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TP source to list all valid DOS disk drives.
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TP source to list all valid DOS disk drives.
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GETDISK.TXT 678 414 deflated

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Contents of the GETDISK.TXT file

Date: 11-02-91 (10:18) Number: 34054 of 34063
To: PAUL ROBINSON Refer#: 34030
From: CRAIG HULVEY Read: 11-02-91 (20:46)
Conf: MAIN BOARD (0) Read Type: MAIL FOR YOU (-)

Paul, a couple of ideas to get you started:

(1) DOS int 21h, Func 0eh will return the number of logical drives in
'al', so you'll know how many drives there are;

(2) DOS int 21h, Func 4409h will let you know whether the drive is
remote or local;

(3) The 'TRUENAME' command (DOS int 21h Func 60h) will return the 'true
name' of a file given it's 'SUBSTituted' entry.

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