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Hide/UnHide/Remove SubDirectories (TP4.0).
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Hide/UnHide/Remove SubDirectories (TP4.0).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DOS2.PAS 1932 706 deflated
FINDIR.PAS 2166 820 deflated
HIDEDIR.DOC 914 486 deflated
HIDIR.PAS 1176 595 deflated
UNHIDIR.PAS 1186 594 deflated

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Contents of the HIDEDIR.DOC file

HIDEDIR.ARC 1.2 March 14, 1988 Ernest V. Mathews III

HIDIR.EXE, UNHIDIR.EXE and FINDIR.EXE are utility programs,
released to the public domain. They were compiled under Turbo
Pascal Version 4.0. If invoked without parameters on the command
line, the programs will give a summary of their operation. HIDIR
and UNHIDIR hide or unhide subdirectories by setting the file
attribute byte for the subdirectory. Hidden subdirectories will
not show up on a DIR list of files so FINDIR will list all
subdirectories in the path specified, telling whether each is
hidden. Paths ARE supported.

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