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Read Dbase files with Turbo Pascal.
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Read Dbase files with Turbo Pascal.
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Contents of the DBLOOK.DOC file

DBLOOK Version 1.0

DBlook is a programmers tool to read Dbase III+ database files
from a Turbo Pascal program. This is generally useful when a
large number of variables or arrays are needed when generating
reports from the database. This was the reason for creating
the program.

DBLOOK.COM prompts for a DBASE III+ database file, it
then displays the structure information on the screen, and
asks if you wish to see the records from the database. For a
large database Cntr-C will abort the program during the

The program was designed to provide simple routines to read dbase
files to generate reports. Using a real for the record counter,
but ignoring the upper record count byte only 1,716,060 records
may be read. The program will read about 25,000 records per
hour in the application I was developing.

Each record will be placed in a string (temp) so that limits the
record length to 255 characters max.

If you make major improvements to the program, let me know as
the ongoing effort to improve the performance of Dbase requires
more tools.

Turbo Pascal 3.02 was used to develope the program.

In the archive is a Database named TEST which has about 6
records of different types to try the program on. The memo
field type is not supported but is included just to see how it
looks. The source code as well as a compiled version is
included as well.

Gerald Rohr RR#3 Anamosa, Iowa 52205

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