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Converts C Header files to Pascal TPU files.
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Converts C Header files to Pascal TPU files.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

ReadMe.Txt for H2Pas

H2Pas is a quick and dirty hack to convert C-Header files to Pascal units.

If you make modifications, please drop me a copy at
Peter Sawatzki, CompuServe 100031,3002

In it's current implementation (1.20) H2Pas does the following:

- convert structs
- convert constant defines
- convert procedure/function headers
- 'convert' comments of style /* xxxx */ to { xxxx }
and comments of style // yyyy to { yyy }
- make use of IMPort files to resolve DLL index entries
- output C and Pascal code to verify correctness of C and Pascal
structure sizes

How to use and generate import files:

if a EXEHDR type .IMP file is present for the DLL with information
about the entry points of a function, H2Pas outputs an unit implementation
section with entries of the form:

Function Ctl3DEnabled; External 'CTL3D' Index 5;

where the appropriate indices are resolved from information gathered
from the .IMP file.

To generate the .IMP file for a DLL -say CTL3D.DLL- one must do the following:


How to execute H2Pas


H2Pas Ctl3D.H Ctl3D.Pas [Ctl3D.Imp]

where Ctl3D.H is the source C header file,
Ctl3D.Pas is the destination pascal unit to be generated
and Ctl3D.Imp is an optional import file generated from EXEHDR


currently H2Pas.Ini has two areas for customization:

C-Type = Pascal-Type

maps a certain C-type to a Pascal type (see sample H2Pas.Ini)


a list of modifiers that H2Pas should ignore (see sample H2Pas.Ini)

written by

Peter Sawatzki
Buchenhof 3
58091 Hagen / Germany
CompuServe: 100031,3002

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