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Modifies Turbo Power's Pick Dir routines to handle multiple file picks. Includes full TP 5.0+ source code.
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Modifies Turbo Power’s Pick Dir routines to handle multiple file picks. Includes full TP 5.0+ source code.
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TPLDIR.PAS 12:24:51 AM Jan 23, 1990

An example program showing a TpDir-style file pick list with
multiple file selection capability

Copyright January 1990 -- Ken Henderson

Recently a Compuserve user wanted a version of TpDir or a modification
of it to support the selection of multiple files. My response was that
it would not be too difficult, but that TpPick would have to be called
directly, as opposed to indirectly through TpDir.

This program just shows a method for doing what the user asked. It is
by no means an extensive solution. There is no provision for unselecting
files, for checking to see if a file has already been selected, for using
pointers to save memory in the file arrays, and no provision for sorting the
list of files to accomodate a binary search for purposes of speeding up the
array search. This is just a simple, 30-minute hack at the idea I mentioned
on CIS. Just run it, enter a file mask, and you should be able to select
multiple files simply by pressing the bar on the ones you wish to pick.
The selected files will be shown in a different video attribute than the rest
of the files. Exit the list by pressing or . Once you have
exited, the list of files you have selected will be shown. Note that once
the files are in the ChosenArr, you may do with them what you wish.

No doubt, this program could be turned into a unit that allowed you to call
a function similar to TpDir.GetFileName (maybe call it GetFileNameS) in order
to select multiple file names. Any number of things could be done. This
program is just a quickie to show how easy such a task is given the flexibility
of TpPick. BTW, I hear the OpDir allows this capability, so this little
thing may go the way of the buffalo come Feb. Oh, well, such is life in the
software lane.

That's about all there is to TpLdir. The source is provided, but keep in mind
that you will need Turbo Professional from TurboPower Software in order to
use TpLdir.

This program is distributed as "freeware" and you are under no obligation to
me for using it. I only ask that you leave my copyright notices in tact and
that if you redistribute this software (either by electronic or other means)
you keep the files here together and do not omit any of them.

Happy coding!

Ken Henderson

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