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Turbo Pascal source to compute CRC codes for files.
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Turbo Pascal source to compute CRC codes for files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CRC.DOC 1308 610 deflated
CRC.PAS 4299 1836 deflated
CRC.TPU 1920 1190 deflated
CRCDEMO.EXE 6736 4382 deflated
CRCDEMO.OUT 431 209 deflated
CRCDEMO.PAS 2627 1011 deflated
CRCTABLE.EXE 2336 1605 deflated
CRCTABLE.OUT 1582 561 deflated
CRCTABLE.PAS 2305 864 deflated

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Contents of the CRC.DOC file

CRC-16 Calculations in Turbo Pascal


Earl F. Glynn
Overland Park, KS
Compuserve 73257,3527

File D e s c r i p t i o n
------------ ----------------------------------------------------------
CRCTABLE.PAS Generate table of constants needed by CRC.PAS UNIT.
CRCTABLE.EXE Execute CRCTABLE > CRCTABLE.OUT to create output.
CRCTABLE.OUT This file was included in CRC.PAS for CRC-16 calculations.

CRC.PAS UNIT to calculate CRC-16 codes for buffer or file.

CRCDEMO.PAS Demonstrate the use of the CRC UNIT. *
CRCDEMO.EXE Execute CRCDEMO > CRCDEMO.OUT to create output.
CRCDEMO.OUT Output from CRCDEMO examples.

CRC.DOC This file.

Results will differ by machine depending on version of DOS, directory
names, and filenames passed to internal PROCEDURE FileChk.

For more information consult:

"Byte-wise CRC Calculations", Aram Perez, IEEE Micro, June 1983, pp. 40-50.

"A Tutorial on CRC Computations", Tenkasi V. Ramabadran and Sunil S. Gaitonde,
IEEE Micro, August 1988, pp. 62-75. (includes 8086 assembler programs
for five CRC algorithms)

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