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Excellent Door routines for writing QuickBBS/RA/RBBS doors in TP 5.5/6.0.
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Excellent Door routines for writing QuickBBS/RA/RBBS doors in TP 5.5/6.0.
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Contents of the CHANGES.DOC file

JPDoor V3.20 SE

JPDoor V3.20 is a maintenance release which fixes a number of problems
reported with V3.10

This document shows all fixes and changes since JPDoor V3.10 SE

If you are using TP5.5 then you need to rename JPDOOR32.TP5 to JPDOOR32.TPU
If you are using TP6.0 then you need to rename JPDOOR32.TP6 to JPDOOR32.TPU

PLEASE CHECK the section on Halt Codes in JPDoor.Ref as there have been
some changes. To reflect these changes, a new TRAPEXIT.PAS has been included
in this version.

- A Missing Door.Sys was being reported as either a missing Dorinfo1.def or
Exitinfo.BBS Halt Code 9 is now used to signify a missing Door.Sys

- Replaced fossil init and de-init calls with those recommended by
Ray Gwinn (X00.SYS)

- Fixed inactivity, and time remaining problems. Minutes remaining were
being decremented every 5 seconds rather than once per minute. This was also
causing a user inactivity timeout error almost immediately after entering
the door.

- Proper DesqView Video Address Detection was added to help ensure there are
no video problems with systems running DesqView.

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