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Good Async comm routines. (Unit - Turbo Pascal 4.0) No Source.
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Good Async comm routines. (Unit – Turbo Pascal 4.0) No Source.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

JBCOMM: v1.2 by Jim Berg

What's new from v1.0 to v1.1?

It looks like I had to make some changes sooner than I thought.

The first change is the definition of parityt. I made the mistake of
using the word "odd" which is a library function. I renamed them to
have a "p_" in front of their definitions. Also, "Stick" has been
replaced with "p_even_stick" and "p_odd_stick". Don't ask me what
stick means since nobody seems to use it anyway. I thought I would
include it for those people who do need to use it.

The next change is the addition of some new routines. The documentation
for what they do are in the DOC file.

What's new from v1.1 to v1.2?

I've added the variable ESC_ON to allow you to escape out of certain
routines that use timing loops.

A shortcoming was also found with the c_waitsn command. 20 Characters
is much too short for checkstr so I made it 80. Strings like
'CONNECT 2400 RELIABLE'#13#10 are much too long for only 20 characters.

I have also added much more detailed DOCS and extensive documentation.
You can still use JBCOMM11.DOC for a quick reference and look up longer
descriptions in JBCOMM12.doc.

Please feel free to send contributions. Who knows, maybe if there is enough
interest, I could extend support to com3 and com4 and also add some transfer

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