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TEGAS is a sprite editor for Turbo Pascal graphics programmers. It lets you create files containing the data for EGA high resolution images (640x350 pixels by 16 color mode).
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TEGAS is a sprite editor for Turbo Pascal graphics programmers. It lets you create files containing the data for EGA high resolution images (640×350 pixels by 16 color mode).
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Contents of the TEGAS.DOC file

Tegas |
Version 1.0 |
A Shareware |
Turbo Pascal EGA Sprite Editor |
User's Guide |
I n t e r n a t i o n a l |


BSX's No-License Nonsense Statement!

This product (C) 1989 BSX International

This software is provided "as is" with no guarantees of any kind. You,
the user, are permitted and encouraged to distribute it and use it, but
under the following conditions:

1) You absolutely, positively may not sell this program without the
permission of BSX International.

2) Under no circumstances should you distribute versions of this pro-
duct which have been altered in any way without the permission of BSX

3) Under no circumstances should you remove the copyright notices from
the code or from the documentation which is provided with it.

4) This is a shareware product. You may use it for free for a short
period. After that you must either register or stop using it. You may
still distribute it, however.
If you find this program to be a blast, you ought to send along a
$5.00 registration fee to:

BSX International
806 Park Ridge Rd. Apt. A8
Durham, NC 27713

Make checks payable to Robert Roberds. Thanx!

Pre-Documentation "Don't Panic" Reassurance

Look, it's real easy. These dox are nice, and you oughtta skim them.
But we gotta tell you: It's a true gut to use TEGAS.


0. Facts and Stats

This system contains the following files:
TEGAS.EXE -The executable program.
*.TPS -The icon sprite files.
TEGAS.DOC -This document.

System requirements:
IBM PC,XT,AT,PS/2 or compatible.
256K RAM at the very least.
EGA or VGA card with 256K of memory.
Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
DOS 2.1 or later.

I. General Information

TEGAS is a sprite editor for Turbo Pascal graphics programmers.It lets
you create files containing the data for EGA high resolution images
(640x350 pixels by 16 color mode). These files can then be loaded into
memory and dumped to the screen via the PutImage function. Sprites of up
to 100x60 pixels can be created.
"I'm sure," yer no doubt thinking, "that there are plenty of programs
like that around." Well, that's what _we_ thought. It started back in
the summer of 1989 when BSX was working on the first of our truly sprite-
intensive programs. It dawned on us that we were going to have to write
our own kludgy sprite-producing program in order to get through with it.
Well, in the finest capitalistic tradition, we decided to write a nice,
versatile, user-lovable sprite editor to fill this gaping market niche.
We hope you all find TEGAS useful. We sure have.

II. Installation

If yer interested in using TEGAS then you are most likely an experi-
enced PC user and Turbo Pascal programmer. Therefore, we're not gonna
coddle you or hold yer hand while explaing the installation and proper
usage of TEGAS. We're sure you can handle a no-nonsense approach.
Here are the step-by-step installation instructions:

1: Create a directory for the TEGAS program and its support files:

Example: md c:\tegas

2: Set the TEGAS environment variable equal to the name of the direc-
tory in which you plan to put the TEGAS files. For example, place
this line in yer AUTOEXEC.BAT file:


It is vital that you set this variable if you plan to run TEGAS
a directory other than the directory in which the TEGAS files
reside. It is also crucial that you include the final slash in the
variable directory name. Thus is is _not_ permissible to say this:


3: Append the name of the TEGAS directory to the DOS search path. For
example, add

path = C:\TEGAS

to yer AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

4: Unzip the files in this zipfile into the directory you just made.
All of the included files should be put into this directory, except
of course for this .DOC file.

5: Yer all set. Now you may just type


from the DOS command line, regardless of the directory you happen
to be in. TEGAS should load with no problem. If you want TEGAS to
run without sound, just use the -s command-line switch, as in

tegas -s


On startup, you'll be greeted by the annoying BSX hello screen, then
sent to the work screen. From here you may choose:

EXIT: Kicks you back to DOS.

LOAD: Loads a sprite file from disk. You must only give the name, not
the extension. TEGAS sprite files all end with .TPS.

SAVE: Saves a sprite to disk. Once again, just give the file name of
up to 8 characters; don't give the extension.

NEW: Creates a new sprite. You pick the width and height of the new
sprite with the mouse in a self-explanatory way.

DRAW: Picks the default drawing mode, wherein each click of the mouse
sets one pixel.

FILL: Does a region fill in the selected color. Click inside the reg-
ion to fill it.

LINE: Draws a line in the selected color. Click on the endpoints.

CIRCLE: Draws a circle in the selected color. Click first at the cen-
ter, then on the circumference.

RECTANGLE: Draws a rectangle in the selected color. Click on the
opposite corners.

FLIP/FLOP: Lets you either FLIP the sprite (turn it upside down), or
FLOP it (turn it left-to-right). A secondary menu pops up to let
you choose which.

A color: Pick a color just by clicking on its square at the top of the

Using TEGAS sprites in yer programs:

OK, here's the fun part. Let's say yer writing a program in which you
would like to put a 60x40 pixel image in different parts of the screen.
Then you should start TEGAS, choose NEW, click to make a 60x40 sprite,
and edit away. When yer done, you SAVE it as MYSPRITE.TPS and EXIT.
Now you write yer program. Say:

program MyStuff;
uses CRT,graph;

MSFile :file;
buffer :pointer;
MSSize :word;
procedure LoadMysprite;

Repeat until Keypressed;

You get the idea. Have fun using TEGAS, and we hope you find it as
massively useful as we have. Bet you do!
General rule of thumb: Left button does stuff, right button undoes
stuff. Think you can handle that?

IV. Technical Info

Tegas was written in Turbo Pascal 5.5 on an IBM PC with an Intel
Inboard 386, an Atasi 40MB hard drive, a VEGA EGA card, and a Microsoft
bus mouse. Mouse routines courtesy of Eduardo Martins, with some modi-

V. Acknowledgements

Thanx to everyone who has has registered BSX International programs!

VI. Version Info

Version 1.0 released 22 Sept. 89. Initial release.

Bob Roberds BSX International
"The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rollah"
Durham, North Carolina September 1989
"Ex-Lax cleans like a white tornado."
PS: Quit whining and just wear yer (expletive deleted)ing seatbelt.

Hugo who?

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