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Window routines in TP.
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Window routines in TP.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEMO1.PAS 5536 1789 deflated
LISTIT.PAS 2838 974 deflated
PWRWN111.INC 39196 8436 deflated
PWRWN112.INC 59885 8381 deflated
README.DOC 893 423 deflated
RUNDEMO1.PAS 4059 1374 deflated
WINDEC11.INC 1952 563 deflated
WINDOC11.MSS 37128 11682 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Power Windows (tm)

from Options Unlimited Research Corp.

Copyright 1986,87

Version 1.1

This file should be distributed with seven others. They are:

windoc11.mss: The user documentation for Power Windows

listit.pas: A program to print the documentation An include file containing global declarations An include file containing windowing routines Another include file containing windowing routines

demo1.pas: A demonstration program for programmers to see how to use
the package

rundemo1.pas: A demonstration to see the capabilities of the package

To compile and run the two programs, make sure that, and are on the default drive.

Please be sure to read the registration information in the manual.
You will probably find it interesting.

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