A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows

GAMES Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
!!PUZZLE.ZIP865915Jul 7 1994Over 50 puzzles - Requires S-VGA graphics. Variety of math and word puzzles.
!!Q2PLUS.ZIP251668Apr 19 1994Quatris II+: Award-winning Tetris-variant with 50 shapes, bombs, dynamic-well, game save feature and more! 1st Place Winner of 12th Rockwell Computer Science Competition. Runs well under OS/2 2.x and Windows 3.1. EGA or VG
!1COSMO.ZIP502749Mar 28 1992Meet Cosmo! A new character and game form the folks at Apogee software. Requires a 286 or better. Shareware.
!AQST15.ZIP354525Nov 1 1992Animal Quest 1.5, game by Alive Software Step into the wild world of Nature as a Forest animal. Discover your prey, avoid your predators. Collect energy tokens and survive. A never ending adventure.
!BILLY10.ZIP533822Aug 1 1993Billy the Kid from Alive Software. 256 color 3-D VGA graphics.
!BIPBOP2.ZIP156655Jan 29 1993Excellent new pong type VGA game with great graphics.
!BLAST!.ZIP98241Dec 4 1990Excellent breakout game for EGA/VGA. Very well done, uses mouse.
!CATCH.ZIP109101Jan 12 1993Catch...If You Can! (VGA256 required). A simple, but action packed, addictive game that everyone will enjoy. Supports Sound Blaster.
!CFLAG12.ZIP245574Mar 23 1993Award winning, Capture the Flag game.
!CFLAG13.ZIP250173Aug 21 1993Capture the Flag v1.3 (game).
!ESCAPED.ZIP141292Dec 27 1991Moraff's Escape. Arcade game for VGA/SVGA displays.
!MORJONG.ZIP240654Jul 4 1992Moraff's MoreJong Version 1.0 - decent Mahjongg alternative.
!PAL21.ZIP593383Aug 24 1992A Text adventure for Windows 3.x.
!PUZZLE1.ZIP245017Apr 1 1993Great puzzles just like in Dell magazines. Superior to Dell in MANY ways and lots of NEW types of puzzles, too. Cross Sums - Kriss Kross - Cryptograms All your favorites and more. Part 1 of 3.
!PUZZLE2.ZIP204138Apr 1 1993Great puzzles just like in Dell magazines. Superior to Dell in MANY ways and lots of NEW types of puzzles, too. Cross Sums - Kriss Kross - Cryptograms All your favorites and more. Part 2 of 3.
!PUZZLE3.ZIP285277Apr 1 1993Great puzzles just like in Dell magazines. Superior to Dell in MANY ways and lots of NEW types of puzzles, too. Cross Sums - Kriss Kross - Cryptograms All your favorites and more. Part 3 of 3.
!PUZZLES.ZIP733719Mar 1 1993Great puzzles just like in Dell magazines.
!SBLAST.ZIP67545Sep 25 1992Moraff's Super Blast -- Continuation of Moraff's Blast, which is a fancy break-out game that will run in HGC to SVGA graphics cards.
!SODMAPS.ZIP39131Feb 13 1993Spear of Destiny; cheat mode & all 21 maps.
!STORM1.ZIP414351Jun 23 1993Space Chase starring Jason Storm. Arcade game.
!UNFORG1.ZIP437911Apr 26 1993Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven, Module I, Version 1.0.
!WORLD4!.ZIP233598Apr 28 1992Moraf's World. This is a VGA Dungeons and Dragons game with 4 windows displayed showing E-W-N-S views as you move along with an expanding map.
!WORLD5.ZIP232747Sep 25 1992Moraff's World is the ultimate dungeon game. Full 3D graphics with support for Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA to 1024x768 resolution. Mouse & online help. Moraff's World version 5.
#19PWAD.ZIP566994Jul 16 1994A collection of DOOM Wad files.
#1AGENT.ZIP215590Feb 4 1992Secret Agent, newest Apogee graphic arcade game, great as usual.
#1ARTIC.ZIP97787Dec 4 1991Arctic adventure game of movement and puzzle solving. Sequel to Pharaoh's Tomb. Requires EGA/VGA.
#1BASH.ZIP959831Apr 10 1993Monster Bash. A new game from Apogee.
#1BIO11.ZIP637192Aug 24 1993Apogee Game - Bio Menace V1.1 - Fixes some bugs in #1bio (V1.0).
#1BLAKE.ZIP1277732Dec 1 1993Latest game from Apogee like Wolf 3D.
#1BOP11A.ZIP471226Dec 16 1994Apogee's Newest - Boppin v1.1 Shareware Episode - Requires 386/25 with 2 megs memory, and VGA. Sound Cards Optionally Supported. Disk 1 of 3.
#1BOP11B.ZIP441349Dec 16 1994Apogee's Latest - Boppin v1.1 Shareware Episode - Disk 2 of 3.
#1BOP11C.ZIP439560Dec 16 1994Apogee's Latest - Boppin v1.1 Shareware Episode - Disk 3 of 3.
#1BS21.ZIP1408448Jul 1 1994Blake Stone 3D 2.1 - New From Apogee Lattest Wolf-3D look alike.
#1COMIX.ZIP720238Feb 10 1993Trial version of HyperComix - Collector's Issue # 1 "Lance Stone: Trouble At The Woz". VGA electronic comic book featuring spot animation, sound effcts and branching plot lines. Cyberpunk thriller set in 21st century Los A
#1CRYSTL.ZIP194180Oct 23 1991Latest Game From Apogee - Nice Graphics 10/91.
#1DARK.ZIP153315Feb 1 1991You are the Prince of the Great Kingdom. Great adventure-type game.
#1DRAGON.ZIP168536May 4 1992DRAGONS SHARD. Version 1.8. EGA/VGA fantasy role playing game. You become a crusader against the evil that has inhabited Terradyne.
#1DUKE.ZIP268312Aug 1 1991Duke Nukem is an arcade/adventure game from Apogee.
#1EMP20.ZIP240594Sep 10 1992World Empire - Risk style game version 2 - EGA or higher - real map of the world. Very good.
#1GTIX.ZIP541346Feb 5 1992Excellent shareware game. Arcade style. Supports mouse, joystick, or keyboard. Also support ADLIB or SOUNDBLASTER. VGA 256 color.
#1HC.ZIP155694Nov 27 1992Hoosier City arcade game. Intrigue abounds in this engrossing new action/adventure game. Track down and conquer the formidable dragon to drive the fierce invaders from Hoosier City.
#1HH12.ZIP1294429Nov 7 1993Harry Halloween. New Game from APOGEE. 256 VGA. Really fun. This game is large 3 megs of graphics. It has great Sound Blaster Sound.
#1HOCUS.ZIP912856Jun 1 1994Hocus Pocus. From Apogee (Duke Nukem, et.al.). Soundblaster and other support. Great new game.
#1JMAN.ZIP102092Jun 1 1991Apogee Software's newest game Jump Man, many levels, requires color.
#1KEENV.ZIP660605Dec 22 1992COMMANDER KEEN in "Goodby Galaxy". Beautiful graphics & incredibly smooth animation by Apogee.
#1KEENV3.ZIP180268Jan 23 1991Commander Keen takes on Mars. Very nice graphical adventure game.
#1MAJR14.ZIP566589Feb 20 1993Major Stryker by Apogee. Triple parallax scrolling sets this action shoot 'em up game apart from any other. EGA/VGA graphics, joystick, AdLib & Sound Blaster supported. Incredible 3-D illusion of depth.
#1MARS.ZIP96284Nov 10 1990Neat adventure game taking place on the surface of Mars. Good graphics.
#1MATH.ZIP423350Nov 1 1992Like Word rescue game but better from Apogee.
#1MT-A.ZIP388576Jul 15 1994MYSTIC TOWERS v1.1 by APOGEE (VGA). Part 1 of 3.
#1MT-B.ZIP427445Jul 15 1994MYSTIC TOWERS v1.1 by APOGEE (VGA). Part 2 of 3.
#1MT-C.ZIP388952Jul 15 1994MYSTIC TOWERS v1.1 by APOGEE (VGA). Part 3 of 3.
#1PAGA.ZIP310927Nov 1 1991Arcade/strategy game from Apogee. Incredible graphics.
#1PTOMB6.ZIP73287Mar 1 1991Pharoah's Tomb graphical adventure from Apogee.
#1RESCUE.ZIP356957Mar 20 1992New adventure game RESCUE from Apogee.
#1THOR.ZIP69899Aug 10 1990The Caverns of Thor adventure game. Great graphics.
#1TREK.ZIP43392Apr 22 1990Star Trek The Original Series trivia Game.
#1WACKY.ZIP1663182Oct 17 1994A high speed, full screen, VGA, point-of-view racing game. One and two player modes, modem and serial support. 386+ and 2 megs. Kids and adults. Great animation and sound. From the folks at Apogee.
#1WOLF14.ZIP745669Dec 22 1992Castle Wolfenstein, a 3D shoot-'em-up with plenty of gore from Apogee. Fast-paced action, requires at least a 286 to run. Easily commercial quality.
#6KEEN.ZIP364212Dec 11 1991Commander Keen #6 - working demo - pretty arcade adventure game.
$BRIX.ZIP308743Nov 26 1992BRIX: New EPIC MEGAGAMES 256-color action puzzle game. Featuring 112 levels of mega VGA excitement, Sound Blaster music and digital sound, and 100% pure FUN.
$KENLABY.ZIP795968Jun 28 19933-D action/adventure maze game with sound board support.
$KILO.ZIP533691Aug 13 1992Kiloblaster Game from Epic Megagames EGA/VGA.
$PINBALL.ZIP707744Oct 28 1993Very good pinball action game from Epic Megagames.
$SOLAR.ZIP483777Mar 1 1993Solar Winds (Episode 1, The Escape) is a beautiful 256-color game from Epic MegaGames that combines smooth arcade action with strategy and an ever-developing story. With cinematic animation & music.
$XARGON.ZIP556855Jan 4 1994New Game from Epic Megagames, like Jill of the Jungle.
$ZONE66.ZIP1013411Mar 13 1993ZONE 66. Ultra action 32-bit arcade game of mayhem and destruction from EPIC MEGAGAMES and RENAISSANCE.
$ZONE66G.ZIP303865Mar 13 1993ZONE 66. Add-on Gravis Ultrasound musical sound track for Zone 66.
10MF2097.ZIP2741476Oct 31 1994Biggest shareware game available by Epic Megagames.
11INHELL.ZIP40002Apr 2 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
11SPACE.ZIP53310Jun 25 1994A cool WAD file for Doom.
13OUT.ZIP50681Jul 1 1992Windows based solitaire game.
1946II.ZIP57807Dec 7 1941Add additional planes to Aces of the Pacific 1946 expansion.
1993-NFL.ZIP46493Jun 21 19931993 NFL schedule and recorded keeping system. Predict game results.
1993TRIS.ZIP87128Oct 23 19941993 TRIS: Great TETRIS-TYPE GAME with a different twist. This time you have to kill flies. You can also use 18 different weapons. It's much more challenging than TETRIS. Version 6.02. From Ninano Software.
1994POOL.ZIP616433Nov 1 19941994 POOL 6.01: This exciting billiard pool game is like nothing you've seen Each level has cool objects such as dragon, helicopter, bombs, fireballs, UFO, etc. Uses advanced physics, vector calculus & CAGD. Req. 386+, VGA
1995CARD.ZIP456467Nov 1 1994FLOWER CARD 6.02: If you're looking for a totally *new*, different, and exciting card game, try this very popular game played by almost all 150 million Japanese, Koreans, and many Americans as well. Very easy to learn. Fro
1BANDIT1.ZIP98218Aug 17 1991The One Arm Bandit is a program that will provide the User with one of the best Slot Machine simulations available anywhere.
1MSTFALL.ZIP307726May 18 1993One Must Fall - Great arcade action.
1POKER14.ZIP50025Sep 7 1991Poker Solitaire. A more playable version of a very addicting game.
1ROTT.ZIP3890160Dec 21 1994Rise of the Triad shareware version. Apogee's newest release. A DOOM like game.
1SHADOW.ZIP795242Oct 26 1994MVP Software - ShadowForce - Futuristic Adventure Game - Vga/SB Support.
1_ON_1.ZIP89326Jun 19 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
21.ZIP21989Dec 3 1993BlackJack with C source code.
21TUTOR.ZIP36992Dec 22 1989Very nice Black Jack game. Includes a built-in tutor that can help you prepare for the real casinos.
3D-TREK.ZIP161067Apr 10 1988A great 3d star trek game.
3DLEVELS.ZIP14442May 12 1992Maps to all 10 levels of Wolfenstien.
3PIRADA.ZIP151351Jun 9 1992Three outstanding cards games (EGA/VGA). Uses mouse, has sound. Blackjack and Draw Poker style.
3POINT.ZIP650181Nov 30 19933 Point BasketBall game with Sound support.
4CARD_10.ZIP38094Nov 20 1990A simple 4-Card Solitaire card game.
4DUKE.ZIP1118457Dec 1 1993Duke Nukem II from Apogee - Story 4/6 in the continuing story of Duke Nukem.
6LTR20.ZIP58488Feb 5 1989Challenging, enjoyable word game.
747.ZIP474Jun 23 1988A 747 for AFS..good!.
757AA.ZIP30135Feb 2 1993A Boeing 757 aircraft for flight simulator 4.
777.ZIP56511Apr 27 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
7STUD.ZIP61337Apr 26 1989Seven card stud poker. Good graphics.
93ROSHB3.ZIP21515Mar 28 1993This is the 1992 major league data file for Hardball III.
9SOLGAM.ZIP156931Jan 21 1990A set of 9 solitaire games.
A-10.ZIP24335Feb 8 1993Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
A-6NMP.ZIP25457Nov 30 1992A-6 Intruder - All Weather Navy Bomber for Flight Simulator 4.0.
A10HINTS.ZIP2134Mar 1 1990Hints for more points in Dynamix' A-10 Tank Killer.
A2-PUZZL.ZIP10439Mar 13 1988A puzzle for bridge players.
A340-3.ZIP25552Nov 3 1992Airbus A340-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
AA727.ZIP32649Jan 6 1993Flight Simulator 4.0 Boeing 727 module.
AAALIFE.ZIP41079Jul 12 1989Very fast version of Conway's Life. Supports CGA/EGA/VGA/HERC.
ABUSE.ZIP53392Mar 8 1992ABUSE TradeWars. Program to give you the edge.
ABUSE11.ZIP201707May 26 1993ABUSE! Version 1.1 Generates colorful language from a database of thousands of phrases. DOS 3.0+, 256K. Pastes to word processor, off reader or communications program. Vocabulary is approximately PG-rated; stronger vers
AC767.ZIP35703Jan 4 1993Air Canada 767 for Flight Simulator 4.0.
ACHKV11.ZIP543540Oct 22 1993This is a 3D checkers game from SOFTWARE CREATIONS. Really nice stuff. This allows only human play; register and you get to play 'CRANIAC'.
ACLUSL11.ZIP74901Jul 6 1991A game which combines elements of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit. The goal is to solve a puzzle by guessing the letters which comprise it.
ACQUIRE.ZIP38939Feb 2 1988Game of Hotel Monopolies.
ACROSTIX.ZIP49416Jan 19 1992A nice word puzzle. Can add your own words and discriptions.
ADVENMAZ.ZIP86401May 2 1991Mission Maze v1.0 space adventure game.
ADVENT2.ZIP108556Apr 12 1988Biggest Adventure (Colousal Cave) yet. Quite good. 550 point versoin.
ADVENT_.ZIP113172May 31 1986The Origonal Colossus Adventure Advent, with C source code.
AFRICA.ZIP81644Jan 18 1988Reenactment of WWII campaign in N. Africa.
AFSEDIT.ZIP36722Feb 1 1988Design your own plane & flight characteristics for Advanced Flight Train.
AFT3A.ZIP272527Feb 7 1995A AirBus 300 (an Airliner) IFR Flight Simulator for Windows. Demo.
AFTMAP.ZIP56409Apr 23 1988Excellent map file editor for Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator/Trainer. Design your own world.
AGGR12.ZIP125643Oct 28 1991Electronic Aggravation. Functions like the board game, from 2-6 players. Play others or the computer. VGA/Mouse required.
AGGRESS.ZIP76644Aug 12 1990Aggression - board game similar to checkers. Mouse required.
AGRAVATE.ZIP36570Dec 18 1989Board game, 2-4 players, move four marbles from base to home.
AGT17.ZIP277584May 19 1994Adventure Game Toolkit - Version 1.7. Create your very own text adventure games with this easy-to-use "authoring system" which can be used to make games as professional as those from INFOCOM and others. 384K memory neede
AGTNUM.ZIP35143Jun 15 1990AGTNUM - Version 1.08 - The Adventure Game Toolkit (AGT) Number Manager (AGTNUM) "pre-compiler" It is intended to simplify the creation and maintenance of the rooms, nouns, creatures, commands, and messages (and the relati
AH-1.ZIP24110Feb 8 1993Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
AIRLIFT.ZIP68473Sep 25 1991A game where you rescue M.I.A. in a helicopter.
AIRLINER.ZIP354472Apr 5 1993A collection of many different types of airliners for Flight simulator 4.
AIRPLANE.ZIP57065Aug 13 1987Makes airplanes on paper, just print and fold, and off they go!!!.
AIRPTS11.ZIP57744Nov 23 1993Misc. airport data for Flight Simulator 4 and 5.
ALDO12.ZIP22589Mar 18 1990Excellent Kong type of game, must have EGA.
ALDO3.ZIP28979Nov 21 1991Aldo 3 - sequel to Aldo 2, nice VGA graphics game.
ALICE-AI.ZIP8450Apr 4 1993Alice, an Artificial Intelligence program. A more advanced version of SAL10000 (SAL10000.ZIP), She can handle up to 4 people at once, and even remembers you when you come back later! Written by Robert Deutsch, Jr.
ALIEN102.ZIP213250Jul 8 1993Arcade Space Invader Game for Windows.
ALIENVGA.ZIP148661Aug 6 1989A interesting alien invader game for VGA.
ALIENZ.ZIP37089Jan 5 1988Alien/Z Aliens (c) Based game. Excellent. Needs 8087 Coprocessor. Like H.
ALNPOK11.ZIP124333Jul 21 1993Alien Poker v1.1 - Play 5 card draw poker against different alien opponents.
ALONESOL.ZIP5864Mar 21 1993Alone in the Dark Solution.
ALPHABET.ZIP4894Sep 27 1990Alphabet and Numbers tiles for Mahjongg 3.3 or higher. Ideal for small children.
ALPHAMAN.ZIP102059Oct 3 1992ALPHA MAN version 1.0. Requires EGA/VGA A fun-filled strategy logic game. Use Alpha Man to push your letter blocks into the proper places on the game board to solve each of the 25 puzzles.
ALVSHARK.ZIP150387Jan 12 1991VGA version of an underwater action/adventure game, different.
AMADO.ZIP51331Feb 17 1990Interesting brain-teaser type game.
AMAZE.ZIP7383Jul 17 1989Maze game with Turbo Pascal V4.0+ source.
AMAZE200.ZIP33336Jan 16 1990This amusing little program draws mazes on your screen.
AMERICA3.ZIP41625Aug 28 1990EGA/VGA demo of fireworks done very nicely. Interactively change the number of particles and explosions. Try it with the lights out!
AMS.ZIP130024Mar 27 1989An excellent Apollo Lunar Lander simulation. This simulation is very accurate and complete. Quite interesting for space buffs.
ANACREO2.ZIP151048Jul 13 1988Role-Playing game of Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021, a game system set in a dark future governed by the shades of Clausewitz and Machiavelli.
ANAGRAM.ZIP743Sep 7 1992Forms anagrams of given word (in <500 bytes, including help and error text).
ANC-AK.ZIP33195Mar 11 1991Flight simulator scenery of Ankorage, Alaska.
ANCNTS12.ZIP340310Jan 30 1992Quest of the Ancients I: The Deathwatch, version 1.2 3-D fantasy role-playing game which takes place in the city of Locklaven. A number of quests must be solved to complete the game. needs mouse, VGA, 1.5M disk space.
ANTHEMS.ZIP18366May 8 1989Plays 5 American Patriotic Anthems. Pretty good quality.
ANTHLL.ZIP55822Jul 30 1991A graphics game. You gather ant eggs and other items in the ant hill. Many levels of play.
ANTISPEL.ZIP5248Oct 2 1992The Anti-Speller!! A text converter. The opposite of a spell-checker, this absolutely obliterates your spelling! Pretty funny! UL'ed by author.
ANTIX.ZIP17530Oct 16 1988Different Game. Arcade type, similiar to arcade game called TWIX.
ANTRUN12.ZIP138227Dec 1 1993Ant Run v1.2 Req.EGA/VGA & Mouse Race against the clock as you rotate tunnels for the ant to run through.
ANYLEVEL.ZIP20264Jul 2 1990Play any level of Prince of Persia, add extended time to game, read many hints about the different levels, full documentation for Prince of Persia.
AOEREAL.ZIP60784Jan 16 1994Make Aces over Europe by Dynamix more realistic. Amazingly, this doesn't require any changes to your existing program files. Just add the appropriate file to your AOE directory, and viola, you have flights of 6 US planes
AOTEAR.ZIP126654Jul 25 1991Jack Nicklaus golf course.
APEX10.ZIP21275Oct 13 1991Fake terminal program. Completely harmless, looks real. Allows you to pretend to log onto government computers and hack your way through to final launch sequence. Great practical joke program.
APGCHT.ZIP2843Aug 17 1992How to cheat at Apogee games.
APOGEE_C.ZIP2858Aug 17 1992Codes for a bunch of apogee games.
APP_ORG.ZIP82000Jan 10 1992Apples & Oranges is an othello type strategy board game.
APRIL.ZIP2048Mar 14 1987This program is a great joke to play on your friends. It will flip your screen upside down and give a phony C> prompt.
AQUALITE.ZIP29115Jul 21 1990Program for establishing proper aquarium lighting in the home aquarium. For serious aquarists.
AQUAMAN.ZIP125136Mar 1 1993Aquaman is a pretty neat game, swimmer has to beat the clock, VGA.
AQUAN135.ZIP138632Apr 3 1993AQUANOID (Version 1.35) game for DOS. This is the classic breakout game aka bricks, in which you try to hit all the bricks with the ball, while keeping the ball in play with your paddle.
ARGH40.ZIP52017Aug 20 1990Several sliding tile puzzles. Some include solutions.
ARKEGA.ZIP123246Jul 3 1990Arkanoid for EGA, can use mouse with it.
ASDROT.ZIP32206Nov 5 1992Utility to rotate Flight Sim IV scenery around a user-input coordinate.
ASLGE15A.ZIP49815May 4 1990ASL_GEN is a program to generate random scenarios for the Avalon Hill board game Advanced Squad Leader.
ASP.ZIP23334Dec 29 1988Fun, addictive rendering of the old "Snake" variety of games (from the old school of computer games). Quite good.
ASTLIT12.ZIP137527Jul 26 1993Astro-Lite 1.2 is a Windows program that will pop up each morning and give you your horoscope for the day, in either a serious or funny version. Req. Windows 3.1 & '386+.
ASTRAT20.ZIP79870Jan 10 1992StratSys v2.0, 2-player strategy combat game, requires VGA and mouse. Very flexible design with infinite possible game scenarios. Comes with 4 scenarios (including civil war and robot wars). Expansion sets are available.
ASTRATL2.ZIP20656Jan 10 1992StratSys library expansion set 2. Contains 8 scenarios including revivsions of the 4 in library set 1. Requires StratSys v2.0 (ASTRAT20.ZIP).
ASTRO.ZIP206393Dec 16 1987Know your astrological fortunes.
ASTRO95.ZIP147852Jun 24 1988An excellent astrology program. Calculates horoscopes, and allows you to plot these for several people at a time.
ASTROW.ZIP530519Mar 5 1993Astrology Program for Windows 3.x that helps create and interpret natal charts, casts, and planetary relationships.
ASYLUM10.ZIP265671Aug 6 1993"Asylum" 5 puzzles for Windows.
AT-SLOW.ZIP1764Jun 24 1986Slow's down fast machines for games.
ATCEGA.ZIP122244Jun 18 1988Air traffic controller simulator.
ATCWIN.ZIP470175Oct 13 1993Air Traffic Control For Windows.
ATLANT0.ZIP113771Jan 21 1991Jack Nicklaus golf course.
ATLANTIS.ZIP129033Jun 3 1990The game of Atlantis. Similiar to the classic board game Risk.
ATMIS.ZIP7248May 26 1993Anti-Terrorist "Red Flag" campaign for Falcon 3.
ATROBS10.ZIP103665Feb 16 1992Advanced T-Robots v1.0. Allows you to program robots to fight using simple programming language. Language resembles assembly but easier. Supports most graphics adapters (CGA, EGA, VGA, hercules, MCGA, etc). Great for compe
AUDIOLAB.ZIP24233Jun 20 1986Stat's for your stereo.
AUGUST.ZIP140134Apr 16 1991Augusta "Masters" course for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf. A great design downloaded originally from the Accolade BBS.
AUGUSTA.ZIP25918Feb 28 1986Mean 18 golf course.
AUTO301.ZIP43266Dec 4 1993Auto factory/mine builder for VGA Planets v3.x.
AUTOTAO.ZIP20327Sep 7 1991This is a fun program for printing funky programming quotes.
AV.ZIP25331Nov 18 1988Very entertaining arcade-style volleyball game, 2-player or player vs. computer.
AVARIC.ZIP305837Aug 5 1992Avaricius - Action arcade game from Thorsoft of England. Fast paced complex action and full color graphics. By one of England's top game programmers.
AW30.ZIP135186Oct 26 1991Adventure Writer was designed to make a Gamemasters life easier while creating adventures & campaigns.
B1B.ZIP31945Dec 9 1992B1-B bomber for Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0.
B2.ZIP26273Oct 31 1992B2 Stealth Bomber for Flight Simulator 4.0.
B737.ZIP29018Nov 15 1992Flight Simulator 4.0 Boeing 737-500 module.
BACS140.ZIP52350Apr 21 1992Binary Armageddon. A game in which you write programs to battle one another in the memory core. Similar to CoreWars. EGA/VGA required. Supports limited use of Redcode programs. Great for competitions. Version 1.4.
BAF24.ZIP162412Jun 27 1992The Build-A-Fish program allows the user to define physical attributes of a fish and then the computer displays the fish.
BAFFLE.ZIP8355Jul 9 1990Laser beam game. Find where the deflector is located.
BALGAME.ZIP239876Dec 25 1992BALL GAME II is a VGA game to manipulate a ball around a sort of maze collecting "gems" and once all gems are collected, exit on to the next level of play.
BALLCLIM.ZIP5248Apr 13 1993Windows 3.x Ball Climb game.
BALLON11.ZIP96433Oct 1 1993Nice game - objective is to make ballons go as high as possible. Player must avoid hurricanes, wires, etc.
BALLOONZ.ZIP141477Jan 3 1993Balloon arcade game, supports Sound Blaster.
BALLRACE.ZIP27958Aug 8 1988Great ball racing game...can be played over modem.
BALLY.ZIP267112Oct 24 1992Ballybunion golf course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
BANANOID.ZIP48790Apr 24 1989A great VGA pinball game with full mouse support.
BANAZOID.ZIP35922Apr 24 1989VGA breakout-type game, fast paced, and a lot of fun.
BANDOR-1.ZIP321288Oct 27 1992BANDOR is the first part of a D&D trilogy that features 3-D viewing, VGA graphics, mouse & SoundBlaster support. Requires mouse, 2.5 MB free on hard drive, and 580KB RAM. Sound card optional. Part 1 of 4.
BANDOR-2.ZIP237946Oct 27 1992BANDOR is the first part of a D&D trilogy that features 3-D viewing, VGA graphics, mouse & SoundBlaster support. Requires mouse, 2.5 MB free on hard drive, and 580KB RAM. Sound card optional. Part 2 of 4.
BANDOR-3.ZIP321487Oct 27 1992BANDOR is the first part of a D&D trilogy that features 3-D viewing, VGA graphics, mouse & SoundBlaster support. Requires mouse, 2.5 MB free on hard drive, and 580KB RAM. Sound card optional. Part 3 of 4.
BANDOR-4.ZIP333978Oct 27 1992BANDOR is the first part of a D&D trilogy that features 3-D viewing, VGA graphics, mouse & SoundBlaster support. Requires mouse, 2.5 MB free on hard drive, and 580KB RAM. Sound card optional. Part 4 of 4.
BANEPRT.ZIP15971Dec 24 1990Program to print out Wizardry VI characters. Useful if you play it.
BANF.ZIP234112May 22 1992Banff Springs golf course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
BANYON.ZIP109049Jun 27 1990Banyon Wars. Excellent Risk-type clone. Very addictive.
BAR.ZIP5922Oct 14 1988Bartender's guide W/ASM source for updates!.
BARDUTIL.ZIP23539May 13 1988Edit "Bard's Tale" characters and Garth's Equipment Shop inventory. Very.
BARON1.ZIP346615May 19 1993Baron Baldric v1.0 arcade game with excellent graphics and sound.
BASEBAL.ZIP89746Sep 10 1987Simple text-based basesball game. You play the manager.
BASEBALL.ZIP80946Oct 11 1989A text based computer baseball game. Simple, but fun to play.
BASECARD.ZIP190241May 14 1991BaseBall Card tracking system/database.
BASEL.ZIP83345Mar 3 1988Simple Shareware Baseball game.
BASHFIX3.ZIP75723Apr 26 1993The latest bug fix from Apogee for Monster Bash, their latest game.
BASSLAK1.ZIP5099Nov 11 1989Lakes for Bass Tour version 4.0 (1-6).
BASSLAK2.ZIP5037Dec 9 1989Lakes for Bass Tour verion 4.0 (2-6).
BASSLAK3.ZIP1619Jan 20 1990Lakes for Bass Tour version 4.0 (3-6).
BASSLAK4.ZIP2259Jan 25 1990Lakes for Bass Tour version 4.0 (4-6).
BASSLAK5.ZIP5330Jan 19 1990Lakes for Bass Tour version 4.0 (5-6).
BASSMA.ZIP72239May 25 1989Create and edit maps for Bass Tour, fishing simulator.
BATFIXH.ZIP95911Aug 24 1992Batfish is a submarine warfare game.
BATLS23.ZIP158795Oct 28 1991The game of battleship, requires VGA and mouse.
BATPLANE.ZIP563May 11 1991Bat Plane for FS4.
BATRON11.ZIP43290May 3 1989Banatron arcade game for 2 players. Just like the old Tron game.
BATS20.ZIP377139Jan 12 1994An interesting VGA/SB space shoot-em-up. Worth a try.
BATTLE.ZIP17440Dec 24 1990A simple one-player Battleship game.
BBALLS.ZIP75770Mar 1 1994Light hearted game using balls.
BBALLTM.ZIP100745Feb 15 1992Test your Baseball knowledge with this Baseball Trivia Game.
BBARNEY.ZIP50189Oct 22 1993Bonk Barney for Windows 3.1.
BBPSCAN.ZIP21673Dec 5 1989The Byte Brothers parody of virus file scanners.
BBTRIVIA.ZIP115308Jun 3 1993Baseball Trivia Game.
BCLASS14.ZIP175283Oct 2 1992Version 1.4 of Dick Olsen's Bass Class fishing game and tutorial. Great user interface, lots of lures to choose from, six areas to fish, and six rods to use. On screen glossary, tips, and help.
BDAY.ZIP30060Dec 20 1989Quick & Easy way to remember birthdays, and other special days.
BDCRIBGE.ZIP159180Mar 6 1994Black Dog Cribbage Windows card game.
BDD150.ZIP124675Oct 14 1993Battles in a Distant Desert v1.50: MS-Windows strategy game that consists of a collection of battles which could have taken place during Operation Desert Storm; PC speaker and multimedia-compatible sound card support.
BDGAMES.ZIP143753Apr 21 1991Collection of box games. Good for 6-9 years old.
BDP100.ZIP130915Feb 1 1992Battle on Distant Planets warfare game with SoundBlaster support.
BDUEL121.ZIP190961Oct 1 1992Bass Duel: Fishing simulator/game.
BDYPARTS.ZIP6570Apr 12 1990MahJongg 3.4 tile set - Body Parts.
BEAST.ZIP11610Mar 21 1989Tiny text-mode arcade type game. Like TWONKY and PAC-man.
BEETRIS.ZIP52832Mar 4 1992Bee-tris is a VGA game like Tetris, only based on hexagons instead, with an array of unusual shapes. Not just another Tetris clone, this one's worth a look.
BEGIN165.ZIP92191Feb 22 1989Latest version of a great Star Ship simulation. This is a must have.
BERNIES2.ZIP653Oct 5 1991Track file for "STUNTS".
BESTZZT.ZIP147113May 23 1992Two maze games from Epic Mega Games.
BGAMMON.ZIP36043Jun 7 1987Good backgammon game.
BIBLEQ.ZIP29220Apr 7 1990"BIBLEQ" is a trivia-type game with 1000 multiple-choice questions drawn from the Bible.
BIBLEV.ZIP21761Apr 29 1990Display "Bible Verse of the Day" on boot up or other times.
BIBLEVRS.ZIP21611Nov 26 1992Displays a Bible verse of the day.
BIG3.ZIP218075Oct 29 1989VGA Color Graphics. Basic internal Speaker sound. WWII strategy war game.
BIGBALL.ZIP983Nov 16 1993Gives unlimited balls for pinball by Epic.
BIGCLOCK.ZIP5957Oct 26 1986Displays a large digital clock, includes full C source.
BILLIA.ZIP46795Oct 15 1988The game of Billiards.
BILLNOSE.ZIP272361Jun 13 1994Bill Clintons nose morphs like pinnochio. You need windows to run this, requires VBRUN13.dll which is included.
BIO.ZIP18251Sep 14 1986Simple biorhythms program, includes Turbo Pascal source code.
BIO302.ZIP36840Nov 2 1989A simple Biorhythm program with good graphics.
BIO991.ZIP37131Sep 17 1991BIO-CAL Version 9.91 is the latest release of this popular Shareware program from Sierra Consultants. Determines Bio-rhythms.
BIORH.ZIP38048Apr 21 1992IBM EGA+ Biorhythm Plotter. A first shareware effort, but pretty cool.
BIORHYTH.ZIP38072Nov 2 1991Simple IBM EGA+ Biorhythm Calculator & Plotter.
BJ250.ZIP173563Aug 21 1994Very nice game of BlackJack. Includes a mode that improves your skills at card counting. Requires EGA or better.
BJKTRAIN.ZIP51875Mar 1 1992Blackjack training program. Teaches you how to play better.
BLAB110.ZIP27516Oct 2 1992Nonsense v1.1 (aka Blab). A text generator, and is the sibling to Quick-Quotes. Generates endless text randomly, and takes it's input from any ascii files you want!! Try a mix of source code and shakespear!.
BLAIR3.ZIP58768Jun 23 1989Strange adventure game from Blair High School.
BLBBASK.ZIP113009Feb 14 1989Basketball Simulation. (Hint. For C drive use ASSIGN a=c,b=c).
BLCKSQD.ZIP123923Apr 12 1993Add-on mission for X-Wing game. "Black Squadron".
BLNWAR.ZIP135451Nov 17 1992BLIND WARS version 1.0. Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse. Blind Wars is a strategy war game where the object is to conquer all the cities on the game board.
BLOCKADE.ZIP26052Oct 14 1987Blockade is a real-time territory control action game for 1 to 2 humans against up to 5 computer players. Similiar to Tron.
BLOCKS.ZIP20092Aug 5 1991Tetris-like game of falling blocks. Includes C source.
BLOXIT.ZIP87249Feb 17 1993Bloxit v1.0. Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse. Soleau Software has added another exciting strategy logic game to its logic game series. The objective is to rotate and place ten oddly shaped tiles onto a puzzle board that they all
BLUEBALL.ZIP35556Aug 22 1989The object of BLUEBALLS is to hit all three blue balls on each level without running into the walls or your trail of red balls.
BLUELA.ZIP143884Sep 22 1991Jack Nicklaus golf course.
BOB20.ZIP137980May 27 1993CONSTRUCTION BOB IN THE BOUNCING FACTORY. Help Construction Bob as he bounces and bounces to make items for the Bouncing Factory. Features excellent VGA graphics, 50 exciting levels of non-stop bouncing action, and great
BOBFLTS.ZIP8370May 20 1991Custom missions for Lucasfilm game "Battle of Britain-Their Finest Hour".
BODYCNT1.ZIP1107685Nov 22 1994Operation: BODY COUNT Disk 1/2 3-D action with real life situations such as terrorists sleeping on the floor, drinking at bars, etc.
BODYCNT2.ZIP962775Nov 22 1994Operation: BODY COUNT Disk 2/2 3-D action with real life situations such as terrorists sleeping on the floor, drinking at bars, etc.
BOGGLED.ZIP112464Oct 30 1991Version of the classic Parker Brothers boardgame "Boggle". You play against the computer, which has a "vocabulary" of 32,00 words. The object of the game is to find the most words within 16 randomly arranged tiles. EGA
BOLO3.ZIP103586Apr 1 1993Another great strategy game from William Soleau.
BOLOBALL.ZIP82412Jan 21 1992Push 29 balls down the bottom of a maze; from the author of BOLO and BOLO2.
BOLOBOX.ZIP91491Apr 23 1993Soleau Software's game of changing colored tiles.
BOMB32.ZIP229890Jul 4 1992An excellent tank war game for up to 10 players.
BONZO.ZIP121118Feb 19 1987A nice trivia and poker game similiar to the type you find in bars.
BOOG10A.ZIP62941Jun 7 1991VGA version of boggle that requires a mouse.
BOOGDX.ZIP48457Sep 27 1992Boggle Deluxe - word game.
BOPB11PT.ZIP290649Dec 10 1994Boppin v1.1 Basic Patch Update - Updates a registered version of "Basic Boppin v1.0" to v1.1.
BOPS11PT.ZIP302131Dec 10 1994Boppin v1.1 Super Patch Update - Updates a registered version of "Super Boppin v1.0" to v1.1.
BORN206.ZIP317294Aug 14 1993Find out what happened on the day you were born.
BOT11.ZIP65468Jun 23 1991"Bot" v1.1. Program robots to fight one another using a numeric flowchart, great for competitions. MCGA, EGA, VGA. If not using MCGA, download RBOT10.ZIP (Bot 2).
BOUNCE.ZIP37409Oct 17 1994Exellent action game. EGA/VGA required, medium speed computer recommended. This is the BEST GAME yet by Semion Bezrukov, The Mochka.
BOUNDRY.ZIP42073Jan 11 1990Determine where to optimally place your stereo speakers.
BOXER10.ZIP106458Feb 12 1989A very realistic boxing game using real-life fighters.
BOXFREE.ZIP52102Nov 18 1987An Arcadian Wizards (arcade-type) game.
BPM21.ZIP43574Jul 1 1990This is BPM (version 2.1), a program designed to help disk jockeys and anyone else measure the tempo of recordings.
BRAINJ15.ZIP42736Jun 8 1993BRAIN JAM (Version 1.5) Game for Windows. Brain Jam is a solitaire card game that looks easier than it really is. Good luck winning this one.
BRAINS.ZIP67860Aug 15 1987Great memory challenging olympics.
BRAINSCP.ZIP80687Feb 13 1987Learn Neurology, very educational, good game.
BRDG.ZIP220003Jul 29 1994MVP Bridge by MVP Software . If you like to play Bridge, or you would like to learn, MVP Bridge is for you. Featuring nice VGA graphics, Sound Blaster support, and strong play.
BREACH2.ZIP4349Sep 9 1991This is a scenario file for the game Breach 2. Enter the Mafia fortress and rescue the prisoners.
BRIDGETU.ZIP113196Jun 16 1987A good bridge tutor/playing routine.
BRIDGPAL.ZIP123853Apr 23 1990Bridgepal - play bridge against the computer.
BRIX.ZIP32146Jun 15 1992BRIX is an arcade-style strategy game.
BRN-CLN.ZIP431185Jul 14 1994DOOM Barney / Clinton add on graphics. Replaces the large minotaurs with Barneys (that sing to you, of course) and the Cacodemons with huge floating Clinton heads that spit spinning spend/tax fireballs at you.
BRUDAL10.ZIP1279219Aug 20 1994Brudal Baddle - fast action fighting game in the tradition of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2. Cool sound, hot music, digitized actors and special moves. 386 or better, VGA, 4 MB ram.
BSM0295A.ZIP47534May 11 1991Baseball Statistics Manager V02.95. Easy to use, custom report generator, fast, 47 statistics, and great support. Can be used for little leaguers on.
BTECH22.ZIP76485Mar 21 1994A BattleTech (Boardgame/RPG) 'Mech editor, includes 3025/3050 'Mechs.
BTOUR481.ZIP169101Oct 2 1992Bass Tour 4.81 fishing game. Requires EGA/VGA. Great graphics.
BUBLOIDS.ZIP77987Mar 28 1994Game to shoot bubbles and alien ships.
BUCKTRON.ZIP72982Jan 15 1988Thoroughbred Horse Race Analyzer.
BUGSIM2.ZIP65035Aug 6 1989A great VGA simulator of the game of Life. Uses bugs with many stats to determine life processess.
BURGER.ZIP21385Nov 15 1987Burger Blaster. CGA arcade game, includes full TP source code.
BURGLARM.ZIP36959Jul 11 1989Simulated burglar alarm w/source. Use to scare away burglers.
BURNERS.ZIP46403Jun 17 1992Trail-burners is a multi-player arcade game where you burn a trail around the screen & dodge other trails.
BUSHHILL.ZIP20327Jan 1 1980Mean 18 golf course.
BUST.ZIP234512Jan 21 1992Puzzle Buster Version 3.1 : Puzzle solver from Canada.
BUZZY.ZIP22230Jul 15 1988Generates buzzword/jargon phrases and acronyms.
BWA.ZIP36693Mar 13 1991MS 4.0 Scenery File for Baltimore/Washington Airport area.
BZONE.ZIP106604Jun 1 1992Battle Zone for Windows w/ source code.
C-130.ZIP24527Feb 8 1993Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
C-172.ZIP30356Nov 26 1992Cessna 172D Shyhawk, cerca 1963, for Flight Simulator 4.0 - Nice!.
C-47.ZIP61217Nov 27 1992Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
C310.ZIP29990Dec 11 1992Cessna 310 aircraft for Flight Simulator 4.
CAJUILES.ZIP39829Jun 6 1988Mean 18 golf course.
CALC15.ZIP39982Apr 5 1992Calculation Solitaire. One of the few solitaire games that has an element of skill. This version corrects a minor bug.
CALEDO.ZIP91726Nov 17 1990Jack Nicklaus golf course.
CAMP41.ZIP149620May 8 1992CAMPAIGN 4.1. Strategy game for 2 players. VGA/mouse required. Formerly called ARMY. From Milestone Software. Fun & challenging for all ages.
CANASTA.ZIP56075Nov 6 1986Good card game but computer is predictable. Moderate difficulty level.
CANASTA1.ZIP48576Dec 19 1993Canasta card game for Windows.
CANAST_1.ZIP94392Aug 31 1994CANASTA is a four handed game of two opposing partnerships, combining elements of Gin, Pinochle, Bridge with the deception of Poker. Features high resolution EGA/VGA animated color graphics.
CANFIELD.ZIP93300Feb 20 1993Solitaire game for Windows.
CANSTILE.ZIP7476May 16 1990Tile set for Mahjongg 3.1. Assorted beer cans.
CANYONRM.ZIP161970Nov 28 1990Jack Nicklaus golf course.
CARGORUN.ZIP40155Nov 8 1987Tradewars-like graphics game.
CARS.ZIP7404Jul 2 1990A set of MahJong tiles with car logos.
CASINO.ZIP63211Jan 26 1988An excellent collection of Las Vegas casino games. Blackjack, Video Poker, and Slots. Requires EGA or better.
CASTWAY.ZIP54665Nov 1 1986Adventure type game on desert island.
CATABS12.ZIP493134Nov 14 19923-D dungeon adventure, uses same graphics as Castle Wolfenstein 3-D.
CATACOMB.ZIP222975Nov 6 1990Two games - Catacomb (man in maze) & Dangerous Dave (Mario type).
CATCHEM.ZIP38790Sep 6 1989Catch'Em a VGA+Mouse only game in which you try to catch the falling pieces.
CATS.ZIP86835Nov 27 1991A hypertext guide to teach cats to do tricks. Yes, it works. This is by a local author. Donorware.
CAVES.ZIP77094Aug 10 1990Caves of Thor Apogee arcade game, in the Kroz style.
CC3D34.ZIP353406Oct 8 1992Corncob 3D flight simulator. Battle aliens in your WWII Corsair with AdLib board, joystick or keyboard, VGA support. Received Shareware Mag's Editor's Choice in December. Like MS Flight Simulator with creative combat tw
CCHECK21.ZIP226145Oct 31 1992Chinese Checkers V2.1. Very nice Chinese Checkers Game that supports EGA/VGA, Mouse, and Multiple Players.
CCWIN15.ZIP280647Jun 23 1994Crossword compiler for Win 3.1.
CD-MAN93.ZIP196919Mar 2 1993This is the best Pac-Man type game yet. You have to see the graphics to believe.
CDSEDIT.ZIP75704Nov 13 1992Crusaders of the Dark Savant: Game Editor.
CDSLST.ZIP23449Nov 1 1992CDSLST: Generates statistics of your party in Crusaders of the Dark Savant by Sir-Tech. Includes party player stats, items carried, spells learned and much more. Outputs to screen, file or printer.
CFB40.ZIP110255Aug 26 1990Very nice football game. Lets you call plays, works in graphics mode and allows manual/semiautomatic/automatic control of football team.
CFODDER.ZIP1342195Dec 16 1994Cannon Fodder by Virgin Interactive - In this addictive little shooter, you command an army of tiny grunts with big firepower. DEMO! Requires DOS 5.0, VGA, 386/20, and 580k of conventional memory.
CH46D.ZIP30900Dec 12 2012Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
CHALL10E.ZIP201978Mar 9 1994Trivia game with plenty of questions.
CHASE.ZIP25695Feb 7 1992A nice, simple little game, with C++ source.
CHEAT100.ZIP81915Mar 26 1993Cheat 1.00. Card Counter utility for Windows 3.1. Just a little Window you can use to check off cards which have been played.
CHEAT175.ZIP148548Sep 7 1994Helps you cheat on some hard to play games.
CHECK1.ZIP36307Jul 7 1991"Check-One" Strategy board game.
CHEF1OF2.ZIP133271Nov 19 1986Part 1 of over 200 good recipes.
CHEF2OF2.ZIP69749Nov 19 1986Part 2 of recipes.
CHEKKERS.ZIP67219Jan 19 1988A checkers program for DOS. Old but not bad.
CHERRY.ZIP719Oct 11 1990Track for "STUNTS".
CHESRATE.ZIP33221Jan 14 1992This is a program that will find new official USCF chess ratings for players instantly. Great for ladders. Uploaded by author.
CHESS321.ZIP225272Aug 16 1991GNU Chess 3.21 for MS-Windows 3.X . This is a great chess game ranked as strong master strength. Excellent, very difficult. Includes source code.
CHEXO.ZIP84052Feb 17 1993CHEXO v1.0. Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse. If you like board games of pure strategy and logic, then Chexo is for you. The objective is similar to Checkers yet with added twists.
CHEYN.ZIP30218Jan 10 1993Piper Cheyenne for Flight Simulator. Excellent twin-prop small business plane.
CHILI.ZIP13920Feb 7 1988A large collection of Chili recipies.
CHOPPER2.ZIP70179Feb 4 1990A very good helicopter game. This game is a high-quality arcade-type game. You pilot a helicopter and attack the enemy.
CHRNOS2.ZIP119328Nov 21 1991Creates custom timelines. Displays people and events in two windows.
CHTJILL.ZIP8201Jun 13 1992Cheat for Jill of the Jungle.
CIGARETE.ZIP5689Nov 23 1992Mahjongg tile set of cigarette packs. Very good detail on some.
CIPHER22.ZIP111271Dec 14 1994Cipher Program V2.2 from Nels Anderson - game for solving cryptograms. Very Good.
CIVC.ZIP15798Jan 26 1992Let's you cheat in Civilization.
CIVEDIT.ZIP89980Mar 31 1993Civilization Game File Editor - This program will allow you to edit saved games for civilization.
CIVEDT.ZIP404788Sep 17 1993Civilization editor for Windows. Edit saved games or edit the EXE file in almost any way.
CIVJUK.ZIP6407Aug 5 1993A Civilization Jukebox to play all the civiliztion songs. Supports all sound types that Civilization does.
CIVMAP21.ZIP23447Jun 21 1993CIVMAP v2.1 - Allows you to interactively edit maps while running Civilization. Change land type, improvements (roads, railroads, etc.), and bonuses (gold, oil).
CIVTRV01.ZIP162597Jan 27 1993Civil War Trivia. New release. Based on Linton's Trivia Shell Product.
CIVWAR.ZIP136404Aug 4 1990Wargamers' delight. Four Civil War Battle scenarios.
CLASSIC.ZIP7727Apr 10 1990Classic tile set for MJVGA21.
CLASSW.ZIP59500Feb 23 1992Classword Version 3.2 : Fast & Powerful Word-Square Puzzle maker.
CLKIT100.ZIP359992Mar 17 1995Click-It 1.0 is a graphic item search and select game. A variety of pictures, maps or other graphic images are displayed in each game. Clues consisting of definitions, words, or phrases prompt the player to find items.
CLOCKSOL.ZIP91723Aug 1 1991Clock Solitaire - card game using mouse that has clock face arrangement of cards.
CLONEINV.ZIP86822Jan 29 1989Space Invaders speed adjustable for CPU works with CGA/EGA ...
CLOUD.ZIP12778Sep 30 1989Plays "Castle on a Cloud" from "Les Miserables" out the speaker.
CLOUDK.ZIP5127Aug 18 1992Flight Simulator 4 -- random clouds from coast to coast.
CLUE122.ZIP33436Aug 5 1990Play the board game Clue on your computer.
CLYDE20.ZIP158667Feb 23 1993Clyde's Adventure. Journey through deadly castles in search of treasure. Smooth four way scrolling. EGA/VGA 286+ Adlib/Sound Blaster support.
CMORIA52.ZIP191123Oct 28 1990The first version of Moria to support color. Very addictive. Should accept characters saved with other 5.xx versions.
CNTRFLDR.ZIP25876Jun 10 1985Pinball game setup as baseball diamond.
COLLIDE.ZIP57450Jan 6 1989Collide is a deep space survival game that takes full advantage of your system's EGA graphics capabilities to place you in a realistic interplanetary world where you must evade and shoot to survive.
COLUMNS.ZIP28061Aug 1 1989Addicting Tetris inspired game, use columns, rows and diag VGT.
COMANCHE.ZIP95923Dec 8 1992Patch to fix bugs in Commanche, Operation Overkill.
COMBAT!.ZIP55999Dec 29 1987Combat! survival in the jungle....awesome game in , by ConscienceWare...
COMEDY.ZIP36751Feb 5 1991Apply a little comedy to your writing by using the comedy generator.
COMIC5.ZIP105604Jul 17 1991Version 5.0 of Captain Comic. Excellent game.
COMM305.ZIP33405May 3 1991Version 3.05 of COMMENT. Displays a quote of the day message.
COMMAND2.ZIP5339Jan 12 1985A very funny replacement for command.com.
COMPTILE.ZIP2500Jan 1 1980A set of computer type tiles for Mah Jongg version 5.1.
CON10.ZIP82833Apr 10 1991Contact is a dice rolling game. Fun to play.
CONC200.ZIP84420Jun 14 199152 card Concentration game, requires a mouse.
CONN4.ZIP9314Aug 17 1988Connect-4 , tic-tac-toe type strategy game vs the computer. Nicely done.
CONNECT4.ZIP53652Apr 29 1993Connect Four for DOS.
CONQ21.ZIP120933Jan 18 1994Version 2.1 of Conquest, a RISK-like game which is very similar to Global War. Mouse and modem compatible.
CONQ23.ZIP68253Dec 1 1989Very nice RISK world domination type game for EGA/VGA systems.
COOKIE12.ZIP134804Aug 6 1988Fortune Cookie Display Program, version 1.2, includes 2 datafiles , executable and some documentation. additional option to version 1.0. More cookies are also incluided.
COREW281.ZIP40449Nov 16 1991Core Wars v2.81 - write programs for a hypothetical machine where the programs battle for control.
COREWAR.ZIP15996Jul 9 1984Strange game from Scientific America.
CORR7.ZIP1206916Apr 28 1994Corridor 7 : Alien Invasion. Like Wolf 3-D.
COSMOCHT.ZIP7979Apr 7 1992Cheat file for Apogee Cosmo1 game.
COUCHDFT.ZIP170524May 17 1989A complete fantasy football program. Allows you to create your own team and compete against the computer or people.
COW.ZIP16219Jun 12 1992Text adventure game that runs under Windows.
CP300.ZIP55657Dec 11 1993Computer player for VGA Planets v3.x.
CP302.ZIP55736Jan 27 1994VGA Planets 3.1 computer player, Feb 2/94 release.
CQ1-100.ZIP75496Apr 4 1993Cell Quest I, VGA adventure game, Adlib/compatable sound supported. Takes place in the human body, you must save the human.
CRAPS13.ZIP357154Oct 18 1994Good simulation of a Vegas craps game.
CRAZY8.ZIP40718May 2 1987A card game in which the objective is to get rid of all your cards by placing them on the discard pile.
CRAZY8S1.ZIP122207Oct 31 1992Crazy Eights v1.0, released Oct 92. Addictive card game with high resolution VGA graphics. Cards are amazingly detailed. Supports Adlib/Sound Blaster/Mouse.
CRB_BEAR.ZIP1067Aug 30 1988C-Robots robot - the undefeated BEAR.R.
CREEPS21.ZIP24977Dec 22 1989Kill the Creeps game. Simple graphics, but reasonably good. CGA required.
CRIB10.ZIP17398Feb 26 1990Championship Cribbage 1.0 - Excellent Opponent.
CRIBBAGE.ZIP30252Oct 16 1989An excellent Cribbage game. Very difficult to beat.
CRIBPART.ZIP43240Jun 6 1989Cribbage Partner is a realistic representation of the popular and entertaining game of cribbage.
CROBLIB.ZIP14666Oct 5 1987Selection of great robots for CROBOT.
CROBOTS.ZIP60305Jul 6 1986Great game. You program your robot to beat the computers..
CROQUET1.ZIP16200Sep 4 1992Solitary Croquet for Windows 3.0 allows one to play croquet with one ball, a mallet, and nine arches.
CROSSP6C.ZIP235815Mar 22 1995CROSSWORD POWER 6.02a (ASP) Create crossword puzzles from your words and clues. Words are manually or automatically placed in the puzzle grid. Auto-search can examine over 200 different word arrangements to find the best p
CROSSWRD.ZIP121244Nov 7 1992Windows Crossword game.
CROSWRD1.ZIP230840Dec 18 1989Crossword puzzle generator Part 1 of 2.
CROSWRD2.ZIP298517Dec 18 1989Crossword puzzle generator Part 2 of 2.
CRSDWN25.ZIP114463Mar 7 1992Crossdown Version 2.5 : A good Crossword puzzle maker.
CRSSWR.ZIP64842Sep 29 1991Shareware Crossword Puzzle Maker.
CRUMBLE.ZIP2668May 12 1987Replacement for clear screen - letters crumble to bottom of screen.
CRUSH31.ZIP102737Aug 2 1992Neet game of mind teasers, move your man through mazes avoiding monsters.
CRUSHER.ZIP127658Mar 2 1991An arcade type game that takes place in caves.
CRYPT101.ZIP61925Mar 31 1990Cryptogram puzzle program, 25 puzzles, more available soon. Fast and fun. Can be used as spelling helper for school kids.
CRYPTO.ZIP15331Sep 8 1989Cryptogram puzzler. It comes with a collection of 200 puzzles.
CRYST134.ZIP180630May 1 1994CRYSTAL BALL 3.4 - Amaze & amuse your friends by predicting the future.
CRY_V12.ZIP46988Mar 9 1993CryptoAnalyzer V1.2 - This program will aid the user in solving a varity of cryptograms. If you like cryptograms this program is a must have.
CS-HRT39.ZIP254314Mar 19 1993CardShark Hearts v3.9 for Windows, best hearts game available.
CSBT.ZIP107569Mar 19 1993Cardshark Bridge Tutor for Windows 3. CSBT assumes the user knows nothing about the game of Bridge and teaches you all you need to know about bidding and playing to hold your own in a social game.
CSTONE.ZIP65638May 17 1993Cube type puzzle for Windows. May drive you crazy.
CTALK.ZIP158327Jan 15 1990Makes your computer talk, libraries come with about 100 words.
CUBER.ZIP72004Aug 24 1990Shareware EGA/VGA arcade game vaguely reminiscent of NYET.
CURMUDGE.ZIP36380Apr 18 1993Curmudge is a simple program to display quotations and their authors on the screen.
CWC511.ZIP218941Oct 1 1993"Crossword Creator" Create/Print Crossword Puzzles.
CWDLX20.ZIP207253Nov 10 1993Cross Word Deluxe (WINDOWS ONLY).
CWPRO43.ZIP173900Apr 21 1991Crossword Pro v4.3 - make crossword puzzles.
CWS141.ZIP133186Oct 9 1993Civil War - 1 or 2 player strategy level game of the American Civil War. Recruit armies, control and fortify cities, move armies and navies, conduct shore bombardment, use railroads, and many other features.
CYBER12.ZIP75111Aug 17 1992VGA graphics arcade game. Very good.
CYBERBOX.ZIP34215Aug 23 1991VGA only game of sliding boxes. 16 challenging levels.
CZ.ZIP598219Sep 22 1993Combat Zone is an action/arcade war game. Requires SVGA w/1MB to display pictures at 1024x768x256.
CZAR325.ZIP208810Feb 10 1989Multi-player space war game BBS (Stand alone or PC-Board door mode).
C_CHEKRS.ZIP54293Apr 29 1991Checkers game includes Turbo C source - good graphics.
C_K.ZIP35000Aug 10 1992Castles and Kings game written in Borland Turbo C
DA.ZIP29080Feb 23 1990Very nice game that is a cross between the games Tetris and Columns.
DAILYJOK.ZIP36969Jul 22 1988A daily "fortune" program that includes a database of jokes.
DAMMIT70.ZIP68341Oct 9 1989A nice, if different, game of solitare. Needs EGA/VGA, and mouse.
DAREN1.ZIP123653Jul 17 1990Jack Nicklaus golf course.
DARESOLV.ZIP1338Mar 16 1993Complete Walk-Thru for Dare to Dream.
DARKAGES.ZIP151725Mar 9 1991Arcade adventure from Apogee.
DARNIT11.ZIP78063Jul 26 1991A very difficult form of on-line solitaire in which you must locate the facecards in specific positions on a 4x4 grid. Requires EGA or better, mouse is optional.
DARTS.ZIP26241Aug 5 1989A very nice darts game. Challenging to play well.
DARTS11.ZIP66461Feb 19 1991Dart game, good EGA or VGA graphics.
DARWINS.ZIP50022Apr 9 1990Simple game in which monster fight in an arena. Bet on winner.
DAYBIO23.ZIP92939Jan 3 1994The complete & easy to use daily biorhythm program for the 90's.
DBD.ZIP18664May 16 1987Days Between Dates calculator - tells day you were born & other stuff.
DBLODDS.ZIP25164Oct 3 1987CRAPS (nicely done in text) BUGS FIXED.
DCLOCK20.ZIP119427Jul 3 1992Digital clock with Sound Blaster audio.
DCSDCA32.ZIP351800Apr 4 1992Scenery files for FS 4. Washington-Baltimore area. Includes all local VOR's, runways, etc. Also has local ATIS.
DDCREATE.ZIP10657Jan 7 1994A Dungeons and Dragons Character creator.
DDFP1GVA.ZIP110348Mar 30 1991Dr. Dan's fish finder - Covers the Maryland and Virginia areas.
DDOM11A.ZIP32174Sep 23 1992Double Dominoes ver 1.1a by "3 Guys Software" A 4-sided tile game but played differently than dominoes.
DEADMAN!.ZIP300702Oct 25 1992Deadman's Gulch Golf Course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
DECEIVE.ZIP12513Jul 30 1986Deceive the fact you're playing a game.
DECORATE.ZIP22197Aug 29 1987Plan Room without moving furniture.
DEDUCEIT.ZIP42150Sep 21 1990See if you can figure out the set of three numbers. A number game that is a variation of mind-reader. Well done, good use of color.
DEEP-21.ZIP28245Feb 11 1994Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey from SNL. Like Fortunes, or Message of the day.
DEFENS22.ZIP134639Jul 23 1992Electronic Football Game. Best simulation of real football. Part 1 of 2.
DEFENT22.ZIP111606Jul 21 1992Electronic Football Game. Part 2 of 2.
DEPTH10.ZIPP1454291May 30 1994Depth Dwellers. Intense virtual reality 3D action game by TriSoft.
DESCENT1.ZIP1427473Dec 22 1994DESCENT Shareware v1.0 by Parallax Software & Interplay Productions. Experience the gut-wrenching FULLY 3D action of DESCENT. Texture-mapped 3D enemies, six degrees of freedom, light source shading, 3D morphing, etc. Part
DESCENT2.ZIP1453893Dec 22 1994DESCENT Shareware v1.0. Part 2 of 2.
DESWIN.ZIP103998Aug 19 1992Game of destroyer for Windows 3.X.
DFENDER.ZIP194827Jul 27 1993This is a public domain version of the popular arcade coin-op game.
DFORCES1.ZIP3331293Dec 27 1994Dark Forces playable demo file 1 of 3. Dark forces is a doom like game based on the starwars theme. This demo let's you play the first level. The first two disks are required, the third is optional.
DFORCES2.ZIP1105215Dec 20 1994Dark Forces demo file 2 of 3.
DFORCES3.ZIP5867115Dec 20 1994Dark Forces demo file 3 or 3. This file is optional, it contains animation and speech at the end of the demo.
DFSMEX.ZIP30522Dec 20 1990Scenery for Mexican airports for MicroSoft FS 4.0++.
DIA3.ZIP92560May 27 1993Diamonds v3.1 IQ challage game. Diamonds tests your reasoning and logical elimination skills.
DIAMOND.ZIP79357Dec 10 1990Diamond Ridge - A Baltimore County couse designed for use with Jack's Greatest 18 or Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf by Accolade.
DICEMSTR.ZIP26626Jul 31 1991Dice Master: A mass dice roller for game masters of all role playing systems, has menu and command line modes. Roll any combination of dice.
DILEM2.ZIP153747Mar 12 1989Award Winning adventure game. very good!.
DISSOLVE.ZIP1316Apr 24 1987NEAT NEAT! It dissolves the text on screen instead of just clearing.
DLB.ZIP108761Nov 21 1987This is a Digital League Baseball. It's a very nice game. You have choice of playing your favorite team.
DLED.ZIP71203Oct 4 1992Darklands save game editor - edits charactors and party.
DM1_2RPT.ZIP451854Feb 17 1994This patch file upgrades your DOOM v1.1 REGISTERED to DOOM v1.2 REGISTERED.
DM1_2SPT.ZIP389449Feb 17 1994This patch file upgrades your DOOM v1.1 SHAREWARE to DOOM v1.2 SHAREWARE.
DMASTER.ZIP33506Jan 4 1989A help program for AD&D dungeon masters.
DMAUD10.ZIP33399Jan 24 1994Doom audio editor. Now lets you replace sounds with sample of any length. Version 1.0.
DMAZE.ZIP39504Nov 22 1991Search For Diamonds in an underground maze.
DMBANNER.ZIP52011Sep 28 1987A very good banner program. Pick the characters the banner letters are m.
DMFAQ50.ZIP40527Dec 18 1993FAQ about Doom game from id.
DNDTREAS.ZIP52423Mar 2 1990D&D Treasure Roller for Game Masters.
DOD.ZIP9264Dec 24 1990A large city for use with simcity.
DOGTRACK.ZIP34872Sep 18 1989"At The Dog Track" is a program designed to simulate the fun and excitement of a real dogtrack.
DOME25.ZIP82509Jan 2 1995Development Of Mental Energy V2.5: This ESP testing program explores the subject of psychic development. Successive trials of four colored squares are presented, one of which holds the correct color to be guessed.
DOMINA10.ZIP103839Jul 22 1993From the mists of time comes DOMINATE. Based on a game played by warriors in ancient China, DOMINATE is the ultimate in strategy.
DOMINO.ZIP98677Jun 2 1994WinDomino's version 1.08 game for Windows.
DOMINOES.ZIP1079Sep 9 1990MahJongg 3.4 tile set - Dominoes.
DOODLEC.ZIP9028Nov 3 1986Simple doodling program for kids, includes complete C source.
DOOM11PT.ZIP361177Dec 21 1993DOOM V1.1 update/patch for DOOM V1.0 (required).
DOOM1_4.ZIP2003278Jun 27 1994DOOM Shareware version 1.4. This is latest version off internet, Beta release. Faster engine, supports 8 sound channels, AWE 32 SB card, 14 and 28.8k baud modems, warp to level key and much more. Also record movies multi
DOOMCHT.ZIP22126Dec 12 1993A file including tips and a cheat for the hit DOOM!.
DOOMEDIT.ZIP61273Jan 4 1994This is a simple saved game editor for Doom 1.11.
DOOMVB.ZIP418935Apr 18 1994DOOMCAD (formerly DoomVB) 4.2: The state of the art Doom level creation facility. Features: 3D LEVEL PREVIEW, levels from scratch, prefab construction kit, etc. Req. VBRUN300.DLL.
DORADO.ZIP104795Feb 10 1991Golf course for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf based upon Doral Beach Hotel Golf & Tennis Club, Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico.
DORAL-JN.ZIP86506Jul 15 1990Doral "Blue Monster" course for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited.
DOTSWIN.ZIP35666May 11 1993The popular game of Dots for Windows.
DOUBLINK.ZIP87975Jan 16 1991Similar to Tetris but with completely different strategy - Like Nintendo's Dr. Mario. With EGA/VGA graphics, addictive and worth a look.
DOUBOLO.ZIP58348Nov 7 1990An Othello type game played on 2 boards at the same time.
DPIN100.ZIP131747Feb 4 1993DOUBLES PINOCHLE Version 1.00 Play double-pack pinochle on your computer. Choose partner and opponents from 9 computer players. Saves your record versus each computer player. You may modify the rules. 6 cardbacks.
DR-RIP11.ZIP699451Oct 1 1994Riptide. Undersea Quest game VGA.
DRACULA.ZIP178019Dec 9 1988Very good role-playing adventure game. Excellent graphics.
DRAG1-11.ZIP42719Jul 30 1992Dragon's Domain I v1.1. VGA Adventure game. Slight improvement over 1.0 in that the graphics are faster (less flicker on slow computers). Keep a watch for sequals, game system gets better with each episode.
DRAG2-12.ZIP52195Jul 30 1992Dragon's Domain II, Restoration v1.2. VGA Adventure game. Better then it's predecessor. New high-speed graphics allow for less flicker on slow computers. Watch for Dragon's Domain III, Death Rising.
DRAG3-12.ZIP58102Jul 30 1992Dragon's Domain III, Death Rising v1.2. VGA Adventure game. The third in the series. The game system gets bettter with each episode. Keep a watch for Dragon's Domain IV (The graphics will be even better).
DRAG4-11.ZIP82611Sep 7 1992Dragon's Domain IV, Spellbinder's Retreat. Version 1.1. Graphics have gotten much better, and the game now supports Adlib (and 100% compatables, such as the Sound Blaster). Watch for Dragon's Domain V (will have scrolling
DRAGCITY.ZIP47302Mar 2 1990A simple (and boring) drag racing game with EGA graphics. Perhaps some drag racing fans out there will enjoy it.
DRAGDOM1.ZIP285572Jul 25 1993The Dragon's Domain 1-year Anniversery Edition. Includes the entire Dragon's Domain tetralogy, plus an easy to use menu to play them from, or to read the documention. Also includes Drahkarin, a Dragon card game.
DRAGHU.ZIP208899Feb 1 1992Bob's dragon hunt, a 3-D adventure game.
DRAHK100.ZIP36092Jul 25 1993Drahkarin v1.00, a VGA dragon card game, designed for the Dragon's Domain 1yr Anniversery Edition. For up to 4 players, human or computer.
DRAIN1.ZIP8871Jan 1 1980Gag to "Drain the Water" out of your hard disk or floppy (TOTALLY HARMLE.
DRAIN2.ZIP22545Jun 18 1987The new and improved DRAIN!.. (with C source and all).
DREIDLE2.ZIP31318Dec 25 1992The game of Dreidle. Include Basic source code.
DRINKS1.ZIP228032Jun 16 1989Very nice home bartending program. Shows you how to create most popular drinks, and the ingrediants that you will need.
DRIP.ZIP2511May 26 1987A gag that causes characters fto fall off the screen. quite good.
DRKLND51.ZIP451995Sep 2 1992Darkland Update patch, updates your game to version 5.1.
DRSLEEP.ZIP43949Jan 26 1989Dr. Sleeptight and the Nightmare Factory adventure game.
DSBIOHNT.ZIP3264Aug 11 1993Bio Menace: Hint file.
DUCKHUNT.ZIP327182Dec 7 1993Duch Hunting for Windows. Really nicely done. Great graphics, realistic sound. Highly recommended.
DUELSTAR.ZIP46971Mar 6 1986Dueling Starships. A Simple but fun 2 player Starsip Simulation battle.
DUI.ZIP18836Feb 16 1987Drunk Driving Game.
DUKEDOM.ZIP32884Aug 28 1986Run a Country and Overthrow the King.
DUKEMA.ZIP11159Dec 7 1991Online map for Apogee's Duke Nukem, shows all the tricks.
DUKEXT.ZIP22581Oct 10 19924 additional levels for Duke Nukem 1. Author not affiliated with Apogee, will sell 12 more levels for only $5.
DULLES.ZIP89429Jul 1 1988Air traffic controller game.
DUM.ZIP524Aug 11 1991Track file for "STUNTS".
DUN.ZIP45742Oct 30 1985Good Graphics Adventure game similar to hack but not the same graphics.
DUNGEON.ZIP143014Feb 28 1991This file contains Dungeon 3 & Dungeon 4. Basically a text adventure in the D&D style. Really fun.
DUNJAX.ZIP35035Aug 9 1990DUNJAX V1.0. Dunjax is a side-view action-adventure game that challenges you to shoot and jump/levitate your way through massive underground labryinths filled with traps & creatures.
DUPBRIDE.ZIP26602Sep 11 1991Duplicate bridge scorer for home use. Handles up to 5 tables.
DZONE.ZIP159944Jul 17 1993Destruction Zone is a science fiction tank war game. Requires VGA.
D_D.ZIP72000Aug 10 1992Welcome to DND, a computer fantasy role playing game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. As Gary Gygax explained in the foreward of the original edition of Dungeons and Dragons, this game is not for everyone.
E2GC.ZIP101478May 16 1994Another 2 floors For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
EARTH93.ZIP173989Mar 23 1993A game to find locations on the earth.
EAST1914.ZIP420785Oct 3 1994East Front, 1914. Command the Russian army against the computer in this WWI east front strategy game. Covers August-November, 1914. Requires 286 or faster (CPU), 1MB EMS, 590k free RAM. Mouse optional. Shareware.
EATER.ZIP3209Nov 10 1985Bugs eat the screen.
EATIT20.ZIP41597Jul 30 1989Very nicely done game that mimics PacMan. VGA required.
EBODY!.ZIP330177Mar 25 1993German Apogee type game, great sound and graphics.
EDCHESS.ZIP40348Jul 4 1988Excellent character-graphics chess game.
EDCV199.ZIP58248Feb 4 1990Excellent shareware Chess program. One of the best anywhere. Small, but strong. Outstanding for taking along with a laptop PC.
EDIT300.ZIP42763Mar 18 1990Editor to cheat at various games. Unlimited lives, unlimited time, etc. Useful for those games that you can not beat.
EG9403E.ZIP54567Nov 17 1989Latest version of an excellent EGA/VGA clone of Tetris. Better then the commercial version, or so says Chuck Gafvert.
EGABKOUT.ZIP17887Nov 8 1986Breakout - Requires EGA and supports a mouse.
EGABOMB.ZIP38423Feb 2 1988Two players bomb each other. EGA.
EGAGAM22.ZIP82058Jul 22 1989Excellent EGA Backgammon game, version 2.2, supports mouse.
EGAKENO.ZIP49785Sep 16 1989Very nice Keno gambling game that requires EGA or VGA.
EGARISK.ZIP101431Nov 13 1986Game of RISK ( For EGA ).
EGAROIDS.ZIP34455Dec 21 1986Excellent Asteroids game - Requires 80286 and EGA.
EGASOL.ZIP32788Aug 25 1988Ega game of Solitaire, requires mouse.
EGASORRY.ZIP64248Mar 16 1988The game of SORRY in EGA.
EGATAROT.ZIP140854Apr 13 1989Tarot card displayer and interpretor. Requires EGA/VGA.
EGATRK23.ZIP112907Aug 29 1990Version 2.3 of Star Trek. Outstanding EGA/VGA graphics. Best graphics around. Newest Version.
EGAVGAPB.ZIP82929Aug 30 1989A simple PinBall game. Nice graphics and sound.
EGYPT1.ZIP68199Apr 9 1993Adventure game about exploring pyramids.
ELECT92.ZIP44964Oct 8 1992The only rational response to the present campaign. A Windows game featuring 10 voting booths, 3 candidates, and a succession of cream pies.
ELF1.ZIP137830Oct 19 1992Adventure game reminiscent of Apogee but with slightly higher thought process - EGA or VGA.
ELIZA.ZIP37425Aug 2 1986Your own theripst and she works for free!.
ELIZA2.ZIP9503Jun 13 1989The classic Eliza/Doctor program. Improved, expandable, with BASIC sour.
EMPENH.ZIP35441Nov 20 1987Adds color and graphics to EMPIRE.
EMPIRE.ZIP55171Jan 1 1980Great War Game.
EMPIREU.ZIP80677Nov 17 1988Utilities for use with EMPIRE. MONITOR runs EMPIRE, collecting messages that can be viewed using while playing, patches EMPIRE to run faster, and will bounce you out after 45 minutes to try to keep you from playi
EMPSCAN.ZIP15434Mar 2 1986Adds a spy to Empire, quite good!.
ENGJONES.ZIP465317Apr 25 1991Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea. Adventure Game.
ENIGMA3.ZIP55275Jun 26 1988Several very challenging mind-puzzles that get harder as you solve each previous puzzle.
ENIGMAX.ZIP109147Apr 5 1992ENIGMACROSS lets you solve and construct real acrostic puzzles. Easy to use, features colorful mouse-driven graphic interface. Print utility lets you output hi-res hard-copies. EGA/VGA and mouse required. Shareware.
ENTRAP2.ZIP80412Jan 30 1991Nice game in which you try to get through monsters.
ENTRAP41.ZIP87491Sep 25 1992"Moraff's Entrap" game to walk a sort of Maze (Ver 4.1) SVGA.
EOB2STUF.ZIP139761Jan 31 1992Maps and characters for Eye of the Beholder 2.
EPIRATE.ZIP41187Dec 2 1993A file editor for Pirates Gold. View/change any item within the game.
ESP.ZIP165091Sep 26 1991"Your ESP Test" A series of self-tests to measure your "ESP", specifically Precognition, Clairvoyance and Telekinesis.
ET2.ZIP141289Jun 3 1991Model Railroad designer for PC - EditTrack 2.0.
EUCHRE.ZIP26355Nov 25 1989The game of Euchre, includes BASIC source code.
EUCHRE10.ZIP54295Feb 24 1991Play Euchre against the computer. Nice graphics.
EUCHRE2.ZIP108719Nov 25 1989The game of euchre, in EXEcutable format. Graphics so-so.
EVETS.ZIP152412Dec 5 1988Evets is a role-playing computer fantasy adventure game. Evets creates a drama where the game player(s) are in a world of animated mythology.
EXCLS1_2.ZIP616328Apr 18 1994Excelsior is a computer role-playing-game (RPG) which returns players to the classic style of gaming which defined the standard in the early '80s.
F-15C.ZIP23946Feb 8 1993Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
F-16C.ZIP24152Feb 8 1993Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
F111A.ZIP42606Apr 18 1993F-111 military plane for Flight Simulator IV.
F14C.ZIP24514Feb 8 1993Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
F15303.ZIP453425Apr 23 1993F15 III version .03 Update for F15 III game from Micro Prose.
F18BLU.ZIP24912Feb 16 1993F-18 Jet with all the Blue Angles markings for Flight Simulator 4.0, very nicely done.
F18NF201.ZIP1416299Jun 25 1994F-18 No Fly Zone v2.01. A fast and furious FULL SCREEN Windows shoot em up. Full digital stereo Fx and Music. You will need Win 3.1, 386 33+, 6 megs of ram, a fast video card, and a good trigger finger.
F19ASD.ZIP5263Feb 6 1990Latest version of F-19 Ad Lib sound driver (Dec 89 version) bugs fixed.
F19ROSTR.ZIP53781Nov 14 1989Complete F19 pilot editor. Allows you to restore dead pilots.
F3-UWCS.ZIP1654Jun 28 1993Thrustmaster UPROM / WCS MKI. Functions for FALCON 3. USE WITH UNITS WITH UPROM.
F32PAK.ZIP10350Sep 1 1993Falcon 3.02 Utility Pak Patch. Modem Play. WCS Program. From CIS FS FORUM. Uploaded by SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE.
FACE.ZIP3293Aug 26 1987Mace faces on the screen from 1 to thousands.
FALL01.ZIP17163Nov 28 1989Diplomacy map for Fall 1901.
FAMOUS21.ZIP371424May 17 1992Famous sayings from famous people.
FASTFOOD.ZIP22388Apr 13 1988Games similar to Tapper - Pretty Fun - Serve burger, fries and shakes.
FASTYPE.ZIP261103Sep 1 1991PC-Fast Type is a typing tutor program for all ability levels.
FCSCOOL.ZIP3617May 29 1993Thrustmaster FCS. TSR to program FCS COOLIE-HAT.
FEDGRANT.ZIP7162Jan 24 1990Easily add money to your Simcity treasury.
FENCES.ZIP7184Apr 15 1993"Fences" Windows game to connect line across board against opponent.
FFUN.ZIP102063Sep 28 1986Football Pool organizer..
FIELDGEN.ZIP303768Aug 24 2003FIELD GENERAL simulates the game of professional football as closely as possible by comprising nearly everything which can happen on a football field.
FINTO.ZIP29774Oct 28 1989Fun and exciting pinball games written with Pinball Construction Set.
FIREWORK.ZIP18662Dec 6 1985Displays fireworks on your screen.
FISHTILE.ZIP12654Dec 16 1990Mah Jongg Tiles - Tropical Fish.
FISH_V11.ZIP50378Nov 13 1994The Joy of Fishing, version 1.1 (November, 1994). A Windows-based program for the fisherman featuring Lake and RV Campground information, ratings of selected fishing lakes east of the Mississippi, etc.
FIVEH.ZIP18944Jan 1 1990Four-handed five hundred card game.
FIVEHIGH.ZIP18922Jan 1 1990Card game - "4 handed 500" versus the computer. Similiar to bridge.
FLEES.ZIP27451Jul 1 1988EGA only Space Flees like Space Invaders, amazing graphics.
FLIGHT.ZIP87496Sep 5 1989A simple F-18 jet fighter simulator. Full combat dogfighting.
FLIGHTS.ZIP6135Mar 10 1991Custom missions for Lucasfilm game "Battle of Britain-Their Finest Hour".
FLIPIT46.ZIP32471Jun 18 1993Flip-It 4.6 is an interesting variation of Reversi/Othello. You can select various grid patterns and sizes for the board.
FLIPOVER.ZIP3213Oct 28 1986Flips the screen upside down Fun to see!!!.
FLOATRIS.ZIP344197Oct 4 1993Tetris-Like Game.
FLUX.ZIP70771May 11 1993FLUX - game similar to OTHELLO; with sound & requires mouse.
FLYER.ZIP26742Nov 1 1992Wright Brothers Flyer for Flight Simulator 4.0.
FMAZE2.ZIP54003Oct 24 19943-D maze that you can solve with arrow keys or let computer solve it.
FNF22.ZIP121925Oct 9 1990Friday Night Football is a strategic football game of wit.
FONEWORD.ZIP23324May 13 1986Change phone number into words or vice-verca.
FONNAMES.ZIP6155Feb 3 1990Program to tell you what your phone number can spell with Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source.
FOODFITE.ZIP21167Nov 16 1986Food fight game.
FORBID.ZIP280238Jul 9 1993Forbidden Lands, a text-based RPG.
FORD.ZIP149822Dec 30 1987FOMOCO online features and driving simul.
FORTRESS.ZIP107962Feb 2 1992Interesting graphic arcade game.
FORZEE20.ZIP73684Sep 24 1990Yahtzee/Poker type game. EGA/VGA and Mouse are required to play.
FOURSIDE.ZIP14782Dec 20 1990Four Side is a dominoes type game. Match numbers. Addictive.
FPB2.ZIP35909Aug 19 1990This program makes running a football pool both easy and fun for a beginner or expert on football.
FPEDIT20.ZIP129600Jan 2 1993Front Page Sports Football Editor. Now you can edit player stats and names.
FRAC.ZIP54496Jan 26 1990Three dimensional TETRIS from Sweden.
FRAZ100.ZIP43753Apr 27 1993Frazier v1.00, Artificially Intelligent Chat program. Frazier is a brain-damaged psychologist, silly.
FRAZZLE.ZIP57408Jul 12 1990FRAZZLE! is a dice strategy game where the object is to be the first player to reach 10,000 points.
FRIGATE.ZIP66423Jan 29 1988Fight Sea Battles with the Russian Fleet.
FS.ZIP132109Sep 23 1993WIN Four Seasons solitaire card game.
FS3MOD.ZIP43459Jun 30 1988Flight Sim. 3 mode library.
FS4DSGN.ZIP9888Nov 22 1990A text file giving some good pointers on designing scenery for Flight Simulator IV.
FS4MODS.ZIP23707Jan 1 1990Library of Modes for Microsoft Flight Sim 4.0.
FS4WCS.ZIP11933Sep 9 1993Thrustmaster WCS MKII. 40+ Functions for MS FLTSIM 4.0.
FS4_P3.ZIP14017Jan 4 1993P3 Orion (Navy ASW) or Beach King Air Aircraft for Flight Simulator 4.
FS5-DRV.ZIP37107Dec 14 1993New drivers for the CH Flightstick Pro for Flight Simulator 5 (FS5).
FS50A.ZIP1441374Feb 27 1994Patch to upgrade MS Flight Simulator 5.0 to 5.0a. Improves frame rate, amongst other things. Downloaded from CIS.
FS5ADDON.ZIP53470Jul 11 1994Flight Simulator 5 DC-9 Aircraft.
FS5ADV.ZIP25683Sep 20 1993Thrustmaster WCS MKII. 40+ Functions for MS FLTSIM 5.0.
FS5PR.ZIP4059Jun 11 1993PR file from CIS outlining upcoming new products from Microsoft & BAO (creators of Flight Simulator) to include Flight Simulator 5 and Space Simulator.
FSADV40.ZIP89808Mar 2 1989Track and store different "modes" using Flight Simulator 3.0.
FSMAXX.ZIP2870May 23 1990How to use the Maxx flight control yoke with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
FSPLANES.ZIP23939Apr 4 1990Assorted planes for Flight Simulator 4.
FSPRO91.ZIP748492Sep 29 1989FS-PRO is a series of modules (programs) that allow you to use Flight Simulator III as an educational tool and still have all of the fun with PC-Flying.
FSSTUNTS.ZIP6026Aug 26 1987Stunts for Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator.
FTEM205.ZIP143537Sep 7 1991Facing the Empire is a one-player interstellar conflict simulation.
FULLKEIR.ZIP104439Aug 11 1987This is the full Keirsey personality index test. It asks the complete 70 questions. Options are provided for a printout of the test results. Includes Turbo Pascal 3.0 source code.
FUNCUBE.ZIP33270Oct 20 1990This is a RUBIC'S CUBE type of game. Very Good.
FUNSND.ZIP354669Jun 17 1994DOOM Replacement Sounds. Some Star Trek Next Gen, Wolfman Jack, others all funny.
FVA100.ZIP44514Jan 26 1991Flight Sim 4 scenery for the Fredericksburg, VA area.
GAGS.ZIP119403Oct 15 1985Adventure generator, really quite good.
GAL.ZIP309432Jul 11 1994Sound blaster supported "tank battle" game in which tank shoot at one another. High-Res 16 color graphics.
GALAC14.ZIP669797Nov 29 1993Galactix 1.4a, a game similar to Space Invaders in the way a 386 is similar to a TRS-80; for VGA, now with stereo SoundBlaster Pro support.
GALACBT1.ZIP51439Jan 25 1991Galactic battle game, similar to ROUND42 but updated with more options and EGA/VGA support. Separate module runs on CGA, too.
GALACTIC.ZIP54884Jun 10 1987Fight a war with the computer or another player.
GALAXCHT.ZIP7563Nov 27 1991How to get more men and shots to beat Galaxy 1 game by Apogee.
GALAXY-1.ZIP297462Dec 1 1993GALAXY TREK 1.0 : Invading forces from foreign galaxies, the personal logs of Dr. Vladimir Rovinski, and unexplored quadrants in outer space lend intrigue and excitement to Galaxy Trek. Soundblaster. Req. 386+, VGA, mouse,
GALAXY-2.ZIP324577Dec 1 1993GALAXY TREK 1.0 : Part 2 of 3.
GALAXY-3.ZIP354885Dec 1 1993GALAXY TREK 1.0 : Part 3 of 3.
GALORE10.ZIP138600Sep 1 1992Poker Galore! Authentic simulation of Las Vegas video poker machines with beautiful graphics and Sound Blaster support.
GAMBYT02.ZIP506066May 27 1992Game Byte Magazine #2. Nice game reviews!.
GAMBYT13.ZIP295148Sep 28 1993Game Byte Magazine #13. Nice game reviews.
GARAMON.ZIP69555Nov 22 1991An arcade game like Atari's Galaga.
GATE1.ZIP690109Apr 13 1993A game that is like Duke Nukem. Good sound, great graphics. VGA and sound cards are supported.
GATE15.ZIP699050Apr 28 1993Cool game similar to Mario Bros, or Apogee type format.
GB-13.ZIP295148Sep 28 1993Game Bytes #13 - An electronic magazine from the internet. Featuring Imperial Pursiut plus reviews of Tornado, Mig-29, Gateway 2, Land of Lore and more.
GB08-TXT.ZIP254372Dec 28 1992Game Bytes issue #08. This is full fledged game magazine from the internet. It reviews many popular titles for the IBM and Sega Genesis. Plus an interview with the authors of Ultima Underworld.
GB09-TXT.ZIP330375Mar 13 1993GameBytes #9 - online game magazine. Included reviews on many games and sneak previews of new games including the new one from the guys who did Wolfenstein 3d.
GB10-TXT.ZIP290380May 9 1993Game Bytes Issue #10 - An electronic gaming magazine from the internet.
GB11-TXT.ZIP245454Jun 11 1993Bytes Issue #11 - An electronic gaming magazine from the internet.
GB15.ZIP297410Nov 30 1993Game Bytes issue #15. This is full fledged game magazine from the Internet.
GBUSTERS.ZIP81501Jun 2 2000Ghost busters adventre game.
GB_SNES.ZIP81445May 11 1993Game Bytes reviews. Special edition for SNES games.
GCPC100.ZIP91719Jan 23 1992Galactic Crusade, PC Version 1.00 Standard, Space Combat Game, Uploaded By the Author, David N. Wilson, (VGA Required).
GEARS.ZIP26997Aug 6 1986Calculate bicycle gearing.
GEMINI2.ZIP68304Sep 10 1986C/g 3d tank battle.
GEMMA20.ZIP75132Dec 6 1993GEMMA 2.0: VGA Maze/Puzzle game by Spaceways. VGA & 512k.
GFOODFGT.ZIP53142Apr 8 1991Galactic food fight arcade game.
GHARC.ZIP27228Sep 9 1989Golf Handicapper is a combination golf score data base and handicap calculator.
GIFTS12.ZIP92624Jan 11 1992Just in time for Valentine's Day. Upgrade to GIFTS.ZIP. This version (1.2) adds a new chapter on buying flowers. Local author. Donorware. This is a hypertext file with reader included. Enjoy.
GIN!.ZIP97165Apr 29 1986Gin Rummy against your computer!.
GINRUMMY.ZIP78310Nov 10 1993Gin Rummy - a GREAT card game (DOS) with many great features.
GIUKBB01.ZIP17539Mar 21 1991Another Harpoon add-on scenario for Greenland-Iceland-UK battleset. (Must have original Harpoon game).
GIUKGV01.ZIP5459Mar 24 1991Harpoon add-on scenario for Greenland-Iceland-UK battleset (must have original Harpoon game).
GLAS1V.ZIP1872Nov 18 1990An 4 seat airplane for Flight Simulator 4.
GLASS.ZIP25558Dec 18 1985Cleans the inside of your monitor.
GM-THORO.ZIP101662Feb 6 1991Gambler's Mate - A program used to handicap horse races.
GM92FIX5.ZIP27934Nov 21 1992Fixes week 11 problem with Gamblers Mate football pool program.
GMBLMT93.ZIP196558Aug 17 1993GAMBLER'S MATE: Football Edition 1993. winning 60.0% vs spread (212-142) since 1989. THREE programs in ONE.
GMD.ZIP8446Jan 6 1991Generate multiple multi-sided modified dice rolls - Includes C cource code.
GMONKEY.ZIP247015Dec 29 1992Gold Monkey Game For Windows.
GMPLUS12.ZIP98553Oct 30 1992The Ultimate General Manager is an addition to the Tony LaRussa Ultimate baseball game. Edit player stats, etc.
GNOME102.ZIP100010Sep 27 1993Gnomes v1.02 -- Displays a randomly selected line of text from a file.
GNUCHS30.ZIP138104Mar 31 1990Free Software Foundation's GNU Chess 3.0 with MS-DOS executable as well as ANSI C source code that will work with Microsoft C.
GNUGO.ZIP60705Mar 25 1990This is the game GO, with C source.
GO-MOKU.ZIP17866Dec 21 1987A game of Go with computer.
GOB1SLVE.ZIP5022Jul 28 1993Goblins I: Solution to game.
GODMOM40.ZIP111318Jul 19 1992Arcade/logic game. You're the fairy godmother who has to free fifty other fairy godmothers with your magic wand.
GOFERPOP.ZIP53162Apr 25 1991Arcade game - shoot gophers when they pop up.
GOGAM3.ZIP109514Oct 7 1989Ancient, ancient two player board game which takes simple elements- line and circle, black and white, stone and wood - combines them with simple rules and generates subtelties which have enthralled players for millennia.
GOGAME.ZIP164298Jun 5 1991GoGame v4.0 board game from Japan. Excellent, includes several saved games of famous games.
GOKINZEL.ZIP157128Nov 24 1990A virtual book-on-disk by noted Sci-Fi authors Steve Miller & Sharon Lee, former Baltimore residents. Includes user-customizeable book software.
GOLDHUNT.ZIP69937Dec 22 199010 level adventure game. Collect gold, and avoid the creatures.
GOLFHI.ZIP76054Aug 28 1990Hawaii's best golf courses for Jack Nicklaus Unlimited.
GOLFSELC.ZIP103168Feb 28 1988Golf Course Selector for Mean 18 with a couple extra courses.
GOLFSTAT.ZIP15571Jun 1 1990Keeps every conceivable golf statistic. Requires BASIC.
GOODTF.ZIP268536Jun 30 1994GOOD TO FIRM is a horse racing adventure based on the British flat racing season. All the big races, including the English Classics, are featured, as well as group races, handicaps, maidens and sellers.
GOPHERIT.ZIP34311Mar 4 1992Gopher-It 1.0 game for Windows 3.x, in which the purpose is to stop the gophers from overrunning your lawn. This is done by bopping them with a padded club.
GOT100.ZIP731938Feb 18 1994New adventure game from Software Creations, Gods of Thunder 1.00. Arcade/Adventure game. Thor must seek out and defeat the evil tyrant Jormangund. VGA & 286 required, Soundblaster optional.
GPED20.ZIP111068Apr 24 1994This is a very nice car editor for Grand Prix World Circuit.
GRAFMONO.ZIP45972Feb 22 1986This is a full graphics version of MONOPOLY. .COM ver. written in TURBO.
GRANPRIX.ZIP79138Oct 28 1990Put together and manage a Formula 1 Racing Team. Fun to play.
GRAVWARS.ZIP43074May 13 1989Gravity Wars arcade game. Looks like the old SpaceWar games.
GREEN102.ZIP130471May 11 1992Green Version 1.02 (ASP) You battle the pavers by planting green areas.
GREETING.ZIP158116Oct 24 1987Create electronic computer Birthday & Christmas cards.
GRIME.ZIP6001Apr 6 1985Interesting and inventive arcade type game.
GRIMLOR1.ZIP71290Dec 1 1993The Dungeons of Grimlor Episode 1.
GRNDWAR.ZIP68210Feb 24 1991An excellent tank battle game where two players go head to head.
GROOVYTI.ZIP6628Sep 28 1990Hippy tiles for Mahjongg 3.3 or higher.
GROT31.ZIP101780Mar 17 1993Economic management simulation game.
GS25MISS.ZIP29521May 23 1993Gunship 2000 25 new missions for Islands & Ice.
GS2KED.ZIP20250Nov 9 1991Editor for Gunship 2000 roster file.
GS2V06.ZIP354795Jan 22 1992This is the latest update for Gunship 2000. It includes a mast-top sight, easier to kill enemies, and much more.
GTDOS150.ZIP106714Oct 10 1993Nice guitar tutorial/chord database and left/right handed tuner.
GTIX1.ZIP26303Jun 2 1991A pretty good space arcade game that is similiar to Mario.
GTRTUNER.ZIP26437Aug 6 1988Tunes a guitar.
GTUNER.ZIP32478Jul 9 1989Simple guitar tuner, fairly accurate for casual use.
GUZZLE.ZIP104345Jan 18 1990A Beer Version of Monopoly.
GWIZ23A.ZIP96990Mar 31 1994GAME WIZARD - Powerful GAME CHEATING utility. Full DOS Extender support.
HACKLITE.ZIP233682Jan 10 1989Nice ver of Hack, color cnf files work, ported from Amiga,w/rude comment.
HACKPLUS.ZIP40760Sep 6 1986Help for Hack v3.6+.
HAIKU.ZIP8974Dec 15 1987Interesting program that will create random HAIKU poetry.
HAKNSL.ZIP15449Jan 12 1990Hack & Slash, a small text based game. Create & equip character, then fight. Simple but entertaining.
HALOP.ZIP71257Jan 17 1991Hal 9000's classic "I am completely operational ..." sound file, use sputter.
HANDWRIT.ZIP90632Nov 14 1988Handwriting [signature] analysis program.
HANGMAN2.ZIP51648Mar 3 1987Stand-alone Hangman game with interesting variations, including quotations.
HARBOUR.ZIP24606Oct 30 1986Mean 18 golf course.
HARRYCHT.ZIP8539Oct 12 1993Cheat to Holloween Harry game.
HAUNTED.ZIP1344348May 20 1994DOOM New Level. Laura Beyer's Haunted House Demo Level. With new graphics sounds and monsters.
HAW.ZIP103741Feb 16 1991Hard At Work is a utility which will give your PC the apperance of involvement in a ardorous task. Very neat.
HB3MLB.ZIP26834May 31 1992HardBall III - Major League Baseball stats for complete 1991 season. Includes all real player names, avgs., etc.
HB3STT.ZIP51392Mar 11 1993This is a Hardball III utility which will show league leaders, import logos and other things. Supports VGA only.
HCAVE2.ZIP390054May 21 1993Humongous Cave, version 2. A greatly expanded version of the original ADVENTURE game exploring Colossal Cave.
HDPOOF.ZIP12151Feb 22 1992Hard-Drive Poofer gag program. Completely funny. Quite devious and scary! Fakes a hard-drive failure, hard-drive format, and all around system failure! At one point even makes screen go snowy! VGA or MCGA required.
HEARING.ZIP8077Apr 9 1990Nice program that checks the upper frequencies of your hearing to see if all those loud rock concerts have killed some nerves.
HEART.ZIP528478Jan 26 1994Guide the elf Percival through twenty levels of puzzles featuring 256-color animated graphics Heartlight is a puzzle game from Epic.
HEARTS65.ZIP76765Oct 16 1992This is the newest version of Hearts version 6.5. It includes Mouse Support. It is almost impossible to run the deck. Very nice game if you like Hearts.
HEARTYPE.ZIP8489Jan 1 1980Good sound program. Type letters and hear sound.
HEATHER.ZIP176418Jan 14 1993Heather Creek, a ficticious golf course for Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition (JNSE). The course traverses scenic cross creeks and wetlands.
HEXX13.ZIP566972May 5 1993Hexx v1.3 - VGA puzzle game, nice.
HIGHWAY.ZIP859603Dec 14 1994HIGHWAY HUNTER 1.0 from Safari Software is a fast, frantic and furious arcade blast fest. Guide your advanced assault vehicle, THE MASTER, through roads of destruction and carnage. 256-color parallax-scrolling graphics, et
HIJRAH.ZIP7134Apr 3 1990Game/Quiz based on the Flight of The Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. Requires BASIC.
HILLDALE.ZIP154543Jul 25 1990Jack Nicklaus golf course.
HILO1_6.ZIP84409May 17 1994HI / LO - The Game 1.6 is a Windows game in which you guess a between 10,000 and 65,000 in the least number of trys. This is a 1 player, user-customizable Windows 3.1 sound effects via .WAV files if a sound board is instal
HOCKEY.ZIP31265Aug 8 1992Play air hockey against the computer.
HOCKEYTI.ZIP7540Oct 9 1990More tiles for Mahjongg. Hockey Teams Logos.
HOFF120A.ZIP83057Jun 8 1992A creative approach to system security. Hands Off uses 'physcology' to outsmart the crook. Can also use the mouse as a motion detector. Unique, to say the least.
HOGBEAR.ZIP89152Mar 19 1989HogBear. Graphic adventure game pits you against monsters as you go from room to room searching for treasures and weapons.
HOGNECK.ZIP122404Mar 12 1992Great JNUG course from Maryland's Eastern Shore.
HOLDEM.ZIP41494Jul 19 1988Hold'em poker game. Very good, highly addictive.
HONGKONG.ZIP118558Mar 25 1993A South China Seas Mercantile game.
HOPPER.ZIP26214Oct 9 1990Bridge Hopper is an arcade game in which you cross bridges.
HORNTOWN.ZIP101427Sep 6 1991Jack Nicklaus golf course.
HOSPITAL.ZIP72065Mar 18 1990Interesting game/simulation. You play the doctor, and try to diagnose what is wrong with your patient.
HTBOX121.ZIP41940Oct 17 1990Sliding tile game, new up-to-date version of an old game. Very well done, graphics are excellent, many challenging games.
HTIC_V10.ZIP2875366Dec 24 1994Heretic 1.0 shareware. Very similar to DOOM.
HUGO.ZIP230951Jan 3 1990Hugo's Haunted House, excellent EGA graphics haunted house adventure, over 850k. Use cursor keys to move, simple text commands. A lot of work went into this one.
HUGO2.ZIP326996Feb 16 1991Sequel to Hugo's House of Horrors graphic adventure game.
HUGO2HNT.ZIP2675Mar 6 1991Hints for the game HUGO2.
HUGO3.ZIP548143Feb 16 1992Hugo 3: The Jungle of Doom. Latest in Hugo game series.
HUGOHNTS.ZIP3420Feb 19 1990Hints for solution of Hugo, a new shareware adventure game.
HUNTER.ZIP1254Nov 9 1986A robot for the programming game Crobot. Includes full C source.
HURRICAN.ZIP91852Aug 23 1990Hurricane Bay. A customized golf course for use with Accolade's Nicklaus Unlimited Golf. A seaside course with lots of palm trees.
HYPER175.ZIP32346Oct 23 1989HyperReversi 1.75 - Plays regular othello, and then plays it with an interesting twist.
IAGO.ZIP55631Mar 25 1990"Iago" an Othello type game - good graphics.
IBC.ZIP39841May 26 1985International Bridge Constructors A freeware game for 1 to 4 players. See if you can manage your company and become Chairman of the Board before anyone else.
IBG.ZIP10848Nov 12 1986Instant Buzzword Generator, by Bob Lancaster.
IBMXMAS.ZIP130900Nov 19 1985A great Xmas done by IBM characters.
ICECOLD.ZIP27100Jan 1 1980A very difficult Mean 18 course.
IDITDELT.ZIP9207Sep 29 1989Idiot's Delight. Another solitaire card game for the PC.
ILLUSI.ZIP43475Jun 16 1992Optical Illusion program. Educational & Fun.
INFOCOM2.ZIP18160Feb 18 1992New front-end for Lost Treasures of Infocom.
INVERNES.ZIP27774Oct 30 1986Mean 18 golf course.
IP1A.ZIP333404Jun 12 1993Upgrade for X-Wing: Imperial Pursuit, Fixes Missile Target Lock.
IQ150.ZIP23877Nov 17 1993Neat IQ test. Needs Windows 3.1.
IQ20.ZIP62393Dec 8 1990Fun IQ Challenge game. Several mind teasers.
IRAQCRS.ZIP110615Apr 14 1991Jack Nicklaus golf course.
IRONMAN.ZIP56632Jan 1 1980Computer version of Iron Man Marathon. You must complete a 20Km swim, 150Km bike, and 50Km run while avoiding obstacles (like wild beasts who come to attack you) and finish the Marathon.
ISLES.ZIP2975Feb 20 1990An island city for Simcity.
ISLEWR30.ZIP205742Nov 1 1993ISLE WARS v3.0. Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse. Never touch the keyboard as you try to conquer countries and continents in your attempt to rule the world of Isle Wars. Sequel to Battle For Atlantis from Soleau Software.
J3-CUB.ZIP30839Mar 14 1993Piper J3-CUB for Flight Simulator 4.0.
J3121.ZIP88228Jun 1 1992Juggle 3 Balls v1.21 - learn how to juggle using your PC.
JAZZXMAS.ZIP1439400Dec 10 1994Jazz JackRabbit Xmas version. ULTRA-SMOOTH scrolling 256 color graphics, ROCKING Digital Audio with Surround Sound, and WHITE-HOT action from Epic MegaGames.
JCAL7_4.ZIP72488May 26 1990Converts Jewish/Gregorian calendar dates.
JERKY.ZIP2218Jan 11 1991Home recipe for making beef jerky.
JETPK11.ZIP286820Apr 3 1993JETPACK - From Software Creations - Explore 100 levels of treacherous dungeons in search of precious gems.
JETPK_CH.ZIP472285Nov 2 1993Jet Pack Christmas Edition. From Apogee folks. Excellent scrolling SVGA game.
JILL.ZIP302863Jun 2 1992Jill of the Jungle, version 1.0. A Nintendo-style arcade adventure game with a 16-level world, 256-color VGA graphics sound effects, and a Sound Blaster-compatible Soundtrack. Requires 286 or better, 512K RAM, 1M disk spac
JILL1CHT.ZIP7898Jun 13 1992A cheat for Jill of the Jungle.
JIVE.ZIP12235Oct 27 1986Turn TXT in to Jive.
JKPOOL.ZIP52660Jun 3 1990This program simulates a pool table with a standard rack of 15 numbered balls and a cue ball. The player can manipulate a cue stick on the screen to aim and shoot at balls on the table.
JM.ZIP234354Mar 24 1990Jigsaw Mania. Very good graphics.
JMBL102.ZIP14690Jan 12 1994JUMBLE v1.02 - Doom Item Jumbler Bored of those same old levels? Tired of always finding that IMP lurking behind that next corner? Well JUMBLE them around a touch.
JNSECR03.ZIP195163Sep 24 1992Great Jack Nicklaus Signature Series golf course.
JOGGER.ZIP240674Jul 21 1993Arcade game in which you try to save the nuclear plant.
JOKE17.ZIP141431Apr 2 1992DOS-JOKE v1.7 - Will look just like DOS, but with a comedy twist. Has real human speech that works thru the PC Speaker. When a DOS command is entered, DOS-JOKE will say a nasty, rude & FUNNY comment in response.
JOKES2.ZIP200497Dec 22 1988A combination of programs that can be used as practical jokes on a "friends" machine. Non-harmful, and very funny.
JOUSTVGA.ZIP49984Apr 19 1990Excellent version of Joust. Requires VGA. Looks and plays just like the arcade version.
JOYCAL.ZIP25124Dec 25 1987Profesional joystick calibrator excellent.
JOYFORCE.ZIP1460Nov 8 1988Permits joystick use in some games.
JUGGLE.ZIP88548Jan 5 1993Learn how to juggle.
JUGLE113.ZIP96459Dec 9 1991Graphically learn how to juggle.
JUMBL10.ZIP12453Jan 19 1993Word Jumble v1.0: Nice little word jumble puzzle generator.
JUMPJET.ZIP101449Mar 30 1991JumpJet flight simulator. Looks pretty simple.
JUNGJAK1.ZIP79981Feb 12 1990VGA JUNGLE JACK. Graphic memory based game. Object is to dig a canal, through the jungle, which will bring water to huge estates. VGA & mouse required.
JUNGLESE.ZIP139666Sep 27 1992Jungle cruise country club, golf course for Jack Nicklaus golf game.
KABOOM10.ZIP173045Feb 5 1995KaBoom 1.0 - Find all the bombs. Two modes of play. Digital sounds on PC Speaker, Disney Sound Source, AdLib, or Sound Blaster. EGA/VGA Graphics. Supports mouse, joystick, or keyboard input. TAG SOFTWARE - Reg $20.
KAIRN.ZIP209771Jan 11 1991Great Shareware Color Graphics DND style arcade game. Very good. Complex and Challenging.
KAIRN10A.ZIP117227Apr 14 19891 of 2. Professional quality d&d role playing. Graphics req. good stuff.
KAIRN10B.ZIP62237Feb 5 19892 of 2. data files for great d&d game, best w2 floppies or hd.
KALAKH.ZIP231534Sep 1 1991A logical board game with counters from Russia.
KAOSHIDE.ZIP5125Jun 4 1990Joke TSR that will randomly upshift characters when typing. Very well commented ASM source included.
KCF.ZIP235020Mar 10 1993Keyboard Computer Fantasy Football. Keeps track of everything for a Fantasy Football League.
KDLOG20.ZIP20518May 25 1989KDLog is a collection of five fairly standard PC games of the "brain teaser" variety requiring logic instead of shoot-em-up dexterity.
KEEN4.ZIP634087Dec 1 1991Commander Keen version 4.0 "Secret of the Oracle" from Apogee.
KEENALP2.ZIP5353Apr 6 1991This is the Alphabet for Commander Keen Adventures game.
KEENDM01.ZIP379226Aug 21 1992Only you can help Commander Keen overcome the killer vegetables which have conspired to "clean his plate" in KEEN DREAMS, the "lost episode".
KEENHINT.ZIP2614Dec 14 1991Hints for Apogee game Commander Keen -- Find the secret city.
KENLAB10.ZIP423458Jan 1 1993AWESOME take off of Wolfenstien 3d, has awesome VGA graphics, and cool ADLIB, and Soundblaster Sounds, and voices. Get this. Has some features that Appogee forgot to include. Also can remap entire keyboard.
KFLOUIE.ZIP150575Jul 30 1989Kung Fu Louie - Arcade game, martial arts.
KINGDOM.ZIP21376Jan 11 1989You rule a kingdom in VM/CMS.
KINGDOM2.ZIP68156Apr 25 1990Kingdom of Kroz Version 2. Very good adventure type game.
KION.ZIP36287Jul 27 1989Arcade-fantasy game. Very good.
KLINRPG.ZIP103522Jun 27 1993KLINRPG.ZIP - Klingon Role Playing Game v1.1 It is the year 2366 and you were ordered by the Klingon High Council to infiltrate the radiation-filled areas of what used to be the Capitol of 'QeymeH'.
KOSYNK11.ZIP67783Dec 6 1992Another Solitaire game-from Russia. 2 decks, 9 columns.
KRISKROS.ZIP93180May 4 1991Pretty good word game, similiar to scrabble.
KROZ2.ZIP50428Feb 13 1990Return to Kroz hand eye coordination game. Very good, but this one is crippled after a certain level to get registration fees.
KRYKEE.ZIP176857Feb 1 1995A simple windows game of multiple bogie space combat. Requires wbblib13.exe.
KRYP22.ZIP41671Nov 24 1992"Krypto" game to convert symbols to phrases (Ver 2.2).
KT-HILLS.ZIP162066May 17 1992Kentucky Hills Golf Course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
KURTAN.ZIP97359Aug 28 1991Kurtan is a Russian maze arcade game with really fantastic graphics. The game is challenging with a multitude of different screens.
KUWAITRS.ZIP52075Jun 10 1992Tetris clone from Kuwait.
LAB3D.ZIP450338Jan 7 1993A terrific 3D game very similar to Wolfenstein 3D. Written by Ken Silveman, this game utilizes a Sound Blaster/Adlib sound card if you have one.
LABELLE4.ZIP41657Sep 7 1991La Belle Lucie Solitaire. A very pleasant and challenging game.
LADDER10.ZIP147301Aug 3 1992Ladder v1.0 - a rather interesting game where you climb ladders to get around, 30 levels to explore, very challenging.
LANDER10.ZIP45353Mar 21 1994Lander - Space Shuttle game, collect pods and bomb the enemy.
LANDIN.ZIP12487Apr 25 1991How to make a good landing with MS Flight Simulator 4.0.
LARN13.ZIP120651Feb 24 1987Latest version of D & D style adventure game similiar to Hack.
LARRY6.ZIP7323Nov 19 1993Walk-through for solution of Leisure Suit Larry 6, from Sierra.
LASTHALF.ZIP362831Oct 6 1990Nice adventure game, similiar to Hugo's Adventures.
LAVACAP.ZIP89274Feb 4 1992Lavacap game - Version 1.0 - very similar to the popular OilCap game by the same author.
LAWN200.ZIP48745Jun 23 1987A game of law mowing.
LC34.ZIP118806Feb 13 1990Lottery Challenge 3.4. Picks lottery numbers.
LEONG10.ZIP59945Apr 10 1990Simple Strategy game, similiar to Go.
LIFE.ZIP7747May 15 1989Life by John Conway. Program by Tim Baker. With C source. Simulation.
LIL256.ZIP929274Apr 19 1993Lost in Labyrynth 256 color ray-traced maze.
LINKFOUR.ZIP19731Sep 3 1986Connect four game. cga.
LINKSA.ZIP126594Aug 10 1991Jack Nicklaus golf course.
LLAMA.ZIP265212Aug 18 1992An excellent and rather bizarre Robotron-style arcade game. VGA, and a joystick (or two) is recommended, but not required. A SoundBlaster will get you the most out of this game.
LOADLAR.ZIP126879Dec 1 1993Help Larry get throught the maze of puzzles.
LOCHMERE.ZIP36554Jan 7 1988Mean 18 golf course.
LOGIC16A.ZIP111657Dec 11 1994Three logic puzzles.
LOGOS.ZIP7881Apr 24 1990More tiles for MAHJONGG game. Corporate theme.
LOTF100.ZIP382013Dec 13 1993VGA Adventure game with Sound Blaster support.
LOVEFIRE.ZIP65001Feb 23 1988Romance Adventure for the Ladies.
LOYD.ZIP29382Mar 13 1990Great new EGA/VGA version of the sliding 14-15 number game. More than one can play against each other. Very well done.
LSRCHESS.ZIP55087Aug 4 1990Neat variation of Chess, using lasers and pieces with reflectors.
LSRLT101.ZIP347068Jan 31 1994Laser Light - A mind boggling puzzle game.
LUCKY-7.ZIP159909Oct 17 1992Lucky-7 Jackpot 2.00a: Old-time slot machine circa 1910-1920. Beautiful EGA/VGA graphics.
LUGNUT11.ZIP136517Mar 27 1992Lugnut City is an arcade style "run, jump and shoot" math game, with ten different EGA mazes. There are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to solve, and plenty of sounds and graphics.
LVBC11.ZIP75680Feb 5 1992The Las Vegas Bingo Club is a 256-color VGA bingo game.
LVPOKER.ZIP138600Sep 1 1992Las Vegas Poker Galore; many poker games; extensive mouse support.
LWAY.ZIP87494Apr 15 1991Leeway - A new game similiar to Tron Cycles.
M16.ZIP79193Jan 12 1989This is an M16 shoot-em-up game with pop-up targets.
M18CLOAD.ZIP4132Apr 5 1988Mean 18 Golf Course Loader - No Limit on Number of Courses!.
M29PAK.ZIP10299Sep 1 1993Falcon MIG-29 Utility Pak Patch. Modem Play. WCS Program. From CIS FSFORUM. Uploaded by SPECTRUM HOLOBYTE.
MAGIC2.ZIP20505Jun 21 1988Computes magic squares (mathematical).
MAHJNG42.ZIP211504Sep 1 1994MAHJONGG V4.2 - Addictive solitare game. Play with colorful Chinese tiles or design your own with the included tile editor. Latest version 4.2.
MAJFOOD.ZIP6021Dec 30 1990Tileset of food logos for Mahjongg 3.3.
MAKDOOM2.ZIP516658Jul 11 1994DOOM Two New Levels, very well made with new graphics and sounds, nasty traps, has Star Trek Next Gen sounds.
MANGLE2.ZIP70637Jan 16 1994Word game: given a long word, try to re-arrange letters to make as many shorter words as possible within 8 minutes. Program checks its dictionary as you enter words; gives list of missed words at end of round. 40 rounds.
MANSION.ZIP33633Mar 3 1987A adventure game.
MAPED7.ZIP72230Jun 19 1993Version 7.0 of MAPEDIT. A Map Editor for Wolfenstein 3D.
MARBMA.ZIP89423Jun 30 1991Marble Man v1.0. Game of strategy. EGA/VGA.
MARIO.ZIP24800Nov 4 1985Arcade Game.
MARIOVGA.ZIP48165Nov 26 1990VGA version of a arcade game similiar to Super Mario Brothers.
MARKET.ZIP67583Dec 8 1984Stock Market Simulation Game.
MASTMIND.ZIP31633Mar 26 1992Computer version of the Mastermind game from Hungary. Nice user interface.
MATCH13.ZIP29008Apr 3 1992A good memory game, version 1.3 Now with sound matching, too.
MATCHEM.ZIP101614Oct 24 1990Concentration type game - EGA, mouse.
MATTMAP.ZIP871Jan 1 1980A nice Basstour map that is for inexperienced electrofishers.
MAXE21.ZIP38555Jul 6 1988Maze Maker, will help you if you run into trouble.
MAXIMUS.ZIP55302Oct 15 1988Conquer provinces for the Roman Empire.
MAZE2.ZIP18776Mar 18 1992Absolutely Amazing 3-D Maze Game. Get a real feel for virtual reality. Lightning Fast. Supports VGA and a Mouse.
MAZE21.ZIP38553Jul 6 1988This maze program will generate random mazes either smaller than the screen, the full size of the screen, larger than the screen or a use specified size. Includes C source code.
MAZEBALL.ZIP51538Nov 30 1991Mazeball is a game the simulates the Labyrinth ball game(s). You turn the handles to keep the ball from falling in the hole. Nice Graphics.
MAZEWARS.ZIP19370Mar 18 1992Virtual Reality Game. Walk through the Maze and shoot the monsters. Nice 3D effects but otherwise fairly simplistic.
MB20CHT.ZIP62901May 11 1993A cheater for Apogee's Monster Bash.
MBPATCH4.ZIP75844May 25 1993Patch to upgrade Apogee's Monster Bash.
MBRIDGE.ZIP181166Jul 9 1992Moraff's Monster Bridge Game.
MCMURPHY.ZIP90437Nov 12 1987Text adventure game in which you search for gold.
MDAT150.ZIP30341May 21 1990Front-End utility for the Adlib Jukebox program.
MDWVGA.ZIP536490Mar 5 1993Mad Dog William VGA Adventure Game.
MECH112.ZIP723066Mar 20 1993A good simulation of the board game Battletech. Contains pilot creator, land creator, mech creator, conflict designer and the actual game.
MECHEDIT.ZIP41908Jul 24 1990A Mech editor for BattleTech.
MEDCCY01.ZIP7380Jan 28 1991Other add-on scenario for Mediterranean Battleset of Harpoon (Must have both game and battleset to use this).
MEDCNTL.ZIP8207Mar 4 1991Scenario for Mediterranean Battleset of HARPOON created with Scenario Editor.
MEDWAR12.ZIP205903Mar 23 1994Medieval War windows game. Defend, fight, and destroy opponent. Risk like game, but different. Has option to be played by mail.
MEGA305.ZIP644568May 24 1992Megatron Battlemech game - good, but no joystick control available.
MEGATRON.ZIP532784May 11 1993This is Megatron, a VGA modem game that has sound blaster support and full modem support for COM 1 to 4.
MELGRATA.ZIP108009Nov 21 1993Melgratta is an adventure game in the land of Melgratta. In this place beyond the realm of reality you will see fairies, elves and wizards. Requires VGA.
MELROSE.ZIP111823May 16 1991Jack nicklaus golf course.
MEMGM10.ZIP17849Oct 28 1991The Memory Game Version 1.0. A Windows Visual Basic games.
MEMORIAL.ZIP29556Apr 13 1987Mean 18 golf course.
MEMORY_.ZIP24723Mar 26 1992Computer version of Memory game from Hungary.
MERION-4.ZIP29488Jan 8 1990Mean 18 golf course of Merion.
METRONOM.ZIP8917Jan 24 1988A simple computer based metronome for your PC.
MICEMN.ZIP87554Dec 5 1992Mice men strategy game from Soleau Software.
MICRO1.ZIP261614Apr 1 1993Adventures of MicroMan for Windows.
MIDIDEMO.ZIP41896Jul 11 1987Great demonstration of an automated 10 track MIDI sequencer !.
MIDIECHO.ZIP13238Jan 11 1988Midi echo for IBM midi cards.
MIDIEXX.ZIP18943Mar 28 1987MIDI exclusive patch transfer program for MPU-401 and synths.
MIDIGRPH.ZIP13738May 31 1988Graphically displays keyboard velocity - MIDI - Try it.
MIDNIGHT.ZIP128606Feb 5 1989Midnight Mountain skiing game.
MIDWAY1.ZIP43937Sep 5 1988How would you do in the battle of the Midway?.
MIG-29.ZIP2695Jan 18 1988Mig-29 for AFS.
MIGWCS.ZIP1001Aug 7 1993Thrustmaster WCS MKII. Functions for Falcon/MIG-29. Remaps rocker switch to radar.
MILLE.ZIP41997Jan 5 1987Mille Borne (the French card game).
MILLEVRN.ZIP121917Jul 18 1990Mille Bournes Game. Excellent Graphics. EGA & VGA, mouse support.
MILWAUKE.ZIP103035Dec 21 1988MR. MILWAUKEE, the electronic bartender, is a database program containing a large selection of recipes for favorite drinks.
MIMA0262.ZIP474319Mar 16 1993Missile Master 2.62s for Win 3.1. Very Nice. Requires VBRUN200.DLL.
MINDCUBE.ZIP100380Dec 22 1990Game in which you try to get through seven levels of mazes.
MINE1_0.ZIP26096Jan 7 1993A DOS version of the Windows minesweeper game. Requires EGA/VGA and a mouse. Configurable game board.
MINELAY.ZIP34742Jan 22 1991Mine Layer - arcade-type game to lay mines and ram enemy bases.
MINERVGA.ZIP80300Nov 26 1989A very nice arcade VGA game, object is to mine for gold and silver.
MINES0.ZIP9668Jul 20 1991Non-Windows version of Land Mine game.
MINES31.ZIP49962Jul 6 1988Mines v3.1 Walk through a minefield. This game was designed as a text mode game that worked at DOS, but could easily be used as a BBS door. It has features other similar clones don't have.
MINIGOLF.ZIP81633Dec 6 1992VGA miniature golf, Power Putt Golf.
MIRAMAR.ZIP86110Dec 5 1990A good jet fighter simulator. Shoot down enemy planes.
MIRMAZ.ZIP49679Mar 11 1991Mirror Maze v2.0 action game, EGA/VGA needed to run best.
MISSILE.ZIP35733Dec 28 1990Missile Alert. Arcade-type game similiar to Missile Command. Requires a mouse and EGA/VGA.
MISSION.ZIP86653Jan 7 1988Maze-type dnd adventure, but set in an office bldg, vs computers, clerks.
MJBALLON.ZIP5275Jun 30 1990Balloon tileset for MahJongg.
MJBASEB.ZIP7044May 2 1990Tile set for Mah-Jongg. Baseball cap emblems.
MJBODY.ZIP5698Apr 12 1990Body parts tileset for MahJongg.
MJCANS.ZIP7476May 16 1990Can tileset for MahJongg.
MJCAR1.ZIP8466Apr 14 1990Tile set of cars for MahJongg.
MJCARDS.ZIP2744Apr 7 1990MahJongg 3.3 tile set. Playing cards.
MJCARS.ZIP4882Oct 27 1990Car tileset for Mahjongg.
MJCARS2.ZIP8697May 24 1990Another tile set of cars for MahJongg.
MJDOGS.ZIP7429Oct 11 1990Dog tiles for MahJongg.
MJDOMINO.ZIP1079Sep 9 1990Domino tiles for Mahjongg.
MJF1.ZIP120979Mar 4 1993This is the REAL Mahjong game as played by the Chinese, not the tile matching game seen most frequently. Here, the tiles game is played much like the card game of Rummy.
MJFBALL.ZIP6192Aug 27 1990Football tile set for MahJongg.
MJFLAGS.ZIP4667Aug 11 1990Flag tiles for MahJongg.
MJFTBALL.ZIP6459Sep 14 1990Football team tiles for MahJongg.
MJLAPTOP.ZIP64451Feb 6 1989Mahjong written for laptops, runs on XTs, mouse,CGA req. Good docs/help.
MJLASVEG.ZIP4300Apr 26 1990MahJongg 3.3 tile set. Las Vegas style.
MJLOONEY.ZIP10882Dec 12 1990Mahjongg tile set with Looney Tunes characters.
MJNAVY.ZIP3766Apr 26 1990MahJongg 3.3 tile set. Navy style.
MJS-10.ZIP51828Mar 27 1992Mah Jongg Solitaire game for OS/2.
MJSTUFF.ZIP316894Jun 25 1990MJShell is shell used to manage tile sets for Mahjongg 3.3.
MJTIL133.ZIP5722Nov 14 1990Mahjong tile for Christmas.
MJTIL239.ZIP7220Jun 25 1991'STREET ROD' Tiles for Mah Jongg 3.3.
MJTIL41X.ZIP61879Mar 17 1993MAHJONGG tile set collection: contains all sets 410-419. Includes thimbles, WWII markings, New York City, sports, driving, MTV, science fiction creatures.
MJTIL42X.ZIP62269Mar 17 1993MAHJONGG tile set collection: contains all sets 420-429. Includes trolls, hot air balloons, electronics, Halloween, games.
MJTIL43X.ZIP56129Mar 17 1993MAHJONGG tile set collection: contains all sets 430-439. Includes road signs, holidays, software logos, Chicago, football.
MJTIL44X.ZIP59364Mar 23 1993MAHJONGG tile set collection: contains all sets 440-449. Includes wicca, rock music etc....
MJTIL45X.ZIP43086Mar 17 1993MAHJONGG tile set collection: contains all sets 450-459. Includes drag racing, Easter heiroglyphics, ocean creatures, planets, baby stuff.
MJTIL46X.ZIP56262Mar 17 1993MAHJONGG tile set collection: contains all sets 460-469. Includes Texas, Washington DC, cookies, trucks, snack food, tools.
MJTIL47X.ZIP47356Mar 17 1993MAHJONGG tile set collection: contains all sets 470-479. Includes Christmas, numbers, food, Dr. Who.
MJTILE.ZIP7999Jun 2 1990Front end tile manager for Mahjongg 3.3 or higher.
MJTILE03.ZIP6345Apr 1 1990Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTILE04.ZIP6120Mar 17 1990Astronomy tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTILE05.ZIP3772Apr 5 1990Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+. Deck of Playing Cards.
MJTILE06.ZIP6541Apr 5 1990Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTILE07.ZIP4890Apr 6 1990Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTILE08.ZIP10485Apr 6 1990Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTILE09.ZIP3255Apr 7 1990Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTILE10.ZIP7678Apr 9 1990Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTILE18.ZIP3766Apr 26 1990Naval tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTILE49.ZIP31196Jun 8 1990Two Disney tile sets for Mahjongg 3.3+.
MJTOOLS.ZIP4105Apr 23 1990Carpentry tools tile set for MahJongg.
MJTV.ZIP15949Jun 7 1990Tile set of TV characters for MahJongg.
MJVGA31.ZIP289229Oct 19 1991Mahjongg V-G-A version 3.1. Excellent ancient Chinese game.
MJ_PILLS.ZIP4485Apr 5 1993Majonng tiles of prescription drugs.
MK2FAQ.ZIP19400Feb 20 1994FAQ about Mortal Kombat 2.
MLCRUX.ZIP34249Dec 16 1991Microlink connect the crosses game.
MLLOYD11.ZIP27957Mar 13 1990Loyd's Puzzle -- the 15 sliding numbered tiles in a 4x4 grid -- nice solitaire from MicroLink, by Bob Lancaster.
MLOTRA12.ZIP29197Oct 28 1989Nice graphics game that uses the keypad for increasingly complex combinations of keypad entries like the old "Simon" game.
MLPUSH.ZIP29148Jul 7 1990'Push Your Luck' - An absorbing, attractive, addictive dice game by MicroLink. It has an excellent user interface.
MLSHUT12.ZIP28370Aug 14 1989"Shut The Box" Game from MicroLink (by Bob Lancaster).
MM3.ZIP7429Nov 18 1991Word Perfect 5.0 and ASCII text file on weapon codes for Might and Magic III, for hex editing, it's not simple so if you don't know the basic structure, this isn't of much help for you. Look for a guide in the future.
MM3EDIT.ZIP40796Oct 29 1991An excellent editor for Might & Magic III save game files. Can change almost anything. Mouse support.
MMEMORY.ZIP97740Sep 25 1992"Moraff's Monster Memory" Concentration type game for SVGA.
MMIND31.ZIP91320Apr 30 1992Master Mind version 3.1. Crack the Secret Code, tough game.
MMMAZE.ZIP40821Sep 27 1989Mad Mad Mad Mazes! Fun Maze game. Mazes start easy, but don't let the first few levels fool you. Level 9 is a nightmare. Basic source code included.
MMPI.ZIP170040Apr 9 1992Personality test. Standard MMPI test.
MO200.ZIP76206Dec 19 1990"Midnight Oil" Solitaire card game. Requires a mouse.
MODVIDFX.ZIP7923Jul 1 1994Patch for MODEDIT v3.1 video mode, gets rid of 43 line mode at startup.
MOKU.ZIP16313Sep 23 1990Windows 3.x game of Moku.
MOMASKS.ZIP24906Aug 26 1992A program that provides random "Motherly" reminders such as "Are you getting enough to eat?". Intended for the autoexec.bat of students going off to college, etc.
MONOP.ZIP86778Sep 5 1991Monopoly game with some added features.
MONOPTIL.ZIP5068Aug 31 1991Monopoly tiles for mahjongg.
MONOPV2.ZIP125228Jan 25 1990VGA version of Monopoly. 2 to 15 players. Will work with a mouse.
MONOVGA.ZIP130351Sep 3 1989VGA monopoly game. Great graphics, but requires at least two human players, the computer will not play.
MONSTER.ZIP2393Jun 5 1988RAM resident monster on "M" keypress. Cute.
MORAFF.ZIP155396Feb 1 1989A 3-D D&D simulation. It's pretty good and has decent graphics. It keeps you on your toes!.
MORAFS31.ZIP170043Sep 25 1992"Moraff's Stones" game (Ver 3.1) to bet with Monsters.
MORNT10.ZIP330375Nov 14 1994MYSTERIES OF THE ORIENT v1.0 A collection of ancient puzzles. Excellent graphics. Requires VGA and Windows 3.1.
MOUNTA.ZIP107207Dec 9 1990A Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf Course. This is a fictitious course which could very well exist somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. It is abundantly supplied with trees and water. A good challenge for any golfer.
MOUNTR.ZIP100266May 23 1992Golf course for Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf game.
MOUSEJAM.ZIP27183Jun 19 1990Make music by moving your mouse across the screen. Fun.
MPP3-2_B.ZIP109785Jun 4 1990MusicPrinter Plus V3.2. Disk 2 of 2. See MPP3-2_A.ZIP for description.
MQUEST11.ZIP49390Aug 21 1991"Monster Quest" adventure game.
MRBS1-6D.ZIP123373Feb 3 1991"Dungeons of Morabis" dungeons/dragons game.
MREVENGE.ZIP142998Jan 1 1989An elaborate DND game with graphics etc.
MRM-1.ZIP450122Mar 14 1993Merlin - Riddle Master NEW By Digital Reality.
MRORGAN.ZIP6536Jun 6 1986MRORGAN allows you to play your PC keyboard like a one-note organ.
MRPILL.ZIP78780Dec 22 1993MrPill 3.1: The object is to keep MrPill moving through a continuous pipe conduit. You must arrange the pipes to fit together. For Windows. Shareware ($15)/Rodney Wood.
MSTGNV1C.ZIP85861Jun 4 1992AD&D Monster Generator. Create, Save and Load monster files.
MSTRMIND.ZIP2283Feb 27 1988Mastermind using number... May get weird graphic if use extended memory.
MTRADER.ZIP106174Apr 18 1991Moon Trader - An excellent VGA game in which you trade with other planets.
MTRIVIA.ZIP57517Apr 25 1989Multi-user trivia game similar to Trivia Pursuit.
MTV.ZIP1095Apr 11 1986A Basic program of the Mtv Logo and plays the Mtv Theme..
MULTICIV.ZIP10012Dec 10 1993A Text file that contains the rules to play Civilization with 2-6 (or more) players. A Very good idea, and fun for all Civilization lovers.
MURDER2.ZIP40137Jun 14 1989A you-solve-it murder adventure. Similiar to the game Clue.
MUSEUM.ZIP83530Nov 27 1990"Adventurer's Museum" text adventure game.
MUSIC2.ZIP49248Mar 16 1986Create, edit, play music; notes go on a staff.
MUSICBOX.ZIP162428Mar 20 1988Music program that lets you watch the notes & listen to the music at the same time. Requires a Roland MPU-401 or compatible.
MUSICPRN.ZIP165142Feb 22 1989MusicPrinter+ Demo. Great (complex) program for printing music and perf.
MUZAK.ZIP28239Jul 9 1986Select tunes for computer to play.
MYGAGS21.ZIP55919Feb 20 1992My-Gags v2.1.. 12 gag programs, most are intended for use in people's autoexec.bat file. 7 of them are TSR's. Funny! Completely harmless programs. Great for a good laugh.
MYNES.ZIP96998Jun 1 1992"Mynes" Minefield game for Windows.
NATION.ZIP46319Feb 14 1988Good simulation of economics and theoretical warfare.
NATIONS.ZIP9023Mar 26 1990Tileset addition for VGA Mahjong- National Flags.
NAT_W3D.ZIP30089Aug 27 1992New episodes for Wolfenstein 3D.
NCAAPOOL.ZIP44660Dec 16 1988Enter NCAA pool and friend's selections to automatically track winners and who's ahead in the pool. Very easy to use.
NCC1701.ZIP289898Sep 1 1992Very nicely done Windows Startrek game.
NCHESS38.ZIP131402Apr 14 1991Necromancer Chess, a good computer chess program.
NCRGOLF.ZIP103552Feb 10 1987Public Domain Golf game by NCR.
NECTAR.ZIP51677Jun 21 1987INFCOM style Text Adventure Game. Color, Verbose, Brief, etc.
NEDWORLD.ZIP96650Jul 4 1993Neural Ned in NED'S WORLD is a game but it also is a hands-on exercise in neural networks.
NEW11.ZIP11600Aug 15 1992New Levels for Castle Wolfenstein 3D that can be used by anyone with version 1.1 or later. Includes instructions on how to load.
NEWARKNJ.ZIP6554Apr 22 1990A SimCity layout of Newark, New Jersey.
NEWDOOM.ZIP1423420Jun 3 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version.
NEWHELIS.ZIP2749Mar 17 1992New helicopter entries for Gunship 2000.
NEWPUZZ2.ZIP101488Nov 3 1992New Puzzle Factory; wordfinder and crossword creator.
NEWSTAND.ZIP131662Oct 21 1990New St. Andrews golf course for Jack Nicklaus golf.
NEXTGEN.ZIP34780Jan 1 1980Star Trek The Next Generation Trivia Game.
NFL.ZIP15806Jan 16 1990Tileset addition for VGA Mahjong - NFL Football logos.
NFL91.ZIP54942May 7 1991NFL 1991 lets you predict, track, update NFL scores - includes weekly schedule and offensive/defensive scoring strengths.
NFL93W.ZIP45135Jun 19 1993NFL-93, This program prodicts the winners. Windows program.
NFLSC2.ZIP181512Aug 15 1991Football tracking program. Helps project the winning team.
NFLTPW11.ZIP97684Aug 2 1993This MS Windows program will manage your NFL office pools.
NFL_1991.ZIP54996May 7 1991NFL game prediction program for 1991.
NH30JHLP.ZIP86933Dec 12 1991NetHack 3.0J (Patchlevel 10) "Spoiler" file. Hints and secrets for playing NetHack are revealed at last.
NH313386.ZIP692819Aug 4 1993NetHack 3.1.3 DOS Protected Mode Executable program. Compiled using FSF's djGPP, this requires a 386+ to run. For 286 use NH313PC.EXE.
NH313PC.ZIP649915Aug 3 1993NetHack 3.1.3 - DOS executable program files. Needs 286+ and 2 MB.
NINJA.ZIP23865Aug 25 1986Fight the ninja warriors.
NINTEN15.ZIP51966Dec 22 1989Nintendo home entertainment unit hints & tips for many games.
NIRVANA.ZIP8784Jun 18 1991A SimCity city file.
NOID2.ZIP142244Sep 8 1989Avoid the NOID arcade game brought to you by Dominos Pizza.
NOREAST.ZIP569270Jan 30 1992Scenery files for Flight Simulator 4. Covers entire northeast US. Corresponding scenery disks are NOT needed. Excellent job.
NORELATE.ZIP15749Apr 29 1990Tileset addition for VGA Mahjong - Unrelated Objects.
NOTRUS.ZIP265428Jun 1 1992SVGA Game Of Tetris.
NOVATRON.ZIP21639Jul 6 1986Latest version of Tron Light Cycles. Reworked by author.
NOVELTY.ZIP46434Dec 17 1987Collection of amusing programs.
NOW01.ZIP92971Dec 14 19912D Chess VGA/EGA Chess program. Strong player, mouse interface.
NTRAID.ZIP643551Jun 1 1993Nightraid - a great arcade game for a mouse (no joystick option available) - good graphics and sound effects.
NTRAID01.ZIP643551Jun 1 1993Night Raid. Arcade game. Demo, only 4 levels but real fun.
NULWCS.ZIP580Aug 9 1993Thrustmaster UPROM / WCS MKI. UPROM Utility to disable/enable with scroll lock.
NUMLOGIC.ZIP52112Jun 30 1992A collection of 10 logic game puzzles.
NYC2.ZIP3110Apr 9 1990SimCity of New York City (unpopulated).
NYET12.ZIP14622Jul 1 1988EXTREMELY addictive version of Tetris!.
OF31SW.ZIP277382Nov 12 1993Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator.
OFFROADD.ZIP14218Aug 29 1988Very nice Off-Road racing game, similiar to Moon Patrol.
OGRE.ZIP35164Dec 23 1985Tactical war strategy game. Similar to the old board game.
OH-NOS.ZIP2233May 21 1990A Hardball II baseball team based on the 1990 Orioles as of player stats recorded up to May 15, 1990.
OHBOTHER.ZIP23988Jan 30 1988Winnie the Poo's "Oh bother", sound file, use sputter or sounder.
OILCAP5.ZIP87050Nov 10 1992"OilCap" Pipedreams type game (Version 5.0). Requires VGA and mouse.
OLLIEG.ZIP55260Apr 7 1989Help ollie nord outwit the Sovs & Congress. Board game, graphics.
OMEGA75.ZIP317470May 9 1989Omega V0.75 - Best of D&D/Hack/Moria/Larn type games.
OMFPHOTO.ZIP75461Jan 2 1995One Must Fall: 2097 Photo Editor. This editor for Epic MegaGames' One Must Fall will allow you to add new pilot pictures. You need to have se experience with creating PCX files to use the editor.
ONEBOOK.ZIP3710Sep 12 1989Some informative services that you can access by phone. Just dial a local number, and enter a 4 key code.
OPGC.ZIP98357Aug 26 1990Jack Nicklaus golf course.
OPOOL51.ZIP44623Aug 12 1992Office Football Pool Program - includes the full 1992 schedule.
ORIGAMI.ZIP149767Aug 21 1988Many differant shapes to fold paper into. (BASIC).
ORIOLE92.ZIP3424Mar 13 1992Complete Baltimore Orioles schedule for 1992. Executable file.
ORIONODD.ZIP252089Jan 21 1992Arcade style adventure game.
OSMOS111.ZIP87755Nov 24 1991Osmosis Solitare game v1.11 - Requires EGA or better and mouse.
OTHELL2.ZIP43554Jan 30 1987Two versions of the board game Othello. One version will allow you to play another person using two modems.
OTHELLO.ZIP29278Mar 17 1988Othello - Turbo C source included.
OTHPC3.ZIP27495Mar 29 1986OTHELLO PC plays the popular board game Othello.
OVERIDE1.ZIP65340Feb 9 1992"Overide" 2-Player Othello game.
OVERKL12.ZIP357851Dec 12 1992OVERKILL Arcade game from EPIC MEGAGAMES. SMOOTH 16-color scrolling action, SB/Adlib sound track, and joystick support.
OXYD36.ZIP889591Jan 9 1993Oxyd is a gripping challenge in creativity, hand and mind coordination. Using the mouse, a black marble is guided through elaborate mazes.
P-ROBO31.ZIP291156May 30 1993A games for pascal programmers, program your robot to fight other robots.
P38.ZIP1031Dec 6 1991Fix for P-38 Lightning Tour of Duty disk for SECRET WEAPONS OF THE LUFTWAFFE. This fix is from lucasFilm Games and is used to fix some versions, If your plane doesnt fly at 400 mph then you need this fix.
PACDOOM.ZIP78243Feb 28 1994Replacement graphics for DOOM that changes those nasty imps into yellow round mean balls of fire-throwing death.
PACHISI.ZIP48965Jul 23 1989A decent pachisi game-up, allows up to four players.
PAGANWT.ZIP17292May 14 1994Walkthrough for Origin's Ultima VIII.
PAINTS.ZIP95770Sep 23 1991Mad Painter Game (a PAC MAN variation) where you paint the streets.
PALACE.ZIP56138May 16 1991Find the gold and rescue the princess from the Ice Palace. 3-D maze game.
PALMEGA.ZIP66084Dec 11 1988EGA/VGA Palm-reading.
PANIC.ZIP9738Jan 9 1987Harmless Practical Joke, Simulating a TROJAN HD format.
PAROLE.ZIP43181Jul 13 1989Make your PC speak in French. Includes TP 5.0+ source code.
PARTY.ZIP43558May 4 1993Electronic text on having a kid's party. All of the necessary details and checklists, along with some good time-filling ideas.
PASTRIVA.ZIP94020Jan 10 1990Pass-Around Trivia. A Very nicely programmed game of Trivia. Plays 1 to 6 people.
PATCHU7.ZIP7673Jun 14 1992The patch for Ultima 7 disapearing keys.
PATIENCE.ZIP163024Dec 20 1989Collection of 9 solitaire games, very nice graphics.
PATUMAN2.ZIP44131May 18 1993Pacman game for Windows.
PAUL.ZIP183500Dec 27 1992A graphics/text game based on the missionary journeys of Paul the Apostle.
PBALL.ZIP29683Oct 28 1989Graphical pinball game - several display formats.
PC-CHESS.ZIP39870Jan 15 1986Play chess over the modem.
PC-RR.ZIP56354Dec 23 1985PC-RailRoad - Create Your Own Layout or Use Existing Layouts.
PCB101.ZIP294282Nov 18 1993PC Bartender for Windows. Part 1 of 2.
PCB102.ZIP240093Nov 18 1993PC Bartender for Windows. Part 2 of 2.
PCDARTS.ZIP16969Apr 23 1987Play Darts on your PC.
PCFUN.ZIP45233Jun 11 19883 arcade style games.
PCHACK36.ZIP183419Nov 25 1986Latest version of the all-time classic HACK. Role-playing game.
PCHESS.ZIP126389Apr 2 1990PowerChess 5.3. Excellent chess program that supports the full international chess rules. Runs great under DESQview.
PCPOOLER.ZIP38627May 23 1985Create your own football pools. Pro, college, High school. Great!.
PCPRANK.ZIP60234Oct 19 1987Play pranks on friends by putting this program on their HD. When they boot they will see a funny scene. Very Good.
PCQUILT.ZIP144653Jun 11 1988Interesting program that lets your PC design Quilts.
PCROB13.ZIP100454Feb 15 1993PCRobots 1.3 is much like the older CRobots or PRobots. See who can program their robots to best wipe out the opponents. But with PCRobots, you can program in C, Pascal, or even BASIC.
PCTYPE.ZIP81728Oct 31 1970Excellent touch typing practice with MANY practice files!.
PCVRJET.ZIP137022Dec 11 1992C source/binary to a virtual reality game useing R386DEV4.ZIP rendering library. Nintendo Powerglove interface, fly a jet.
PCX2TIS.ZIP58674Jun 10 1990PCX2TIS takes a specially laid out PCX file drawn and converts it into a TIS tile set file for use by Mah Jongg -V-G-A-.
PCYATZ12.ZIP52788Dec 4 1990PC-Yahtzee is played exactly like the board game. Version 1.2.
PDH2JD.ZIP323750May 23 1994Prairie Dog Hunt 2: Judgment Day. Fun Windows game.
PDTREK25.ZIP34885Aug 12 1986Star Trek! Play with one or 2 players over modem!.
PEA-ESP.ZIP287891Nov 9 1994Pea-ESP! 2 explores ESP phenomena in an interesting and scientifically valid way. It's also used to evaluate ESP potential, and you can participate in ESP research if you register, qualify & score well enough. Req. 386+ &
PEARL.ZIP32047Jan 14 1988Protect Pearl harbor from Japaneese.
PEBBLE.ZIP24618Mar 4 1986Mean 18 golf course.
PEBBLESC.ZIP226947Feb 9 1993The infamous Pebble Beach golf course for Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition (JNSE) by the nearly infamous JNSE course designer, Scott Chesney. A great layout.
PEDL55.ZIP226824Dec 19 1989MIDI Patch EDitor Librarian for CZ/Yamaha - great!.
PEGOUT.ZIP29619Sep 14 1988Real good solitaire pegout game in cga and ega.
PEND.ZIP94251Oct 8 1992Game of terratorial conquest for Windows. Excellent.
PENNA.ZIP14435Apr 1 1991Flight Simulator 4 scenery for Pennsylvania.
PENNYPIN.ZIP25171Jun 23 1990Simple Pinball Game. Runs too fast on 386 machines.
PENTE.ZIP19995Apr 15 1987Board game connect 5 in a row to win.
PENUIN.ZIP18899Jul 9 1986Game - save penguinette from the seals.
PERE.ZIP178870Feb 12 1991USSR Perestroika theme for a frogger-like arcade game.
PFP.ZIP135211May 26 1992Professional Football Predictor - Predict results of professional football games. Includes 1992 schedule.
PFPCK6.ZIP146866Jun 1 1994Pro Football Picks, aid for Football Pools 1994.
PGATUFF.ZIP29220Nov 2 1987M18 golf course.
PGLOVE.ZIP10684Aug 24 1992These are the instructions and source for interfacing an Nintendo Power Glove to a PCs Parallel port.
PGT20.ZIP107368Mar 15 1991Personal Golf Tracker keeps track of your golf scores along with statistics about your game. You can keep averages, comparisions, etc.
PHASERS.ZIP7885Jan 28 1991Simple program that creates the sound of a phaser being fired.
PHIL18.ZIP35460Nov 21 1992Flight Simulator 4 scenery for Philadelphia area.
PHOTASST.ZIP53026Apr 19 1988Assist in taking pictures.
PHYLOX.ZIP330098Nov 26 1992Arcade game. Shoot-em-up featuring 256 color graphics, supports Sound Blaster.
PIGLATIN.ZIP3689Oct 2 1992Piglatin! A text converter to convert ascii text into pig-latin!! Pretty silly. UL'ed by author.
PILED.ZIP16923Jun 30 1990Edit your pilot for F-19 Stealth Figher or F-15 Strike Eagle II. Includes complete C source code.
PINOCL.ZIP68643Jan 11 1993PINOCLE GAMES v1.0 - 3 variations of 4-handed, single-deck, partnership Pinocle. You play your hand; the computer plays the other 3. Good graphics on most popular systems.
PIT353.ZIP395342Nov 24 1992The Pit v3.53. Online Game with Multi-Line, Fossil Driver Support. A supplementary file will enable EGA/VGA.
PIZZA.ZIP40689Jan 24 1984Manual for making pizza - recipes for sauces, crust & tips, etc.
PLANE.ZIP719002Jun 23 1994Make paper airplanes with this program. It will print out paper with the fold lines and show you step by step how to fold each plane. Shows complete details for five planes, twenty more if you decide to buy.
PLANET41.ZIP80952Oct 2 1988Our planets in living EGA, complete with statistics.
PLANETS3.ZIP996479Jan 27 1994Galactic conquest game for 2 to 11 players. Easily commercial quality. More addictive than Civilization.
PLMSTRV2.ZIP67827Jul 17 1988POOL-MEISTER is a program designed to aid you in running and keeping track of the four most popular types of football pools.
PLYROL12.ZIP25882Jan 18 1990A very nice Adlib command line .ROL player. Requires Adlib card.
PNUM201.ZIP187609Jun 6 1992Produces in-depth personality reports based on your name and birth date. Professional looking reports run 6 to 8 pages and reveal the most intimate traits and desires for yourself, friends and family.
PODWAR10.ZIP44353Aug 2 1989Rather interesting space game that can run on monochrome and up.
POET.ZIP120145Jul 30 1990A simple poetry generator, very interesting.
POKER572.ZIP63434Jul 4 1994Classic Draw Poker - new version release July 1994 with a small improvement.
POKERSOL.ZIP52800Dec 17 1994A card game which combines poker and solitare.
POLIPREF.ZIP23314Jun 30 1988This program analyzes your poltical leanings. (Liberal or Conser).
POPCORN.ZIP60160Mar 17 1989VERY good PD graphics 'breakout' type game.
POPGAMES.ZIP18491Jan 18 1990TSR that will allow you to pop-up 4 good games.
PRINCCHT.ZIP893Jan 12 1994Prince of Persia 2, cheatmode & savegames.
PRISONER.ZIP56610Dec 25 1988Interesting mind puzzle. It is your job to free the prisoner.
PRNCHT.ZIP392Apr 23 1994Cheat file for Prince of Persia. Allows you to level skip and other varius stuff that can help you on the game.
PRO402D.ZIP335041Mar 14 1991Latest version of Profound. Display a witty saying, with database.
PROTON.ZIP19471Apr 11 1990Proton is an arcade style battle simulation, set in a maze-type playfield using hand phaser weapons.
PRSMDEMO.ZIP178251Apr 4 1989Graphically driven MIDI sequencer demo - requires mouse for operation.
PUBDARTS.ZIP81397Sep 7 1993Darts game for VGA.
PUZZLE.ZIP48823Mar 16 1987Creates an onscreen puzzle, you determine # of pieces & complexity.
PUZZLE1.ZIP51394Apr 5 1994First of a series of 4 files containing puzzles from the Internet. This file contains a read-me file and all questions (no solutions).
PUZZLE3.ZIP156009Apr 5 1994Third in a series of four files containing puzzles from the Internet. This file contains problems and solutions for topics: Decisions, Geometry, Induction and Language.
PUZZLE4.ZIP119278Apr 5 1994Fourth in a series of four files containing puzzles from the Internet. This file contains problems and solutions for topics: Logic, Physics, Probability, Real-Life, Series, and Trivia.
PYRO222.ZIP85869Jan 14 1991Pyromaniac game to burn down Federal Buildings. Great Game.
QDJ13.ZIP44381Jun 14 1991Quote du Jour v1.3 - Many interesting little quotes and quips in an ASCII file, plus an EXE to randomly pick one (suitable for use in AUTOEXEC.BAT or MENU.BAT, for example).
QOTD191.ZIP248466Apr 30 1994Quote of the Day program v1.9.
QPOKER.ZIP27025Aug 31 1990Pokersheet 1.0 is a menu driven "worksheet" that acts as a dealer in a stirring game of draw poker. Written using Quatrro.
QQ320.ZIP27143Jan 13 1993Quick-Quotes v3.2. Quick-Quotes is a quote program for DOS or for BBS's. It generates quotes (or straight text) in a "madlib" style. It now supports editing of the word and quote lists.
QSD.ZIP11707Jan 1 1980A Quick Stat Displayer for Earl Weaver Baseball V1.5.
QUATOGME.ZIP218016Feb 11 1993QUATO - by Soleau - word game slide - play against the clock making words.
QUATRIS2.ZIP171595Jan 26 1991Version 2.0 of the Quatris game. EGA/VGA Tetris genre game. This version uses 3-D blocks.
QUEST2.ZIP82359Jan 1 1987Very nicely done Cave Quest adventure game.
QUICTYPE.ZIP46146Jul 13 1989Quictype is the perfect game for polishing your touch typing skills. This program will work in CGA, EGA, VGA, or Hercules graphics systems.
QUINTA.ZIP39456Jan 29 1989PENTE/GO-like game. Requires a mouse and EGA or VGA.
QUIZZER.ZIP47724May 23 1988GRE Vocabulary Testing Program. May add to datafile...
QUOTE.ZIP15692Dec 11 1990Simple program that generates random quotes each time it is run.
QUOTE101.ZIP14914Dec 11 1990Quotes from the command line.
QUOTES.ZIP27327Jul 21 1992QUOTES is a program that will print a quotation on the screen.
RACBALL.ZIP201365Oct 17 1992C source/binary to a virtual reality demo useing Powerglove. Need 3d-rendering library R386DEV4.ZIP to recompile.
RACE300.ZIP41695Aug 19 1990Compare the performance of two different car models from the comfort of your PC. Includes data for many popular cars.
RAMPCU10.ZIP82831Apr 27 1991A new game similar to Tetris, uses colored cubes.
RANGOON.ZIP97660Aug 25 1993A nice little solitaire game for windows.
RAPCHEAT.ZIP4198Apr 2 1994Cheat for the NEW RAPTOR game...
RAPEDIT.ZIP31861Apr 13 1994Raptor V1.0 Money Editor.
RAPTOR.ZIP1889334Jun 29 1994RAPTOR v1.0 from APOGEE! (VGA), requires a 386 of higher w/2 megs. Kill for Cash! You are a mercenary in the future flying the Super-Tech RAPTOR.
RARRUN.ZIP50116Mar 26 1988Interesting maze game, you have a rat's eye view.
RBOT10.ZIP135103Jun 28 1991Rbot v1.0 "Bot 2". EGA/VGA. Program robots to fight each other using a numeric flowchart. Unlike it's predecessor Bot, you can design the robot hardware as well, and make your own maps. Great for competitions.
RDHOOK.ZIP390995Jan 1 1993Redhook's Revenge! v1.0 1-1-93. 2 or 3 animated pirate characters compete for for the most gold doubloons.
RDOOM12.ZIP43199Jan 25 1994Doom randomizer, mixes up objects on the levels.
REACT10.ZIP42387Sep 5 1992Check your reaction time.
REAP10.ZIP168343Nov 12 1993Reaping the Dungeon - VGA strategy game. Battle powerful creatures with modern weapons and devices purchased at shops. Sell treasure at varying prices.
REBEL14.ZIP281110Jan 3 1994Update/bug fix for Rebel Assault.
RECLAB.ZIP6522Jun 5 1991Record label tile set for Mahjongg.
REDDOG.ZIP19737Mar 19 1990Red Dog is an old west card game.
REDDOG2.ZIP28288Sep 20 1991A Win 3.X Atlantic City style card game.
REDRUM.ZIP117748May 27 1994Doom WAD - Really good lots of puzzles.
REEBOK.ZIP129407Mar 31 1991Excellent VGA arcade style game - remotely like defender.
RESCUE_1.ZIP259083Dec 28 1993Rescue v 1.1. Fly your nimble Hovercraft thru forests and perilous mountain passes.
RETRIS20.ZIP74917Mar 3 1992Super Tetris -- variation of tetris.
RGDMED.ZIP288057Apr 22 1994Doom Editor V1.1C (Renegade Software) For MS-WIN.
RICOCHET.ZIP45578Jun 12 1993Richochet shots to destroy enemy game.
RIMTRIX.ZIP13104Jan 18 1989Fast-action sliding block arcade game.
RIPTIDE1.ZIP689442Jul 26 1994An under sea adventure where you pilot a sub. VGA graphics and SB sound.
RISK2.ZIP296397Dec 11 1989The game of Risk. Just like the board game. Very good.
RISKS.ZIP114916Jun 16 1993A great New Risk type game. Supports VGA.
ROADMILE.ZIP58222Mar 21 1988Mileage in USA, as crow flies and est. road dist. - CGA.
ROADWARS.ZIP74139Aug 15 1992Excellent road chase game requires fast processor very good graphics.
ROBIX.ZIP92191Nov 15 1992Robix is another logic puzzle game from Soleau Software. The objective of this pure strategy game is to get your colored blocks to the bottom of the game board by pushing entire rows either left or right.
ROBO.ZIP123872Jun 18 1991The Lobby. Adventure game Robomaze. This is part 1 a 3 part series.
ROBOM111.ZIP125845Jul 31 1991Robot Man. Nice arcade style game with multiple maze levels. VGA supported.
ROBOWAR.ZIP105804Mar 9 1991Text war-game, 1 to 10 players, loads of fun.
ROCKSTAR.ZIP146738Oct 28 1990Interesting adventure-type game in which you try to become a rock star.
ROCKTM.ZIP108256Mar 1 1991Rock and Roll music trivia game.
ROLCONV.ZIP34880Jun 29 1990Converts ADLIB .ROL files into Cakewalk ASCII files. Then use the ASCII to Cakewalk converter to make .WRK files.
ROLLHILL.ZIP117650Nov 9 1990Rolling Hills golf course for Nicklaus Unlimited Golf.
ROPO.ZIP50993Oct 17 1991RODEO POKER (ROPO) V 1.0 - A Western-style Tetris Parody.
ROTISE10.ZIP81280Apr 6 1993A Rotisserie Baseball stat compiler. Uses the cheap stats from USA today(not the expensive, just for fantasy baseball stats).
ROX.ZIP98280Jan 3 1993Asteriod-type arcade game.
RR12.ZIP44031Mar 16 1992RunAround version 1.2. Snake or Nibbles arcade type game.
RRSWIT.ZIP63086Mar 13 1989Freight train switching simulation.
RRTDLX.ZIP129104Jul 29 1993Railroad Tycoon Deluxe patch from MicroProse BBS.
RSCARD21.ZIP220051Jun 24 1991RossCards v2.01 BaseBall Card image database. Requires an EGA/VGA card, monitor, and scanner.
RTNAGS11.ZIP90063Oct 5 1992RACE THE NAGS 1.1 is a HORSE RACING game in animated, full color EGA. Up to 6 players.
RTZSOLVE.ZIP7024Oct 10 1993The solution to the Return To Zork game.
RUBIK03B.ZIP69680Jan 26 1990A scrambled RUBIK's cube around the house? An EGA/VGA monitor on your PC? Grab this file and it will SOLVE your scrambled cube for you! A magnificent piece of programming.
RUDEDOS.ZIP26343Jun 8 1987A fake DOS prompt; used as a joke program. Put this on your PC and leave it running for other users that try to use your machine.
RUDY124.ZIP42039May 7 1992DR. RUDY is an arcade/action game for one or two players.
RUMMY500.ZIP89980Jul 24 1994500 Rummy for Windows.
RUMMYX.ZIP100509Feb 28 1991"Gin Rummy Challenge" game. Can play against the computer, or you can play against a human across a phone line.
RUMTIL.ZIP21228Jul 14 1990Game of Rummy using a "tile" schema. For 1 player vs. the computer.
RUNOFF.ZIP75742Nov 1 1990Runoff arcade game. Create a track for marathon runners before you run out of time. Similiar to PipeDream.
S21.ZIP39985Nov 27 1990Blackjack simulator with C source code.
SADDAM.ZIP217966Jan 30 1991Attack Saddam Hussein with Patriot Missiles - prove to him he lost the war! Good speech effects.
SADIST10.ZIP308322Jun 6 1993The Sadist's Shooting gallery from ProXman software. New game for Windows. You load up an image of your worst enemy/pest as an ICON or BMP, then you have a "shootout".
SAILOR.ZIP16772Dec 31 1999Pilot a sailboat.
SAL10000.ZIP10294Oct 26 1993SAL10000, an Artificial Intelligence program. She has an ever-growing vocabulary, expanding as you speak with her. When you leave and come back, she still remembers you. Written by Robert Deutsch, Jr.
SALAT.ZIP56725Apr 15 1991Calculates Muslim prayer times for any date anywhere in the world.
SAM.ZIP232205Oct 18 1992U.S. Budget Deficit Simulator -- Try to balance it.
SANDST20.ZIP210579Aug 29 1992Sand Storm version 2.0 by MVP Software. Fire up your mouse for non-stop action in this high-octane graphics arcade game.
SAWGRASS.ZIP105157May 10 1991Jack Nicklaus golf course.
SBLOX.ZIP119090Oct 24 1993256 color VGA variation of tetris.
SC2-106.ZIP88723Jan 5 1994Stellar Conquest II v1.06, Space strategy war game for 0 to 4 human players, VGA & mouse required, design your own ships, configurable, custom game modes, easy point-and-click interface.
SC271.ZIP155323Jun 9 1990Second Conflict outerspace conquest game. Very nice.
SC2CHT11.ZIP8402Jan 16 1994Sim City 2000 cheat- gives you 2+billion.
SC3-103.ZIP115101Mar 1 1994Stellar Conquest III, Hostile Takeover v1.03, VGA and mouse required, space strategy wargame, design your own ships, custom game options, 0 to 4 human players, easy to use GUI, many improvements since SC2, great game.
SCALES.ZIP28080Aug 10 1988Learn guitar scales; many keys, many scales.
SCOUT.ZIP1831Nov 1 1991A small scout plane to be used with Flight Sim 4.
SCRABB15.ZIP25398Apr 10 1988Good Scrabble game, but requires only human play. You cannot play against the computer.
SCRABLST.ZIP40597Dec 2 1993For SCRABBLE (tm) players: word lists and a word-extract utility.
SCRAM110.ZIP62059May 14 1990Super Scramble (SSC) displays randomly selected words from the file of your choice, randomly scrambles its letters, and displays it for you to solve.
SCRAMB10.ZIP142809Nov 15 1990Excellent Scrabble type board/word game. Has playback and UnDO.
SCRCH123.ZIP179792Jan 11 1993Scorched Earth version 1.23. 256-color VGA artillery Game that allows up to 10 players to blow each other to bits. Tons of configurable options including weapons, defense mechanisms, weather, economics, etc.
SCRLST2.ZIP277538Jul 16 199294,478 words for Scrabble (tm) players [ASCII] file.
SCRLST3.ZIP77018Jul 18 199221,752 7-letter "Bingos" for Scrabble (tm) players. ASCII format.
SCRMBL13.ZIP9110Dec 11 1993Produce anagrams for any combination of letters.
SCRPOOF.ZIP8893Feb 22 1992Screen-Poofer gag program. Harmless but interesting! Allows you to set number of DOS commands to be executed before activating, then makes screen go snowy. VGA or MCGA required.
SCUDAT.ZIP92293Jan 27 1991Scud Attack. Defend your city from incoming attack with Patriot missiles. Requires both VGA and mouse.
SEACLIFF.ZIP26051Mar 6 1988Mean 18 golf course.
SEACR_MJ.ZIP3679Jan 16 1993Mahjongg Tileset: Sea Creatures.
SECCON.ZIP93481Mar 6 19892nd conquest, sequel to galconII, adds troops,troopships, more options.
SECRETWD.ZIP11206Sep 15 1987Pee-Wee's secret word for the day. Different word each day.
SEEKER.ZIP31526Aug 27 1991Computer Hide and Seek game. Needs a mouse. Complex, sophisticated game.
SFII.ZIP110481May 3 1992Stick Fighter II - Sequel to SFI with SB support. A martial arts type game featuring various kicks/punches, jumping, blocking, crouching, throwing and special moves such as fireballs, blade kicks, etc.
SFLY11.ZIP78394Oct 29 1990Swat the Fly game. Version 1.1 adds support for mouse and joystick. Interesting little game from the author of Shooting Gallery.
SFS.ZIP142178May 15 1989Nice space flight simulator. Shows your view from space.
SFTB195.ZIP32915Jun 2 1991This program will aid in the tracking of batting averages and on base percentages for intramural softball teams.
SHADES.ZIP109488May 27 1990Space Shades arcade game. Very good quality.
SHAKEIT.ZIP7976Apr 5 1990Harmless gag to rattle your screen (or an unsuspecting victim) after so many keystrokes.
SHANGMAN.ZIP54717May 16 1991Hangman game for learning Spanish/English translation. Good Graphics.
SHARECLS.ZIP49463Jan 7 1988What CLS would look like if it were shareware. HERC/CGA/EGA/VGA. A spoo.
SHARK.ZIP23870Nov 1 1988Shark is a simple adventure game that is pretty good.
SHEEPSET.ZIP31802Jan 22 1989The game of Sheepshead is a fast paced gambling card game, originally from Germany (where it is called "Shafskopf").
SHEET304.ZIP64838Jun 28 1993Dumps your VGA Planets 3.x player status to a file or printer.
SHEETS.ZIP1956Jan 1 1980Advanced D&D character generation sheets.
SHELGAME.ZIP511236Nov 30 1992"Shell Game" classic find the Pea under the shell game.
SHERLK15.ZIP135363Aug 2 1992SHERLOCK puzzle game v1.5. Use logic and deduction to determine the locations of 36 blocks. 65,536 different puzzles. EGA/VGA and mouse required to play.
SHIPWAR.ZIP25222Nov 24 1986Ship War. An arcade type space game.
SHOGI.ZIP56161Feb 9 1991Japanese chess game.
SHOOTG31.ZIP207201Mar 9 1994Shooting Gallery v3.1: Colorful VGA action. Offer seven rounds of shooting action with arcade shooting range, skeet, target and wild west shootout. Runs in 256 color mode requiring VGA or MCGA system and a mouse. By Nels A
SHOOTOUT.ZIP40266Feb 28 1994Basketball shootout game.
SHUTBOX.ZIP28773Mar 7 1989Game like "High Rollers".
SIAM.ZIP145423Jun 5 1991Railroad Yard simulation from Britain.
SIEGE.ZIP77628Jan 21 1993Siege! v1.2 demo version. Requires EGA or VGA and a Microsoft Compatible mouse. Fortress construction and combat simulator similar to Castles and kind of a cross between Simcity and Ancient Art of War.
SIER.ZIP33694Nov 22 1993The "Chaos Game". Graphic demonstration that there really is order underlying "randomness". Requires VGA and 286 or better. Includes C source.
SIERXMAS.ZIP204585Oct 11 1989Sierra's 1989 Electronic Christmas Card - Supports CGA/EGA/MCGA/VGA, AdLib Synth Card, MT-32, PC Speaker, and more. Excellent stuff from the Leisure Suit Larry guys.
SIGNSTIL.ZIP4947Oct 11 1990Tiles for Mahjongg. Road Signs.
SILMAR.ZIP78573Jun 11 1991VGA or better arcade game, explore caverns, find treasure, etc.
SIM.ZIP59269May 22 1993Combat simulator for VGA Planets v3.x.
SIMCACH.ZIP519Sep 22 1993Tells how to edit .CTY dat files to gain different amounts of money in SimCity Ver. 1.07.
SIMCITY2.ZIP16639Dec 2 1990A series of 5 new simcities to experiment on. Very good.
SIMCLR01.ZIP27493Mar 9 1991Add various types of terrain to your SimCities.
SIMON.ZIP29197Oct 28 1989Fun game, similiar to the old Simon game.
SIMONA.ZIP472970Mar 24 1993Simona and her gag of thugs are on the loose, stealing priceless valuables from New York City's shops and historic sites. Graphic adventure game.
SIMTREK2.ZIP154805Mar 16 1993Star Trek starship flight and combat simulator.
SIMUTIL.ZIP66998Apr 21 1990Utilities for SimCity. Includes Turbo Pascal source code. Very useful if you want to inspect or change your city information.
SINKSUB.ZIP349023Oct 7 1993Submarine attack game for Windows.
SIXLTR42.ZIP65631Mar 1 1993The Six Letter Word Game - a challenge of logic and vocabulary. Newly released March 1993.
SKIDS.ZIP737Oct 11 1990Track for "STUNTS".
SKQ1-115.ZIP109803Nov 8 1993Skull Quest I, The Cyan Sarcophahus v1.15, VGA adventure game. Adlib/compatable sound, 486 recommended. Can you save the crypt and the rest of the world from destruction?
SKQ2-100.ZIP148971Jan 13 1994Skull Quest II, The Vortex v1.00, VGA Adventure sequel to SQ1, adlib/compatable sound, 486 recommended, Can you save the crypt (and the world) again? New intro and ending graphics.
SKULL.ZIP66060Feb 15 1989Skullduggery. Horror text adventure game. CGA or Monochrome.
SKYROAD.ZIP415103Dec 11 1993Nice arcade flying game.
SL-CRYPT.ZIP37773Jan 5 1990Cryptogram puzzler. Three skill levels, lots of fun.
SLEIGH.ZIP496Jun 23 1988Santa's Sleigh for AFS...Great!.
SLICK.ZIP155827Jan 27 1994Car racing game from Finland.
SLICKS.ZIP155883Jan 27 1994Racing little cars, a game from Finland.
SLIDER10.ZIP107587May 20 1993Slider v1.0 Puzzle for Windows 3.1. Puzzle consisting of sliding blocks of various sizes.
SLIST_4.ZIP59068May 17 1992Railroad switch list program -- neat if you like RRs.
SLOT8V13.ZIP50691Feb 5 1991SLOT-8 is a simulation of an 8-way pay slot machine.
SLUGS104.ZIP23121Oct 17 1992SLUGS version 1.04 A. Arcade action game.
SMFPOKER.ZIP39983Jul 16 1991Casino Poker for Windows 3.0.
SMSPC1.ZIP311679Jul 29 1993SIMSpace is a forward view realtime spaceship flight and combat simulator. Part 1 of 5.
SMSPC2.ZIP97885May 23 1993SIMSpace is a forward view realtime spaceship flight and combat simulator. Part 2 of 5.
SMSPC3.ZIP183701Jun 7 1993SIMSpace is a forward view realtime spaceship flight and combat simulator. Part 3 of 5.
SMSPC4.ZIP864017May 27 1993SIMSpace is a forward view realtime spaceship flight and combat simulator. Part 4 of 5.
SMSPC5.ZIP792219May 27 1993SIMSpace is a forward view realtime spaceship flight and combat simulator. Part 5 of 5.
SNACKMAN.ZIP92743Oct 11 1993A PacMan clone. Well done, with SoundBlaster support. Sometimes, the response from the keyboard is slower than I expected.
SNAKES.ZIP71229Jun 23 1993Archade type game for Windows. A computer lassic classic. Typified by Space invaders, Centipede, and the Legened of Zelda.
SNAPPY10.ZIP67355Oct 21 1992Snappy is a VGA game in which you must steer around obstacles and collect the spheres. Simple Puzzle game. Create your own levels.
SNARFS.ZIP66314Mar 18 1988GREAT EGA game...could use some work! (source included).
SNES150.ZIP37250Jul 13 1994Connect Super Nitendo or Sega controller to PC. Programmable buttons.
SNIGLETS.ZIP12134Jan 1 1980SNIGLETS! Cookie/Fortune/Today-style random SNIGLET printer.
SNOOP10.ZIP39914Mar 2 1992PC Screens for all occasions. Keep People from using your PC.
SOCCER.ZIP122438Oct 24 1989The object of this outstanding game is to become a successful manager of a football (soccer) team.
SODEMO.ZIP737178Oct 22 1992Two level demo of new Wolfenstein game, not the original game but plays just like it, excellent graphics and sound.
SOGGY.ZIP313925May 11 1993Shades of Gray text adventure.
SOKO.ZIP30827Jul 29 1992Sokoban is a classic puzzle game in which you assume the role of an overworked stockboy in a large warehouse. Windows 3.X.
SOL8C.ZIP26443Oct 17 1987Fun game of solitaire!!.
SOLCHT.ZIP376Mar 13 1993A cheat for Solar Windows.
SOLIT27.ZIP58860Jun 12 1990Solitile version 2.7 - Like Mahjongg but allows you to create different layouts. Mouseable, VGA.
SOLITAIR.ZIP29025Mar 13 1987Ega version og game, needs mouse.
SOLON1.ZIP102086Oct 28 1992Solitare card games for DOS.
SOLUTNS.ZIP341504Feb 3 1991A number of solutions to popular commercial games.
SOPWITH.ZIP32952Nov 7 1985Fly a Sopwith Camel!.
SOS.ZIP170834Dec 30 1989Son of Stagefright. 1989 winner of best shareware text adventure.
SOT.ZIP26719Aug 25 1988The "Son of Tetris" -- More shapes, new strategies...WOW!!.
SOUNDPRO.ZIP11413Jan 1 1980Modified ORGAN.BAS, includes 4 full length songs!(GREAT SONGS-non rock).
SOUNDS.ZIP1108Nov 19 1983Produces beep, alert, takeoff sounds.
SOUNDS2.ZIP148900Jun 28 1990A digitized sound effect program with drivers for most sound boards as well as the regular PC Speaker. A $20 donation to the author will get you extra effects as well as documentation on the drivers.
SOVIET.ZIP19629Jul 12 1991Tetris game which incorporates all the original plus 5 additional shapes.
SP107.ZIP139573Nov 7 1993Simple Pleasures is a collection of eight challenging and addictive solitaire games in one easy-to-play, integrated program.
SPACESMJ.ZIP7011Jan 16 1993Mahjongg Tileset: Space Ships and other stuff.
SPACEWAR.ZIP11970Aug 16 1986Original spacewar game.
SPADES.ZIP19848Apr 20 1988Very good implementation of the old card game of Spades.
SPADES2.ZIP89952Nov 7 1993Card game spades for VGA.
SPANIT.ZIP176506Jul 1 1993Windows board game. Span-It! is a two-player connect-the-dot game.
SPAP.ZIP232800Feb 4 1994Paper Airplane is a unique arcade game where you fly a paper through air currents with all kinds of traps to try to get your patent to the patent office before the crooks do.
SPCWAR.ZIP73416Jun 24 1993TurboC version of old vector graphics SPACEWAR; written by yours truly, it features gravity, adjustable speed, smooth graphics; even the flicker of vector graphics. Needs no coproc.
SPEC10A.ZIP128251Apr 4 1993Speculator - A Game of Land Acquisition. A new real estate strategy game that is played using maps depicting real and imaginary land areas.
SPEC_DAY.ZIP278965Oct 13 1990Special Days 2.0 - events that happened on this day - great for birthday cards .
SPEEDSHP.ZIP38398Apr 21 1989This program will create, and modify cars for Accolade's Test Drive II.
SPEW.ZIP12276Nov 1 1989Generates National Enquirer style headlines from list of buzzwords "Dr. Ruth Really Elvis' Alien Love Child - Bulgarian scientists confirm". C source code.
SPINNER.ZIP997Mar 23 1987A robot for the programming game Crobot. Includes full C source.
SPRING01.ZIP18433Nov 20 1989The Diplomacy map for on-going Dippy game. 11/20/89.
SQUARZ10.ZIP155589Jun 14 1993Outstanding shareware game by people that brought you JetPack, etc.
SQZDEL01.ZIP155874Jun 27 1993SQUAREZ DELUXE! from Software Creations. Devastator bombs, missiles, and hazardous chemicals introduce the next generation of puzzle games from the author of Jetpack.
SR-71BB.ZIP24177Oct 18 1992SR-71 Spy Reconnaisance Jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0.
SR71-BB.ZIP24177Oct 18 1992SR-71 Supersonic Reconnaisance aircraft for Flight Simulator 4.0.
SRULER.ZIP71351Mar 10 1990Game of ruler of a country against computer or humans.
SS104.ZIP342978Oct 21 1992SOLITAIRE SUITE 1.04: A popular collection ÿof seven highly addictive graphical card ÿgames: Calculation, Concentration, Idiot's ÿDelight, Midnight Oil, Monte Carlo, Osmosis ÿandÿRoyal Cotillion. Stunning graphics.
SSBAT11.ZIP607210Jan 1 1993SS Battleship for Windows - great battleship game for Windows.
SSIGN.ZIP39809Jun 20 1990StopSign - sliding block puzzle game.
SSPIRALS.ZIP52684Apr 15 1989Good PD arcade game requires mouse and ega/vga.
SSWBC1.ZIP36742Apr 10 1988Alaska Stories and Recipes...
ST25HELP.ZIP7086Feb 11 1992Helpful info for playing Star Trek: 25th Anniv. game.
STAMPS.ZIP8546Jun 11 1990Tiles for Nels Anderson's MAHJONGG program. Philatelic theme.
STANDREW.ZIP23280Feb 28 1986St.Andrews course for Mean18.
STAR21.ZIP46851Mar 22 1987STARSHIP: Invasion is a real-time space combat simulation.
STARBN1.ZIP41265Feb 22 1987TACTICAL search & destroy MONO, BOSS KEY.
STARFIRE.ZIP134634Oct 29 1993Starfire 1.2 is an all-action arcade-quality "shoot-em-up."
STARFR14.ZIP184870May 12 1993Star Fire an arcade game similar to galaxian or galaga but still unique.
STARHAWK.ZIP1823Jan 1 1980Awsome Mach 2 plane for AFS.
STARLINE.ZIP4352Aug 8 1991DOS utility for random quotes from Star Trek.
STARMUS.ZIP5193Dec 16 1989Music from the movie Star Wars for the Adlib Soundboard (.ROL file). You need Juke Box or some similar program to play it.
STARSHIP.ZIP32059Jan 1 1980Mono graphics game, really good!.
STARTREK.ZIP45611Jun 16 1986Startrek with full screen dispaly.
STARTRK.ZIP66194Oct 5 1986Startrek type Game.
STAT134.ZIP266896Feb 11 1991Statistics Keeper for the popular Fantasy Baseball League. Will allow you to run a complete league yourself.
STATESTI.ZIP5460Oct 15 1990MahJongg 3.4 tile set - State Maps.
STATION.ZIP62580Mar 1 1988Tightly written, very detailed text adv. Repair malfunctioning space st.
STELCON.ZIP281586Oct 29 1992Stelcon 2469 v1.7.1. The ULTIMATE space war/strategy game. Supports ONLY high-quality 256 color VGA graphics. Stelcon can be a simple 2 player war game to a 5 player campaign.
STELLAR2.ZIP421265May 20 1993Stellar Defense v2.0 256 VGA Space Action Arcade Game.
STETRIS.ZIP54499Jan 16 1992Another Tetris-type game. Fast paced.
STFLT.ZIP11360Jan 4 1989Change F-19 Stealth Fighter into the real EF-117A Stealth Fighter. This file will change the external view of aircraft. It is free from Microprose, to enhance the original F19 software.
STLEXP20.ZIP246350May 19 1993Windows 3.1 star trek type game.
STOCKS30.ZIP115705Jan 15 1989Stock Shock Market simulation ver 3.0.
STONEDAL.ZIP57985Oct 12 1989"Stonedale Castle" Mystery adventure game.
STONEFIR.ZIP17703Jan 1 1980Mean 18 golf course.
STONEM10.ZIP212669Feb 25 1992Fine D&D type game. EGA VGA. First in a series of Adventures.
STOPBUS.ZIP122395May 7 1994Windows version of a British card game.
STRATEGO.ZIP130045Jan 16 1991A war strategy game like the board game Stratego. Shareware.
STREETS.ZIP118199Jul 7 1988Demo of street map program.
STRIKER.ZIP51901Jul 31 1985Great Helocopter Game.
SUBLIM.ZIP1960Jan 3 1986Flashes message across screen as name implies.
SUJU.ZIP29185Mar 26 1990The game of SuJu was derived from the word game of Jumbles. In the game of SuJu, you are shown four scrambled words and must unscramble them.
SUPCHIP.ZIP15597Jan 27 1991Super Chip - This program will tell you how many days you've been alive. Includes complete TP 6.0 source code.
SUPER1.ZIP55376Aug 13 1990SUPER CRYPTO! contains 40 enciphered quotations for you to solve. Each quotation has been jumbled by substituting its letters with a different set of letters.
SUPERBAL.ZIP76602Jun 5 1992Super Ball - 256 color VGA game, similar to Arkanoid. Very good game.
SUPERMKT.ZIP13109Jul 7 1986Supermarket shopping list.
SUPERZ.ZIP109086Nov 3 1991Sequel to the popular ZZT game series. November 91.
SUPMAX.ZIP89893Sep 1 1991Super Maxit is a strategy board game of numbers with several board styles that may be selected from.
SW-SOLUT.ZIP1975Mar 15 1993Solution to Solar Winds by Epic MegaGames.
SWAGGART.ZIP39105Sep 15 1988Digitized sound file, Jimmy Swaggart's most famous line.
SWAMP.ZIP23410May 28 1987Mean 18 golf course.
SWARS.ZIP61200Jan 2 2000Strategy/arcade/graphics CGA game.
SWEDE.ZIP8360Aug 17 1992Contains executable and LEX source for chef, a filter to translate plain text into "Swedish" ala the swedish chef from the Muppets.
SWQU2.ZIP150853Jan 17 1994Sword's Quest 2 - A role playing adventure.
SWW.ZIP213457Oct 14 1993Spit Wad Willy is a fast paced arcade game which combines quick thinking and fast reflexes. This version contains 7 levels of play. The last level is a battle with Death Charge Danny, a hideous flame throwing robot.
SYDNEY10.ZIP8975Feb 15 1991Scenery file of Sydney, Australia for MS FS 4.0.
S_KART.ZIP1282093Sep 27 1994Skunny Kart Racing. Really well done, VGA.
T-ROBS20.ZIP117912Feb 9 1992T-Robots v2.00 allows you to program robots to fight and compete against one-another. Supports most graphic cards (VGA, EGA, CGA, MCGA, Hercules, etc). Includes a GIF of the robot design schematics and over a dozen sample
TABLES.ZIP3275Mar 27 1990This is a helpful set of tables for AD&D players and DMs.
TAMPA1.ZIP10680Feb 10 1991Scenery for FS4 at Tampa International Airport.
TANK.ZIP39367Jun 10 1986Tank warfare for 2 persons. EXELLENT.
TANKB.ZIP17084Mar 21 1989Pretty Neat Tank game.
TAROT.ZIP12984Jan 26 1990Learn about yourself thru the use of tarot cards.
TAUNT.ZIP93339Jan 14 1991Monty Python's French taunt (funny), use sputter or sounder to play.
TBM700.ZIP42718Jan 5 1993Mooney TBM700 for Flight Simulator.
TEA100.ZIP185128Apr 11 1992A word match program for crossword solvers and setters.
TEAMTRIS.ZIP41122Nov 29 19912-player Tetris Game.
TEED-OFF.ZIP61660Nov 22 1986A Very Good Color Graphics Golf Game. Alot Like Mean 18.
TELEY.ZIP1449Mar 18 1991Leave a crawling message on your screen.
TEMPDOOM.ZIP45213Jun 12 1986Interesting new approach to games using a 123 worksheet.
TERRA.ZIP51074Nov 9 1987Display Local Times for cites WorldWide.
TERRA10.ZIP206748Mar 20 1992TERRADYNE v 1.0: EGA/VGA fantasy role playing game. You become a crusader against the evil that has inhabited Terradyne.
TERROR.ZIP146521Oct 22 1993Icon that screams and insults you from within Windows.
TESS.ZIP48777Dec 13 1988Tesserect text adventure game with 'C' source code.
TETRILL.ZIP88446Dec 9 1991Yet another version of the ever popular Tetris. Position the falling things so the man can escape.
TETRIX.ZIP43136Apr 15 1990Very nicely done Tetris clone. Very faithful to the original.
TGBIG2.ZIP184019Apr 4 1990Fantastic solitaire game of BIG2. Very addictive and fun to play.
THEVIC.ZIP285393Dec 16 1992"The Victorian." A scenic, challenging golf course for Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition (JNSE) by Mark Willett.
THINGS.ZIP46894Feb 29 1992Forty Thieves and King's Corners - two great Windows solitaire games.
THO41.ZIP89021Jun 23 1990Thoroughbred horserace handicapping program. Plug in info from the morning's racing form and the program does the rest. Great!.
THREEDEE.ZIP31259Oct 14 19873-dimensional handball [color].
THUNDER.ZIP27795Sep 26 1987Extreme Golf Course - Mean 18.
TITAN.ZIP41991Jul 22 1990Titan Man is a very nicely done PacMan game from Denmark.
TODAY36.ZIP200768Nov 16 1993Events in history on any given date, great for Autoexec or BBS opening.
TODAYQ1.ZIP75469Sep 23 1990Events for TODAY program, first quarter (Jan-Mar).
TODAYQ2.ZIP98718Sep 23 1990Events for TODAY program, second quarter (Apr-Jun).
TODAYQ3.ZIP93290Sep 23 1990Events for TODAY program, third quarter (Jul-Sep).
TODAYQ4.ZIP91914Sep 23 1990Events for TODAY program, fourth quarter (Oct-Dec).
TODAYWIT.ZIP16439Nov 17 1990Various witty sayings for TODAY fortune program.
TOMPAT3.ZIP130458Nov 28 1993"Tommy's Patience III" 4 solitaire card games.
TOMWHIST.ZIP131447May 1 1994Tommy's Whist #147 - the card game for Bridge haters.
TOPGUN.ZIP1793Oct 4 1986A robot for the programming game Crobot. Includes full C source.
TORNAWCS.ZIP6595Sep 5 1993Thrustmaster FCS/PFCS/WCS MKII. 24+ Functions for Tornado.
TORNBWCS.ZIP896Jul 20 1993Thrustmaster UPROM / WCS MKI. Non Standard WCS Remap. Designed for hands off keyboard. USE WITH UNITS WITH UPROM.
TORNCWCS.ZIP875Jul 10 1993Thrustmaster UPROM /WCS MKI. Function for Tornado.
TOWERS.ZIP128761May 29 1992The reverse of Tetris Game, Build towers up.
TOWNS11.ZIP86819Dec 7 1993TOWNS Puzzle game for Windows.
TOXICVGA.ZIP97057Jan 4 1994Boulder Dash type arcade game.
TRACK1.ZIP848Jul 18 1991Another TRACK file for "STUNTS".
TRACK2.ZIP813Jul 20 1991A track file for "STUNTS".
TREES2.ZIP48870Sep 3 1990Jack Nicklaus Golf - File of trees for Course Architect.
TREK-N13.ZIP91580Aug 17 1992TREK-N is "the Nth iteration" of the classic Star Trek game started by Mike Mayfield and others clear back in 1972.
TREK.ZIP51493Feb 18 1991A simple Star Trek: The Next Generation game.
TREK20.ZIP87832Aug 31 1989Visually, the best Star Trek game, uses mouse and EGA, requires 386 and 387! chip. These speed up the game, but who has 387's lying around?.
TRIV.ZIP38974Mar 17 1985A Simple Trivia Game. Star Trek, Science, etc.
TRIX.ZIP13104Jan 18 1989Sliding block game. Catch the falling balls.
TROLLS!.ZIP9299Sep 26 1992Trolls tileset for Nels Anderson's MahJongg. Very cute.
TRONGAME.ZIP106659May 12 1992V1.0 of shareware game based on Light Cycles competition from movie "TRON" - extended with offensive/defensive accessories.
TRPICANA.ZIP96409Sep 2 1990A golf course for Nicklaus Unlimited Golf based upon the soon to be bulldozed Tropicana Gulf Course, Las Vegas.
TSRCHESS.ZIP24194Oct 15 1990A TSR chess game. Very small, fits in under 64K.
TTRIS2.ZIP40554Nov 3 1991Team Tetris (2 player).
TUBES100.ZIP557337Jun 21 1994Excellent 256 color game of skill where you need to get three atoms in a row as they fall from the testtube into the beaker.
TUBWOR.ZIP505514May 20 1994Tubular worlds is an action packed, horizontal scrolling arcade game. Nice colors and sound support make this a good catch.
TUFGUY.ZIP15925Jun 25 1993X_Wing notes and "film" found on CIS Flight Simulation forum related to the "tufguy" mission of X_Wing.
TUNER.ZIP32049Feb 2 1990TUNER is an instrument tuner which assists you in tuning Guitars, Banjos, Mandolins, and Fiddles through generation of appropriate tones for each string. Includes Basic source.
TURNBERY.ZIP42304Oct 30 1986Mean 18 golf course.
TUROID12.ZIP84963Jan 23 1994New ball-paddle game, but different and more fun. Turoid is full of features including bonus shoot'em up levels, up to 64 balls, two lazers, high score table, full-width display, on-line help, an intuitive Level Editor, a
TVTIMES2.ZIP76256Jul 2 1990Plan you TV viewing with this Shareware program.
TWBUG11.ZIP38638Nov 5 1992Tradewars UnBug. Version 1.1. Fixes the Invincible Planet Bug, The Ship Over loading bug and many more. For Tradewars Version 1.**.
TWHSU80.ZIP177463Mar 27 1994Trade Wars Helper - Small universe.
TWNVOC.ZIP15969Jun 19 1993Engine sounds for twin engine turbo-prop plane. For FS4.
TWTERM20.ZIP191140Feb 20 19943D EGA Term for playing Trade Wars 2.0. Graphics, sound effects and animation.
TWTIPS12.ZIP27613Sep 13 1992A collection of VERY helpful tips for TradeWars 2002 players.
TXSELP.ZIP27096Nov 9 1990MS 4.0 Flight Simulator scenery for El Paso, TX.
TXTRIS30.ZIP108322Nov 5 1994Textris 3.0, an action word game. Like Tetris, only with letters instead of geometric shapes-- make words for points. Requires EGA or better. Now with larger dictionary, auto-customization, faster on high levels.
TYDERIUM.ZIP24879Nov 28 1994Tyderium Shuttle for FS4. Needs AAF.
TYPEFAST.ZIP91324Nov 27 1989Interesting Typing Game. Improve your speed. Includes C source code.
TYPEGAME.ZIP13045Dec 22 1990A typing game that can be addicting. Will help you type faster.
TYPETRK.ZIP65198Aug 28 1991Typing tutor in Star Trek language.
U8CHEAT2.ZIP18721Mar 31 1994File that activates the cheat feature in Ultima VIII.
ULTBJ12.ZIP352409Aug 14 1993"Ultimate Blackjack" game.
ULTIMA!.ZIP395028Jun 7 1993A good blackjack game for Windows.
ULTIMATE.ZIP104245Mar 12 1992One author's notion of the toughest 18 holes around, all from famous courses - JNUG course.
ULTMT.ZIP170071Jul 26 1990Jack Nicklaus golf course.
ULTRIS12.ZIP160617Jul 31 1992The ultimate tetris game, full color graphics, one or two players can play (at the SAME time).
UNGARIA.ZIP52397Aug 26 1991Portuguese/English game involving dominos and colors.
UNNKUL1.ZIP167289Feb 28 1992Unnkulian Underworld. Text adventure game - very strange.
UPLIFTNG.ZIP54001Apr 17 1994Uplifting, an add-on level for DOOM.
UPWALL.ZIP64725Mar 10 1990Make a path for the water to flow thru - - entertaining.
USAFTIL.ZIP6669Jul 7 1990Tile set for Mahjong 3.3 that contain images of United States Air Force rank and a little insignia.
UTG.ZIP101721Sep 30 1989Under the Gulf. An excellent shareware submarine warfare game.
UU2TIP1.ZIP2344May 23 1994Ultimate Universe 2.0 tips on getting started.
UWC.ZIP12838Apr 25 1992Ultima Underworld character editor.
V35BON.ZIP29115Oct 30 1992Beech v35 Bonanza for Flight Simulator 4.0.
VALSPEAK.ZIP8473Jun 27 1987Change text files to Valley Girl talk. Gag me with a pitchfork.
VAMPHUNT.ZIP4049Jun 16 1991Vampire hunter for Rolemaster.
VAMPYR21.ZIP100255Dec 31 1989Very nicely done vampire arcade game, requires EGA. Part 1 of 2.
VAMPYR22.ZIP54791Dec 29 1989Very nicely done vampire arcade game, requires EGA. Part 2 of 2.
VEGASEGA.ZIP63399Jan 26 1988Las Vegas Table Games--- Excellent EGA.
VEGASPRO.ZIP71200Dec 28 1989Excellent Vegas Pro Video Poker simulation. Requires EGA/VGA.
VGA-MDL.ZIP20538Jul 11 1987Does Mandelbrot fractuls with ALL monitors.
VGA-PBAL.ZIP81910Jun 3 1989Pinball game made for VGA monitors. Moraff's pinball.
VGABOMB.ZIP44090Sep 15 1989Uses two cannons to fire projectiles at each other. Uses VGA graphics and has planets and space in it. Very good.
VGACON.ZIP149332Dec 1 1990A VGA version of the game Concentration.
VGACRD.ZIP450289Dec 12 1990Sierra's VGA Christmas "Card" for 90.
VGAFUNPK.ZIP475976Dec 22 1989VGA fun pack. Assorted games that work in VGA mode.
VGARULET.ZIP68050Dec 28 1989VGA Roulette is a game program that simulates the popular betting game just like Las Vegas.
VGASCRAB.ZIP103768Sep 15 1989Scrabble. Requires VGA and close to 600K free memory.
VGATRON.ZIP66683Jul 26 1992VGA Tron version 1.0. This game is based on the classic, Tron.
VGAWHE.ZIP70320Sep 15 1990VGA "Wheel of Fortune" game. Fun for all.
VGJOHNNY.ZIP101174Oct 20 1989Vegas Johnny's Draw Poker is a detailed simulation of a draw poker game.
VIDEOKNO.ZIP90560Mar 17 1993Bring the excitement of Keno into your home with this program. Test your skill and luck without losing valuable $. VGA & mouse required. Sound Blaster support.
VIGGEN.ZIP2316Feb 14 1988Sweden's Saab JA-37 Viggen for Yeager's AFT/AFS (PD).
VOLCANO.ZIP53068Jun 16 1991Monsters, treacherous ledges, hot lava, water-filled caverns, conveyor belts, moving platforms, beamers, secret doors, hotplates, timer bombs and more contribute to the action of VOLCANO HUNTER. 200+ Screens. Needs VGA & 1
VOODOO10.ZIP47109Aug 22 1993VooDoo Doll For Windows, Requires Vbrun300.dll.
VP314.ZIP1049811Jan 27 1994VGA Planets 3.14, Play-by-email game, Feb 2/94 release.
VRIATN20.ZIP87606Mar 10 1991"Variations" a collection of five solitaire games.
VSQPC.ZIP47392Jul 20 1991Avariation on the game of Tetris where the pieces come in from the side as well as the top.
W3DLVL10.ZIP5739May 23 1992Saved file for level 10 in Castle Wolf.
W6PATCH.ZIP103792Jun 28 1992Patch allowing registered users of Wolfenstein 3-D to access the secret 10th level within all six adventures.
WADPAK3.ZIP1261295Jun 12 1994Another WAD File For The Registered Version Of DOOM.
WAKECALL.ZIP25175Jul 27 1990Digitized wakeup call for Sound Blaster card. Very good.
WALLPIPE.ZIP107914May 1 1993Wall Pipe v1.0 - req EGA/VGA & Mouse. Wall Pipe pits you against the clock as you try to keep water flowing from a Well, by creating a series of pipe links to control its flow.
WANDERER.ZIP118859Mar 30 1989Wanderer, a very complex game ported from UNIX to MS-DOS.
WAR-8.ZIP49002Aug 20 1990Very addictive Tank War Artillery game. Shoot the tanks.
WAR.ZIP100873Mar 5 1989Free from Electronic Arts - Modem Wars - docs in .exe (1 player vs comp).
WARATSEA.ZIP57866Feb 15 1986WWII Sea battle simulation: Allies vs. Japan & Germany.
WARSHP25.ZIP116327Aug 29 1993Warships 2.5 - The Classic Battleship Game. EGA/VGA Graphics. Three levels of play. Supports mouse, joystick, and keyboard.
WASHDC23.ZIP84784Apr 18 1991Enhanced scenery/mods for DC area of Flight Simulator v4.00.
WATERTWN.ZIP3441May 25 1990An undeveloped land mass (WATERTOWN) for development with SimCity.
WB-TILE.ZIP10156Aug 4 1990MahJongg 3.4 tile set - Warner Brothers cartoon characters.
WBTREE.ZIP2026Apr 6 1995C code for weight-balanced trees.
WCRAPS12.ZIP60332Apr 20 1992WinCraps V1.2 - A Craps Game for Windows. Requires VBRUN100.DLL.
WCSAMI.ZIP1961Oct 5 1993Thrustmaster WCS MKII AMI. AMI BIOS text for use with Thrustmaster WCS.
WCSFLT.ZIP4430Aug 29 1993Thrustmaster. Convert Joystick to Flight Stick Conversion Text.
WCSUPROM.ZIP84494Jul 19 1993Thrustmaster UPROM / WCS MKII. Default files disk sent with unit. Public domain uploaded by THRUSTMASTER to CIS forum. This is for units WITH UPROM.
WEBX.ZIP108808Mar 31 1992WEBS is a deceptively simple solitaire game requiring both strategy and cunning. You claim nodes on a web while trying to limit the moves available to your opponent.
WEIGHCHK.ZIP35238Jul 1 1990Keep record of your weight; program makes appropriate comments.
WEIRD.ZIP10516Jan 7 1994The Player Character Creator.
WESP.ZIP60453Nov 8 1990An excellent new game from Germany. Many different playing levels. EGA graphics. Highly addictive.
WFINDER.ZIP279582Jan 24 1989Excellent WORDFINDER utility for crossword puzzle and wordgame fans. Looks up words with unknown letters ( 2 - 20 letters).
WHOSON.ZIP24124Apr 3 1988"Who's on First?" the famous Abbott and Costello comedy routine.
WINCRY22.ZIP130828Sep 4 1994CryptoAnalyzer For Windows V2.2 - This windows program will aid the user in the creation and solving of cryptograms. Many new methods have been added.
WINDOG10.ZIP220231Jul 20 1993Prairie Dog Hunt for Windows. Similar to Wack-A-Mole. Fine graphics and sound. Your choice of weapons and number of dogs.
WINGFIX2.ZIP1171Mar 29 1991A Cheat for wing commander to provide unlimited shields.
WINGO1.ZIP143506Jul 29 1993Go for Windows is a Windows program to record and display game records for the game of Go.
WINGO10.ZIP87134Jul 16 1993Nice Bingo game for Windows.
WINMIN.ZIP11800May 27 1991Missile command type game for Windows 3.0.
WINROB11.ZIP478265Dec 3 1994This is a Windows-based robot development system that allows you to program a battle robot and have it compete against other robots. Contest available for your robot program. Seems similar to the old CROBOT, but for Window
WINT11.ZIP79943Dec 2 1993Virtual Winter is a 3D-interactive animation of a decorated evergreen tree in the midst of a gentle snowstorm. Keyboard commands allow you to change the lights, alter the tree, or move about in the scene. Requires a 386 w
WINTRE.ZIP527914Apr 7 1992WINTREK version 1.00. Windows Star Trek arcade game.
WINVADE.ZIP83322May 3 1994Space Invaders for windows.
WISDOM.ZIP545073Jan 11 1989A listing of thousands of Proverbs, Sayings and Quotes.
WISH1.ZIP35780Dec 3 1988Wishingwell, the petroleum exploration game.
WIZ-LAIR.ZIP221876Jun 26 1990This is a text graphics game called Wizards Lair.
WIZRES.ZIP5707Apr 23 1991Restores bane cosmic forge characters.
WLAKE.ZIP162621Apr 19 1992Willow lake golf course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
WLF3DICO.ZIP2012Aug 9 1992Wolfenstein 3D Icon for Windows 3.x.
WLF60.ZIP201020Jul 23 199360 new levels for the REGISTERED, not shareware, version of Wolfenstein 3-D.
WLFMAPS2.ZIP14546Sep 5 1992Contains maps to levels 1-10 of 3D WOLFSTEIN.
WLFTRV03.ZIP164982Jan 19 1993Wildlife Trivia.
WMAP30.ZIP16197May 18 1992Utility to create maze maps for 1WOLF3D from Apogee.
WMAP41.ZIP16351Jul 22 1992Produce Maps for Wolfenstein 3D (all 6 episodes).
WMX.ZIP38915Jun 4 1990Wordmix word puzzle game. Simple, yet pretty fun.
WNTRK170.ZIP122532Jul 6 1993Update to a Star Trek game that runs under Windows.
WOB10.ZIP687390Nov 2 1993Walls Of Bratook V1.0, Has Sound Blaster Support.
WOL21C.ZIP161517Mar 24 1993Wheel of Luck - similar to Wheel of Fortune. Windows game.
WOLF1A.ZIP20977Jan 31 1993More new levels for Wolfenstein 3-D.
WOLFCHTR.ZIP1613Jul 5 1992Wolfenstein 3D Debug Codes Cheat Sheet.
WOLFDEB.ZIP2911Jul 21 1992A cheat mode for the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D.
WOLFDOOM.ZIP164233Mar 30 1994This program brings back your favorite characters from Wofenstein 3D and places them into your DOOM game.
WOLFED11.ZIP47285May 18 1992Allows you to edit the walls of Wolfenstein-3d. Even incorporate GIF's in the walls too.
WOLFEVIL.ZIP330341Jul 2 1993New add-on to Wolf 3-D game.
WOLFLEVL.ZIP14442May 12 1992Wolfenstein 3-D levels 1-10.
WOLFMAP.ZIP81701Nov 1 1992A complete set of "beats and cheats" for wolfenstein 3-d,also step by step solution for all 10 levels.
WOLFMV11.ZIP610845Feb 26 1994WOLFMASTER v1.1 - Menu program adds 378 new levels to registered WOLF3D. No more renaming files. Great instructions, easy to use. .
WOLFNE.ZIP14101Jul 27 1993Yet another set of new levels for Wolfenstein 3-D.
WORDHUNT.ZIP79037Nov 12 1991Word Hunt generates 24 variations of the popular word search puzzle.
WORDLE.ZIP231672Nov 1 1993Soleau Software's game of word building.
WORDSRCH.ZIP22645Jan 7 1986Crypto Grams is an educational program that allows you to create scrambled word games from a word list you supply.
WORDTRIS.ZIP298723Jul 31 1991Make words from falling letters by the developers of Tetris.
WORDY20.ZIP286204Jan 26 1994Educational word construction game of special interest to Scrabble players.
WORM031.ZIP36964Jan 24 1994Add 'wormholes' to VGA Planets 3.1. You can also make blackholes, one-way wormholes, moving wormholes, and wormholes that make ships blow-up.
WORTHY.ZIP90762Jul 11 1988Worthy Opponent Program contains multiple games to be played against another human on one or two PCs.
WP10.ZIP334352Mar 17 1993Wild Pitch! is a baseball simulation that allows you to test your skills as a big league skipper by letting you manage players that perform just as they did in real life.
WQ10.ZIP230015Apr 7 1993World Quest, a VGA Arcade game from WSP.
WRDSMITH.ZIP365738Feb 7 1990Generate your own crossword puzzles.
WROIDS10.ZIP222086Sep 19 1993Winroids is a version of the popular game "Asteroids" for the Windows environment. It features ray traced graphics, high speed action and full multimedia sound.
WSEIGE11.ZIP200547Jul 15 1993Siege! for windows 1.1 (ASP) - Use strategy to capture land. Play computer players with artificial inteligence or a friend via modem or network.
WSLAM.ZIP44463Sep 21 1993Win Slam is a Windows air hockey simulator. Very well done.
WSPM.ZIP84528Apr 14 1992Word Search Puzzle Maker generates 24 variations of the popular word search puzzle to be printed or saved as an ASCII file.
WSR4_0.ZIP330783May 31 1993Wall Street Raider 4.0! Corporate take-over game & simulation. Rave reviews in Infoworld & Byte magazines. Simulates a real-time stock market. You must react to ever changing economic model, investing in up to 250 compan
WSRCH12.ZIP11185Jan 15 1993Generates scrambled word puzzles.
WT100.ZIP26476Jan 18 1994Wad Tools 1.00. This allows you to import and export resoures from DOOM's WAD file. It also lets you view graphical resources (can be a spoiler).
WTAROT.ZIP171837Sep 22 1992Windows 3.x Tarot Fortune Telling.
WW11.ZIP184711Nov 21 1992WordsWorth Version 1.1 -- The 'Ultimate' Crossword Game.
XBD.ZIP103590Dec 1 1990Arcade-style game, very good. Includes full C source code.
XDK12.ZIP56810May 6 1993X-wing Developer's Kit - compose your own missions. Downloaded from Flight Simulation Forum on CIS.
XERIX11.ZIP137809Sep 20 1992256 Color VGA Furture Space Adventure. Version 1.1 Guide a space ship through a strange world and destroy/avoid enemy obstacles. Beautiful graphics. Optional EMS/XMS, Adlib, Soundblaster support.
XERIX2.ZIP516093Dec 16 1994Xerix ][: The Cavern's of Mars - Twilight Software - VGA, 386+ required (486 recommended), most digital sound cards supported - Battle a bizarre alien force in the depths of the caverns of Mars.
XKL-16.ZIP493Jun 23 1988Super fast plane (MACH 5) for AFS!.
XMANAG.ZIP56467Apr 13 1993X-Wing pilot manager, change experience levels, etc.
XP150.ZIP132729Aug 8 1994XWING PRO v1.50 - Edit Pilots, Missions, Tours, Ships and More. For Xwing V1.0-V1.2 and Tie Fighter V1.0.
XTETRIS2.ZIP79479Dec 15 1989Tetris is a video game much like the popular TETRIS, but shapes are composed not only of squares, but of triangles as well.
XWED10.ZIP41697Apr 14 1993Program to edit pilot files in X-wing.
XWING.ZIP26432Apr 15 1993An excellent X-WING editor, many options.
XWINGWCS.ZIP1260Aug 30 1993Thrustmaster WCS MKII. Functions for XWING.
XWORDVGA.ZIP71566Sep 7 1991Complete VGA crossword puzzle program, includes hints.
XWTIP.ZIP15544Mar 12 1993Tips for playing X-wing by Lucas Arts.
XYPHR.ZIP67268Aug 21 1991Xyphr is a high-quality arcade style game featuring spectacular 256-color VGA graphics, mouse control, dozens of audio effects, multiple levels of play, and a high-speed sprite system.
YAB.ZIP351301Jul 21 1993A great shareware BASEBALL game. Has support for VGA graphics and sound cards. Nicely done, good playability.
YATZY403.ZIP58884Dec 1 1990Dice game of Yahtzee. Includes Danish version.
YAZEE.ZIP22771Dec 14 1990Yahtzee for Windows 3.1, a very good version.
YEAGWCS.ZIP858Aug 30 1993Thrustmaster WCS MKII. Functions for Yeager Air Combat.
Z66CHT.ZIP5232Mar 14 1993Zone 66 cheat.
ZENALOK.ZIP213479Aug 10 1992The Power Of Zenalok, v1.0. A role playing game for Windows. Your default character is Zigfried (you may, however, create your own characters) who must save the world from Zenalok, an evil and cunning being, while casting
ZENMOUSE.ZIP28331Jul 4 1992Your mouse will be enlightened. Pops up cookies. Source in C.
ZOOLPLAY.ZIP134145Jun 11 1993Sonic the Hedgehog clone. Very good arcade style game.
ZZT30.ZIP115410May 31 1991New 1991 arcade-adventure game. In ZZT, you'll explore 43 rooms filled with creatures and ingenious puzzles. Includes an editor so you can create your own COMPLETE game worlds. Has ZZT-OOP programming language built in.
_7CRATES.ZIP44936Jul 18 1992The object of CRATES is to push the crates around the rooms to the designated areas shown as dots, in the least amount of steps possible.