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Turbo Pascal 4.0 Database for Norton Guide.
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Turbo Pascal 4.0 Database for Norton Guide.
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Version 1.00 5 February 1988

About the Helping Hand:

The Helping Hand is a medium size database for use with the
Norton Guides and covers a variety of Turbo Pascal V.4 topics.
The guide is a good addition to the on-line help provided by
the integrated enviroments , , and keys.

The database has been kept fairly small (compared to the 360+K
database provided by the Norton Guides) in order to be an
effective help file for both floppy disk based systems and
hard disk systems.

Since the Helping Hand is shareware a small regristration fee
is necessary. There are two regristration options.

Option 1 will provide user support, upgrade information, and
an updated database disk.

Option 2 will provide the user with the complete Helping Hand
source code (about 350+K of typed information), user support,
a users manual, upgrade information, and an updated database

To register, or for information, fill out the following form
and mail to: CYNOSURE
P.O. BOX 82307
Phoenix, Arizona

Please register my copy of the Turbo Pascal Version 4.00
Helping Hand database. I am enclosing the following amounts
for each desired registration package:

Option 1 number of Copies _______ at $10.00 each.

Option 2 Number of copies _______ at $35.00 each.

The total amount enclosed is $_________.

NAME: ___________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________

City: ______________ State: _________ Zip Code: ________


Cynosure provides the Helping Hand "AS IS" without warranty
of any kind and does not guarantee the accurateness of the
contained information.

Helping Hand is a trademark of Cynosure
TURBO PASCAL is a registered trademark of Borland Internation.
The NORTON GUIDES is a register trademark of Peter Norton Computing.

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