Dec 072017
Turbo Pascal LZH compression source code.
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Turbo Pascal LZH compression source code.
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LZH.PAS 19943 5336 deflated
LZHTEST.EXE 10848 5861 deflated
LZHTEST.PAS 2555 874 deflated
README.TXT 714 416 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

What I have done is transcribe the LZHUF algorithm into Turbo pascal.
LZH.PAS is the source code for a fairly flexible unit which can compress and
decompress any kind of datayou throw at it. LZHTEST.PAS is a sample program
which can compress/decompress one file at a time.
What you see is what you get - little documentation, moderate performance
(be charitable, please), and it's free. Enjoy.

There was a bug in the first version I made available in February which
caused the unit to hang if it was called upon to compress a large amount
of data. I have fixed this one bug and it now seems to work correctly.
I apologize for any lost sleep this may have caused.

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