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Source for a Turbo Pascal for Windows custom pie control. By Tom Swan.
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Source for a Turbo Pascal for Windows custom pie control. By Tom Swan.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PIECTRL.INC 265 157 deflated
PIECTRL.PAS 4326 1540 deflated
PIETEST.PAS 5163 1692 deflated
PIETEST.RC 476 311 deflated
PIETEST.RES 181 151 deflated
README.TXT 987 599 deflated

Download File PIE.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

Here's Pie in Your Eye
(c) 1992 by Tom Swan. All rights reserved.

Note: You may use any of the files in the PIE.ZIP file to create
your own compiled programs, which you may distribute free of any
charge or royalty.

To run the demonstration program, load PIECTRL.PAS into Turbo Pascal
for Windows and press F9 to compile, creating PIECTRL.DLL. With that
file in the current directory, or in Windows' home directory, load
PIETEST.PAS into TPW and press Ctrl+F9 to compile and run.

Select the Menu's only command, Test. The sample modeless dialog
ticks off about 15 seconds, demonstrating my custom pie control.

For more information about the files, see my column "Shades of
Windows" appearing regularly in PC TECHNIQUES. Enjoy!

Tom Swan

Electronic mail:
Compuserve ID 73627,3241

Mailing address:
Swan Software
P. O. Box 206
Lititz, PA 17543

Phone: 717-627-1911 (disk orders or inquiries only please)
Fax: 717-627-4715

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