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Fast Write routines for TP3.0+.
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Fast Write routines for TP3.0+.
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Contents of the READ.ME file



Jim Everingham 1984

* These Procedures are Public Domain and are free to be *
* copied, modified, and distributed. *

VARS - These variable must be Global and be used at the very top
of your program.

WRITELIN - To call this procedure first initialize LINE_POS ar the beginning
of your program to 0 by the statement LINE_POS:=0;. If this is not
done, no telling what may happen. Next use the procedure by the
following Syntax:

WRITELN(, 0 and 255>);



WRITEXY - It is not necessary to initialize LINE_POS or any other variables
to use this procedure. Here is the Syntax:

WRITEXY(,, dinate>,);



Note: Adding 128 to color adds Blinking,
(ie, to add blinking to red (12), add 128
or 140 for blinking).

These Routines are generally more responsive than the regular Turbo Pascal
procedure and much faster. If you have any questions about them, please
Jim Everingham
215 West Fairmount Avenue
Apt 306 Fairmount Hills
State College, Pa 16801

Compuserve: 75116,433

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