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TP5 unit to print 3 of 9 Barcode. Uploaded by author.
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TP5 unit to print 3 of 9 Barcode. Uploaded by author.
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Contents of the BARCODE.DOC file

3 of 9 BARCODE

This Unit provides the ability to print barcode from within turbo pascal.
The following global constants are provided.

High :integer = 6; {adjusts Height of barcode}
LeftSpace :integer = 2; {adjusts Left margin of Barcode}
Width :integer = 1; {adjusts Width of barcode}
CopyNum :integer = 1; {number of Copies}
Prtr :string[3] = 'IBM'; {type of printer}
Bold :string[3] = 'ON'; {bold face print}

Procedure Printbar(MSG : String; VAR Valid : Boolean);

How to call the unit from your programs;

Program MyBars;
Uses Barcode;
Var Valid : Boolean;
Printbar('My First Barcode',valid);

The Boolean Variable 'Valid' will return true if the barcode was printed.
It will return false if the Message String contains invalid characters.
Valid characters are A..Z 0..9 and Limited Punctuation.
All lowercase characters are converted to uppercase.

If you find this program useful send five or ten bucks to:
Mark V. Parker
341 Forrest Hills Dr.
Childersburg, AL 35044

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