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Patch for Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5. For 286's with 287 installed as Str() and Val() reported incorrect results.
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Patch for Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5. For 286’s with 287 installed as Str() and Val() reported incorrect results.
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Contents of the README file

Turbo Pascal for Windows
Version 1.5

TURBO.TPL Patch Program
for '286 systems
with '287 math coprocessors

This package represents a correction to Turbo Pascal for Win-
dows. It addresses the issue where calls to the procedures STR
and VAL produce inconsistant results with ASCIIZ strings
(PCHAR's). This problem only affects '286 IBM PC compatibles
that are equipped with 80287 math coprocessors.

To install this patch, follow these steps.

1. If PATCH15.EXE is not provided, start Turbo Pascal and
compile the source file PATCH15.PAS to disk. This program
will compile with either Turbo Pascal for Windows or Turbo
Pascal for MS-DOS.

2. Locate the directory that contains TPW 1.5's TPW.TPL
file. Normally, the TPW Install program places this file
in a directory called \TPW.

3. With the above directory as the current directory, run
the file PATCH15.EXE. If done correctly, the program will
display the message "TPW.TPL patch complete." on screen.

If you receive an error message, ensure that the directory that
contains TPW.TPL is the current directory when PATCH15.EXE is
run. Also ensure that the TPW.TPL file being corrected is the
one for Version 1.5 of Turbo Pascal for Windows. PATCH15.EXE
will not function with any other version of TPW.TPL.

Instructions for TPW 1.0 / 1.5 RTL source code patch to fix
Str/Val problem on 80286+80287 machines running Windows 3.1

In the TPW RTL source code, edit the DF87.ASM file, found in the
SYS subdirectory. Find function Float2Str, go to label @@11.

IFDEF WindowsVersion
JE @@12


IFDEF WindowsVersion
JNE @@12

Save the file and rebuild the RTL. The system unit will be
modified by this change, which will probably cause all units in
the RTL to be recompiled.

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