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Provides Built-In Assembly Language support for TP 5.5. Shell for compiler and debugger. Great Program!.
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Provides Built-In Assembly Language support for TP 5.5. Shell for compiler and debugger. Great Program!.
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Contents of the README file

TP&Asm Integrated Compile-Time Assembler Version 2.2

Copyright (c) 1989 Richard W. Prescott
All Rights Reserved

Built-In Assembly Language Support for Turbo Pascal Compilers

Files in this archive:

The TP&Asm program file:
TPA(E).EXE - Shareware Version 2.2

Additional (Optional) files for Turbo 5 users:
WCHMGR55.TPU - Allows CPU registers in v5.5 Watch Expressions
WCHMGR50.TPU - Allows CPU registers in v5.0 Watch Expressions

This file:

Documentation files:
README.NEW - New features in TP&Asm Release 2.2
TP&ASM.DOC - Overview, getting started, purchase information

Sample Pascal/Assembly Programs:
DEMOTPA.PAS - Demonstrates features of Release 2.2
TPA&OOP.PAS - Demonstrates TP&Asm support for OOP
FIND.PAS - Fast assembly "find string" procedure
INTERNAL.PAS - Hex display, string Concat using INTERNAL
HEXBYTE.PAS - Use TPA to develop standalone ASM PROCs

Related archives: (May be " .ARC " or " .ZIP ")

Availability dates refer to when I intend to place these
files on CompUServe. (Check IBMPRO and BPROGA). Since they
are all shareable, you may also find them on other BBS's.

TP-AsR (Available 7/31/89)
Detailed reference information for TP&Asm version 2.2.
This will be essentially the same as TPA2-R with references
to TP&Asm-M removed and notes on TP&Asm's support for OOP
added. If you have TPA2-R you may not need this.

Detailed reference information for TP&Asm version 2.0.

Sample/Model Turbo 4/5 Stay-Resident Program. Illustrates
how to design interrupt service routines for TP4/5 resident
applications. The sample program is a fully functional DOS
command editor. Includes Pascal and assembly source code.

NOTE: This archive can be recompiled without modification
using TP&Asm 2.2 and Turbo Pascal 5.5.

TP-WCH (watch for update to Version 1.2)
Watch Manager Version 1.0. (WATCHMGR.TPU) Provides routines
which may be used to automatically add and delete watch
expressions under program control as you trace in the Turbo
5.0 Integrated Debugger, using lines like:

NOTE: Watch Manager Version 1.2 (WCHMGR5x.TPU) has been
combined with ASMWATCH and included in this package. TP-WCH
contains full usage notes which are unchanged from version 1.0

Utility program which can be used to display the assembly
level implementation for each line of any source files
compiled with Turbo Pascal versions 4.0 to 9.9. Program
output alternates between source lines and the corresponding
DEBUG.COM style disassembly. (Allows verification of TP&Asm
assembly sections and simplifies conversion of Pascal
statements and procedures to assembly language). Includes
executable program and documentation. Source code available
with registration of TP-XMN or TP&Asm.

Program to run Lotus 123 with keyboard input generated
from command-line parameters, e.g.:
RUN123 MYWKS \P /qy
to run 123, load MYWKS.WK1, execute macro Alt-P, and exit.
Illustrates the use of an interrupt procedure to modify
the behavior of an existing program which is executed as
a subprocess. Includes Pascal and assembly source code.

NOTE: This archive can be recompiled without modification
using TP&Asm 2.2 and Turbo Pascal 5.5.

TP-TRC (watch for update to Version 1.2)
Contains the unit TRACE which illustrates the use of the
hardware Trace Flag to trap any condition that can be
described in Pascal or assembly language. Includes Pascal
and assembly source code.

Getting Started:

Please read TP&ASM.DOC in the Turbo (or any) editor. Read the
"Getting Started" section, then TRY IT! The sample program (PAS)
files provide working examples of assembly language within Pascal
programs. Once you are familiar with the basic capabilities of the
TP&Asm assembler as demonstrated in the sample program files, return
to TP&ASM.DOC for additional information of a general nature, or to
the archive TP-AsR for more detailed reference information. For
purchase information, refer back to TP&ASM.DOC.

Please forgive the rough nature of the documentation files. Because
of its intuitive syntax and rapid Turbo-style feedback, however,
TP&Asm encourages "learning by using", and I am hopeful that this
ease of learning will overcome any deficiencies in the presentation
of the documentation.

Your comments on the program and documentation are always
appreciated. If the program fails to function as described, or
if the description of any feature is confusing, please let me know.
If there are features you would like to see I am interested in that
as well.

This documentation will be revised as I incorporate user comments.

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