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Abort Routine for TP V4.0. Display address where error occurred.
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Abort Routine for TP V4.0. Display address where error occurred.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ABORTU.ARC Compuserve description:
TP4 source code for a unit which allows "halt"ing with the address of
the abort displayed. Can optionally display a number and/or a message.
Includes demo program and hints on usage. Public Domain. Uploaded by
the author, Carley Phillips (76630,3312).

ABORTU.ARC contains the following Turbo Pascal 4 related files:

ABORTU.PAS - source code for AbortU unit for getting "halt" address
CLOSGRPH.PAS - source code for unit to make sure GraphClose has been executed
READ.ME - this file
TESTABRT.PAS - source for small demo program

To use the demo, do the following:
1. Bring up Turbo
2. Set your option to Compile/Destination as DISK
3. Set your Compile/Primary File as "TESTABRT"
4. Set you Options/Compiler/Debug Info to ON
5. Edit TestAbrt so the constant GraphPath points to your copy of Graph.TPU
6. Do a Compile/Make
7. Run the program
8. Note the address displayed by the abort routine
9. Do a Compile/Find Error entering the address you noted

The cursor should be on the Abort statement which caused the message.

To see the result when output has been redirected to a file, shell or exit
to DOS, run TESTABRT >somefile from the command line, note the address is
on the screen and not in somefile.

Comments, suggestions, bug-reports, etc. should be sent on Compuserve (via
EasyPlex since I'm not necessarily on every few days) to

Carley Phillips, 76630,3312

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