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TP5 screen writes,ÿmenuing, directory, data entry routines etc…
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Contents of the KTLSDEMO.DOC file

KTLSDEMO: is a simple program that shows but a few of the uses of KTOOLS.

The screen routines are common to all programs which provide screen output.
The string routines are useful in most programs.

The light pen routines are not demonstrated in ktlsdemo simply because not
everyone has one, and I only use it on a couple of programs. Still I thought
they might be useful to someone.

After program startup and before we move through the KATTR routine, the
screen is saved and replaced after the box is drawn.

Both Menu routines are used. Oddly enough, I have found that a lot of
programmers use menus only to select from a list of items that they will
have their programs act upon. I use the menu routines for this as well,
but another use I make of them is to select from constants which represent
variable information used within my programs. For example, if I want an
integer input, but only want specific values, then with a menu I'll offer
the user the choice of all available values, which point to ordinal
positions within say a record of AllAvailableValues. So on and so forth.

The file copy/rename routine is not used simply because I didn't want to
fill/add to the junk on your drive. It does however work as advertised.
Just like a tootsie roll, works good & last a long time!

PikDir is used.
Drives A - F are allowed, but if you pass an invalid drive letter that is
what you'll get; an invalid drive. Try the following command lines to see
ktlsdemo in action.

?:>ktlsdemo c: false {or whatever your current drive letter is}

?:>ktlsdemo c: true {ditto}

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