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Example of opening two Browser Screens using Turbo Pascal and Turbo Power's BTFiler library.
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Example of opening two Browser Screens using Turbo Pascal and Turbo Power’s BTFiler library.
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Contents of the TWOBRDOS.TXT file

{* *}
{* Copyright (c) 1993 TurboPower Software *}
{* January 1993 *}
{* Version 1.00 *}
{* Lee Inman, TurboPower Software *}
{* *}

TWOBRDOS -- A demonstration program for multiple browser objects and B-Tree
Filer using the FBROWSE unit. (for Real or Protected mode DOS)

This demo consists of the following files:

twobrdos.pas The main program
brdoscus.pas Unit to implement the customer child window and browser
brdosdat.pas Common data declarations
brdosord.pas Unit to implement the order child window and browser
brdosutl.pas General utilities and common file functions

If you wish to compile this demo program you will need the following
TurboPower packages:

B-Tree Filer version 5.40 and Object Professional version 1.20

TWOBRDOS contains no sample data files. You can use the add record menu
option to add customers and related orders or you can create random
data by pressing Alt-C to generate both customer and order data, or
Alt-O to generate random order data for the selected customer. The
random method is much faster and you can create a sizeable data file
(for testing) fairly quickly. Pressing F8 or the Tab key changes the
focus from one window to the other. You can also use the mouse (if
enabled) to select a window.

This demo is derived from the single window browser FBDEMO and most of the
core code is the same.

See the file FBROWSE.DOC for complete information about the Object-Oriented
Browser for B-Tree Filer.

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