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Quick Viewer. View text files, TP 5.0+ source included.
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README.DOC 2177 1075 deflated
SUPERWIN.PAS 9386 2085 deflated
UTILITY.PAS 9550 2431 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Editor version 1.0 By: William Russell Date April 16 & 17, 1990

This program is provided as is, with no garantee that it will even work,
or work correctly. I will not take any responsibility for my program if it
halts your system, or even blows it up. If you can't handle that, then please
delete all the files that are given. When this program was created, no bugs
were found. Thats all!

I had to get all of the legal stuff out of the way for those people
trying to make a quick buck. For those of you who got this program just for
the source, feel free to use any/and/or all of it. This software is Public
Domain. I made this program because I like to edit source code without having
to go through the trouble of loading up a huge wordprocessor and editing the
text to only print 3 or 4 lines of the text. With this program, you can
print or write to a file the lines you would like to keep. The program keeps
track of columns too, which means there is no word wrap. It simply goes off
of the screen. By using the -> key, you can see columns past 79. At the
top of the screen, you will see the ranges of the lines, and columns. The
format is First Line or Column on the screen : Last line or column on the
screen. For editing keys, you can use Up, Dn, Lt, Rt, End, Home, PageUp,
PageDn, and the highlighted choices as well. Have fun!! Feel free to edit
this program to fit your needs.

Files - EDITOR.PAS - Pascal source
SUPERWIN.PAS - Window routines (Normally Share Ware)
UTILITY.PAS - Readln routines & Screen saving



If you don't pass it a file, it will prompt you for one once the program
is loaded.

If you find any bugs, or you feel like sending me hundreds of dollars for
this program, or even a little letter... Write to:

Programming source
c/o Bill Russell
13401 Arden Way Suite #21
Laurel, Md 20708

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