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A collection of routines that interface TP with DDos.
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A collection of routines that interface TP with DDos.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

This archive file contains the source for some routines to
interface several popular multitaskers to Turbo Pascal.
Currently, interfaces are provided for:

IBM's TopView (and MicroSoft Windows by emulation of TopView)
Quarterdeck's DesqView
Sunny Hill Software's TaskView
SoftLogic's DoubleDos

I welcome any modifications anyone may wish to make to support other
multitaskers. PLEASE upload your revised versions so that we can
all benefit from them!

The files which should be present in the archive are:

TRYMDOS.PAS --- main demonstration program
TRYMDOS.GLO --- global definitions
TRYMDOS.COM --- compiled version of test program
PIBMDOS.PAS --- actual multitasker interface code
YESNO.PAS --- routine for yes/no questions
READKBD.PAS --- routine for keyboard reads
README.DOC --- this file you're reading now

This represents v1.0 of the demo programs. If you make any changes,
please update this README.DOC file and up the version number.

Phil Burns
CIS: 72437,62
Source: BDW100


History: 86/09/27 --- version 1.0 --- PRB

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