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Pull down menus for TP5 including TPU.
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Pull down menus for TP5 including TPU.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GOOF.PAS 2535 1096 deflated
LICENSE.ZIP 6927 6306 deflated
P5X-VAR.INC 9226 2800 deflated
PULL5X-.PAS 1973 759 deflated
PULL5X.DOC 155264 43159 deflated
PULL5X.TPU 29008 12106 deflated
PULLDATA.PAS 18825 4293 deflated
PULLDE.ZIP 42037 41580 deflated
PULLDEMO.PAS 2160 1006 deflated
PULLDIR-.PAS 1249 530 deflated
PULLDIR.TPU 6160 2989 deflated
PULLREF.DOC 71808 14803 deflated
PULLSHEL.ZIP 11954 11397 deflated
PULLSTAT.PAS 29429 7409 deflated
PULLWORK.PAS 3867 1418 deflated
QWIK5X.TPU 8272 4105 deflated
READ.ME 1394 579 deflated
STRS.TPU 816 314 deflated
WNDWP5X.TPU 32240 12550 deflated
WUTIL.TPU 1072 449 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

PULL Multi-level Pull-Down Menus Read.Me, Version 5.X


Version 5.X
January 7, 1988

Copyright (C) 1988-1989 Eagle Performance Software
All Rights Reserved

Association of
o Professionals


Welcome to PULL - high performance windowing software for Turbo Pascal!
It is suggested that you read "Getting Started" in PULL5X.DOC before
trying the demonstration files.

The documentation files PULL5X.DOC and PULLREF.DOC can be printed by
any 80 column printer. For example, type:

PRINT pull5X.doc

at your DOS prompt. We hope you enjoy trying PULL. All feedback is

Be sure to see our other products for Turbo Pascal and Turbo C listed
in the appendix of PULL5X.DOC!

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