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Analyzes and performs metrics on TP and Modula programs.
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Analyzes and performs metrics on TP and Modula programs.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Copyright 1987, SET Laboratories, Inc.

SET Laboratories, Inc.
PO Box 03627
Portland, OR 97203

Thank you for using METRIC. To get started, print the file
METRIC.LIS and read it carefully. METRIC.LIS contains full
instructions on how to use METRIC, and how to interpret its

If after using METRIC for a while you find it is useful to
your work, please register it with SET Laboratories, Inc. for
$99. Registration will get you a copy of PC-METRIC. PC-METRIC is
a commercial software tool which produces a metric summary report
for both the entire file (as does the shareware version) as well
as for every procedure within the file. In addition, registered
users also receive a printed copy of an expanded version of the
metrics tutorial and user's guide.

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