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Excellent VGA games library for Turbo Pascal 6.0. TPU's only.
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Excellent VGA games library for Turbo Pascal 6.0. TPU’s only.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BEFFECTS.INT 6898 2359 deflated
BEFFECTS.TPU 3776 1895 deflated
DASH.PCX 8638 2525 deflated
DESC.SDI 59 59 stored
DR2.VSP 16101 3462 deflated
DROLS.VSP 55680 3261 deflated
DSOUND.INT 7602 2008 deflated
DSOUND.TPU 15632 8182 deflated
EXPL.VOC 19554 11153 deflated
FIRE.PCX 28973 11466 deflated
FLICS.INT 3973 1412 deflated
FLICS.TPU 6032 3209 deflated
FRIED.VOC 8354 3045 deflated
GAMETP.TXT 5066 2064 deflated
GHIT.VOC 1122 771 deflated
GIRLS.VSP 56840 2821 deflated
GMORPH.INT 8883 2771 deflated
GMORPH.TPU 3408 1514 deflated
IMAGING.INT 3212 1120 deflated
IMAGING.TPU 4064 2042 deflated
JOYSTICK.INT 2112 879 deflated
JOYSTICK.TPU 2496 1198 deflated
KEYBOARD.INT 5393 1559 deflated
KEYBOARD.TPU 4400 2023 deflated
LIMEMS.INT 2589 773 deflated
LIMEMS.TPU 2688 1145 deflated
MISCFUNC.PAS 6732 1770 deflated
MISCFUNC.TPU 7872 3410 deflated
MOUSE.INT 6014 1628 deflated
MOUSE.TPU 4112 1597 deflated
NAKES.VSP 135720 8668 deflated
OOPOBJS.PAS 6002 1705 deflated
OOPOBJS.TPU 4272 1885 deflated
PAUSED.OBJ 5618 1008 deflated
RIC1.VOC 5985 3872 deflated
RSAMPLE.EXE 79595 41469 deflated
RSAMPLE.PAS 34441 7851 deflated
RSMISC.VSP 9868 1817 deflated
RSQUD.FLS 202960 110257 deflated
RSQUD.PCX 44485 24494 deflated
RSQUID.GMP 8388 692 deflated
RSQUID.PAL 768 579 deflated
SIMMERS.VSP 16448 1980 deflated
VGAKERN.INT 26172 6368 deflated
VGAKERN.TPU 26592 11448 deflated

Download File GAMETP20.ZIP Here

Contents of the GAMETP.TXT file

* GameTP version 2.0 for Turbo Pasal 6.0 is ready!

* GameTP Utilites are ready!
Its at wuarchive in the /PUB/MSDOS_UPLOADS as: { TP6.0 lib. }

and { Graphic utilites }

GameTP Utilites: Great GUI interfaces with mouse.

VSPMAKER Create and manage your sprites in one file. Full 256
color support. Number of sprites bounded only by your
memory. Rotate, Copy, Merge, and Animate.

GEOMAKER Make your tile maps quickly with ease. tiles sizes
from 4x4 to 32x32! Map size up to amazing 32767x32767!
Bring in your VSP files from VSPMAKER or create your
own right in GEOMAKER.

VOCINFLS Insert your VOC sound files with your FLI files. Instant
sound and animation!

PLAYFLS Plays your FLI and FLS files. Comes with source code.
(GameTP20 libs. required for re-compilation.)


Requires Turbo Pascal 6.0

The .TPU units can be used freely in commerical and non-commerical
programs. As long as you don't give yourself credit for writing
this portion of the code. When distributing (free only) TPU files,
please include all files and samples so others may enjoy using the code.
Go crazy.

* Paralax scrolling, Multiple backgrounds (improved from ver 1.0 }

* Transparent/Non-Transparent multscroll tile-maps (Ultima/Mario type)

* Joystick, Mouse, and advanced keyboard support

* PCX, GIF image support

* Fast BASM 320x200x250 code. Forget BGI drivers.

* Sound Blaster/Compatible digitized sound

* Plays FLI files with sound!

* Expanded memory support.

* Flicker free animation

* Actual game with source! Shows off the units. 600k of free
ram required. EMS memory for sound.
Includes sample images, sprites, sounds, animation.

game improved from version 1.0.

* and more...



This is the main unit. Have all your basic routines, color,
sprites, line, circle, paging, etc.


* Fast 320x200x256 draw routines, compatible with ALL vga
cards. Does not use tweaked modes.

* Flicker free color manipulation. Fadein/Fadeout, Fast Color sets.
color filters (new).

* Easy managable sprites. Sprites limited only to computer memory.

* Layering sprites up to 256 levels.

* Two methods of displaying transparent sprites.

* virtual paging. Extra pages lilited only to computer memory.


Small unit for Paralax Scrolling. Waves, 3D effects. See it to
believe it! Now supports all directions for 64k backgrounds.

DSOUND.TPU ( New for ver 2.0 }

Plays your VOC sound files. Automatically load sounds in
RAM or EMS for instant playback at your command.
Sound Blaster or compatible card required.

FLICS.TPU ( New for ver 2.0 }

Plays FLI and FLS files. Use with DSOUND.TPU for sound.


Image unit. Simple loads background screens to memory
supports 320x200x256 PCX and GIF files. An custom compress
format (PTR) "below average compression".






Expanded memory routines, throw your extra data up there.


Keyhandling routines.


* Handles multiple presses.

* Takes over the keyboard interrupt.

* Specifically designed for game programs.


This unit does multiple backgrounds. Tile maps, like Ultima
and Super Mario type games.


* Transparent tile maps. Allows picture backgrounds behind maps.

* Multiple tile maps. Multiple maps adds 3D effect.

* Now supports tiles from 4x4 to 32x32!


This unit organizes sprites during play. Animate, motion, redraw,
collision, etc.


* Allocates objects to heap. Number of objects bounded only
by computer memory.


Misc. functions for programs.

The TPU units can be used with in your commercial/non-commercial
programs. When distributing the code, please include everything so
others may enjoy. If you want the source code, more samples or
swap-talk, just e-mail me. I'll give sample use-code for free.
Actual TPU-source code prices can be discussed.


Don't have ftp access? Send me message and I'll uuencode the lib
via e-mail to ya.

Scott D. Ramsay
[email protected]

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