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Pulldown Menus Routines w/ Source, Fast, Easy and SMALL! 1K of Code.
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Pulldown Menus Routines w/ Source, Fast, Easy and SMALL! 1K of Code.
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Contents of the PULLMENU.DOC file

Pull Down Menus for Turbo Pascal
by Flaming Chaos

Well, Here is another shareware package I've thrown together. This unit
provides pulldown selection menus that are quick and easy to use. On
my setup it compile to 1838 bytes code and 0 bytes data, so, as you can see
they are pretty small. Example usage follows:

Program PullDownExample;

Uses PullMenu;

Var Menu:PullDownRec;
With Menu Do Begin
NumChoices:=3; { Number of Choices }
Header:='Test of PULLMENU.PAS'; { Menu Header }
Choice[1]:='Write Largest Integer'; {choices...}
Choice[2]:='Write Largest LongInt'; {...}
Choice[3]:='Quit Back to DOS'; {...}
AddPrefix:=True; { Add numerical prefix for hot keys }
Case PullDowns(Menu) of
3:WriteLn('Back to DOS you go, scum!');

I ask no fees in return for usage. Although if you find these
routines useful, I would although appreciate a one time payment of any
amount in any form you feel is proper. With this donation, many
more libraries may come into your possesion ;>.

I may be contacted via the following BBS system:

The Nuclear Holocaust
SysOp: Flaming Chaos
Running: XTC

When attempting to contact me, please do it in the form of "feedback"
to user #1. Also, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOGON, as it is a PRIVATE
e-mail system solely for my friends.

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