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Assorted scientific routines in Turbo Pascal (ver 3/4/5).
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Assorted scientific routines in Turbo Pascal (ver 3/4/5).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BESY.PAS 1733 787 deflated
CFIT1.PAS 1357 679 deflated
CFIT1A.PAS 1624 799 deflated
CFIT2.PAS 1689 842 deflated
CFIT4.PAS 1692 808 deflated
DETERM.PAS 1142 510 deflated
DIFFUS.PAS 3357 1352 deflated
ERF4.PAS 1522 676 deflated
ERFD.PAS 866 448 deflated
ERFD3.PAS 1380 617 deflated
ERFSIMP.PAS 1588 699 deflated
FITPOL.PAS 3743 1462 deflated
GAUSID.PAS 3322 1261 deflated
GAUSS.PAS 3223 1207 deflated
GAUSSJ.LIB 3456 1218 deflated
GD-LINF1.LIB 2048 862 deflated
GD-LINF2.LIB 2176 913 deflated
JULIAN.LIB 384 179 deflated
LEAST1.PAS 3728 1370 deflated
LEAST2.PAS 3771 1462 deflated
LEAST3.PAS 3918 1535 deflated
LEAST4.PAS 3991 1557 deflated
LEAST5.PAS 4077 1610 deflated
LEAST6.PAS 4030 1579 deflated
LINFIT1.LIB 896 365 deflated
LINFIT2.LIB 1024 435 deflated
MATR1.PAS 1796 660 deflated
MEANS.PAS 651 349 deflated
MEANSTD.LIB 573 234 deflated
NEWDR.PAS 619 330 deflated
NEWDR2.PAS 882 425 deflated
NEWDR3.PAS 1041 511 deflated
NEWTON-L.LIB 768 353 deflated
NEWTON.LIB 512 278 deflated
NLIN3.PAS 3643 1482 deflated
PLOT.LIB 3200 1185 deflated
RANDG.LIB 384 253 deflated
RANDOM.LIB 384 245 deflated
RANTST.PAS 706 357 deflated
ROMB1.PAS 1845 859 deflated
ROMB3.PAS 1976 886 deflated
SCILIB.DOC 5647 2038 deflated
SIMP1.PAS 1415 635 deflated
SIMP2.PAS 541 319 deflated
SIMPS.LIB 1011 469 deflated
SIMQ1.PAS 2457 911 deflated
SOLVEC.PAS 3410 1245 deflated
SOLVGJ.PAS 1634 688 deflated
SOLVGJ2.PAS 2007 826 deflated
SOLVGV.PAS 5446 1822 deflated
SOLVIT.PAS 6316 1889 deflated
SORT-B1.LIB 329 192 deflated
SORT-B2.LIB 640 318 deflated
SORT-Q-N.LIB 1407 623 deflated
SORT-Q-R.LIB 1013 494 deflated
SORT-S.LIB 640 368 deflated
SQUARE.LIB 640 287 deflated
TRAP1.PAS 1152 575 deflated
TRAP2.PAS 1199 602 deflated
TRAP3.PAS 504 281 deflated
TRAPEZ.LIB 929 496 deflated
TSTBES.PAS 1664 734 deflated
TSTGAM.PAS 896 409 deflated
TSTSORT.PAS 1070 471 deflated

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Contents of the SCILIB.DOC file

**** Scientific Subroutine Library ****
**** for Turbo Pascal ****
September 27, 1985

The following programs were written by Allen Miller
and appear in the book entitled "Pascal Programs For Scientists
And Engineers" which is published by Sybex, 1981.
They were originally typed and submitted to MTPUG
in Oct. 1982 Juergen Loewner,
D-4400 Muenster, Hoher Heckenweg 3, West Germany.
They have had minor corrections and adaptations for
Turbo Pascal by Jeff Weiss, 1572 Peacock Ave., Sunnyvale,
CA 94087.

Full programs have .PAS extension; library procedures and
functions have .LIB extension and are generally used with
{$I ...} INCLUDE statements.

MEANS.PAS: Program to test MEANSTD.LIB. (p.26)

MEANSTD.LIB: This routine computes the mean and the standard
deviation of a set of numbers. (p.26)

RANDOM.LIB: A random generator (0..1). Note the internal routine
with Turbo Pascal is superior and used subsequently.
(p. 29)

RANTST.PAS: Program to test RANDOM.LIB,RANDG.LIB. (p. 32)

RANDG.LIB: A random generator with gaussian distribution. (p.35)

MATR1.PAS: A matrix multiplication program. (p. 50)

DETERM.PAS: A program to calculate the determinant of a 3x3
matrix. (p. 55)

SIMQ1.PAS: A program to solve three simultaneous equations
by Cramer's Rule. (p. 67)

GAUSS.PAS: A program to perform simultaneous solution by
Gaussian elimination. (p. 75)

SOLVGJ.PAS: same as above but Gauss-Jordan algorithm. (p. 84)

GAUSSJ.LIB: Gauss-Jordan matrix inversion and solution. (p. 87)

SOLVGV.PAS: A program to perform simultan. sol. by Gauss-
Jordan elimination with (mult.) const. vect. (p.96)

SOLVIT.PAS: Solve Hilbert matrix by Gauss-Jordan elimination,
example of ill-conditioning. (p. 106)

SOLVGJ2.PAS: A program to perform simult. solution when using
more equations than unknowns (by Gauss-Jordan
elimination). (p. 111)

SOLVEC.PAS: A program to perform simultaneous solution for
complex coefficients. (p. 119)

GAUSID.PAS: A program to perform simult. sol. by Gauss-Seidel.
(p. 129)

CFIT1.PAS: A program to perform a linear least-squares curve-
fit. (p. 139)

CFIT1a.PAS: same as above but with a random generator. (p.142)

PLOT.LIB: A (printer-) plotter subroutine. (p. 147)

CFIT2.PAS: A plotting program using PLOT.LIB. (p. 153)

LINFIT1.LIB: A program which fits a straight line through n
sets of x and y pairs of points. (p. 159)

LINFIT2.LIB: Another example of the above prog. (p. 167)

CFIT4.PAS: A linear least-squares fit program. (p. 164)

TSTSORT.PAS: Program to test various sort routines. (p. 172)

SORT-B1.LIB A bubble-sort. (p. 173)

SORT-B.LIB: A variation of the above prog. (p. 176)

SORT-S.LIB: A Shell-sort procedure. (p. 178)

SORT-Q-R.LIB: A recursive Quick-sort. (p. 180)

SORT-Q-N.LIB: A nonrecursive of Quick-sort. (p. 183)

LEAST1.PAS: A program to perform a linear least-squares fit. (p. 191)

LEAST2.PAS: As above but now with Gauss-Jordan procedure. (p.203)

LEAST3.PAS: A variation of LEAST2. (p. 209)

LEAST4.PAS: Fit to heat capacity Equation. (p. 216)

LEAST5.PAS: Fit to vapor pressure equation. (p. 220)

LEAST6.PAS: Variations with different problems. (p. 226)

NEWDR.PAS: A program to solve equations by Newtons method. (p. 243)

NEWDR2.PAS: Another version of the program above. (p. 249)

NEWTON.LIB: The Newton program for a library. (p. 252)

NEWTON-L.LIB: The Newton program with an iteration counter.

TRAP1.PAS: A program for integrations by the trapezoidal
rule. (p. 264)

TRAP2.PAS: Another better version of the above. (p. 266)

TRAP3.PAS: Final improved version calling trapez.lib (p. 270)

TRAPEZ.LIB: Improved Trapezoidal with end-correction. (p. 270)

SIMP1.PAS: Another integration program now by Simpson's rule. (p. 273)

SIMP2.PAS: Program calls SIMPS.LIB. (p. 278)

SIMPS.LIB: Simpson procedure with end-correction. (p. 278)

ROMB1.PAS: Last not least a integration program by the
Romberg method. (p. 281)

ROMB3.PAS: As above but now with adjustable panels. (p. 287)

FITPOL.PAS: A program to perform linear least-squares fit to
the ratio of 2 polynomals. (p. 295)

DIFFUS.PAS: An example of the above: diffuson of Zn in Cu. (p. 302)
(A least squares fit to the linearized e-function)

NLIN3.PAS: Same as above but now with a nonlinearized
e-function. (p. 310)

ERFSIMP.PAS: The Gaussian Error Function by Simpson's rule. (p. 323)

ERFD.PAS: An infinite series expansion for the Gaussian
error function. (p. 326)

ERFD3.PAS: The Gaussian error function and its complement. (p. 330)

ERF4.PAS: An improved Gaussian error function. (p. 334)

TSTGAM.PAS: A program to test the Gamma function. (p. 341)

TSTBES.PAS: A program to test the Bessel function. (p. 344)

BESY.PAS: An evaluation of the Bessel function of the 2nd
kind. (p. 349)

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