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Procedures for terminal driven communication port.
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Comprehensive cross-reference utility for Turbo Pascal 5.0+.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

T-Ref is a complete and comprehensive source and cross reference lister for
Turbo Pascal programs and units. Because of the size of the package, I
suggest that you print out the documentation file. It will come in quite
handy in running T-Ref. I would also suggest you scan through the
documentation before attempting to run T-Ref. See Chapter 6 for setting up

You will need to run the program INITDB before running T-REF. This program
creates the database file needed by T-Ref to save and retrieve the option
settings for the scanner.

This is a shareware program. It is NOT FREE. Do not confuse the purchase of
this package from a distribution house from your obligation to register if
you decide to continue using the package. Keep the cost of shareware down
by registering for your shareware software! We often do not regret what we
have until we lose it. Supporting shareware and its authors is supporting
capitalism to the ultimate degree!

I have spent an untold number of hours on this project over the past three
years. I would estimate my total time to be about 2500 hours spent in some
way, form, or fashion getting T-Ref to this point. I have enjoyed most of
that time (who REALLY likes debugging programs!), but would enjoy compensation
for it even more. If you put yourself in my shoes, I am sure you will agree.

You are given 60 days to examine T-Ref before you are expected to register for
DAYS, OR CEASE USE OF THE PACKAGE. Individuals are "highly encouraged" to
register. I am leaving this between you and your conscience to do what you

If you are a shareware distribution center and did not receive this copy
directly from me, you MUST complete the top of the registration form and mail
it to me. This is so I know who is distributing the package and can thus
provide you with the latest copies of the shareware version.

For a complete description of the commercial version of T-Ref, see Chapter 7
of the document. It highlights most of the differences.

I hope you enjoy the package. It has been very useful in my other Turbo Pascal
coding endeavors.


Jim D. Hart
President, Synergy Software Solutions

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