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Turbo Pascal 3.0 + source for popup menues and windows.
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Turbo Pascal 3.0 + source for popup menues and windows.
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POPUP.COM 12581 9059 deflated
POPUP.PAS 4538 1423 deflated
README.1ST 731 375 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

This package contains three files:
1. Readme.1st (this is the one you're reading)
2. (this is the executable demonstrator)
3. Popup.pas (this is the source code for the demonstrator)

To run the demonstrator, just enter "Popup" (I'm assuming you've copied it
into a dirctory). Press ENTER, and a window appears. Press ENTER again, and
another window appears. Press ENTER a third time, and the screen is restored.
Once more, and the screen clears, the demonstration ends.

The source code contains the necessary constant, variable, two procedures,
and two calls to the procedures. The rest is window dressing.

Note that this code is written in Turbo Pascal version 3.0.

Hope it's useful.

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