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TP4 Application Generator (impressive).
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TP4 Application Generator (impressive).
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Contents of the READ41.TXT file



O Open O
A Architecture A
S Sreen S
I Interface I
S System S

Who needs it ?

Do you run a software team ?
Have you departmental centres ?
Are you a software house ?

Are you :-

A Professional Programmer ?
A Development Programmer ?

Do you need intelligent front ends ?

Do you use Micros and Mainframes ?

If so you need O A S I S - NOW !

Save time, effort, money with this

* * State of the art * *

4 GL Software Development tool

What is OASIS ?

This is a 4GL productivity tool for application programmers. It
runs on PC's under MS-DOS. It allows you to build all kinds of
interactive application programs featuring sophisticated human
interfaces with a minimum of procedural language programming.

OASIS consists of two parts
SFD (Screen Format Designer)
SCL (Screen Control Language).

SFD is a state-of-the-art menu driven program. It is written
with OASIS and suitable not only for programmers but also for
end users. This allows you to design and even test screen front
ends (forms, menus, input validation parameters, messages,
online documentation etc.) in an interactive manner.

' What you paint is what you get '

SCL is a 4GL type tool to Borland's Turbo Pascal 4.0 (also
portable to other languages using '.TPU' files) which mainly
consists of constructs to utilize the screen formats designed
by SFD. It also provides many other functions such as:

Data communications
Background processing
Date/time manipulation
Access to system functions
Execution of DOS commands and other programs.

What does OASIS buy for you ?

It saves you money as it allows you the freedom to build
professional programs with outstanding features in a fraction
of the time it takes using conventional programming

Design misconceptions and errors are detected early in the
build cycle as the complete user interface of a program
can be developed, tested and dynamically modified before even
a single line of code has been written.

With the outstanding user friendliness of OASIS, users can
develop their own screen interfaces. This not only allows
programmers to concentrate on the actual program logic but also
guarantees that the user objectives are fully met.

Programs can be easily customized and nationalized with no
recompilation. The complete user interface specifications are
stored in the form of data, not in the program code.

Unlike other 4 GL environments OASIS does not confine programmers
to its own constructs since as well as all the capabilities of
SCL, you still have the complete power of Turbo Pascal at your

What can you build with OASIS ?

Virtually any application program. With its powerful Data
Communications and background task capabilities you can also
use it to add intelligent front ends to your existing
mainframe programs.

You need NO special runtime software to run OASIS applications.

Why should you use OASIS ?

* Program sources are more compact, easier to understand and
compile faster.
* Later program changes are easier and often possible without
* Dramatically reduced program development time and cost
* Users can be involved in program design
* Early testing and prototyping
* Resulting application programs are highly ergonomic and offer
many user-friendly features like:

- Automatic display of assisting messages for each
input field
- Extensive Online Context Related help with four
different user selectable levels
- Automatic Input error handling and display of
error messages
- Adaptability to different system/keyboard layouts
- Easy to customize / nationalize
- Support of both Color & Monochrome displays
- Undo function available
- Abort function available
- Mouse support possible and easy

Main Features of SFD

* Easy to understand, menu driven program with overlaying
* Context sensitive online help facility
* Full screen editor for Screen Layout Design
* Full character set accessibility
* Box drawing function & auto line interconnections
* Powerful block Copy & Delete functions
* Free selection of display attributes
* Diversity of field types
* Input validation selectable for any field
* Up to 50 fields per format
* Formats in any size or shape up to 80x25
* Inter File format copy facility
* Display or Print format lists
* Complete and dynamic inbuilt test facility
* Alteration of format specs. & attribute possible
during test mode with immediate visible effect

Main Features of SCL.

* Complete event driven control of format display and input
including menus, pop up windows, help messages etc
* Supports multiple stacking of windows and formats
* Automatic input validity checks
* Automatic display of error messages
* No need to declare field variables etc in user program
* Special input checks or other interferences possible anytime
* Monitoring & flagging of user selectable keys or other events
* No need to recompile when changing Formats, Messages
or Input checks parameters
* programs become concise and easy to understand
* Supports background processing tasks (datacom, print)
* Access to DOS functions including execution of commands and
other programs.
* Data communications support


OASIS Evaluation comes in arc'd form on two disks or
down loaded on 3 files.

OASDOC41.ARC 248 pages manual ready for print 189KB

Screen Contol Language
Screen File Designer

OASSAM41.ARC 7 Sample Programs 223KB
#1 OASIS Easy Field
#2 OASIS Print Labels
#3 OASIS Format Stack
#4 OASIS Automatic Disk Menu
#5 OASIS SCL demo
#7 OASIS Simple Line Monitor
#8 OASIS Terminal Emulator

The code for each demo is thoroughly discussed and
documented in the Reference Manual OASDOC41.ARC


* UnArc the '*.ARC' files.
* Check your 'CONFIG.SYS' file for:


* Print the documentation (Print ready format)
* Run the '*.EXE' & '*.COM' files.
If you start with SAMPLE4.EXE (OASIS Automatic Disk Menu)
you can run the other programs from this application.

In the US you can reach Remy Fesnoux

CompuServe ID # 72571,741
Telephone (313) 973 0113

In the UK you can reach Martin Hossfeld

CompuServe ID # TBA
Microlink 72:100534
Telex 265871 Monref G (please quote '72:100534'
on first line of Telex for reference)
CIX (Compulink BBS) Mail Martin

Write to:

2344 Yorkshire 12, Pinewood Green
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 or Iver Heath, Bucks. SLO OQP
USA United Kingdom

OASIS is a copyrighted product provided to you under a
shareware scheme. OASIS IS NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Under this shareware scheme you are allowed and encouraged
to copy and distribute the evaluation version of OASIS
to your friends, colleagues and wherever you like as long
as the following conditions are met:

1. You must distribute it unmodified and complete with
all its files.
2. You are not allowed to distribute it commercially for
profit. You may only charge for the media and handling.

You are also hereby granted a limited Licence to test and
evaluate OASIS.

Please note that the above does not apply to the commercial
version of OASIS for which only a personal licence is granted
to registered users according to the terms and conditions as
outlined in Appendix B of the manual. (see excerpt on next
8 pages)


The Shareware Idea

Shareware (sometimes called User supported Software or
freeware) attempts to provide useful programs to the PC community
at low cost by reducing the dependence on conventional marketing
Several software developers have proven that the concept works,
to the mutual benefit of the independent program authors and the
PC community itself.
The user benefits by the availability of low cost software which
he can evaluate on his own system before making the decision to
purchase it. The author benefits by being able to enter the
software market without extensive monetary risks. The user
community determines which products succeed based on their true
utility, rather than on their marketing achievements.

OASIS Products & Licencing Terms

The following products will be available from EUREKA SOFTWARE

- OASIS Demo package
- OASIS Evaluation (this package)

OASIS Demo package


This package as its name indicates is only to be used for
demonstration purposes. It is ment to give you a taste of what
you can achieve with OASIS. Each demo application comes with the
source code and the associated documentation commenting each
procedure. This package does not require you to register, feel
free to copy and distribute this package and use some of its
handy utilities. It contains Demos # 1,2,3,4,5.


- Download
- Mail order

Pricing (No registration required)

- Download no charge
- Mail order $10
includes disk & hard copy

OASIS Evaluation (This package)


This package is the evaluation version of OASIS. It offers almost
all OASIS features and formats (screens) created with the
evaluation version are entirely compatible with full blown
version of OASIS. The limitation of this version resides in the
number of formats (screens) you can handle in any single file,
the limit is set to 20 for OASIS Evaluation. This mean you can
still create an application that requires up to 20 screens, for
more complexe applications with more screens you need the full
version of OASIS.


- Download
- Mail order

Licencing Terms

OASIS Evaluation is NOT public domain software, it is a
copyrighted product distributed by EUREKA SOFTWARE ASSOCIATES.
You are hereby granted a limited license to use OASIS, and to
copy it and further distribute it, under the following

1) No fee other than the cost of media and copying (max $10 per
copy) may be charged for such copying and distribution, otherwise
permission of EUREKA SOFTWARE ASSOCIATES is required.

2) OASIS Evaluation may ONLY be distributed in its original
state, complete and without any modifications or changes to the
program itself or to any of its data files.

3) Use without registration must be limited to a reasonable time
(no more than 14 days) and for test and evaluation purposes only,
after which it must be registered in accordance with the
following terms.
Commercial use:

If OASIS Evaluation Software is used in a commercial &
institutional environment users must register under the
'Commercial Users Licence Agreement' scheme. Any use of OASIS
Evaluation beyond the trial period is a copyright violation.

Within the terms of this agreement, a corporation, company,
institution, organization, or individual can use OASIS Evaluation
to produce programs for commercial purposes subject to the
following conditions:

1. This license applies to the OASIS Evaluation software as
described in this manual and its documentation.

2. You must treat this software just like a book ONLY ONE CPU
PER LICENSE can use the software at the same time in the
original or modified forms. However, you are authorized to
make archival copies for safekeeping.

3. You may produce any number of executable code programs for
profit for world-wide distribution with this software
without royalties to the author.

4. The license applies to the original copy of this software as
well as to updated versions which may become available.
There is no further charge for using the updated versions.
The author is neither obligated to provide updated versions
nor notices of error corrections. The author is not
obligated to provide any services of any kind to support
OASIS Evaluation .

6. The user agrees to conscientiously respect the copyright to
the author of the code and not to illegally, unethically, or
neglectfully exploit the services provided by the author.

7. This code is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind,
either expressed or implied, included but not limited to the
implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a
specific purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and
performance of the coding is with you. Should the code prove
defective, you assume the entire cost of all necessary
servicing, repair or correction.

8. In no event will the author be liable to you for any
damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other
incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use
or inability to use this code.

9. The User acknowledges having read this agreement and the
License Statement, understands them, and agrees to be bound
by their terms and conditions.
Private (non-profit) use:

If OASIS Evaluation is used privately only and not for profit
making purposes, please register under the private user licence
agreement scheme.
The applicable terms are, apart from point 3, identical to the
ones listed above.


Registration $40
does not include disk or manual

Private Licence
includes registration, distribution disks $60
& reference manual on disk

includes registration, distribution disks $80
& with hard copy manual

Commercial Users Licence
includes registration, distibution disks $120
& hard copy manual.



Identical to OASIS Evaluation but no limit to the number of
format per file.


- Mail order

Note: Application available, Documentation draft
version approx. 250 pages.

Licensing terms

- Same as OASIS Evaluation Commercial use.


- includes registration, distibution disks $199
& hard copy manual.

Invoice & Order Form


Date: __ / __ / __ PO#: ______________

Qty Description $/unit

__ OASIS Demo package mail order * $10.00 ___.__

__ OASIS Evaluation Registration $40.00 ___.__
(does not include disk)

__ OASIS Evaluation Private Licence * $60.00 ___.__
(registration, disks, manual on disk)

__ OASIS Evaluation Private Licence ** $80.00 ___.__
(registration, disks and manual)

__ OASIS Evaluation Commercial User Licence$120.00 ___.__
(registration, disks and manual) **

__ OASIS Commercial User Licence ** $199.00 ___.__
(registration, disks and manual)

Michigan residents add 4% sales tax Subtotal: $____.__
Shipping per order Shipping: $____.__
* US $3 first copy, $1 other copies Tax: $____.__
** US $3 first copy, $2 other copies Total: $____.__

Method of Payment: ( ) Check ( ) Money Order

2344 Yorkshire
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

For orders outside the U.S. please send check drawn on U.S.
bank in U.S. dollars, or international money order in U.S.

Name: ________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________
City: ______________________ State: __ Zip: _____

Invoice & Order Form


Date: __ / __ / __ PO#: ______________

Qty Description $/unit

__ OASIS Demo package mail order $10.00 ___.__

__ OASIS Evaluation Registration $40.00 ___.__
(does not include disk)

__ OASIS Evaluation Private Licence $60.00 ___.__
(registration, disks & manual on disk)

__ OASIS Evaluation Private Licence $80.00 ___.__
(registration, disks and manual)

__ OASIS Evaluation Commercial User Licence$120.00 ___.__
(registration, disks and manual)

__ OASIS Commercial User Licence $199.00 ___.__
(registration, disks and manual)

Remit to: Subtotal: $____.__
2344 Yorkshire Tax: $____.__
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA Total: $____.__


Name: ________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________
City: ______________________ State: __ Zip: _____
Country: ______________________


Name: ________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________
City: ______________________ State: __ Zip: _____
Country: ______________________

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