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Turbo Syntax Checker v4.1a for TPascal 4.
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Turbo Syntax Checker v4.1a for TPascal 4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CRT.TDL 1630 703 deflated
DOS.TDL 2857 1111 deflated
GRAPH.TDL 7114 2008 deflated
GRAPH3.TDL 1793 659 deflated
PRINTER.TDL 358 252 deflated
READ.ME 929 492 deflated
SYSTEM.TDL 1685 680 deflated
TSC.DOC 22692 8009 deflated
TSC.EXE 94320 39217 deflated
TURBO3.TDL 701 409 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

TSC - Syntax Checker For Turbo Pascal v4.x

TSC is a syntax checker for Turbo Pascal v4.x compiler and is designed
to find ALL syntax errors in one pass of the source code. This could
prove to very useful in converting applications over from previous
versions of the compiler and also in modifying/working with your existing

Start the TSC program from the DOS prompt exactly like you start your
Turbo Pascal compiler, along with the source file name.
TSC MainFile

An extension of '.PAS' is assumed if none provided. For DOS 3.x, TSC
will automatically find its support files. For earlier DOS versions,
you must put TSC files wherever your compiler files are.

Continued use of TSC beyond just checking it out requires that you
register your copy for a small registration fee. Source code can also
be licensed. See TDS.DOC file for details.

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