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ANIVGA is a powerful toolkit for the animation of sprites using Turbo Pascal 6.0. Includes full source code.
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ANIVGA is a powerful toolkit for the animation of sprites using Turbo Pascal 6.0. Includes full source code.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

ANIVGA (c), 1991
a Sprite-Unit for TurboPascal V6.0
by Kai Rohrbacher
Version 1.0

Hi everybody,

Here it is: my sprite toolkit for TurboPascal6.0 and the VGA's 256 color mode!
Note that this is version 1.0 - so don't mind any errors, but report them to me
to one of the E-Mail addresses below (Internet preferred).
To get the thing up and running, copy the file ANIVGA.PAS to your TPU-directory
and compile it.
I decided to publish the source code for your convenience but it is still copy-
righted by the author (that's me!): these programs are FREEWARE, _not_ PUBLIC
DOMAIN! -- For further informations, see ANIVGA.DOC.

To see whether ANIVGA is what you were looking for, here are some of ANIVGA's
capabilities & restrictions:

- flickerfree animation by a "page-flipping" algorithm and using the
vertical retrace signal
- sprite movement in any increments you want
- arbitrary background image for the animation
- full use of the VGA's 256-color mode
- several sprite display methods available:
- sprites can be written normally (covering underlying figures)
- sprites can be declared to be transparent with regard to the background
or other sprites pixel by pixel
- sprites can change their color depending on the underlying background
image (-> shadow function)
- display methods can be different for each sprite
- pixel precise hit-detection routine built in
- correct clipping of sprites at the screen boundaries
- up to 32767 different sprites
- up to 500 sprites may be simultaneously active
- maximal size of each sprite = 64k
- maximal size of all loaded sprites only restricted by available memory
- works with virtual coordinates in the range -16000..+16000
- thus simple creation of horizontal/vertical "scrolling" games
- scrolling background image, too
- several supporting routines to: drawing lines (with built in clipping-
algorithm), points and graphic-text (incl. clipping), automatic heap
management for loading of sprites, sprite libraries, background images,
processor-speed adjustment,...

What ANIVGA does _not_ support:
- EMS or XMS memory
- resolutions other than 320x200x256

Kai Rohrbacher,
Internet: [email protected]
FIDO : 2:241/7503

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