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Turbo Pascal/Topaz program to "strip" UI programmer template code and make the code Topaz compatible.
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Turbo Pascal/Topaz program to “strip” UI programmer template code and make the code Topaz compatible.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

UIStrip - V01.00
(C)opyright 1991 - Caboose Software Engineering


UIStrip was developed to fill what could be an important need in the Topaz
community. Some Topaz programmers, myself included, migrated from the
xBase platform (ie dBase, FoxPro and Clipper). Most developers create
data entry screens by using some sort of screen editor. In the xBase
community, UI seems to be the most popular. Granted UI is a full template
language, not just a screen editor, but for a quick and dirty screen editing
session it certainly does the job.

Because of this, I decided to write a utility that would convert UI generated
code into the Topaz dialect. The enclosed submission is the result of my


As in all utilities created by a hacker/programmer, there are some important
quirks that must be noted. But first, UIStrip has the following command

UIStrip []

is mandatory. The file specification cannot contain wildcards.
If no extension is given, the extension '.PRG' is assumed.

[] is optional. If not included, the output file will be the
input filename with the extension of '.PAS'.

The input file should be a file that was generated by the UI software from
WallSoft. I personally use 01.00 and the DoEnter template to generate my
screens, so this is the only combination that I will begin to guarantee
compatability. As comments, and registrations, come in I will gladly update
the software for a more complete compatability.

Also, the database that fields were "dropped" from must be in the current
directory. UIStrip MUST have this in order to determine field types, etc.


The xBase commands supported:

o @ .. BOX
o @ .. SAY
o @ .. GET
o * (the asterisk comment)
o " (double quote is converted to a single quote)


+ The Pascal coordinate system is assumed.
+ Multiple databases are not supported. The last database is the one used.
+ A single quote is not converted to two single quotes.
+ PICTURE, RANGE and VALID clauses are not currently supported.
+ SET COLOR TO is NOT currently converted.
+ The '->' symbol of xBase (ie MAILLIST->LNAME) will be supported.
+ Conversion of most xBase commands.
+ Intelligent parser regardless of input source formatting.


If you find UIStrip useful in your computing activities, please consider
sending a donation to cover development time and ingenuity. If you are a
UI user, and you use this product, think of life without this little utility!
A $10 donation is suggested. If you send a diskette with a pre-stamped
(three stamps) disk mailer, I will send along the latest version of UIStrip
and any other shareware utilities I have produced. Source code for all
Caboose Software Engineering utilities is available on request for an
additional cost.

All shareware libraries may freely distribute this package provided I am
notified of the inclusion.

Thanks for your support. As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.

-Barry Smith

Caboose Software Engineering
2921 Bluff Point Lane
Silver Spring, MD 20906

V01.00 (07 Aug 91)

o First public release. Written in Turbo Pascal 6.0 using the Topaz
commercial dBase library.

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