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Un-ARC facility with source in Turbo 4 format.
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Un-ARC facility with source in Turbo 4 format.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

A while back, I stumbled across a file called DEARC512.ARC on a
bbs that I happen to frequent. Contained in this archive was a
Turbo Pascal program for extracting files from an ARChive. While
not as fast as the more familiar ARC, ARCE, and PKXARC programs,
the source code provided me with the insights into ARC file
structure and decompression algorithms that I had been looking for
(I've always been a bit curious about things of this type). I
found something lacking in the source code, however, and that was
support for "squashed" files (as created by Phil Katz's PKARC

About that time, a file called NARC11.ARC was beginning to appear
in the upload directories of many bulletin boards. This file,
created by Gary Conway, contained a program to front-end ARC with
a mouse driven menu. It also happened to contain the most
understandable documentation of ARC compression methods I had ever
encountered (thanks, Gary). Whether you use Gary's program or
not, it is well worth the download time just to have a peek at his

With the NARC document in hand, I was able to modify the original
program (DEARC512.PAS) to include support for extraction of
"squashed" files. In doing this, I wanted to avoid, as much as
possible, changing the "flavor" of the original coding, which
actually worked quite well. For this reason, a comparison of
dearcsq.pas with dearc512.pas will reveal very few changes (e.g.,
I left the original argc and argv functions in, rather than
replace them with Turbo's ParamCount and ParamStr functions).

My thanks to Gary Conway, the original author of dearc.pas
(whoever you are) and also to Roy Collins and David W. Carroll
who have also made contributions to the upkeep of this program.


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