Dec 222017
Pascal News Letter issue No. 3.
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Pascal News Letter issue No. 3.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Well, I've got quite a bit to say here, but I'll try to cut it short.

I planned on having PNL003 out much sooner but ran into some problems. First
problem was the loss of a hard drive. More specifically, the hard drive that
I kept PNL on. Fortunately I had already made a copy on floppy of PNL itself,
but there were several other files related to this issue that were lost.
If I find later that something was missing from this issue, I will try to make
sure it appears in the next issue.

My second problem was that soon after losing the second hard drive, I had
to have some surgery done that kept me out of commision for a short period.
Well, I've finally got this issue togather, and present it for your enjoyment.
I think you'll agree that this is the biggest (fact) and best (opinion) issue
of PNL to date.

I am still receiving articles all the time from the readers for inclusion in
PNL. I am really pleased with all the support. If it weren't for everyone's
support, this newsletter just wouldn't be possible to produce. So, please
keep sending me your suggestions, ideas, and most important, your articles!

Pete Davis

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