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Scenery for FS4 at Tampa International Airport.
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Scenery for FS4 at Tampa International Airport.
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Contents of the TAMPA1.TXT file

***** TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA *****


Original File by: Jack W. Tunstill

Enhanced by: --AIM--, a Private Pilot rated with several Instrument hours.
Compuserve User ID 73730,362

Designed using: MSF A&SD and Laemming Wheeler SEE02....

Files included: TAMPA1.SC1
TAMPA1.MOD (Ready on the Parking Area)
STPETE2.MOD (same as above)
TAMPA1.TXT (this file)

Requirements: FS4, A&SD, 640K memory, Set Static Scenery to at least 20K.
SubLOGIC Scenery Disk SD-7 (Florida State)

Recommend: Florida Approach Plate (SE-3), which includes Tampa Bay
Area, Low Enroute Altitude Chart #19 for South Florida
(you could get the above calling Sporty 1-800-543-8633)


If you have already the STPETE1.SC1 on your FS4 directory..delete
it from there because it will conflict with TAMPA1.SC1...and only
left the MOD files (you could use the MOD files with TAMPA1.SC1)

If you don't have STPETE1.SC1 we highly recommend that you download
it from Compuserve, read the text file and get all the mod files
copied to your FS4 directory.

UnZIP and copy all the files included to your FS4 directory, like so:


These coordinates will locate you over the Gate or Ramp area of each
airport (where applicable).


There are all published approaches navaids available for the airports
below...Use NOAA SE-3 approach plate for better navigation & landing!!!

Airport Name Fs Coords Facilities Runways ILS

St Petersburg 11206 VOR 116.4 17L 109.1
18628 NDB 240 Capok 17R (single)
90 heading (engine)
8 altitude
Atis 134.5

Tampa Int'l 11240 VOR 112.2 18R 108.5
18690 NDB 388 Picny 18L 110.3
270 heading NDB 368 Cosme 36L 108.9
27 altitude 36R BC 110.3
Atis 126.45 27

Albert Whitted 11147 No Landing Navaid 18
18663 use from 116.4 a 36
90 heading heading of 158 6
8 altitude 22
Unicom 122.95

Lakeland Regional 11255 VOR 116.0 5 110.1
18885 NDB 227 9
140 heading 23
142 altitude 27
Unicom 122.95

Plan City Muni 11254 VOR 116.0 9
18827 use from 116.4 a 27
180 heading heading of 274
122 altitude
Unicom 123.00

Sarasota Int'l 10986 VOR 115.2 14 111.3
18695 NDB 245 Ringy 32 109.7
140 heading 22
28 altitude
Atis 134.15

MacDill Military 11186 VOR 116.4 4
18704 22
30 heading
14 altitude
Atis 135.05

Clearwater Airpark 11230 15
18598 33
60 heading
78 altitude
Atis 'No Available'


If you found that Tampa Area Runways are superimposed over or
under the new created runways, use Chris Manrique APTFIX.EXE
to erase the original runways from there.

(you could get APTFIX.EXE from Compuserve Gamer's Forum, Lib 12)


One of my favorite approach for St Petersburg Clearwater is the
NORTH BAY VISUAL APPROACH for runway 17L for faster aircrafts
and/or 17R for light one's as published by NOAA.

This is the procedure:

You could take off at any northeast airport, (i.e) Plan City,
Lakeland, but preferably from one to the north like Orlando Int'l
(I usually take off from Orlando Int'l and fly at a heading of
220... you could get this SC1 on Compuserve by the name

First tune to PIE VOR on 116.4 and your ADF to CAPOK NDB 240 then
fly from northeast at a heading between 220 and 300 to intercept
the CAPOK NDB 250 'bearing'...when you have the proper 250 bearing
fly direct to it...use PIE VOR only for DME purpose...
when you are about 15 miles VOR tune it to 190 degree.


Be alert to visual contact with the POWER PLANT right to the east
side of the Bay...don't distract with the bridges to your left and
don't hesitate, be patient the P.PLANT will show in a moment...
Watch your altitude..I recommend a 900 feet for light aircrafts...
reduce your speed when you have the P.PLANT.....when over the it
turn to a heading of you VOR..and tune it to 170...

Wait until you are over the first bridge to turn to your right and
intercept the 170 radial if you want or make the final touchdown

Some ILS may not work properly on certain airports due to repair or
maintenance, etc...If you want some additional fun we recommend
you try the 'OUT OF SERVICE' system and see what happen.


I take the liberty to enhance the Jack W. Tunstill STPETE1 static
scenery (STPETE1.SC1) to make a more beautiful area of it...

I make a mayor repair to the bridges in Tampa Bay and I add many
detail to the area althought I try not to touch the airport design
except for a couple of lines and similar the original file
remain almost intact.

Enjoy the area and send any comments or edited files via Compuserve
to --AIM-- 73730,362.

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