Dec 092017
The game of life in 3D. From the Borland BBS. TP source code only.
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The game of life in 3D. From the Borland BBS. TP source code only.
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Contents of the 3DLIFE.TXT file

Just a few comments on the source code...
Modify it as you like.
Distribute as you like. I wouldn't object to getting
suitable credit for my efforts, crude as they might be.
I would very much like to see someone figure out a
better display scheme, showing a more advantageous perspective
or perhaps a more pronounced differential from back-to-front
that gives a better visual sense of depth. If anyone does do
this, I'd LOVE to get the code.
Although as written a VGA is required, it should be a
simple matter to alter it for another graphics card. I wonder,
though, how well a CGA card could handle it.
The code was written using an IBM PS/2 Model 50 with the
IBM 8513 monitor. The resolution of the display and speed of the
program seem pretty reasonable. I haven't seen it run on
anything else.
Any comments should be Easyplexed to me; the Borland
Forums tend to scroll by far too quickly for my habits. My
user ID is 73220,2107.

Larry Eckelkamp
December 28, 1988

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