Dec 112017
Pascal Newsletter #10.
File PNL010.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Pascal Source Code
Pascal Newsletter #10.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BIGARRAY.PAS 2924 1207 deflated
CONTENTS.TXT 1066 490 deflated
DIGISND.PAS 3407 1103 deflated
DOSMEM.PAS 454 204 deflated
ERR_DESC.PAS 2838 1235 deflated
I286.PAS 1095 465 deflated
MAKE_ERR.PAS 3927 1321 deflated
MDP1.PAS 1027 499 deflated
MDP2.PAS 2033 910 deflated
MDP3.PAS 1609 688 deflated
MDP4.PAS 2168 943 deflated
MDP5.PAS 2140 970 deflated
MDP5A.EDL 342 242 deflated
MDP6.PAS 2692 1190 deflated
MDP7.PAS 3292 1281 deflated
MDP8.PAS 4750 1675 deflated
PLAYDIGI.PAS 1019 457 deflated
PNL010.TXT 104322 33374 deflated
READINI.PAS 10401 3131 deflated
RESPLAY1.ZIP 56367 55321 deflated
STRLIST.PAS 2013 823 deflated
TEST.INI 78 78 stored
TEST.PAS 108 87 deflated
TEST186.PAS 4320 1631 deflated
TEXTUTL2.PAS 3191 1164 deflated

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Contents of the CONTENTS.TXT file

bigarray.pas Unit which has a huge-array object
digisnd.pas Unit to play digital samples
dosmem.pas Unit lets you ask DOS for memory
err_desc.pas Unit to describe run-time errors
i286.pas Detect if '286 running
make_err.pas Make Error Descripion list
mdp1.pas Program one from PNL010
mdp2.pas Program two from PNL010
mdp3.pas Program three from PNL010
mdp4.pas Program four from PNL010
mdp5.pas Program five from PNL010
mdp5a.edl Edlin script to create MDP5A.PAS
mdp6.pas Program six from PNL010
mdp7.pas Program seven from PNL010
mdp8.pas Program eight from PNL010 - try me!
playdigi.pas Program to playback digital samples. Need Resplay loaded.
pnl010.txt The Pascal NewsLetter #10 - Text file
readini.pas Read xxxxxx.INI files RESPLAY v1.0 digital playback system
strlist.pas Unit for string manipulation
test.ini Sample file
test.pas Sample file
test186.pas Tests for 186 and higher for {$G+}
textutl2.pas Unit lets you mix text and typed files

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