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Utils for TP4 Database Toolbox.
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Utils for TP4 Database Toolbox.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This should be where you would get all the 'down and dirty info' about how
evrything runs, and I'll try not to disappoint. DBMENU was written to be
_VERY_ simple to run. It does have a few quirks and here they are

* It depends on other units
*Mulkey (a rewrite is included)
*GetFld (a rewrite is included *SUPPORT FOR THIS IS NOT PROVIDED*)
it was the best choice I have yet found for field input
*TPRO - ask Kim or Brian for details. It is a superb package
*TACCESS - otherwise known as DATABASE TOOLBOX
* The date fields are written as YYYY/MM/DD for easier sorting
* It is written for 'flat files' meaning no releation between databases. There
are provisions to get a record and then relate to other records.

I am open to all suggestions for rewrites, as I consider this to be version
0.9 and not a full blown package. Please take it and experiment! I have
included a _very_ simple example, but no other docs [I consider it _THAT_

For menu handling, please refer to the TPRO manual. For those of you who
haven't yet purchased TPRO, just use cursor keys and then enter.

Tips on field input:
The delete, backspace and enter keys will work as expected
The field will use the previous data
Control-enter will take you past a required field [non-blank or valid_date_field]
Escape will take you to the end of a record

THIS IS NOT FREEWARE. If you use the package
I at least expect to get some message on the forum.
Donations of money or time are also welcomed.

For Inspiration and service
Scott B.
Neil R.
Brian F.
Kim K.
Larry K. {and family}
Joe S.
Edwin F.
Gary W.
David I.
Duke K.
Richard G.
and others

James C Walker 72255,1616

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