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TP 5.5 unit to add a real time clock to TP program.
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TP 5.5 unit to add a real time clock to TP program.
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Contents of the CLOCK.DOC file

CLOCK.TPU by Jim Trosky

*** NOTICE ***
Use this unit at your own risk. Being that it deals with interrupts, it is
dangerous in nature. I have tested it with some of my programs, and it
worked fine. But, you never know...

CLOCK.TPU is a small Turbo Pascal 5.5 unit that will allow you to easily add
a continuously updated clock to any of your already developed Turbo Pascal
programs. It contains 2 procedures :

Procedure Install_Clock(Cx,Cy,Cfg,Cbg:Byte; Mil:Boolean);
Procedure Remove_Clock;

The Install_Clock procedure does what you would think... It installs the clock.
The parameters are:

Cx, Cy : The clocks column (Cx) and row (Cy) position
Cfg, Cbg: The clocks foreground (Cfg) and background (Cbg) color
Mil : Military time? (TRUE=Military time, FALSE=12 hour time)

The Remove_Clock procedure will simply de-activate the clock. It does not
restore the portion of the screen under the clock.

You should always call Remove_Clock to disable the clock before ending a program
BUT, if you do forget, (which would normally crash the system), I have added a
saftey feature which will de-activate it automatically. (I linked into the TP
exit chain).

You may not install more than one clock at a time. If you try to, the CLOCK
unit will simply beep at you, so you can remove the unwanted Install_Clock

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