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TP4 set of Graphic routines, very nice.
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TP4 set of Graphic routines, very nice.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CIRCLE.LIB 1118 491 deflated
CIRCLE.PAS 300 143 deflated
CLS.INV 17 17 stored
COLORDEM.PAS 12544 3184 deflated
CONTROL.PAS 7871 2343 deflated
CRFONTS.COM 18986 12464 deflated
CRFONTS.DOC 2944 1157 deflated
CRFONTS.PAS 15753 4352 deflated
CUBE.3D 120 65 deflated
CUBE.PAS 2816 1019 deflated
DIAMOND.3D 417 150 deflated
GALEXY.PAS 3654 1605 deflated
HAT.PAS 2263 1017 deflated
LINE.INV 510 376 deflated
MATH21.PAS 49768 12150 deflated
MATH22.PAS 31252 7961 deflated
NEWSPIRO.PAS 9526 2589 deflated
OHM1.PAS 33063 8033 deflated
OHM2.PAS 34647 8752 deflated
PLOT3D.PAS 7369 2355 deflated
PLOT3DD.PAS 7292 2395 deflated
PLOTFUNC.PAS 3260 1351 deflated
POINT.INV 263 211 deflated
PYRAMID.3D 79 46 deflated
RANDDOT.PAS 1752 628 deflated
READ-ME.DOC 2332 979 deflated
SPIN.PAS 890 454 deflated
SPOKES.PAS 911 482 deflated
STARS.DAT 3067 1036 deflated
WORLDMAP.DAT 2560 1328 deflated
WORLDMAP.PAS 1350 572 deflated

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Contents of the CRFONTS.DOC file

C R E A T E F O N T S, Version 1.0

CReate FONTS is a program written initially to test BORLAND
INTERNATIONAL'S TURBO Pascal compiler on a useful but more than
trivial program.

The PC-XT function keys and cursor control keys are used to control
the execution of the program.


HOME: Move font cursor up and to the left.
PGUP: Move font cursor up and to the right.
END : Move font cursor down and to the left.
PGDN: Move font cursor down and to the right.

ARROW KEYS: Move font cursor in arrow's respective directions.


F1: (TOGGLE) Toggle the bit corresponding to the font cursor position.
F2: Unused.
F3: (SHLT) Shift the bits of the current font left.
F4: (SHRT) Shift the bits of the current font right.
F5: (SHUP) Shift the bits of the current font up.
F6: (SHDN) Shift the bits of the current font down.
F7: (CLR ) Clear all the bits of the current font to zero.
F8: (FILL) Set all the bits of the current font to one.
F9: ( # ) Prompt user for font to display.
F10 (MENU) Prompt the user from a menu
INS ( +1 ) Go to the next font. Character 0 follows 255.
DEL ( -1 ) Go to the previous font. Character 255 follows 0.


1. QUIT: Queries whether user is sure.
2. READ FILE: Prompts user for the name of an input file, which contains
previously defined fonts. This current program version
fills the entire font array; it is not possible to read
into only selected fonts. Program checks for the specified
file's existence.
3. WRITE FILE: The default write file is the previously specified WRITE
FILE or, if no such previous file, then the READ FILE.
4. COPY: The COPY command asks inTO which font(s) values will be
placed, FROM where the values will be transfered, and the
NUMber of fonts to transfer. Defaults are specified. The
FROM prompt expects a font number or the word 'ROM' followed
by a font number. For example,
instructs the program to take font values from the IBM-PC
ROM starting at character 5. The program expects the first
128 graphics characters to be in a table at location
F000:FA6E. Unfortunately, IBM did not see fit to give us
bit patterns for the upper 128 characters, so an attempt
to copy characters 128 to 255 will transfer garbage into
the program, though no harm will be done.

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