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Complete hyper-text enviroment (compiler, etc) with full Turbo Pascal 5.5 sourcse code. Looks very nice.
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Complete hyper-text enviroment (compiler, etc) with full Turbo Pascal 5.5 sourcse code. Looks very nice.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BINU.PAS 893 298 deflated
BINU.TPU 1104 527 deflated
DE120.EXE 41888 17749 deflated
DE120.PAS 9020 2451 deflated
DEMO.BAT 37 31 deflated
DEU1.PAS 33014 7134 deflated
DEU1.TPU 22272 8034 deflated
DEWINDU.PAS 42209 6613 deflated
DEWINDU.TPU 23840 8961 deflated
HTC.CFG 59 48 deflated
HTC120.EXE 44032 19229 deflated
HTC120.PAS 2660 963 deflated
HTCDEU0.PAS 1625 514 deflated
HTCDEU0.TPU 1600 792 deflated
HTCU1.PAS 21641 4902 deflated
HTCU1.TPU 25680 9347 deflated
HTCU2.PAS 13456 3157 deflated
HTCU2.TPU 14240 5904 deflated
HTCU3.PAS 4218 1227 deflated
HTCU3.TPU 4432 2101 deflated
KYBRDU.PAS 17179 3379 deflated
KYBRDU.TPU 10336 4165 deflated
LCD.CFG 71 34 deflated
MAKECFG.EXE 42416 16424 deflated
MAKECFG.PAS 19795 4569 deflated
MAKEDEMO.BAT 72 60 deflated
MAKEMONO.BAT 69 58 deflated
MDA.CFG 71 38 deflated
MOUSU.PAS 25737 3108 deflated
MOUSU.TPU 20976 6012 deflated
PAPER.TXT 32459 9550 deflated
PSPU.PAS 4996 1321 deflated
PSPU.TPU 4352 2094 deflated
QUIT.BAT 5 5 stored
READ.ME 3189 1408 deflated
README.HYP 42800 10934 deflated
README.HYX 1216 521 deflated
README.SRC 20476 7224 deflated
STRFUNCS.PAS 2461 718 deflated
STRFUNCS.TPU 3760 1461 deflated
VIDEOU.PAS 8808 2288 deflated
VIDEOU.TPU 5632 2409 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Thank you for your interest in PC-Hypertext. This diskette contains
three files:

READ.ME You're reading it.
UNPAKPGM.EXE Self-extracting archive file containing the
ready-to-run programs and other files
necessary to use the system.
UNPAKSRC.EXE All source code (written in Pascal under Turbo
Pascal v5.5) for the programs in this package.
UNPAKTXT.EXE Contains the text of the paper which describes the
origins of this package. Some aspects of the
package have changed since the publication of the

If you are not using a color monitor, see the NOTE at the end of this

Extracting the contents of the archives is simple. On a system with
two floppy drives:

Boot the system in the normal way.

Insert this diskette into drive A and a blank, formatted diskette
into drive B.

At the A> prompt, type UNPAKPGM B: and hit return. When the
program finishes, all the necessary programs, files, and
documentation will be on the diskette in drive B.

If you wish to unpack the source code, place another blank,
formatted diskette in drive B and type UNPAKSRC B: and hit return.

Place the diskette containing the programs in drive A, type DEMO,
and hit return.

On a system with a hard drive, you may wish to make a subdirectory for
this package and perhaps another one for the source code. Assuming
you created subdirectories on the C drive called \HYPERTEX and
\HYPERSRC, you would:

Place this diskette in drive A.

Type A:UNPAKPGM C:\HYPERTEX and hit return.

Type A:UNPAKSRC C:\HYPERSRC and hit return.

You can unpack the paper (UNPAKTXT) following either approach.

If you insist on reading linear text, you can print README.SRC. But
beware: Each chunk of text is linear; the arrangement of chunks is
not. You'll have to skip around on your own.

If you encounter problems, feel free to contact the author:

Steve T. Jones
Department of Math and Information Sciences
Indiana University at Kokomo
2300 South Washington Street
Kokomo, IN 46902
(317) 455-9330
[email protected]

I would appreciate hearing about your impressions and in particular
about any useful applications of this software. I welcome suggestions
for POSSIBLE future revisions. Again, thanks for your interest.

NOTE: A monochrome monitor attached to a Monochrome Display Adapter
will work fine. Type MAKEMONO and then run DEMO. The MAKEMONO batch
file will re-compile the README hypertext using the MDA configuration
file. The demo will then look OK.

A monochrome monitor attached to a color adapter may look pretty bad.
I recommend that you run the demo on a color monitor (to see what it
should look like) then run MAKECFG to try to find a set of colors that
will work on your monitor.

MAKEDEMO.BAT will re-compile the database with the color configuration
file, HTC.CFG. This returns it to the orginal condition.

As I noted above, feel free to contact me if you have a problem.

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