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Turbo pascal with objects source for getting input.
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Turbo pascal with objects source for getting input.
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Contents of the TVINP101.DOC file

Tvinp101.tpu is a simple Turbo Vision unit that picks up where Borland left
off with regards to numeric dialog box inputs. Support is provided for the
standard types integer.longint,real,single,double,extended,and comp.
Each object comes complete with keyboard character input validation,
user supplied range checking, stream load/store methods, and standard
dialog box data transfer capabilities. They are modeled after and behave
similarly to the standard TInputLine.

Most of the code is fairly self documenting, especially if you are already
familiar with Turbo Vision. A quick overview:

Objects provided--
TInputInt; Integer input object
TInputLong; Long integer input object
TInputReal; Software real input object
TInputSingle; IEEE single precision object
TInputDouble; IEEE double precision object
TInputExtended; IEEE extended precision (long double) object
TInputComp; IEEE comp object

All of the above mentioned objects have two constructors : init() and default().
Init allows complete control over the initial value, allowed range, and
displayed appearance of an input object. The default constructor creates
an object with reasonable defaults : 0 initial value, a default input
width, and allows the entire range of the numeric type that the object
represents. See the unit interface for the exact syntax of these calls.

All of the objects have load,store,setdata,and getdata methods. Use them
exactly as you would the same methods for any TGroup descendent.

I have done my best to provide a bug free resource for your use. However,
if you have problems or questions, I can be reached via email at
[email protected] I am also a frequent reader of comp.lang.pascal.

Feel free to incorporate these routines into your own programs. I neither
require nor expect any royalties for their use.

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