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Replacement for Turbo Vision Editor. Pascal Source INcluded.
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Replacement for Turbo Vision Editor. Pascal Source INcluded.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

TEdit is similar to the demo program TVedit provided with
TP6 and BP7.0. This executable file was compiled with BP7.0
using the 286 directive (386, 486 directives are not IDE options) -
if you attempt to run the executable on an older machine you will
experience technical difficulties.

TEdit uses a modified filedialog unit which allows for traversing
the entire directory structure of the fixed disk WITHOUT HAVING TO
use TChDirDialog (although that remains an option). Edit windows may
be opened for files that reside in different directories.

TEdit also uses a modified (extended) palette that allows for high-
intensity backgrounds - see BlinkOff,BlinkOn inline asm procedures
in the MYPAL unit.

The gadgets unit is also extended for use with TEdit.

I use this program as replacement for the DOS 5.0 editor which
does not allow for a split screen. Technically speaking, TEdit
does not use a split screen either - but you can certainly open
multiple edit windows on the TVision desktop and even cut/paste
between the windows.

If you are seeking additional examples of how you might implement
TVision beyond the standard units, you might take a look at the
modified units provided in this archive.

To recompile the code you will absolutely need to have BP7.0 (targeted
for DOS real mode). TEdit was originally developed using TP6 but this
version WILL NOT COMPILE with TP6 without modification - the Editors
unit in BP7.0 does not require TP6's Buffers unit. While on the topic
of compilation note that many of the units used by this program ARE
NOT provided in this archive - I have included only those units that
were modified from the examples or demos initially provided with TP6.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc, you may direct
mail to me via CompuServe ID 76476,1012.

---- Note that you can change the size of the edit buffer used by tedit
by modifying HEAPSIZE in the source code in TEDIT.PAS.

---- You might also wish to modify the code so that tedit will accept command
line parameters for start-up.

Wayne Van Gaasbeck

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