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Memory resident help for Turbo 4.
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Memory resident help for Turbo 4.
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Contents of the MEMPAS40.DOC file

MemPas40 Memory-Resident help for Turbo 4.0 progammers.

MemPas40 was modelled after THELP and THELP4, truly great,
pioneering programs.

MemPas40 was written as a utility for anyone developing software
under turbo pascal 4.0. It is somewhat of an error-recovery facility.

It does the following:

1) MemPas40 uses Lotus-Like menus and windows to display text.

2) There is a pop-up Runtime and I/O error chart so you can
easily look up a critical error without having to dig out
a turbo manual (since I don't always have access to a turbo
manual, this comes in very handy.)

3) A pop-up Ascii Chart is also included. It is just like Sidekick's.

4) What usually happens when an error occurs in your program?
THE CURSOR DISAPPEARS! Well, MemPas40 also has a built-in
cursor-restore facility.

5) You can CAPTURE a screen to a disk file for later review.

6) You can, at any time, UNLOAD MemPas40 from it's menu. This
will free up memory and destroy any compatability problems
that may arise (let me know of any okay?) The program won't
allow itself to be unloaded unless it's safe to do so. Also,
load MemPas40 before Sidekick if possible.

Alright, let's look at the features.....

A) Press ALT and the "-" key to call MemPas40. Select "EnableCursor"
to get your cursor back.

B) Select "Run-Time" to look up an error in the Run-Time chart.

C) Select "I/O" to look up an error in the I/O chart.

D) Select "Capture" to save the whole screen to disk, including
any error messages or locations, as well as anything else
that was on the screen when you "Captured" it.

E) Choose "Directives" to view the Turbo Compiler Directives and defualts.

F) "Types" will give you a quick break-down of the Pascal Type conventions.

G) "Unload" will completely disable MempPas40 from memory.

H) Press to leave MemPas40, or any sub-menus.


The Capture Screen option comes in handy anytime you want to "steal"
a picture of the current scrren and save it to disk.

Thats all there is.

Technical Info

MemPas40 was written in Turbo Pascal version 4.0 on an IBM PCjr 640k.
(about 932 lines of Pascal code)

MASM 5.0 was used on all seperate Assembly routines. The use of Assembly
language was limited to interfaces to DOS and BIOS services.
(about 205 lines of Assembler code)

MemPas40 is about 38k as an .EXE file, and uses up to 48k of internal
RAM for it's functions.

MemPas40 takes control of the following interupts: 05,08,09,13,16,25,26,28

MemPas40 has been tested on the PCjr and on a few clones.

MemPas40 will auto-adjust if you have EGA/VGA/CGA or any of that new
IBM PS/2 stuff that only rich, successfull programmers can afford.


If you like MemPas40 and would like to see other programs from MindSite,
don't hesitate to send comments to the address below.

If you plan to use this program, a donation of $10 will go towards further
software developments and registration.

Joseph Chicago
MindSite Software LTD
1805 Brunetti Way
Sparks, NV 89431
CIS # 72207,247

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