multiple file selection capability. Requires Turbo Professional.
TPMEMO.ZIP43781Dec 11 1988TPMEMO - Memo field editor for Turbo Professional 5.0. Includes source.
TPMONO.ZIP57955Feb 15 1987Turbo Pascal source for Monopoly game.
TPMUL400.ZIP11038Nov 22 1992MulAware 4.00 TP6&7 Unit for Multitaskes Make Your Programs Multitasker Aware. Supports OS/2 2.0, Windows 3.1, DESQview, TopView, TaskView, OmniView, VMiX, DOS 5.0 Task Switcher, MultiDos Plus, DoubleDOS, and Windows NT.
TPNET.ZIP70313Jul 2 1987Generic networking routines for Turbo Pascal.
TPNOV6.ZIP47036Mar 13 1991Very good set of Novell API calls for Turbo Pascal 6.0. Almost every call is included in this library.
TPNOVA.ZIP45633Jan 10 1991Functions in TP5.5 for interfacing with Novell. TPU and interface files only.
TPPARSE.ZIP11163Jul 13 1990This unit implements a simple arihmetic evaluation function to decode.
TPPCX.ZIP42687Jan 29 1991PCX.TPU - TP 6.0 Object-Oriented unit for displaying or saving PCX format picture files on Hercules, EGA, VGA, or compatible adapters.
TPPDMENU.ZIP17093Jan 11 1990TP 5.0+ source that creates pull-down menus. The difference with these routines are that the menu definitions are held in a separate disk file for easy customization.
TPPOP16.ZIP31970Oct 6 1988Memory Resident PopUp Routines Version 1.6 for Turbo Pascal Version 4.0. TPU's only.
TPPOP18C.ZIP40630Jan 22 1989Turbo Pascal TSR library. TSR management, hotkeys, etc. Excellent.
TPRANDM.ZIP1457Jul 19 1990TP5.5 source code for a random number generator.
TPRAT.ZIP11869Jan 14 1988Mouse menu for Turbo Pascal 4.0.
TPRAT5.ZIP12995Oct 17 1988Great mouse support for Borland's Turbo Pascal version 5.
TPREF.ZIP2635Jan 22 1990Handy quick reference sheet for Turbo Professional 5.0 users.
TPSBK100.ZIP86614Jul 28 1991Turbo Pascal 6.0 lib. for using the Sound Blaster Card.
TPSECURE.ZIP7859Mar 11 1992Add security to any TP code, includes source code.
TPSHARE1.ZIP5868Feb 5 1987File explaining how to perform file-sharing in Turbo P.
TPSHARE5.ZIP6241May 15 1989An explaination of the use of file sharing with Turbo Pascal 5.0+.
TPSPOOL.ZIP4653Oct 11 1988TP V4.0+ print spooler with full source code. Excellent.
TPSTACK.ZIP6488Jul 18 1988Excellent program by the fellows at Turbo Power. Tracks your stack and heap usage as your program runs. Makes final memory setting easy.
TPSTUFF.ZIP3685Feb 7 1987Misc Turbo Pascal Games, DICE, MAD LIBS, & TIC-TAC-TOE.
TPSWITCH.ZIP3679Dec 12 1988For use with Turbo Professional. Allows writing to Mono and Color scr.
TPTC17.ZIP48933Mar 26 1988Convert Pascal to C.
TPTC17SC.ZIP46269Mar 26 1988Convert Pascal to C.
TPTC17TC.ZIP25795Mar 26 1988Convert Pascal To C.
TPTIMER.ZIP5315Oct 3 1988High resolution timers for TP V4.0+ by Kim Kokkenon. Full source.
TPTOOL19.ZIP39299Jul 7 1986This TP 3.0+ library contains the source from the book "Software Tools in Pascal" by B.W. Kernighan and P.J. Plauger.
TPTSR.ZIP31280Jun 25 1990A TP 5.5 unit that will turn any program into a TSR.
TPU55A.ZIP120490Aug 11 1990Tool to disect Turbo Pascal 5.5 .TPU unit. Also includes a text file that completely explains the TPU's format.
TPU60C.ZIP123225Apr 18 1991Turbo Pascal 6.0 TPU documentor and disassembler with source merge option.
TPUASM.ZIP37206May 11 1989Latest version of Turbo 5.x to .ASM disassembler.
TPULT.ZIP84620Jul 8 1985TP4 set of utility routines, not bad.
TPUOBJ.ZIP11934May 11 1988Borland pgm to convert a TP4.0 TPU to an OBJ format file for linking.
TPW.ZIP2038Mar 20 1991Borland's announcement of Turbo Pascal for Windows.
TPW15PAT.ZIP4933Jul 27 1992Patch for Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5. For 286's with 287 installed as Str() and Val() reported incorrect results.
TPW2VB.ZIP78922Aug 21 1993Create Visual Basic .VBX custom controls in Turbo Pascal for Windows.
TPW31.ZIP92567Apr 6 1992Patch to TPW 1.0 to take advantage of Windows 3.1 features.
TPW73.ZIP19282Jul 11 1989A very nice window library for Turbo Pascal 5.0+.
TPWIN31.ZIP95706Apr 6 1992Updates to Turbo Pascal for Windows for Windows 3.1. Includes OLE units.
TPWINST.ZIP113301Oct 23 1992Installation Program Tools for Turbo Pascal for Windows. Direct from Turbo Powers BBS.
TPWIO42.ZIP33027Apr 1 1991TP5WIO is a Turbo Pascal version 4.0+ TPU of procedures and functions which assist in screen input/output. Includes full source code.
TPWLIFE.ZIP20813May 2 1991Conway's life for Turbo Pascal for Windows. Full source included.
TPWMI2.ZIP78123Aug 12 1992Fancy TPW routines for custom controls.
TPWN31.ZIP95706Apr 6 1992Borland patch for TPW to work with Windows 3.1, new TPW units to access the new WIN3.1 API functions, demo code for OLE and TrueType, and new WINDEBUG.DLL.
TPWPRINT.ZIP22739May 21 1991Turbo Pascal for Windows units and examples for printing.
TPWPXENG.ZIP32431Jul 22 1991TPW routines for using the Paradox Engine with Turbo Pascal for Windows, from the Borland BBS.
TPWSPY.ZIP19215Jul 26 1991Turbo Pascal for Windows source code to a utility like MS SDK's Spy.
TPWTIPS.ZIP73454Mar 10 1993Borland TPW Tips and Techniques source code files.
TPWUTILS.ZIP184846Mar 10 1993Borland TPW Tips and Techniques Windows utilities with source.
TPZNEWG.ZIP29714May 19 1990Zmodem Source Code in Turbo Pascal from Germany.
TPZSFZ.ZIP20709Sep 18 1988Pascal source for Zmodem. Does not work as-is, needs a lot of work,.
TP_BOOT.ZIP992May 5 1988Reboot from Turbo Pascal programs, with TP source code.
TP_DMX21.ZIP34654Jan 27 1990Turbo Pascal 5.5 OOP routines that include Dbase III File routines, with extended data entry screens.
TP_FACTR.ZIP4209Apr 14 1994Simple Turbo Pascal program to factor a number. Source and exe file.
TP_XMN.ZIP15383Mar 3 1989Program which analyses TP generated programs, and breaks them down into ASM source listings, with all stack calls, etc. Requires the user to assemble the code with MAP generation feature activated. Works with TP 4.0 & 5.
TRACIT.ZIP46141Feb 8 1988Trace program execution, quite good.
TRACMOD.ZIP13923May 14 1986Trace Interupts.
TREE.ZIP16022Sep 18 1988Yet Another Tree program, in TP3.01a, with source.
TREF55.ZIP135801Feb 24 1990Excellent Turbo Pascal x-ref utility. Supports TP 4.0, 5.0 & 5.5. Additional functions available upon registration.
TRIG.ZIP2732Nov 23 1987Turbo Pascal 4.0 unit of trig functions.
TRI_D.ZIP19305Feb 16 1988A Turbo Pascal toolkit for drawing and manipulating 3-D graphics.
TS-STR.ZIP29026Dec 29 1989Turbo pascal assortment of OBJ to manage keyboard and input Strings excellent good for a construction game.
TSC.ZIP56341Jan 28 1988Turbo Syntax Checker v4.1a for TPascal 4.
TSHELL10.ZIP31561Mar 14 1987A Turbo Pascal preprocessor, like C's!.
TSPA3370.ZIP107613Aug 16 1993Prof. Timo Salmi's 200 useful Pascal routines.
TSPEECH.ZIP13309Oct 26 1985Turbo speech include (BIN) file.
TSRSRC33.ZIP68221Jan 8 1992Source code in Pascal and assembly for TSRCOM33.ZIP, Mark, Release, and other utilities for dealing with TSRs. Great study material for learning about TSRs.
TSRTPU.ZIP10541Feb 7 1988Turbo routines to create TSR's.
TSRUNIT.ZIP12120Feb 24 1990Create TSR programs with Turbo Pascal 5.0. Full source code.
TS_CONFG.ZIP13830Apr 12 1989Install Procedures for TP5 Programs.
TS_STR.ZIP29026Dec 29 1989Turbo Stuff String Module for Turbo Pascal (v4.0, 5.0 or 5.5) - Demo and docutation included. ASM source available.
TTT1.ZIP81519Feb 28 1994Turbo TPU Toolkit. Version 1.5. Collection of useful routines.
TTT501-1.ZIP95505Apr 4 1989Technojocks Toolkit ver 5.01 1/2.
TTT501-2.ZIP259087Mar 12 1989Technojock's Toolkit ver 5.01 2/2.
TURBO4.ZIP2682Jul 26 1989Turbo Pascal 4.0 Mouse Definition File for Logitech Mouse.
TURBO4NG.ZIP58244Aug 3 1987Turbo Pascal 4.0 Database for Norton Guide.
TURBOCHK.ZIP11010Aug 22 1987TURBOCHK reads Turbo Pascal source files to check for proper matching of left and right parentheses, curly braces, and square brackets.
TURBOCOM.ZIP32182Jul 9 1986TPascal Comm Program.
TURBOGEN.ZIP114105Jan 28 1988Screen and Database Generator plus utilities for Turbo Pascal 3.
TURBOIO.ZIP82258May 2 1986TP4 set of I/O routines, not bad.
TURBOMAC.ZIP10895Oct 1 1988A macro program that works in conjunction with TP4.0.
TURCAL.ZIP10821Aug 20 1988Pop-up calander TP source.
TURTLE.ZIP3391Jan 1 1980Turtle Graphics Unit and Demo for Turbo Pascal 5 or 6. Does not need Turtle3 or Graph3. Includes full TP source code.
TUTOR.ZIP62709Mar 3 1989Great Pascal Tutor.
TVBGI.ZIP4463Mar 25 1993Borland Technical Information notes on switching between Turbo Vision text and graphics modes.
TVCC.ZIP50381Dec 31 1992Demo and .TPU's for TurboVision Dialog controls with the "sculpted steel" look of the BWCC controls. From Borland Forums on Compuserve.
TVDMX.ZIP49666Mar 25 1992Turbo Vision data entry routines with Turbo Pascal source.
TVG103-S.ZIP37427Jul 29 1992Turbo Pascal source for TVG103.ZIP.
TVGAS20.ZIP49555Jan 10 1990VGA 320x200x256 sprite editor for Turbo Pascal programmers.
TVGR70.ZIP155702Oct 7 1993Turbo Pascal unit to put Turbo Vision apps into graphics mode. Comes with a modified TVDemo.Pas which has styxes running in little windows.
TVINP101.ZIP9755May 13 1992Turbo pascal with objects source for getting input.
TVMENU.ZIP8632Dec 19 1990Makes creating menu structures in Turbo Vision (TP6) a lot easier.
TVSPKR.ZIP10265Sep 14 1990Allows your PC speaker to talk. Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source. You need to make your own data files.
TVSPY.ZIP8435Dec 17 1990TP 6.0 utility that allows peeking at the messages occurring in Turbo Vision Applicationss. Just include a few lines in your program to include this utility on your program's desktop.
TVTOOL2.ZIP235289Jul 20 1993Turbo Pascal Turbo Vision add-on library. Includes WYSIWYG menu editor, formatted data entry, 3D controls, inconized windows and more. Shareware.
TW200D.ZIP42819May 9 1990Multi-level window, menu and utilities package for TP 5.5.
TWI.ZIP95041Sep 1 1992The Text Windowing Interface (TWI) is a Turbo Pascal 6.0 Toolkit designed for an author to easily produce a consistant, easy to use interface. TWI includes windowing and pull down menuing procedures to produce a very comp
TWOBRDOS.ZIP30164Jan 12 1993Example of opening two Browser Screens using Turbo Pascal and Turbo Power's BTFiler library.
TXTSHARE.ZIP4179Jan 10 1988Allows use of FileMode with Text Files.
T_REF.ZIP135802Apr 27 1990Comprehensive cross-reference utility for Turbo Pascal 5.0+.
UFASTWR.ZIP16064Dec 2 1986A very good "fast" write routine.
UISTRIP.ZIP27508Aug 7 1991Turbo Pascal/Topaz program to "strip" UI programmer template code and make the code Topaz compatible.
ULDBAS.ZIP5997May 19 1990Data Base Objects for use with B-Tree Filer from Turbo Power.
ULDIAL.ZIP68073Jul 12 1990Dialog box routines for use by Object Professional owners. Source included, but TP5.5 and OPRO 1.01+ required.
UMB_HE.ZIP3049May 25 1992Turbo Pascal unit to use UMB's as heap. Not perfect, but works.
UNIQUE.ZIP806Aug 27 1991Turbo Pascal program to make a unique file name from system date/time.
UNIT123.ZIP7637Nov 25 1989TP 4.0+ unit that will create Lotus 1-2-3 data files.
UNZIP21.ZIP42837Nov 18 1992C + Pascal source to unzip includes the new imploding method.
USAGE.ZIP8725May 31 1988Show User Disk Utilization on Novell Netware system. With PAS source.
USNGTP.ZIP68569Nov 29 1985A guide to using Turbo Pascal.
UTIL13.ZIP29868Dec 6 1990A Turbo Pascal 6.0 unit that includes several useful routines. No source code, just TPU file.
VAXTURBO.ZIP12065Jul 22 1987Convert Turbo Pascal to VAX Pascal.
VBELL.ZIP5036Mar 13 1988Pascal 4.0 source to produce sounds at certain frequencies.
VCARD.ZIP8166Jul 17 1990Verify credit card numbers using a PC. Includes TP4.0+ source code.
VECTMAP.ZIP12270Apr 24 1987Displays interrupt vector values, w/ PAS source.
VIEW.ZIP2832Feb 19 1988Simple TP 4.0+ source that will allow you to View a file.
VMMNGR.ZIP32734Jul 16 1990Virtual memory manager for TP 5.5. Source and docs included. Excellent set of routines, requires Turbo Power Objects to compile.
VOL.ZIP3307Jul 8 1989TP 4.0+ source code to manipulate disk volume name.
VPAL10.ZIP41745Apr 1 1993Great VGA Palette routines for Turbo Pascal.
VTREE2.ZIP10314Apr 4 1988Draws a tree diagram of HD structure, with source.
V_PASCAL.ZIP85325May 7 1986Visual Pascal: Examines Pascal programs as they execute. Great way to learn Pascal programming.
W2VSRC.ZIP7095Jun 24 1993WAV to VOC converter, with TP5.0 source.
WCSRCH.ZIP1842May 26 1990TP 4.0+ source code for a wildcard search across a specified path.
WHEELS.ZIP107320Jun 1 1985A Large collection of helpful routines.
WHICHCPU.ZIP1029Mar 6 1993Source to determine which cpu X86 one is running on. TP source code.
WINDMNGR.ZIP69043Jun 6 1985A collection of Window Routines.
WINDO27.ZIP19084Dec 14 1987Windows unit for Turbo Pascal v4.0.
WINFRN.ZIP2575Nov 16 1992Make Turbo Pascal DOS programs friendly to windows- From Turbo Power's BBS.
WINSPAS.ZIP4752Oct 6 1993Turbo Pascal Unit for Windows Sockets.
WINSTACK.ZIP4658Sep 17 1990Window routines for TP6.0. Very simple, but includes source code.
WINTOO.ZIP3392Apr 10 1992Turbo Pascal Windows pointer tools unit - some in inline-ASM.
WNDW55.ZIP87518Aug 28 1989Fast windows routines for Turbo Pascal 5.5.
WNDW5X.ZIP120530Mar 3 1989Window routines for Turbo Pascal 5.0. Needs QWIK50.
WNDW_MSJ.ZIP5023Nov 19 1988Simple windowing routines with Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source code.
WRAP_IT.ZIP1389Apr 27 1990TP 5.5 source that shows how to wordwrap long lines.
WRDWRAP.ZIP5701Nov 21 1987Word wrapping example that supports hyphenation. Pascal source.
WSOUND.ZIP816Nov 26 1991TPW example for making sounds in Windows.
WWIV310.ZIP81692Apr 2 1986Very old TP 3.0+ source for the older WWIV BBS program.
WXMODEM4.ZIP37412Nov 21 1987Comm Protocol routines in Pascal.
WXTERMSR.ZIP19921Oct 16 1986Pascal source for WxModem terminal and tranfer program.
XCRT.ZIP12060Mar 30 1988Extended CRT function for Turbo Pascal 4.0.
XFER10.ZIP34456Jan 20 1990Well commented TP 5.0 Source for Xmodem Protocal file transfers. Includes Checksum, CRC, 128 and 1024 byte blocks.
XGRAPH.ZIP75298Mar 23 1987Graphing routines for Turbo Pascal.
XLIBPAS2.ZIP332739Jun 13 1994Outstanding protected mode graphics library with full source based upon Micheal Ambrashs XLIB. A must have BP library.
XMSDATA2.ZIP15539Sep 2 1991Turbo Pascal Source to store data in XMS with ASM source. Gives example which stores 1 MB array of 126 character strings in memory.
YAC.ZIP4123Aug 30 1991TPW source to a liberal clock for Win 3.0. If time is 8:03, it will say "It's about 5 after 8". Also includes a real clock mode.
YASYNC.ZIP13024Dec 21 1987"Yet another" set of TP 4.0+ async routines. This unit supports concurrent use of one to four serial ports with transmit and receive buffer interrupt support.
ZIP2OBJ.ZIP38585Nov 12 1991Read ZIP "implodes" into Turbo Pascal, good for bitmaps and other large data areas.
ZIPTV20.ZIP34648Sep 9 1989ZIP file viewer designed as PCBoard BBS door, includes full TP 5.0+ source code.
ZPACTPV4.ZIP5550Dec 13 1987Check zip and area code against state in TP4.
ZROUTINE.ZIP21694Jan 14 1989Large collection of handy procedures for Turbo Pascal 4.0+.